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American cocker spaniel facts make you feel happy

One of the most highly ranked dog breeds in the world, American cocker spaniels are an extremely popular breed, particularly in America.

Their country of origin has been attributed to Spain (from where we get 'spaniel') and were primitively gun dogs meant to help the hunters in catching and retrieving small birds.

The breed got its name from its efficiency in hunting down a specific species of bird, the woodcock. The English cocker spaniels are known to be the predecessors of the American cockers and are related breeds although both the dog breeds come from the same ancestor of spaniels.

The English cocker spaniel is slightly larger in size and has been identified as different in several traits from the American cocker spaniel.

Since the American cocker has been bred to become a pet dog, they cannot live on their own. They need a home to care for and cater to their needs.

Any dog-lover would love to have a little American cocker running around mischievously in their small apartment. They do not take time to form alliances and gel up with people or other animals.

They do not have biting tendencies (except when they are teething) but they bark, even at the slightest provocation. Any strangeness in actions or a sudden appearance of a complete stranger might instigate them to bark loudly although they are completely harmless which can sometimes prove to be dangerous.

They are very trusting of people and share a special bond with family members. They are doting, full of energy, and love to play around.

If you are in need of a furry friend to accompany you then you might find these American cocker spaniel facts interesting. If you intend to explore some more dog breeds then don't forget to read through these engaging facts about the American water spaniel and the corgi chihuahua mix.

American Cocker Spaniel Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an American Cocker Spaniel?

An American cocker spaniel is a dog.

What class of animal does an American Cocker Spaniel belong to?

An American cocker spaniel is a mammal.

How many American Cocker Spaniels are there in the world?

Since the American cocker spaniel can be found in innumerable households in America and other countries, the exact number of the breed in current existence cannot be ascertained. Moreover, a definite value cannot be ascribed due to the fact that they are highly popular and easily available for adoptions.

Where does an American Cocker Spaniel live?

The American cocker can be traced in households as they make loyal and friendly companions for both children and the elderly groups.

What is an American Cocker Spaniel's habitat?

Both the English and American breeds of cocker spaniel descended from spaniels, who were originally from Spain. The dog breeds are considered to be purebred by the American Kennel Club; also, both were previously considered similar.

In the year 1878, the American Kennel Club recognized the cockers as separate breeds.

Since the cockers were originally bred to help the hunters in their sport, cockers were efficient in tracking down and retrieving birds. Earlier, they could be found near forests and hunting spots but currently, they have created a comfortable space in several homes.

Who do American Cocker Spaniels live with?

It is not known whether an American cocker spaniel can fend for itself or live with its own packs. Nevertheless, they have constantly stayed beside humankind - initially as aides in hunting and gathering, and now as a furry companion. So, as pets, they are completely dependent on their owners and cannot live alone.

How long does an American Cocker Spaniel live?

An American cocker spaniel has an average life expectancy of 10 to 14 years.

How do they reproduce?

There is no specific period for initiating the mating process. The process of reproduction begins when both the male and female dogs hit puberty (that is, after six to ten months of age).

After the completion of the breeding process, the gestation period continues for a period of around 63 days only after the females conceive. Normally, the litter size is four to seven puppies.

The mothers are generally very caring and protective of the pups, constantly by their side right from birth. They stand guard of the litter until and unless they are capable enough to defend themselves from adverse situations.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of American cocker spaniels has not been recorded under the IUCN Red List. This means that they exist in abundance and therefore, the conservation of the breed is presently not a matter of concern.

American Cocker Spaniel Fun Facts

What do American Cocker Spaniels look like?

American cocker spaniel facts are filled with cuteness.

The American Cocker Spaniel is a fur-ball that none can resist. The dog breed is available in a variety of colors and combinations ranging between black and tan, red and black, tan-brown, parti-color, black and white, or any solid color other than black, that are pleasing to the eyes.

They are covered with long, thick, and silky-smooth fur-coat with drooping long ears and deep, affectionate eyes.

According to the American Kennel Club, they are the smallest breed of sporting dogs but competitive, strong, and extremely sturdy. They have a small round head and are smaller in size with a denser fur coat when compared with the English cocker spaniel.

How cute are they?

Have you seen American cocker spaniel puppies in pet shops or at fancy dog shows? Cocker spaniels are perhaps the cutest breed of hunting dogs.

Their drooping ears, thick and dense fur-coat make them so adorable and those small almond-shaped beady eyes will surely melt your heart! Nothing can beat the warm feeling of holding an American cocker spaniel puppy in your arms and caressing it.

The level of cuteness is unmatched when they are groomed and styled. The thick, long, and smooth fur coat of an American cocker makes it even more attractive.

Nowadays, there are several parlors for styling and grooming these furry ones. Just imagine an American cocker with its long fur all tied up around its face with colorful hair bands, cute neckpieces, or bow ties!

How do they communicate?

Generally, dogs convey their feelings and emotions with various kinds of gestures and actions. The cocker spaniel is no exception.

They express their love, angst, hunger, love, and other such feelings through bodily gestures and movements, and also by vocalizing through loud barks, growls, snarls, whimpers. For instance, rubbing the head or other attention-seeking gestures mean that they want love from their owners.

These dogs bark a lot, especially when they sense something threatening or dangerous looming about. This is simply a defense mechanism to alert the owner or the people around.

How big is an American Cocker Spaniel?

American cocker spaniels are moderate in size, that is,  15 - 17 in (38 - 42 cm). They are neither too small nor too big which makes these dogs easy to be carried.

American cockers are smaller than their English counterparts. In fact, the American Kennel Club recognizes it as the smallest sporting dog breed.

Although they are not as small as the Shih Tzu or English Toy Spaniels, they are small enough to make adorable lapdogs on the one hand and big enough to compete with other larger dog breeds. They have a perfectly balanced body structure.

How fast can an American Cocker Spaniel run?

American cocker spaniels are renowned for their hunting and fetching skills which suggest that they are really good at pacing up at great speed. Quite contrary to their small build, they possess extraordinary sprinting skills when provided with proper diet and regular exercise.

How much does an American Cocker Spaniel weigh?

On average, the American cockers weigh around 20-30lbs (9-14kg). While the weight of the male American cockers ranges between 25-30lbs (11-13.5kg), the females weigh between  20-25lbs (9-11kg). The weight should ideally be within these limits according to their gender.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The males of the American cocker spaniel breed are called a 'dog' while the females are called 'bitch'.

What would you call a baby American Cocker Spaniel?

A baby American cocker spaniel is generally called a puppy.

What do they eat?

A cocker spaniel must be provided a diet rich in protein comprising meat of very high quality. Maintaining a high-end diet is important for these dogs as the quality of their health depends mostly on good food and exercise.

Food like beef, turkey, fish, lamb, or other nutritious packaged raw food that are rich in animal protein can be beneficial for their overall health. Nutritious food helps to keep health problems and diseases at bay.

Are they slobbery?

American cocker spaniels are not among those slobbery dogs who have a high tendency to drool. They slobber very little.

Would they make a good pet?

Cockers make excellent pets given that they are trained properly. They are smart and highly amiable in nature, always eager to please. Moreover, they easily develop camaraderie with children and other pets in the household. They are friendly, adorable, loyal, and absolutely non-aggressive.

They are very playful and mischievous at times. To top that, they love to cuddle. What more do we need from our little furry companions?

Did you know...

The American cocker spaniel and English cocker spaniel dog were considered the same dog breed as they share a common appearance and small size, with similar hunting and retrieving skills. However, distinct differences were identified with time and the breeds were attributed a separate status.

The former breed is known to be highly enthusiastic in nature, meant to be pets and companions. The dogs can be trained for sporting championships.

Brucie, the black cocker, became a household name for winning the Westminster championship twice consecutively in 1940 and 1941.

The dogs are highly intelligent, enthusiastic, and fun-loving. They are extremely popular in America and cost around $800-$1200 USD depending on the gender, fur coat, health, and origin of the breed.

Characteristics and health issues

An American Cocker Spaniel's temperament depends on the atmosphere and surroundings that they are reared up in. The dogs are generally joyful, non-aggressive, and playful. They can even adapt well with other pets and children. They do not portray an irritable or violent nature if trained properly. Usually, they do not snap unless they feel threatened or scared.

American cocker spaniels are inherently active and sporty because of which they require regular exercise and outings. They are extremely playful and are relatively easy to train.

Their origin as a hunting dog makes them agile and more receptive towards training. Nevertheless, if they are constantly kept at home as mere lapdogs without any exposure to outdoor exercise or sporting expeditions, they are more likely to become slothful eventually.

These dogs are known to suffer from certain health problems like otitis externa, glaucoma, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, tumors, rage syndrome and hemolytic anemia to mention a few. Most of the diseases are related to the eyes and skin and therefore they need occasional grooming and daily care.

Grooming includes daily brushing of the fur coat to keep it smooth and tangle-free, nails, eyes, and ears must be checked regularly for infections and cleaned frequently (preferably depending on the recommendations of an expert veterinarian).

Keeping a track of your dog's health is crucial. In case of any abnormalities, the dogs must be taken to a veterinarian without any delay. Also, to ensure good dog health and a longer life span, adoptions must be made from an efficient and trustworthy American cocker spaniel breeder.

Getting your own American Cocker Spaniel

If you are contemplating about bringing home a furry companion then you can undoubtedly opt for the cockers as they make magnificent family-friendly dogs. They are highly impressive in their appearance and nature.

However, before bringing home a cocker, it must be kept in mind that they require intensive care, training, exercise, and grooming. It is just like bringing home a baby of your own - the most beautiful experience that you can have in your entire lifetime!

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our american cocker spaniel coloring pages.

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