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Dachsador facts that they have almost similar traits as their pure breed parents - Labrador retriever and Dachshund.
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The Dachsador is a mixed dog breed, which is a cross between two pure dog breeds - Labrador retriever and Dachshund. This mixed breed is very lively, friendly, and active and inherits some of the best personality traits from its parents as a Dachshund-Labrador retriever.

Dachsador dogs are known by various other names like Doxadors, Doxidors, and Weinerdors, and never had a fixed one for this dog breed.

It is quite popular all over the world and is one of the most popular dog breeds in the US.

They are loyal, kind, attentive, affectionate, full of high energy, and very good with small children. The body shape of the Dachshund Labrador retriever mixed breed is a little different as the dogs take the face of the Labrador and the body structure of the Dachshunds.

Don't go by their small build though, because they are extremely stocky. The Dachshund's smart hunting capabilities and the Labrador's rescue capabilities, like its parent breeds, the Dachsador retrieves all of the smart traits.

They make excellent family dogs and are a great friend to kids.

These attractive designer dogs are quite popular in the US and have tremendous growth in the last 20 years. Human companionship is a must for this dog mixed breed and it has a lot of separation anxiety.

The Dachshund Lab mix is super special like its parents and will definitely be a hit in the family.

The energy level of this breed is over the roof and will always be ready for cuddles, be it day or night.

Anyone with an active family will be a good parent for this super friendly dog. Due to the moderate shedding of the mixed breed, maintenance and grooming are not high on the priority list, but periodic care and nail grooming of the dogs is recommended.

They are easy to train and are very good at the game of fetch. The best thing about this mixed breed of dogs is that it is always a surprise when you bring a Dachsador puppy into your home.

Unlike other dog breeds, the Dachshund Lab mix has variable looks when it comes to puppies and you would be startled to check the differences.

You can also check out our articles on the parent breeds, the Dachshund and Labrador retriever.

Dachsador Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Dachsador?

A Dachsador is a type of mixed breed of dogs and the parents of this breed are the Labrador retriever and Dachshund.

What class of animal does a Dachsador belong to?

Dachsadors belong to the class of mammals in the family of Animalia.

How many Dachsadors are there in the world?

There is no exact number of the population Dachsadors mentioned anywhere. But in the last 20 years, the population of these dogs has grown ten folds.

Where does a Dachsador live?

Dachsadors are a heavily domesticated breed of dogs and are found in residential areas, surrounded by people. Same as the parents, Labrador retriever and Dachshund, they seek human connection and love to be among people.

What is a Dachsador's habitat?

The dog breed Dachsador is mostly found as a pet in apartments or homes. It is a breed of dogs adored by all and is very energetic.

There is a need for a big space for the Dachsador's exercise and walking requirements. A yard or open nature should be the best habitat for this breed of dog.

But that should not put potential owners with a small apartment off, as Dachsadors are pretty comfortable wherever they reside and love their owners to the core. This Labrador retriever mixed breed should be accommodating to any habitat it receives.

Who do Dachsadors live with?

Dachsadors love to be with people, and always try connecting with their fellow owners.

How long does a Dachsador live?

As it is a mixed breed of the Labrador retriever and the Dachshund, the life span of the Dachsador is longer than both of these breeds of dogs. The average life expectancy of a Dachsador is 13-17 years, but they can live even longer with a proper diet and looking after the usual health conditions.

How do they reproduce?

The Dachsador is a mixture of two different pure breed dogs - the Labrador retriever and the Dachshunds. The appearance and temperament of the Dachsador is also a mixture of the two dogs and inherits a lot of traits and features from the breeds.

They usually have a litter size of five to eight puppies and are bred in-house by designer breeders. They are quite famous, so the demand is also a lot.

The designer breeders make the Labradors mate with the Dachshunds to produce the Dachsador pets. A healthy puppy of a Dachsador might look like any of its producing breeds and that's a great surprise for the adoptees.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the Dachsadors is of Least Concern at the moment.

Dachsador Fun Facts

What do Dachsadors look like?

A Labrador and a Dachshund, both have unique different appearances of their own, so it is hard to imagine them producing a new breed. This is the reason why Dachsador puppies are unique and come in different sizes, body types, and coats.

Due to the cross-bred breeds, the puppy acquires both traits and physicality of the Labradors and Dachshunds. But most commonly, these pets will have a more elongated body like the Dachshund and a height similar to a Labrador retriever.

The legs are shorter than a Labrador, but also twice the size of a Dachshund. The head of a Dachsador typically looks like a Labrador.

The coat of a Dachsador is usually short, dense, and straight, the same as a Labrador. The usual colors of a Dachsador puppy are black, chocolate brown, and red, but will have more variations in those colors depending on the inhouse bred dog breeds.

They can also acquire any of the three coat variations of a Dachshund breed. They have a smooth coat and the colors of that coat look shiny and clean.

Dachdadors have the same face as a Labrador.

*Please note, this is an image of a Labrador retriever, one of the parent breeds. If you have an image of a Dachsador, let us know at

How cute are they?

These breeds of dogs are very cute with their wide range of colors and big eyes. The Dachsador's nature and friendly traits also make them very loving and cute. Due to the cross-breeding of a Labrador and Dachshund, the potential of a beautiful and different pup is exciting and surprising.

How do they communicate?

They communicate via barking and with a little bit of training of the pets, their temperament changes, and they are able to communicate more freely by expressing themselves through objects. High energy in them makes the Dachsadors so compliant.

How big is a Dachsador?

The length of typical adult Dachsadors ranges from 21.5-25 in (55-64 cm) but can change from dog to dog as they are differentiated by the traits in the adults. Their maximum length is a lot longer than most dogs.

The height is usually the same as a Labrador which varies from 15-25 in (38-63.5 cm). They are smaller than the Labrador but bigger than the Dachshund.

How fast can a Dachsador run?

Due to the short legs, Dachsadors are quick enough with a speed exceeding 25 mph and they are small enough to fit anywhere to catch their prey. This speed can be observed when they play fetch with the kids of your house. They are very energetic around the kids and love to run around.

How much does a Dachsador weigh?

The weight of this dog breed varies from 30-40 lb (13.6-18.1 kg). The dogs have a tendency to acquire health problems quickly like hip dysplasia, ear disease, epilepsy, and obesity.

These health problems, particularly obesity and hip dysplasia, are acquired by not maintaining the proper diet and food habits. To keep the dogs healthy, proper exercise plans and a strict walk routine is needed. It will help both keeping the body lean and keeping the bone pressure intact for hip dysplasia disease.

Weight gain is very common in the Labradors and this trait has been passed on to the Dachsadors. Keeping them healthy and controlling that weight is very important in the long run.

What are their male and female names of the species?

There are no different names given to each gender of Dachsadors. Both the male and female are called by the singular name -Dachsadors or by their scientific name Canis lupus.

What would you call a baby Dachsador?

Domesticated dogs are often given names by their owners and are often called by those names. There is no specific name given to a baby Dachsador but they are called puppies as with any baby dog.

What do they eat?

A proper diet needs to be maintained for this small-sized breed high on energy. Their dietary needs change from puppyhood to adulthood and keep on changing with growing age.

Veterinarians would give proper recommendations on what to feed them, but they usually eat packaged dog foods and meat on the whole. Giving treats to them often can lead to obesity.

Are they dangerous?

They are very friendly and acts as a companion to the owners. But, if they detect any wrongdoings and foul-play towards their family, they can injure the perpetrator and guard their owner's family.

Would they make a good pet?

Dachsadors make for a very good pet. They are loyal, kind, attentive, affectionate, full of high energy, and very good with small children as well as with adults. After they are fully trained, they become the friends all people deserve. They become a part of the family in no time with their affection and cuddles.

But with adopting a good pet for yourself, taking care of the dog is a big responsibility too. Health is important for a Dachsador as it can acquire a lot of diseases.

A regular visit to the veterinary clinic should be enough to keep up with regular checkups on the dog. Two walks a day, 45 minutes of exercise, and training routines can help your Dachsador a lot. When getting a good pet, being a good owner is equally important.

Did you know...

This intelligent breed of dog is very clever and does best with fun-loving owners who would help the dog exercise regularly and take them out. Otherwise, they would get depressed and have anxiety issues regularly, which is a perk of being smart. Taking proper care should help you get the best from your pet.

They are known for their speed and agility even though they have such a small body. They can dig holes and enter any area of their prey due to their small stature. Dachsadors are smart and caring and will do everything the owner has trained them for.

Is a Dachshund the same as a Doxin?

The two names - Dachshund and Doxin are the names of the same breed. This breed has many nicknames associated with it like Dachshund, Dashhound, Doxin, and Doxie. Dachshund and Doxin have just pronunciation differences. They even sound the same when spoken.

What are other names of Dachsadors?

Dachsadors have many different names and are not known all over the world by a single name. All over the world, the mixed breed of Labrador retrievers and Dachshunds is known by different names such as Doxadors, Doxidors, and Weinerdors.

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