Can Dogs Eat Cheerios? Serious Cereal Facts All Owners Should Know

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Made from whole grain oats and rich in fiber, Cheerios with milk is the perfect breakfast for humans all over the world.

Some dog owners may find Cheerios an inexpensive alternative to dog treats, and dogs seem to enjoy them as well due to their natural, crunchy taste. However, is it a good idea to give dogs Cheerios on a regular basis?

Dogs eat almost everything. You may find yourself having to stop your dog from eating the strangest things at times!

However, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to make sure you feed your dog healthy, safe food which is as natural as possible. Most dog food fits this criteria and helps to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Though, as dog owners, you may feel the need to reward your pooch with a little treat now and then, for being a good boy or girl! A treat usually consists of a tasty, often slightly healthy snack which can help in training or just show your dog how much you love them.

However, if treats were given to your dog every day, they would lose their value and make them sick or obese due to the low nutritional value. The same can be said for Cheerios.

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How many Cheerios can I give my dog?

It's best not to give your dog Cheerios every day, and instead save them as a special treat or while training.

You can feed your dog Cheerios in a small amount, such as 1/4th of a cup or a small handful, and only as treats, never as a full meal.

Cheerios actually make for a great, inexpensive dog treat that can be used in a pinch, however, they may not provide the same nutritional benefits which other high-quality dog treats will.

Can dogs eat Honey Nut Cheerios?

Honey Nut Cheerios are considered a safe flavor of Cheerios for dogs to eat, however, they are not the best.

In terms of preservatives and added sugar, Honey Nut Cheerios contain a lot more of these than plain Cheerios, which are the healthiest flavor to give to your dog. These Cheerios can be given as occasional training treats or just as a snack, however, it's best not to make a habit out of it.

They provide little to no nutritional value which is needed for a healthy pooch and can be considered as empty calories with no health benefits.

Some pet owners may hesitate to feed their dogs Honey Nut Cheerios as the name suggests the presence of added nuts, which can be toxic to dogs.

However, this cereal contains artificial 'natural almond' nut flavoring instead of actual nuts as well as honey which in small amounts is perfectly safe for dogs to consume. Honey in excess can however cause dental problems for your dog, which is why it is always better to use Cheerios as a last resort.

However, do be aware that dogs that are allergic to nuts will still find artificial nut flavoring toxic, so it is better to steer clear if that is the case.

So while Honey Nut Cheerios are a great breakfast option for you and your family, it's always better to buy your dog its own box of treats so that you can enjoy your Cheerios while it eats snacks that are right for its development and growth.

Another Cheerio option that may seem good for dogs but is actually not is Multigrain Cheerios and Blueberry Cheerios. Though they do not contain any harmful ingredients, they do contain a higher amount of sugar than plain Cheerios.

Though Multigrain Cheerios are still better than flavored Cheerios in terms of nutrition, the added sugar may cause dental problems as well as stomach upsets for your dog. They will not, however, kill your dog.

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Are Cheerios healthy for dogs?

Though Cheerios count as a healthy, wholesome breakfast for humans, the same can't be said for dogs. Cheerios are made out of whole grain oats, which may seem healthy for dogs, however, there are much better foods that you can feed your pooch.

Cheerios may seem like the perfect snack for dogs because they are low in sugar and preservatives, and made from oats, which are healthy, right? However, Cheerios do not add any nutritional value to your dog's diet.

Plain Cheerios can make a good occasional treat for your pet, as they have a ton of crunch and flavor which they are bound to enjoy. However, it is best not to make Cheerios a whole meal, as they are nothing but empty calories.

If you do however find yourself low on treats, it is always better to toss your furry friend a handful of plain Cheerios instead of flavored ones, as these are the healthiest of the lot. Plain Cheerios have a natural, sugar-free flavor which in small amounts is not harmful to dogs.

You can even give dogs, like Yorkie dogs, gluten-free Cheerios.

Feeding Cheerios to your dog regularly can be harmful due to the low nutritional value and cause problems such as urinary tract infections or stomach conditions. Though Cheerios are inexpensive and do provide your dog with the necessary calories, they have no health benefits whatsoever.

On the other hand, if your dog is suffering from constipation or diarrhea, Cheerios can make good, bland food that can ease your dog's stomach as they are whole grain, high in fiber, and low in sugar and preservatives. Once your dog has recovered, switch back to its normal diet.

Giving an obese dog Cheerios may also help to handle its weight. Otherwise, Cheerios are just considered as filler foods, which can be fed to your dog when you are low on proper dog food.

What cereal can dogs eat?

Dogs can eat cereals that are rich in grains such as oats, bran, and wheat, and low in sugar. However, do check if your dog has a wheat allergy beforehand.

As with Cheerios, cereal must only be given to dogs as training treats or as a snack, and never as a full meal in order to protect their health.

Though cereals may be marketed as low in sugar and preservative-free, there is always some amount of both in every brand, which can add up over time and cause health problems.

Dogs enjoy crunchy cereals which they can eat easily. The best options to feed your dog are Bran flakes, cream of wheat, and oat bran because all of which are relatively quite healthy and low in sugar. These cereals have a natural flavor and are quite bland, which dogs will love.

Do refrain from feeding your dog anything chocolate-flavored or high in sugar such as cocoa puffs or frosted flakes, as these are quite unhealthy even by human standards. Chocolate can be toxic for dogs and will make your pet sick, which is why it must be avoided completely.

Some Cheerio flavors such as chocolate, frosted, and fruity should be avoided as well for the same reason.

Always give your dog cereal dry and never with milk, as a lot of dogs are lactose intolerant. Milk may make them sick.

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