150 Best Fantasy Boy Names

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In real life, dreams, fantasies, and hopes keep us alive and going.

A son's birth to any parent is a blessing, and it seems almost like a fantasy fairy tale coming true. A son makes everything seem like a dream because he is literally a part of you, born of your image.

If you are looking for an enchanting baby name right out of a fantasy, here is a magical list of the best fantasy boy names.

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Fantasy Boy Names From Pop Culture

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Here's a list of beautiful cool fantasy names inspired by the name of characters from pop culture.

1. Albus (Latin origin) name meaning "white"; one of the greatest male fantasy names belonging to the headmaster of Hogwarts from 'Harry Potter.'

2. Angel (Greek origin) meaning "messenger"; from 'Buffy, the Vampire Slayer'.

3. Aragorn (Sindarin origin) baby boy name meaning "revered king,"; one of the heroic names from Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' series.

4. Artemis (Greek origin) meaning "goddess of hunting." the child prodigy and a criminal mastermind is the fantasy series 'Artemis Fowl.'

5. Arthur (Celtic origin) baby boy name meaning "bear." Arthur is the protagonist of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy.'

6. Aslan (Turkish origin) meaning "lion"; one of the most elegant male character names. Aslan is the regal lion from 'The Chronicles of Narnia.'

7. Atreyu (Sanskrit origin) meaning "warrior." One of the unique warrior names. Atreyu is a character from 'The Neverending Story.'

8. Bastian (Latin origin) meaning "venerable,"; the name of Bastian Balthazar Bux, from 'The Neverending Story.'

9. Bilbo (Fictional origin) meaning "unknown"; the name of Bilbo Baggins from Tolkien's 'Middle Earth' series.

10. Brom (Gaelic origin) baby boy name meaning "raven," is Eragon's mentor and a former dragon-rider in 'Eragon.'

11. Caspian (Ethiopian origin) meaning "dark"; the protagonist, Prince Caspian from 'Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.' This is among the best fantasy baby names.

12. Cullen (Scottish origin) meaning "back of a river." It is the surname of the Cullen family, a family of vampires from the 'Twilight Saga.'

13. Damon (Greek origin) meaning "to tame"; from 'Vampire Diaries.'

14. Draco (Latin origin), meaning "dragon'; a character name from 'Harry Potter.' A more sinister fantasy name.

15. Drogon (Fictional origin) meaning "dragon,"; a dragon from the 'Game of Thrones' series.

16. Edward (English origin) meaning "riches,"; the deuteragonist of 'Twilight.'

17. Emmett (English origin) meaning "entire,"; the name of Emmett Brown, who created the time machine in 'Back to the Future' series.

18. Eragon (English origin) meaning "hope"; is the protagonist dragon rider in 'Eragon.'

19. Falkor (German origin) meaning "unknown"; the name of a white dragon in 'The Neverending Story.'

20. Faramir (Sindarin origin) meaning "sufficient"; one of the most beloved characters in the 'Lords of the Rings' trilogy.

21. Fawx (French origin) meaning "reaper"; Dumbledore's pet phoenix from the book series.

22. Gandalf (Norse origin) meaning "wand elf,"; one of the titular characters in the 'Lords of the Rings' trilogy.

23. Harry (Germanic origin) meaning "home-ruler,"; the leading character in 'Harry Potter.'

24. Hugo (Germanic origin) meaning "mind"; the name of the protagonist of the fantasy book and film 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret.'

25. James (Hebrew origin) meaning "a supplanter"; the father of Harry Potter.

26. Jareth (English origin) meaning "unknown"; the name of the goblin king from 'Labyrinth.'

27. Joffrey (English origin) meaning "peace of a stranger"; the name of the arrogant prince from 'Game of Thrones.'

28. Jon (Latin origin) meaning "God has Given"; a popular character from 'Game of Thrones.'

29. Kael (Gaelic origin) meaning "uncertain,"; a character from 'Willow.'

30. Legolas (Sindarin origin) meaning "green leaf"; the most popular elf in the 'Lords of the Rings' trilogy.

31. Link (German origin) meaning "left-handed"; the main character in the fantasy video games series 'Legend of Zelda.'

32. Logan (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of the warrior." Logan is the actual name of Wolverine from 'X-men.'

33. Ludo (German origin) meaning "famous warrior"; the name of a lovable and friendly monster in 'Labyrinth.'

34. Marty (English origin) meaning "God of war,"; the name of Marty McFly, who is the protagonist in 'Back to the Future.'

35. Milo (English origin) meaning "gracious." Milo is the bored hero of 'The Phantom Tollbooth.'

36. Neville (French origin) meaning "new town,"; an important character in 'Harry Potter.'

37. Odo (Germanic origin) meaning "possessor of wealth." Odo is Bilbo's cousin in 'Lord of the Rings.'

38. Percy (French origin) meaning "one who pierces the valley,"; the main character from the 'Percy Jackson' series.

39. Rohan (Sanskrit origin) meaning "ascending"; the name of a fictional place in the 'Lords of the Rings' trilogy.  

40. Ronald (Norse origin) meaning "advice"; Harry Potter's best friend, Ronald Weasley.

41. Ronan (Irish origin) meaning "little seal." He had led the centaurs in the Battle of Hogwarts in 'Harry Potter.'

42. Rory (Goidelic origin) meaning "red-haired king"; one of the companions of the Doctor in 'Doctor Who.'

43. Rowan (Gaelic origin) meaning "the little red one." Rowan is the heroic lead character in the fantasy series 'Rowan of Rin'. It is one of the most popular fantasy names for boys.

44. Samwise (English origin) meaning "half-wise"; companion of Frodo in 'Lord of the Rings.' Among the more unique baby names.

45. Saruman (Fictional origin) meaning "a man of skill"; from 'Lord of the Rings.'

46. Sauron (Fictional origin) meaning "foul, putrid,"; from 'Lord of the Rings.'

47. Scorpius (Latin origin) meaning "creature with the burning sting." Draco Malfoy's son in 'The Cursed Child.'

48. Severus (Latin origin) meaning "severe"; from 'Harry Potter.'

49. Sirius (Greek origin) meaning "glowing"; Harry Potter's godfather.

50. Smaug (Welsh origin) meaning "fireworm,"; a fierce dragon from 'The Hobbit.' One of the bold baby names.

51. Septimus (Latin origin) meaning "the seventh son"; the hero of the 'Septimus Heap' series.

52. Spike (English origin) meaning "long, heavy nail,"; a vampire in "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer."

53. Tyrian (Australian origin) meaning "northern warrior,"; from 'Dragonslayer.' One of the cool-sounding baby names.

54. Wesker (English origin) meaning "brave or bold,"; from 'Resident Evil.'

55. Zack (Hebrew origin) meaning "God remembers,"; from "Final Fantasy."

Fantasy Boys Names From Sci-Fi

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Here's a list of the best fantasy baby boy names from science fiction.

56. Alex (Latin origin) meaning "defender"; from 'The X-Files'.

57. Anakin (Biblical origin) meaning "giant" from 'Star Wars.' Among the coolest baby names.

58. Apollo (Greek origin) means "destroyer"; from 'Battlestar Galactica.'

59. Ash (Hebrew origin) meaning "happy"; from 'Alien.'

60. Ben (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of my right"; Ben Kenobi from 'Star Wars.'

61. Buck (English origin) meaning "deer"; from 'Alien Nation.'

62. Connor (Irish origin) meaning "wolf lover"; from 'The Terminator.'

63. Duncan (Scottish origin) meaning "battle"; from 'Dune.'

64. Echo (Greek origin), meaning "reverberating sound"; from 'The Clone Wars.'

65. Finn (Irish origin) meaning "white"; from 'Star Wars.'

66. Fox (English origin) meaning "wild dog"; from 'The X-Files'.

67. Han (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious"; from 'Star Wars.'

68. Harold (English origin) meaning "power, brightness"; from 'Doctor Who.'

69. Henry (Biblical origin) meaning from "lord"; from 'The Twilight Zone.'

70. Holden (English origin) meaning "gracious"; from Blade Runner'. One of the cool baby names.

71. Jack (English origin) meaning "God is gracious"; from 'Doctor Who.'

72. Jonas (Hebrew origin) meaning "peaceful being"; from 'Stargate SG-1'.

73. Julian (Latin origin) meaning "dedicated to Jupiter"; from 'Star Trek.'

74. Kaidan (Arabic origin) meaning "companion"; from 'Mass Effect.'

75. Kane (Irish origin) meaning "war-like"; from 'Alien.'

76. Lando (Spanish origin) meaning "famous land"; from 'Star Wars.'

77. Lon (Spanish origin) meaning "noble"; from 'Star Trek.'

78. Luke (Latin origin), meaning"light"; from 'Star Wars.' Among the iconic fantasy baby names.

79. Malcolm (Gaelic origin) meaning "devotee of Saint Columba"; from 'Firefly.'

80. Max (Latin origin) meaning "the greatest"; from 'Max Headroom.'

81. Mickey (American origin) meaning "who is like God?"; from 'Doctor Who.'

82. Miles (Latin origin) meaning "a soldier"; from 'Star Trek.'

83. Montgomery (English origin) meaning from "powerful"; from 'Star Trek.'

84. Poe (English origin) meaning from "peacock"; from 'Star Wars.'

85. Quinn (Gaelic origin) meaning "wisdom and intelligence"; from 'Sliders.'

86. Richard (Germanic origin) meaning "strong or brave leader"; from 'Bid Time Return.'

87. Riker (Danish origin), meaning "strong power"; from 'Star Trek.'

88. Saren (Welsh origin) meaning "star"; from 'Mass Effect.' Among the unique baby names.

89. Wesley (Anglo-Norman origin), meaning "western lea"; from 'Star Trek.'

90. Ziggy (German origin) meaning "victorious protector"; from 'Quantum Leap.' One of the cooler baby names.

Mystical Names From Mythology For Baby Boys

Here's a list of magical, mythical names for your magical baby boy.

91. Abraxas (Greek origin) meaning "a talisman or amulet,"; a word used by ancient Greek religious thinkers to describe their God. One of the very cool baby names.

92. Acheron (Greek origin) meaning "river of sorrow/woe."

93. Achilles (Greek origin) name meaning "thin-lipped"; one of the most famous Greek warriors.

94. Adonis (Greek origin) meaning "lord,"; a Greek mythology figure related to masculine beauty. Among the baby names with a powerful meaning.

95. Aether (Greek origin) meaning "bright and glowing,"; the god of light and the upper atmosphere.

96. Agamemnon (Greek origin) meaning "very resolute". One of the strong baby names.

97. Aion (Greek origin) meaning "the god of eternity."

98. Ajax (Greek origin) name meaning "of the Earth,"; from Homer's 'Iliad.'

99. Apollo (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer"; son of Zeus and Leto.

100. Ares (Greek origin) meaning "ruin,"; the God of war.

101. Argo (Greek origin) name meaning "field"; the name of Jason's ship.

102. Astraeus (Greek origin) meaning "starry"; the titan of the dusk, stars, and the planets.

103. Atlas (Greek origin) meaning "support,"; a mythological Greek titan responsible for holding up the heavens for all eternity.

104. Cadmus (Greek origin) meaning "one who excels,"; the mythical hero, known for slaying serpents and the son of King Agenor.

105. Castor (Greek origin) meaning "pious one,"; one of the twins that make up the  Gemini constellation.

106. Cronus (Greek origin) meaning "to cut,"; the name of the youngest son of Uranus and Gaea.

107. Dionysius (Greek origin) meaning "god of wine and fertility."

108. Endymion (Greek origin) meaning "to enter" or "to dive in,"; a handsome figure from Greek mythology.

109. Erebus (Greek origin) name meaning "god of darkness and shadow."

110. Eros (Greek origin) meaning "desire,"; the name of the winged god of sensual love.

111. Eryx (Greek origin) meaning "boxer,"; the name of Poseidon and Aphrodite's son, and the king of Sicily.

112. Evander (Greek origin) meaning "bow warrior" or "strong man,"; the son of goddess Carmentis and god Hermes.

113. Griffin (Greek origin) meaning "a fierce or dangerous person,"; a mythical creature.

114. Hades (Greek origin) meaning "unseen,"; the king of the dead and brother of Zeus and Poseidon.

115. Hector (Greek origin) meaning "holding fast,"; a hero who fought in the Trojan War.

116. Helios (Greek origin) meaning "the sun God."

117. Hephaestus (Greek origin) meaning "fire working and blacksmiths"; god of weapon making.

118. Herakles (Greek origin) meaning "glory of Hera"; the Roman name of Hercules.

119. Hermes (Greek origin) meaning "the messenger god."

120. Homer (Greek origin) means "pledge,"; a famed Greek poet who was celebrated for two of his greatest works, 'The Iliad' and 'The Odyssey.'

121. Hyperion (Greek origin) meaning the high one"; a titan of light.

122. Icarus (Greek origin) meaning "follower."; known for his wax wings that melted when he flew too close to the sun.

123. Janus (Greek origin) meaning "gateway"; God of beginnings.

124. Jason (Greek origin) meaning "to heal,"; the leader of the Argonauts.

125. Leander (Greek origin) meaning "lion man,"; a legendary and powerful Greek swimmer.

126. Morpheus (Greek origin) meaning "form" or "shape,"; the Greek god of sleep and dreams.

127. Nereus (Greek origin) meaning "god and father of the sea nymphs."

128. Oceanus (Greek origin) meaning "of the ocean,"; a titan who ruled over the ocean.

129. Odysseus (Greek origin) meaning "wrathful,"; a famous hero mentioned in Homer's saga.

130. Olimpio (Greek origin) meaning "from Mount Olympus,"; the mountain of all the Greek gods.

131. Orion (Greek origin) meaning "hunter,"; a hunter of legend.

132. Orpheus (Greek origin) meaning "the darkness of night,"; the name of a legendary musician and poet.

133. Pan (Greek origin) meaning "shepherd" or "flock,"; the god of flocks.

134. Paris (Greek origin) meaning "wallet,"; the prince who was responsible for the Trojan war.

135. Parthenios (Greek origin) meaning "virgin"; the name of a river god.

136. Perseus (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer,"; the titan of destruction.

137. Perseus (Greek origin) meaning "avenger,"; the name of Zeus' son, who was a godly hero.

138. Pollux (Greek origin) meaning "very sweet,"; the immortal twin half-brother of Castor who became the constellation of Gemini.

139. Pontus (Greek origin) meaning "sea,"; the God of the sea.

140. Poseidon (Greek origin) meaning "husband of the earth,"; the God of the sea.

141. Priam (Greek origin) meaning "redeemed,"; the legendary king of Troy and father of Paris and Hector.

142. Prometheus (Greek origin) meanings "forethought,"; the Titan of forethought and creator of humankind.

143. Pyramus (Greek origin) meaning "lover of Thisbe,"; a character whose tragic love story was written by Ovid.

144. Thanatos (Greek origin) meaning "death"; the God of nonviolent deaths.

145. Theseus (Greek origin) meaning "son of Aegeus,"; a legend in Greek mythology who was celebrated for killing the Minotaur.

146. Triton (Greek origin) meaning "the God of the sea,"; known as the messenger of the sea who was the son of Neptune, generally depicted as a merman, with the upper body of a man, and fins like a fish.

147. Troilus (Greek origin) meaning "son of Priam,"; a Trojan prince and the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, who was killed by Achilles when he was young.

148. Troy (Greek origin) meaning "foot soldier,"; a city where the legendary Trojan War had taken place.

149. Zephyr (Greek origin) meaning "west wind"; the God of the west wind.

150. Zeus (Greek origin) meaning "the God,"; the king of Gods in Olympus.

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