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Top 110 Royal Baby Names For Your Child

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Choosing a baby's name is like picking the title for the greatest story you'll ever tell. But if you're feeling a bit stuck or overwhelmed, don't worry, you're not alone! Why not take a cue from the pages of history or fiction and go for something royal? Timeless and elegant, royal names have a knack for making anyone sound like they were born to wear a crown.

From the great kings and queens of yore to the fictional blue bloods you adore, these names are more than just posh; they're packed with character and history. So whether you're leaning towards something classic or with a more modern royal twist, there's a regal name that'll fit your family's own majestic saga.

Little blond boy sitting at the table and playing chess

Modern Royal Names For Boys

Right here, in today's British royal family, there are names that sparkle with tradition and some newer gems too. Would you fancy a classic royal name like Charles? How about something fresh like George? Before you get whisked away on a global royal name adventure, check out these contemporary crowning names for boys!

1. Andrew (Greek origin) means 'strong' or 'manly', used by the third son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew.

2. Archie (Germanic origin): means 'bold' or 'truly brave', used by the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

3. Charles (Germanic origin): means 'free man', used by Prince Charles (now crowned King Charles III), the eldest son of the Queen.

4. Edward (Old English origin): means 'wealthy or fortunate guardian', used by Prince Edward, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II.

5. Edoardo (Italian origin) is the Italian form of Edward, used by the husband of Princess Beatrice, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

6. George (Greek origin): means 'farmer'. It has been used by young and old alike, like Prince George of Cambridge and King George III. It's a popular royal baby name.

7. Harry (Old German origin): means 'home ruler' or 'ruler of the household', used by Prince Harry of Wales. It's often a short form of the name 'Harrison'.

8. Jack (Old English origin): means 'God is gracious', used by the husband of Princess Eugenie, Jack Brooksbank.

9. James (Hebrew origin): means 'supplanter', used by the Queen’s grandson, James Viscount Severn.

10. Louis (French/German origin): means 'famous warrior', used by Prince Louis of Cambridge, son of Prince William.

11. Michael (Hebrew origin): means 'who is like God', used by Prince Michael of Kent.

12. Philip (Greek origin): means 'fond of horses' or 'horse-loving', used by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

13. Richard (Germanic origin): means 'strong in rule' or 'brave ruler', used by Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester.

14. Timothy (Greek origin): means 'In God’s honor' or 'one who honors God', used by the second husband of Princess Anne.

15. William (Germanic origin): means 'helmet', 'protection' or 'vehement protector, used by Prince William of Cambridge.

Modern Royal Names For Girls

Ready to add some royal magic to your baby-naming quest? Let's zoom in on the fabulous ladies of the British royal family. Whether it's age-old classics like Elizabeth or modern marvels like Charlotte, these names are brimming with grace and style. So, before jet-setting to royal names from around the world, let's explore these contemporary gems!

16. Anne (Hebrew origin): means 'favor' or 'grace', used by Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

17. Augusta (Latin origin): means 'majestic'; the middle name of Princess Charlotte, daughter of King George IV.

18. Alexandra (Greek origin): means 'to defend', used by Princess Alexandra, the Queen’s cousin.

19. Autumn (Latin origin): means 'fall' or 'autumn', used by the estranged wife of Peter Phillips.

20. Beatrice (Latin origin): means 'one who brings joy', used by Princess Beatrice of York.

21. Camilla (Latin origin): means 'acolyte'. It is used by Camilla, the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom.

22. Catherine (Greek origin) means 'pure', used by Catherine Princess of Wales.

23. Charlotte (French origin): means 'petite', used by Princess Charlotte of Wales, sister to Prince George.

24. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin): means 'My God is an oath' or 'My God is abundance'. It's the name used by Queen Elizabeth II.

25. Eugenie (Greek origin): means 'well born' and 'noble', used by Princess Eugenie of York.

26. Isla (Scottish origin): means 'island', used by Isla Philips, the Queen’s great-granddaughter.

27. Louise (French/German origin): means 'famous warrior', the name of Lady Louise Windsor.

28. Lena (Greek origin): means 'alluring', used by the daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall.

29. Margarita (Latin origin): means 'pearl', used by Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones.

30. Mia (Hebrew origin): means 'darling' or 'beloved', used by the daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall.

31. Sarah (Hebrew origin): means 'princess' or 'noblewoman', used by Sarah Duchess of York.

32. Savannah (Spanish origin): means 'treeless plain' or 'treeless grassland', the name used by Savannah Phillips, the Queen's oldest great-grandchild.

33. Sophie (Greek origin): means 'wisdom', used by Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh.

34. Zara (Hebrew origin): means 'blooming flower', and it's used by Zara Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne and granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

Royal Baby Boy Names From History

Let's journey back and uncover treasures from the royal courts of yesteryears. Valiant knights and wise rulers alike, the annals of history are packed with regal names that ooze charm and charisma. These vintage royal names for boys aren't just for dusty old books; they're bound to turn heads at modern-day playdates! So, prepare to unveil these time-tested, crown-worthy monikers.

35. Albert (Germanic origin): means 'noble', given to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, (1819-1861), and also the husband of the English Queen Victoria.

36. Cyrus (Persian origin): means 'sun' or 'one who bestows care' according to different sources. It was used by King Cyrus II of Persia, commonly known as Cyrus the Great.

37. Cynric (Old English origin): means 'kin ruler', given to the Anglo-Saxon, King Cynric of Wessex.

38. Henry (Germanic origin): means 'ruler of the home', given to the famous British royal King Henry VIII (1491-1547).

39. Leopold (Germanic origin): means 'brave people'. It was used by Prince Leopold, the Duke of Albany, who was the eighth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

40. Ludwig (Germanic origin): means 'famous warrior', given to Ludwig II King of Bavaria (1845-1866).

41. Otto (Germanic origin): means 'wealth' and 'prosperity'. It was used by Otto I, known as Otto the Great, who was the founder of the Holy Roman Empire.

42. Ramesses (Egyptian origin): means 'son of Ra', used by the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II, also known as Ramesses the Great (1303 BC- 1213 BC).

43. Rupert (Germanic origin): means 'fame bright'. It was a popular royal name for rulers and their offspring in Germany in ancient centuries.

44. Saladin (Arabic origin): means 'righteousness of the religion'. It's an Anglicized form of the Arabic name Salah-Al-Din, and it's the name given to Saladin, the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria.

Royal Baby Girl Names From History

Venturing into the grand halls of history, you're about to discover names of princesses and queens who left their mark. From enchanting Eleanor to graceful Victoria, these vintage names for baby girls have a regal flair that's timeless. And guess what, they're making a comeback, not just in castles but in cradles across neighborhoods! So, before you twirl back to the present, let's waltz through these historic, princess-worthy picks.

45. Boudicca (Latin origin): also called Boadicea or Boudica, is a name that means 'victory'. It was used by the Celtic Queen Boudicca of the Iceni tribe in Ancient Britain.

46. Cleopatra (Greek origin): means 'glory of the father', used by Queen Cleopatra of Eygpt.

47. Eleanor (Greek/French origin): means 'shining light', given to Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine.

48. Guinevere (Welsh origin): means 'white fairy' or 'white phantom', used by Queen Guinevere in the Arthurian legend.

49. Isabella (Multiple origins): means 'God is my oath', given to the royal Queen Isabella I of Spain (1451-1504).

50. Jadwiga (Polish/German origin): means 'battle' or 'safety in battle' according to different sources. It was used by Queen Jadwiga, the first woman to be crowned monarch of the kingdom of Poland (1373/74-1399).

51. Joanna (French/Hebrew origin): means 'God is gracious', used by Joanna of Castille (1479-1555).

52. Jane (Hebrew origin): derived from Johannah, this name also means 'God is gracious'. It was given to Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days' Queen (1537-1554).

53. Nefertiti (Egyptian origin): means 'a beautiful woman has come'. It was used by Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt.

54. Theodora (Greek origin): means 'gift of God', given to the Byzantine sixth-century Empress Theodora.

55. Victoria (Latin origin): means 'victory', used by the Queen Victoria of England.

56. Wilhelmina (Germanic origin): means 'will helmet' or 'willing to protect', used by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (1880-1962).

Royal Baby Girl Names Inspired By Royalty Around The World

You're now embarking on a journey to discover the crème de la crème of royal names for baby girls. From the elegant 'Aisha' of Arabia to the charming 'Sofia' of Spain, every corner of our planet boasts names fit for a little princess. These names aren’t just about crowns and gowns; they tell tales of cultures and traditions from afar. So, let's explore these globally inspired, regal names sure to dazzle any nursery!

57. Alexia (Greek origin): means 'defender of men' or 'helper', used by Princess Alexia of the Netherlands.

58. Amalia (Latin/Germanic origin): means 'hardworking', used by Princess Amalia of the Netherlands.

59. Ariane (French/Greek origin): means 'most holy', inspired by Princess Ariane of the Netherlands.

60. Estelle (Latin/French origin): means 'star', given to Princess Estelle of Sweden.

61. Gabriella (Multiple origins): means 'God is my strength', used by Princess Gabriella of Monaco.

62. Letizia (Italian/Latin origin): means 'joy', inspired by Queen Letizia of Spain.

63. Leonor (Spanish origin): means 'light', given to Princess Leonor of Spain.

64. Martha (Aramaic origin): means 'lady', used by Princess Martha Louise of Norway.

65. Maud (Germanic origin): means 'battle-mighty', given to Princess Maud Angelica of Norway.

66. Mathilde (Germanic origin): means 'might in battle', used by Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

67. Talita (Aramaic origin): means 'young girl' or 'little girl', given to Princess Talita Von Furstenberg of Germany.

Royal Baby Boy Names Inspired By Royalty Around The World

Now it's time for a grand tour of palaces and kingdoms from around the globe to discover awe-inspiring names for your future little prince. From the exotic 'Hiroshi' of Japan to the robust 'Felix' from Luxembourg, these names are a first-class ticket to international flair. These worldly names will make your kid's moniker as interesting as a passport full of stamps!

68. Aimone (Germanic origin): means 'fatherland', given to Prince Aimone, Duke of Aosta, Italy.

69. Achileas (Greek origin): means 'pain'. Also spelled as Achilles, it is used by Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece and Denmark.

70. Felipe (Greek origin): means 'friend of horses', used by King Felipe VI of Spain.

71. Felix (Latin origin): means 'lucky' or 'happy', used by Prince Felix of Denmark, also known as Count Felix of Monpezat.

72. Joachim (Hebrew origin): means 'raised by Yahweh', used by Prince Joachim of Belgium.

73. Juan Carlos (Spanish/Hebrew origin): means 'God is gracious', used by Juan Carlos I, former king of Spain. It is a popular choice among Spanish baby names for royalty.

74. Sverre (Nordic origin): means 'wild'; it was given to Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway.

75. Vincent (Latin origin): means 'victorious'; it was given to Prince Vincent of Denmark.

Royal Baby Boy Names That Mean Noble

Ever dreamt of a name for your little prince that shouts 'noble' without actually saying it? Explore this curated collection where each name has that regal touch, wrapped in history and meaning. These names are more than just letters; they’re a nod to nobility and class. Time to crown your baby boy's name with a touch of aristocratic charm!

76. Adalius (German origin): means 'noble'.

77. Alard (Germanic origin): means 'noble strength' or 'noble steadfastness'.

78. Alfonso (Spanish origin): means 'noble' and 'ready for battle'.

79. Gennady (Greek origin): means 'noble' and 'generous'.

80. Jarl (Scandinavian origin): means 'a nobleman' or 'a man of noble birth'.

81. Kareem (Arabic origin): means 'noble' and 'generous'.

82. Keefe, (Irish and Gaelic origin): means 'noble' and 'handsome'.

83. Lonzo (Spanish origin): means 'noble' and ready for battle'.

84. Patrice (French origin): means 'noble'.

Royal Baby Girl Names That Mean Noble

Seeking that perfect name for your baby girl that radiates nobility? Well, you're in luck; on this enchanting list, each moniker whispers 'noble' with every syllable. These names are all about grace with a regal twist, so if you're dreaming of a name that'll make your little girl feel like royalty every day, you've hit the jackpot right here!

85. Acelynn (French origin): means 'a girl that is born in a noble home'.

86. Adele (German origin): means 'nobility'.

87. Albertine (Germanic/French origin): means 'noble and bright' or 'bright and famous' according to different sources.

88. Alice (Old German origin): means 'noble' or 'noble kind'.

89. Freya (Scandinavian origin): means 'noble lady'.

90. Heidi (Germanic origin): means 'nobility' or 'noble kind'.

Royal Baby Girl Names From Fictional Royalty

Are you one to swoon over the fictional queens and princesses that rule your favorite pages and screens? Well, their awe-inspiring names aren't just for fairy tales! From the daring 'Arya' of Westeros to the timeless 'Aurora' of Sleeping Beauty, these names are a sprinkle of fantasy in the real world. Imagine your little girl walking through life with a name inspired by her favorite bedtime story! So, let the imagination run wild as you explore these fairy-tale-worthy, fictional royal names for girls.

91. Aurora: inspired by Princess Aurora from Disney’s 'Sleeping Beauty'.

92. Belle: inspired by Princess Belle from Disney’s 'Beauty And The Beast' film.

93. Cersei: inspired by the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms from the 'Game Of Thrones' television series.

94. Elsa: the name of the magical ice queen of Arendelle from Disney's 'Frozen' movie.

95. Fiona: inspired by Princess Fiona from the 'Shrek' book and animated film.

96. Khaleesi: inspired by the Dothraki title used to address the dragon queen from the television series, 'Game Of Thrones'.

97. Leia: inspired by a significant character, Princess Leia, from the 'Star Wars' films.

98. Merida: inspired by the fierce and skilled Scottish princess from Disney’s 'Brave' movie.

99. Odette: inspired by the main character in 'The Swan Princess' film.

100. Xena: inspired by the warrior princess who is the main character on the TV show 'Xena: Warrior Princess'.

101. Zelda: inspired by the central character from Nintendo's popular video game franchise, 'The Legend of Zelda'.

Royal Baby Boy Names From Fictional Royalty

Fancy naming your little champ after a prince who's conquered dragon-infested kingdoms or led galactic wars? Let's explore a world where fiction's royal lads steal the limelight. These names are ready to leap from the tales into your home. Envision your baby boy with a name that echoes epic quests and adventures! So, unroll the storybook pages and unveil these legendary, fictional royal names for boys.

102. Adam: inspired by Disney’s Prince Adam who fell in love with Belle in 'Beauty And The Beast'.

103. Eric: inspired by the human prince Ariel loved in Disney’s 'The Little Mermaid' film.

104. Faramir: inspired by a captain and prince from the classic 'The Lord Of the Rings' series.

105. Florian: inspired by the prince who loved Snow White in Disney’s 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs'.

106. Joffrey: inspired by a young king from the television series 'Game Of Thrones'.

107. Lear: inspired by King Lear from Shakespeare’s classic play, 'King Lear'.

108. Legolas: inspired by an Elven prince and warrior from the 'The Lord Of The Rings' series.

109. Loki: inspired by the mischief god Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

110. Triton, inspired by the king of the seas, Triton, from Disney’s 'The Little Mermaid' film.

Naming your bundle of joy can be quite a royal affair! With a treasury of regal names to choose from, this list has equipped you with options that span across history, geography, and even your beloved tales. While the challenge lies in picking just one from this majestic list, remember that it's all about finding that special name that resonates with your family's heart. So, trust your instincts, and imagine calling out that name in years to come. Here's to crowning your baby's identity with a name that's as unique and royal as they will surely be!


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