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American Foxhound Facts to know how they make a great jogging partner

Are you looking to own an active, sturdy and amiable dog companion; then your search ends here. American Foxhound dogs have a history tracing back to the 18th century.

These dogs were first bred by George Washington in Mount Vernon, back in his days. He crossbred the Brook's Hound, and French Foxhounds called Grand Bleu de Gascogne and created what we have now as the American Foxhound. The French foxhounds were received as a gift by George Washington from Marquis de Lafayette.

These dogs were bred for the sporting event of Foxhunting. Breeders have tried to bring in more agility into this breed by crossing them with Irish Foxhounds and Red Fox.

Their lean body makes them look very tall. The American Foxhounds have a powerful sense of smell and are known to be heavy barkers.

Their barking is called as bay and has a musical tone to it. The bay of the hound can carry for miles of distance. They were initially bred to be pack hounds and later became famous for home dwellings.

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American Foxhound Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an American Foxhound?

The American Foxhound is a breed of dog found commonly in North America. They are an amiable, intelligent, sporty companion for humans. For years they were bred to hunt as pack hounds.

These dogs would assist hunters in chasing foxes. They would run alongside horse-ridden hunters in chasing the foxes. That's where they get their name from.

There are four types of American Foxhounds now. Namely, field trial hounds,  slow-trailing hounds, drag hounds and pack hounds. They were the brainchild of the breeding done by George Washington in the 18th century.

What class of animal does an American Foxhound belong to?

American Foxhounds belong to the class Mammalia. As mammals, these dogs give birth to their young puppies. The mother dogs feed milk to their puppies post reproduction glands through their mammary glands.

How many American Foxhounds are there in the world?

As this is a rare breed, this dog breed population is not very high worldwide. The total population around the world may be close to 1,00,000.

As this is a pack hound, there aren't many breeders for this breed worldwide. Though this dog breed's ancestry can be traced to Europe, it isn't easy to find the American Foxhound in Europe. Professional hunters typically owned these breeds of dogs.

Due to their high demand for hunt dog training, not many pet owners would be enthusiastic about taking an American Foxhound puppy home. These facts make them one of the scarce species.

Where does an American Foxhound live?

These enthusiastic dogs live with their owners. Only a huntsman can train and understand the need for more exercise and the pet's activities better. The American Foxhound, being a hound breed, has a specific need for hunt dog training. It is important to note that they need to be nurtured in experienced hands for the best outcome.

What is an American Foxhound's habitat?

As these are breeds of dogs, their natural habitat is with their owners. They are highly adaptable and loving towards their family.

Their bay and howls can carry for miles. Hence they are not suitable for city life. They will do much better in large estates or more extensive lawns where there is much scope for these hounds to explore their energy levels.

The owners need to be mindful of the American Foxhounds' exercise needs. They need a minimum of a couple of hours in the open space every day.

Who do American Foxhounds live with?

American Foxhounds live with their pet owners in their homes. These dogs are highly sociable animals. Though they have the nature of hound dogs, they adapt to home living with the help of early training.

They get along with children, other pets like dogs and cats. The sooner they are introduced to more people, the better they get with their friendliness. These animals act as siblings or companions for the children at home.

How long does an American Foxhound live?

On average, the American Foxhounds live up to 10- 12 years. They need a conducive environment to grow in, to ensure healthy and long life. In general, these dog breeds are considered very healthy as they do not have any severe ailments genetically. This breed of a dog carries good genes from their parentage hence the excellent dog health.

How do they reproduce?

They reproduce by mating the male and female adult dogs. The average litter size is five to seven puppies, and the mother dog is very protective about its pups. This breed of dogs' temperament is very easy-going, loyal, and social.

What is their conservation status?

The American Foxhounds fall under the "not evaluated species" category by the IUCN. Hence their conservation status is unknown.

American Foxhound Fun Facts

What do American Foxhounds look like?

Are you looking for one of the strongest and most active four-legged friends for your home? The American Foxhound dog is the answer. American Foxhound colors can vary from a mix of black, brown, white and tan, blue, and red.

They are known for their high stamina and capability to run miles in one go. Their bony legs make them look taller. Their medium-length coat has a hard texture.

The coat is used to protect these animals from the harshness of nature while hunting. The American Foxhound temperament is shown in its large brownish eyes, gentle and pleading expressions. The white American Foxhound is not easy to find compared to the black or brown, white and tan breeds.

Fun facts about American Foxhound will make you want to own one

How cute are they?

These dogs' breeds are attractive for their friendliness to family and other pet friends around them. With their dreamy and innocent eyes, they are sure to captivate your hearts and be liked by children too. American Foxhounds score high in the area of amiability with family, kids, other dogs, and even strangers.

How do they communicate?

Like any other dog, kindly expect your American Foxhounds to demand your attention. They communicate through their howls, whimpers, and physical expressions.

As a breed of pack hounds, American Foxhounds became famous for being used in the dog sport of foxhunting. In the 17th century, this dog sport was a favorite pass time for the landed gentry. Hence, physical aggression, agility, and stamina roots back to how they came into being.

They can develop separation anxiety if being left alone for long. The American Foxhounds can have stranger anxiety, too, if they are not given training early.

The training would demand them to be introduced to people, pets, and other animals in the initial stage. If the training is not appropriately handled, they can become aggressive towards strangers and other animals.

How big is an American Foxhound?

The American Foxhounds females and males can grow up to a height of 24 inches to 25 inches, respectively. The height places this breed in a medium-length range. They are much taller than Beagles.

How fast can an American Foxhound run?

They are swift runners, and they can run up to a maximum speed of 38 mph. This quality makes them a great jogging companion for a pet owner.

How much does an American Foxhound weigh?

An American Foxhound male can weigh up to 45-60 pounds. The weight of the female can be 40- 60 pounds. They are on the heavier side than the Boxer breed or Beagles.

What are their male and female names of the species?

There is no specific name for the male and female of the American Foxhound. In general parlance, male dogs are called dogs, and females are termed bitches. For breeding, the male dog is called a stud, and the female counterpart is called a bitch.

Their offsprings are called puppies, whelps, or pups. Many centuries ago, the common term for dogs was hounds. Dogs were hounds assisting hunters.

What would you call a baby American Foxhound?

The American Foxhound baby is called a puppy. These puppies need extra care in grooming and diet to make them suitable for home living in the future.

What do they eat?

American Foxhounds can be given high-quality dog food or any home-cooked meal consisting of cooked meats and vegetables. Back in the days, this breed of dogs was fed horse meat to give them more strength and speed for chasing foxes. They have a preference for oatmeal, broccoli, and cooked eggs.

These dogs are heavy eaters. Their diet needs to be monitored to keep obesity at bay. Puppy meals should be broken into several meals so that their little gut accepts food well.

Do they howl?

The American Foxhound howl is notorious for the high pitch bay that carries it to a great distance. The American Foxhound price is not too high, even though it is a rare breed. The reason being that these breeds of hounds are challenging to groom in a city domain. They might not be welcome by the neighbors.

Would they make a good pet?

They will make a good pet if their exercise needs and training needs are met early. They tend to be stubborn; hence early obedience training and socialization are critical for grooming.

They need to be trained by experienced trainers as their essential trait is being a hunting dog. To settle in a family environment would require a lot of time, patience, and expertise. These breeds of dogs boast good health in general.

They need to exercise two to three hours per day. With all these criteria met, they make an excellent fur companion.

Did you know...

Here are more exciting facts about the American Foxhound dogs, just for you.

The American Foxhound has the status of State Dog of Virginia.

They are not heavy droolers. They have a heavy appetite. Hence their weight needs to be in check, with a proper diet and good exercise routine; if not, obesity in this dog breed can deter dog health.

They are long-distance runners in packs. Their running abilities and a strong sense of smell can take them afar and they may find themselves lost.

They are prone to get Thrombocytopathy, a condition of the platelets. These dogs will bleed heavily in such cases, even for minor wounds.

Having your own American Foxhound

Have these interesting facts intrigued you further? Well, why wait then? Go and grab a puppy from a Pet Shelter home or look for breeders of this breed in your area.

The American Foxhound puppies can be priced anywhere between $400-$600.  

They bark a lot, and any pet owners need to be mindful that the barking of these American Foxhounds can be a big nuisance for neighbors. Their sound can carry for miles. Hence they are not suitable for city living.

The American Foxhound personality makes them sweet-natured and very loyal buddies for their owners. The American Foxhound shedding is medium; hence they need brushing once a week. For dental hygiene, daily brushing is recommended.

English Foxhound vs. American Foxhound

The English Foxhound is a tiny bit shorter than the American Foxhound. As the name suggests, the country of origin is different for these breeds. The sense of smell is more developed in the American Foxhound.

American Foxhounds are ahead of English Foxhounds in agility and speed. The forelegs are more robust for American Foxhound, whereas the English Foxhound has powerful hind legs. In the health department, the English Foxhound fares better.

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