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Barbet facts about this rare breed with a curly coat.

The barbet dog is known as a water dog. This dog breed has been around since medieval times. Barbets were initially trained to flush waterfowls, retrieve game birds and retrieve fallen arrows.

These dogs are great as hunting companions and field workers. Barbets originated in the country of France.

There has been historical documentation of this old breed for centuries now. Barbet's ancestors were herding dogs that came to Europe during the migration of the Moors in the early 7th or 8th century. It may be related to braird, poodle, and ancient African and Asian hunting dogs.

It is an excellent watchdog too. Barbet dogs were first mentioned in the book written by Gascon Count in 1387.

The breed was a favorite of European royalty. The 16th century cynologist called Fouilloux began calling the breed barbet, which comes from the French word barbe meaning beard. In the 1700s, the famous French philosopher said, "The barbet is man’s best friend...".

The dog was known by the name of barbone in Italy and pudel in Germany. Due to selective breeding and influence, the breeds became distinctive and split into barbet and poodle.  The two World Wars and the rising popularity of the poodle had a significant impact on the barbet dog population, and it had nearly become Extinct.

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Barbet Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a barbet?

Barbets are a type of water dog breed native to France that will head towards water at any given opportunity. It is an old and popular breed of waterdog that is typically found in European countries.

The thick woolly coat and webbed feet make this water dog an excellent swimmer. The dogs of this breed have a high energy level and must be provided obedience training for a friendlier temperament.

What class of animal does a barbet belong to?

Barbet dogs belong to the mammal class of animals as they gives birth to offspring like other mammals. Barbet French water dog has an amiable and active temperament. This breed has been recognized by the American Kennel Club, The Barbet Club America, Club Barbet Canada, and the Barbet Club of Great Britain.  

How many barbets are there in the world?

According to one study, there are around 1,540 barbets found around the world. The population of this old breed has grown immensely in the past few years along with their rising popularity in France and other regions across the world.

Where does a barbet live?

Barbet dogs can be found in an urban or a rural setting. It is an active dog that participates in show and agility competition, and therefore it requires open spaces to run and be active. Access to a swimming pool could also do great for the dog as it loves to swim.

What is a barbet's habitat?

Barbets are an active and joyful dog who love to train and perform tricks. It may adjust well to a large apartment in cities with active owners, or a house with a large yard where it can play and have fun. This breed requires regular exercise and training for better health and weight management.

Who do barbets live with?

Barbet dogs are friendly dogs who love to accompany their owners for a run or hike. They are also very friendly with other pets and small kids. They are known for their calm and gentle demeanor, which is good for children.

How long does a barbet live?

The life expectancy of the barbet breed is 13 to 15 years. With a sufficient amount of both a balanced diet and an active lifestyle comprising of regular exercise and grooming, the barbet's life expectancy can be improved upon slightly.

How do they reproduce?

Both the male and female dog should be the right age and size. The female dog should be going through her heat cycle.

The male dog will mount the female dog from behind, and the entire mating process will take between 20 to 25 minutes. The gestation period for the pregnancy would be around 50 and 60 days, after which the female dogs will give birth to three to seven puppies.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status for the barbet dog is of the Least Concern as it is a popular domesticated animal in many countries. The population did decline during the world wars, and with the rising interest in poodles for shows and competitions. But now the barbet is gaining popularity due to the dedicated efforts of some people.

Barbet Fun Facts

What do barbets look like?

The barbet is known for its thick, shiny and shaggy coat. The coat can come in a variety of colors like black, fawn, gray, brown, or white. Barbets are found in a mixed color too.

The coat could be wooly or silky depending on the lineage. The coat will remain dry after swimming in the waters for a long period.

The barbet dog doesn't shed or have too many grooming needs despite such a thick yet beautiful coat. Dogs of this breed have a broad round skull, wide nose, and thick black lips. Barbets are known for their mustache and bushy beard.

Barbet dog breeds are a rare breed with webbed paws.

How cute are they?

Barbets are a cute breed to look at with their unique coats and beautiful eyes. Barbets are extremely friendly and loyal companions with loving characteristics.

The white barbet dog and fawn colored dogs are popular for their cuteness as well as their excellent watchdog capabilities. They are medium-sized dogs with a well-built body and happy disposition. With the help of obedience and agility training, the behavior and weight of these intelligent dogs can be effectively managed.

How do they communicate?

Barbet dogs are not known to be very noisy. Dogs of this breed may bark as a warning, or for an intruder alert. These intelligent dogs are not known as talkative dogs either. This breed may interact with you through their body language.

How big is a barbet?

The barbet is a medium-sized dog. They are agile, sporting dogs who love to run and swim. They are the same size as other water dogs like the poodle, Portuguese water dog, or American water spaniel.

How fast can a barbet run?

Barbets can run at a speed of 35 mph (56 kmph). Dogs of this breed are quick, agile dogs who love to run and play around.

How much does a barbet weigh?

Barbets may weigh around 37-62 lb (16-28 kg). This rare dog breed must be fed a nutritionally rich, well-balanced diet and maintain a healthy schedule of exercise and playtime to keep them from gaining any extra weight.

This breed does not have the tendency to put on weight, but it will be a good idea to feed them a fat-free protein source twice a day.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Male barbet dogs are called dogs, and females are called bitches like all dog breeds.

What would you call a baby barbet?

A baby barbet dog is called a puppy.

What do they eat?

Barbet dogs must be fed dry or wet food from a good quality brand. These loving dogs can be fed good quality meat which is low in fat along with some veggies and carbohydrate sources.

Feeding them twice a day with one to two bowls of food should be enough, along with a water bowl filled at all times. Healthy and nutritious diet with agility training are the key to managing their temperament and keeping away health problems.

Are they slobbery?

These intelligent are not slobbery as long as their health is good. They may drool only if they have a dental or oral health issue. These loving dogs may drool if they see meat and are hungry. With the help of obedience training, these intelligent dogs can be taught to minimize their drooling.  

Would they make a good pet?

Barbets are one of the breeds that have been excellent pets for centuries now. Barbets have been around for so long as watchdogs, hunting companions, and family pets that they have been mentioned in many books and accounts.

Barbets are friendly, loyal companions who love the outdoors and their owners the most. Grooming of the coat is also important for their health, as well as maintaining the shine of the coat.

Did you know...

Barbet dogs played an important role in both Napoleonic and the French revolutionary wars. One dog named Moustache barked loudly to wake the soldiers, warning them of an attack. He became the regiment's mascot.

They love to swim for long hours no matter how cold it gets, as their coat is practically waterproof. Barbets love to play in the mud too, and are called mud dogs.

They love to play catch with a ball or a frisbee. The name barbet is pronounced as 'bar-bay'. They look absolutely adorable with a distinctive beard, curly hair, and a friendly nature.

Having your own barbet

You can get a barbet dog from a local breeder who is certified, or from a pet shop, or a vet. It is better to adopt a barbet dog than to buy one.

Barbet dog prices range between 2,500 and 2,800 USD. They are excellent family dogs as they are friendly, caring, and affectionate towards all family members. They are especially caring and patient towards small children, making them ideal for families with smaller children.

Barbet dog vs. Portuguese water dog

Barbets are larger than the Portuguese water dog. Although the Portuguese water dogs are more popular than the barbet, the barbet is slowly gaining a following on social media pages.

Barbets have a waterproof silky or wooly coat. Portuguese dogs have a more pronounced curly coat. Both breeds don't require too much grooming and shed to a minimum.

Portuguese water dogs are considered smarter than the barbet and are therefore easier to train. Emotional intelligence-wise, the Portuguese is better, but the barbet is loving, kind, and friendly. The Portuguese need lots of social interaction, and the barbet can be left alone from time to time.

Barbets do not nip or play bite people, but the Portuguese love to do these activities. Barbets can be an ideal dog for first-time owners.

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