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Top 115 Royal Baby Names For Your Child

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Picking baby names can be challenging when there’s just so many names out there. As parents, we understand it’s easy to feel spoilt for choice.

To give you a helping hand, take a look at this list of timeless royal names that we have compiled. It includes names from some of the most famous royals in history, and not just from our own royal family, we have taken names from royal families across the globe,  as well as traditional names that mean noble.

Although there is no formal naming rule, In the UK a royal name must acknowledge history and pay respects to relatives while also being contemporary enough to be relatable and relevant to modern-day society. Prince William’s daughter Princess Charlotte’s full name, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, has references to Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, and his mother, the late Princess Diana.

Other royals have opted away from following tradition, preferring more modern offerings. Back in 1981, Princess Anne broke royal tradition by naming her daughter Zara, which has no royal connotations, she was said to be named by Prince Charles.  Elsewhere in the royal family tree, there are other contemporary names to be found. The Queen’s eldest grandson, Peter Phillips has two daughters named Savannah and Isla, so whether you’re looking for a traditional royal moniker or something more modern take a look at these regal names to suit all tastes.

A newborn baby wearing golden crown

Current Royal Names For Boys

Before we head back in time and take a look across the world, let’s hone in on the names existing in our current royal family here in the UK. From classics such as Charles to George to more modern offerings.

1. Andrew,  Greek origin meaning “strong”, from the third son of Queen Elizabeth  II, Prince Andrew.

2. Archie, Germanic origin, meaning “bold”, from the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

3. Charles, Germanic origin, meaning “man”, from Prince Charles, the eldest son of the Queen.

4. Edward,  Old English origin, meaning “prosperous”, from Prince Edward, the youngest son of the Queen.

5. Edoardo, the Italian form of Edward, from the husband of Princess Beatrice, Edoardo  Mapelli Mozzi.

6. George, Greek origin, meaning “farmer”, from Prince George of Cambridge. A popular royal baby name.

7. Harry, Old English origin, meaning “home ruler”, from Prince Harry of Wales. Often short for Harrison.

8. Jack, Old English origin, meaning “God is gracious” from the husband of Princess Eugenie, Jack Brooksbank.

9. James, Latin origin, meaning “supplanter”,  from the Queen’s grandson, James Viscount Severn.

10. Louis, French origin, meaning “warrior”, from Prince Louis of Cambridge, son of Prince William.

11. Michael, Hebrew origin, meaning “who is like God”, from Prince Michael of Kent.

12. Philip, Greek origin meaning “friend of horses”, from Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

13. Richard, Germanic origin, meaning “powerful ruler” from Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester.

14. Timothy, Greek origin, meaning “In God’s honour”, from the second husband of Princess Anne.

15. William, Germanic origin, meaning “helmet” or “protection”, from Prince William of Cambridge.

Current Royal Names For Girls

Why not pick one of these royal baby names for your little girl?

16. Anne, Latin origin, meaning “grace”, from Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

17. Augusta, Latin origin, meaning “majestic”, from the middle name of Princess Charlotte

18. Alexandra, Greek origin, meaning “to defend”, from Princess Alexandra, the Queen’s cousin.

19. Autumn, Latin origin, meaning “fall” or “Autumn”, the estranged wife of Peter Phillips.

20. Beatrice, Latin origin, meaning “blessed one”, from Princess Beatrice of York.

21. Camilla,  Latin origin, meaning “acolyte”, from Camilla Duchess of Cornwall.

22. Catherine, Greek origin, meaning “pure”, from Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.

23. Charlotte, French origin, meaning “petite”, from Princess Charlotte of Wales, sister to Prince George.

24. Elizabeth, Hebrew origin, meaning “My God is an oath” from Queen Elizabeth II.

25. Eugenie, French origin, meaning “well born”, from Princess Eugenie of York.

26. Isla, Scottish origin, meaning “island”, from Isla Philips, the Queen’s great-granddaughter.

27. Louise, Germanic origin, meaning “famous warrior” from Lady Louise Windsor.

28. Lena, Greek origin, meaning “alluring", from the daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall.

29. Margarita, Latin origin, meaning “pearl”, from Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones.

30. Mia, Slavic origin, meaning “darling", from the daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall.

31. Sarah, Hebrew origin, a name meaning “princess”,  from Sarah Duchess of York.

32. Savannah, Spanish origin meaning “treeless plain”, from Savannah Phillips, the Queens oldest great-grandchild.

33. Sophie, Greek origin, a name meaning “wisdom”, from Sophie, Countess of Wessex

34. Zara, Hebrew origin, meaning “blooming flower”, from Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne.

Royal Baby Boys' Names From History

A glance into the past offers wonderful options for your little prince.

35. Albert, meaning “noble”, from Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, (1819-1861), and also the husband of the English Queen Victoria.

36. Cyrus, meaning “sun”,  from King Cyrus II of Persia, commonly known as Cyrus the Great.

37. Cynric, meaning “kin ruler”, from the Anglo Saxon, King Cynric of Wessex (494-560 AD).

38. Henry, meaning “ruler of the home”, from the famous British royal King Henry the VIII, (1509-1547).

39. Leopold, meaning “brave people”, Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, was the eighth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

40. Ludwig, a name meaning “famous warrior”, from Ludwig II King of Bavaria (1845-1866).

41. Otto, meaning “wealth” and “prosperity”. Otto I, known as Otto the great, was the founder of the Holy Roman Empire.

42. Ramesses, meaning “son of Ra”, from the Egyptian Pharaoh. (1304 BC- 1214 BC)

43. Rupert, a name meaning “bright fame”. A popular royal name for rulers and their offspring in Germany in previous centuries.

44. Saladin, meaning "righteousness of the religion”, from Saladin Sultan of Egypt and Syria, 1174-1193 CE.

Girls' Names From History

These regal girl names are surely spanning from 30AD are surely timeless and offer great examples of royal baby names throughout history.

45. Boudicca, a name meaning “Victory” from Queen Boudicca of the Celtic Iceni (30-61AD).

46. Cleopatra, a name meaning “glory of the father”, from Queen Cleopatra of Eygpt (69-30BC).

47. Eleanor, a name meaning “God is my light”, from Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204).

48. Guinevere, a name meaning “white ghost”, from Queen Guinevere, Arthurian legend.

49. Isabella, meaning “pledged to God”, from  the royal Queen Isabella of Spain (1451-1504).

50. Jadwiga, meaning “battle”, from Queen Jadwiga of Poland (1375-1399).

51. Joanna, a name meaning “God is gracious”, from Joanna Queen of Castille (1479-1555).

52. Jane, a name meaning “God is gracious”, from Lady Jane Grey, the nine-day Queen (1536-1554).

53. Nefertiti, meaning “a beautiful woman has come” from Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt.

54. Theodora, a baby name meaning “gift of God”, from the Byzantine 6th Century Empress Theodora.

55. Victoria, Latin origin, a baby name meaning victory, from the Queen of England (1837 - 1901).

56. Wilhelmina, meaning “willing to protect”, from Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands (1880-1962).

Girls' Names From Royalty Around The World

Silver crown on a shelf

Royal families from across the globe are a wonderful source of inspiration for the perfect royal baby name for you.

57. Amalia, a baby name meaning “hardworking” from Princesses Amalia of the Netherlands.

58. Ariane, a baby name meaning “very holy”, inspired by Princess Ariane of the Netherlands.

59. Alexia, a baby name meaning “defender of the people”, from Princess Alexia of the Netherlands.

60. Estelle, a pretty name meaning “star”, from Princess Estelle of Sweden.

61. Gabriella, meaning “a woman of God”, from Princess Gabriella of Monaco.

62. Letizia, a baby name meaning “joy”, from Queen Letizia of Spain.

63. Leonor, a baby name meaning “light”, from Princess Leonor of Spain.

64. Martha, meaning “the lady”,  from Princess Martha of Norway.

65. Maud, meaning “battle, from Princess Maud Angelica of Norway.

66. Mathilde, a royal name meaning “might in battle”, from Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

67. Sofia, a royal baby name meaning “wisdom”, from Queen Sofia of Spain.

68. Talita, a royal baby name meaning “child”, from Princess Talita Von Furstenberg of Germany.

Boys' Baby Names From Royalty Around The World

69. Aimone, a name meaning “world”, from Prince Aimone, Duke of Apulia, Italy.

70. Achileas, meaning “pain”, from Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece and Denmark.

71. Felipe, a classic name meaning “friend of horses”, from King Felipe of Spain.

72. Felix, meaning "lucky",  from Prince Felix of Denmark.

73. Joachim, meaning “raised by Yahweh”, from Prince Joachim of Belgium.

74. Juan Carlos, meaning “God is gracious” from King Juan Carlos of Spain, a popular choice in Spanish baby names royalty.

75. Laurent, meaning “shining one”, from Prince Laurent of Belgium.

76. Liam, meaning “with a gilded helmet” from Prince Liam of Luxembourg.

77. Sverre, meaning “wild”, from Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway.

78. Vincent, meaning “victorious”, from Prince Vincent of Denmark.

Boys' Names That Mean Noble

While many names don’t translate to “royal” as such, there are plenty of names throughout history that mean "of a noble kind". Here are a few noble names sure to catch your eye.

79. Adalius, a name meaning “noble”.

80. Adir, a name meaning “a majestic noble”.

81. Alard, Germanic origin, meaning “noble” and “steadfast”.

82. Alfonso, Spanish origin, meaning “noble, ready”.

83. Gennady, Greek origin, meaning “noble” and “generous”.

84. Jarl, meaning “a noble man”.

85. Kareem, Arabic origin, meaning “noble” and “distinguished”.

86. Keefe, Irish origin, meaning “noble and handsome”.

87. Lonzo, Spanish origin, meaning “noble ready”.

88. Patrice, French origin, meaning “noble one”.

Girls' Names That Mean Noble

Here's some girls' names meaning noble,  fit for any little duchess.

89. Aceylnn, French origin, meaning “a girl that is born in a noble home” .

90. Adele meaning “from noble origin”.

91. Albertine, French origin, meaning “noble one”.

92. Alice, Old German origin, meaning “of a noble kind”.

93. Freya, Norse origin, meaning “of a noble kind”.

94. Heidi, Germanic origin, meaning “noble one”.

Fictional Royalty, Girls' Names

Fictional royal women can be found in a variety of literary classics, movies, television series, and video games. Check out the film or book featuring the name you prefer most, to see if the character’s nature adds meaning to your little girl’s moniker.

95. Aurora, from Princess Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

96. Belle, inspired by  Princess Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast film.

97. Cersei from the Game of Thrones television series.

98. Elsa from Queen Elsa from Disney's Frozen movie.

99. Fiona inspired by Princess Fiona from the Shrek movies.

100. Khaleesi, from the television series, Game of Thrones.

101. Leia, from the Star Wars series.

102. Merida from Disney’s Brave movie.

103. Odette from The Swan Princess movie.

104. Portia, a baby name inspired by Princess Portia, from the Barbie movies.

105. Xena, from  the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess.

106. Zelda from the popular Legend of Zelda video games.

Fictional Royalty, Boys' Names

Here's our top fictional royal names for boys.

107. Adam, inspired by Disney’s Prince Adam.

108. Eric, inspired by Prince Eric from Disney’s Little Mermaid.

109. Faramir, from the classic Lord of the Rings series.

110. Florian, from Prince Florian in Disney’s Snow White.

111. Joffrey, from the television series Game of Thrones.

112. Lear, from Shakespeare’s classic play, King Lear.

113. Legolas, from Lord of the Rings.

114. Loki, from the Marvel series.

115. Triton, inspired by King Triton from Disney’s Little Mermaid.

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