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Ultimate List Of Final Fantasy Names

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The Final Fantasy series is by far one of the biggest gaming franchises the world has seen.

Final Fantasy takes its gamers away to mythical worlds revealing the magical powers they possess. Spinoffs and sequels help satisfy cravings for more Final Fantasy adventures.

Final Fantasy started out as a fantasy game over three decades ago. Final Fantasy I characters were quite famous.  The game was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed and owned by Square Enix (formerly Square). The story behind Final Fantasy starts with a corrupt knight, Garland, kidnapping Princess Sarah. She is then rescued by the Warriors of Light. From there, Final Fantasy has evolved into an adventurous role-playing game where the central conflict focuses on a group of characters and their adventures fighting evil antagonists.

Without a doubt, Final Fantasy fans would agree it’s the game’s characters that make this game super cool. Its fame has led the Final Fantasy franchise into the world of animation movies too. And if you’re looking for Anime Boy names or Dragon Ball names, we have an awesome list on them too. And now without further ado, here’s our ultimate list of Final Fantasy character male names and Final Fantasy characters female names that we’ve compiled for you:

Famous Male Final Fantasy Characters

1. Cloud Strife - One of the famous Final Fantasy characters, Cloud is known for his swordsmanship and arrogance. He is a mercenary who was once a member of the elite warrior unit called SOLDIER. He’s famous for always being focused on the task at hand. His weapon of choice is The Buster Sword. He grew up not knowing the truth about this past but eventually works his way through hardships to finally realize his true personality. He begins to feel a genuine sense of concern for the world’s future once he understands who he is.

Cloud's background, command over weaponry, ability to understand the situations he finds himself in coupled with his good looks, makes him one of the most popular Final Fantasy characters.

2. Sephiroth - Among the major Fantasy characters, Sephiroth is a legendary hero in the war against Wutai. He makes a formidable adversary in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is well-spoken, has a dry sense of humor, and is rarely thrown off guard and the weapon he uses is the Masamune.

3. Barret Wallace - Barret Wallace, in Final Fantasy VII, is the leader of an independent Avalanche cell who was disavowed by the old guard. Barret is a dark-skinned, tall, and muscular man. He has a weapon for an arm on the right.

4. Firion - Firion is a protagonist in Final Fantasy II. Hailing from Salamand, he has a lean muscular body with light brown skin, brown eyes, and white hair. He strives hard to protect his people, country, and all that is near and dear to him.

5. Squall Leonhart - Squall Leonhart features in Final Fantasy VIII and is a student at a renowned military academy for elite mercenaries.

6. Tidus - Tidus, a protagonist in Final Fantasy X, has a carefree and positive nature. He tends to be childish at times, though takes things a lot more seriously when the going gets tough.

7. Noctis Lucis Caelum - Noctis is the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV. He is the heir to the throne of Lucis, the kingdom that controls the Crystal. He dozes off frequently, and that's something that has been happening from childhood.

His character sports a variety of weapons including swords and firearms, which he can manipulate using his telekinesis abilities. His character abilities are drastically increased when used along with the game-breaker Armiger Unleashed. This allows him to move faster and access combo moves, leading many fans to believe that Noctis is the strongest Final Fantasy character.

Famous Female Final Fantasy Characters

Little girl with sword

Below are some famous female Final Fantasy characters, from Final Fantasy VI and other series.

8. Tifa Lockhart - Tifa Lockhart is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII. She is known to be a do-gooder. She has motherly qualities and always eager to help and comfort others through their problems.

9. Terra Branford - Terra Branford is one of the famous female Final Fantasy names list in series VI. She loves animals and hates crowded places, and is usually suspicious of anyone wishing access to her powers. She prefers to use the sword, daggers, and the mace.

10. Aerith Gainsborough - Aerith Gainsborough is one of the lead Final Fantasy VII female characters. The name ‘Aerith’ means ‘Earth’ and is possibly derived from the word Erith. Her character has the ability to hear the voice of the planet and possesses a carefree and naïve nature (surely making Aerith a wonderful baby name!)

11. Rinoa Heartilly - Rinoa Heartlilly is one of the female characters in Final Fantasy VIII. She’s warm, friendly, and compassionate. Her weapon of choice is the Blaster Edge.

12. Shiva - Shiva is one of the characters that feature in Final Fantasy VII Remake. She is the Queen of Ice. She has pale skin, long hair, blue eyes, with pointed ears. Shiva has the ability to summon Frost Familiars, a heavenly strike and Diamond Dust.

13. Quistis Trepe - Quistis Trepe features in Final Fantasy VIII. Her character plays the part of a child prodigy. She became a SeeD at the tender age of 15 and attained the level of an instructor in the Garden at 18. She sports a vest with a fold-over collar.

14. Rikku - Rikku is a happy-go-lucky, energetic character in Final Fantasy X, leading to clashes with the leaders and other members of the group. She is a Guardian and a Sphere hunter. She uses claws for weapons and targe as armor. This name is perfect if you are looking for Final Fantasy baby names.

15. Rydia - Rydia is a character portrayed in Final Fantasy IV. She is a Summoner from the village of Mist, with black magic being one of her skills. She uses weapons like whips, rods, and daggers. This Final Fantasy name is quite cool.

16. Celes Chere - Celes Chere, one of the Final Fantasy characters, was raised in the Gestahlian Empire. She turned into a Magitek Knight after receiving a magic infusion. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her signature weapon is a sword.

17. Relm Arrowny - Relm Arrowny is one of the female Final Fantasy characters from the Final Fantasy VI installment. She is a talented painter, and she can create paintings that come alive with the help of magic. You can choose this name if you are a fan of Final Fantasy VI.

More Final Fantasy Characters

Here are some more Final Fantasy characters you must know about.

18. Zidane Tribal - Zidane Tribal is the protagonist in Final Fantasy IX. He works with the Tantalus Theater Troupe as a thief. His character sports blond hair that’s tied into a short ponytail. He’s always on the lookout for anyone in need of a helping hand. You can choose this name for your kid or character if you are a Final Fantasy IX fan.

19. Vaan - Vaan, the protagonist in Final Fantasy XII, is part of a generation that’s lost its way and hoping to find his purpose in life. He has blond hair, tanned skin paired with gray color eyes.

20. Vincent Valentine - One of the fantasy characters in Final Fantasy VII. Vincent has many secrets which he chooses to conceal. He has a dark past and has been through bad experiences. Vincent is an adept marksman and in battles wields a handgun.

21. Vivi Ornitier - Vivi Ornitier is a clumsy, shy and gullible character in Final Fantasy IX. When faced with trouble, he is usually afraid to use his magic. But his personality and confidence increases as the game goes on. This allows him to face his troubles head-on.

22. Auron - Auron, in Final Fantasy X, is Tidus’ caretaker. He is a former warrior of Yevon and a Guardian of the Summoner Braska. He sports black hair with gray streaks and has brown eyes. His weapon of choice is the Katana in Final Fantasy X.

23. Bartz Klauser - Bartz Klauser is the protagonist in Final Fantasy V. He is a wanderer from the Warrior of Lights. His hair is white, has a lean muscular build, and wears a tight-fitting shirt and pants.

24. Edgar Roni Figaro - Edgar Roni Figaro is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is a King and his hobbies are developing weapons and decorating his bedroom. In Final Fantasy VI, he hates sermons and enjoys flirting with women.

Final fantasy girl with sword

25. Locke Cole - Locke Cole is a character that features in Final Fantasy VI. He is a thief but prefers to call himself a treasure hunter. He sports blue trousers and a white shirt, and his choice of destruction is swords, boomerangs, and daggers.

26. Jecht - One of the characters in Final Fantasy X that’s a reluctant antagonist. He is a major Bliztball player in his hometown and a Guardian. In in Final Fantasy X, he is dark-skinned with long black hair and red eyes.

27. Wakka -  Wakka is a game character in Final Fantasy X. He is a skilled Guardian, a Blitzball player, and a fighter. He is tall with brown eyes and long reddish-orange hair. Blitzballs are his choice of destruction.

28. Seymour Guado - One of the Final Fantasy X characters that’s an antagonist in the game. He is the Minister of Temple Affairs and maintains the temples’ teachings and rituals. Guado is a well known Final Fantasy surnames.

29. Kimahri Ronso - Kimahri Ronso is one of the playable characters in Final Fantasy X. He is an elder and a Guardian. His weapon of choice is a spear and dislikes others poking their noses in his business.

30. Adelbert Steiner - One of the characters in Final Fantasy IX. He is the leader of the Knights of Pluto. In the game, the player has the unique ability to change Adelbert’s surname instead of his first name. His weapon of choice is a sword.

31. Cid - One of the characters that appeared in almost all Final Fantasy games or at least mentioned. Though he’s amongst the recurring characters, each installment of the series features a different Cid character with different traits. Cid’s characters are usually portrayed as inventors or engineers.

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