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Read these French Spaniel facts about this dog with a beautiful splash of brown and cream fur on its body
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Being a dog lover, you should read about the breed we're going to discuss: French Spaniels. These are one of the best dogs you could come across. With a beautiful hair coat, athletic body, and an adorable face, this breed will not take much time to woo your heart.

Popular in the Middle Ages, this French Spaniel mix breed nearly went extinct at the start of the 20th century. It was brought back to a good number by a French priest.

This dog has a lifespan of 10-12 years and will be your best friend of life. As these were bred from hunting dogs, they need exercise to keep themselves sane and healthy. They can also participate in dog sports if you train them enough.

Like any other dog, they also suffer from diseases like hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and problems in the eyes and ears. The dog's health is also affected by acral mutilation, which is a rare genetic condition that causes the loss of the feeling of pain in dogs.

If you want to have this breed as your pet, you can get them at prices of about $2000. This is the price for a show dog. But if you want a French Spaniel puppy, then the price range would be $600-$800.

There are other breeds as well that are different from French Spaniel. You can look at the American Spaniel vs. French Spaniel hunting dogs comparison, French Brittany Spaniel, and other pointing breeds that can tell you all about their appearance, temperament, health conditions like hip dysplasia, and more.

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French Spaniel Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a French Spaniel?

This field-bred French Spaniel is a dog.

What class of animal does a French Spaniel belong to?

As a dog is a mammal, the famous French Spaniel also belongs to the class Mammalia.

How many French Spaniels are there in the world?

There is no exact information provided regarding the exact number of Spaniels (the French kind) in the world. There are, however, 25 breeds of Spaniels in the world.

Where does a French Spaniel live?

These dogs (Epagneul français) were initially bred in France and Canada (James De Connick found their first breed); therefore, they belong to these countries. There was a severe decrease in their population in the 20th century, and a French priest luckily saved them. However, they can now be easily found all over the world.

What is a French Spaniel's habitat?

These dogs (Epagneul français) usually prefer living in open areas since they love to play around (they can get adjusted to the apartment life as well). Moreover, their body can tolerate cold temperatures as well (French Spaniel hypoallergenic).

Who do French Spaniels live with?

These dogs are quite friendly and hence can easily gel up with other fellow French Spaniel dogs. Moreover, they love to interact with humans as well.

How long does a French Spaniel live?

The French Spaniel life expectancy is good. French Spaniel breeds are known to live for 10-12 years.

This medium-sized dog becomes a really good companion with time but will break your heart when it has to leave after living for 12 years. Other Spaniel breeds such as English Cocker Spaniels and American Cocker Spaniels have a lifespan of 12-14 years and 10-14 years, respectively.

How do they reproduce?

Dogs reproduce sexually. So, when the first period of the female dog takes place, it remains for nine days. This is the time that females are ready to mate with males. The reproduction cycle is around 60-64 days.

During the reproduction cycle, males and females mate, and after the gestation period is over, they give birth to puppies. The puppies are known to feed on their mother's milk in the beginning. These dogs are purebred, so the parent breed is also French Spaniel.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status for this breed of dog is known to be Least Concern.

French Spaniel Fun Facts

What do French Spaniels look like?

Like any other beautiful dog, a French Spaniel stands proud and handsome with its well-defined and sharp features. These generally include a 1.5-2 in (3.8-5 cm) (according to the FCI breed standard) long skull that's longer than its forehead and with bone brows that complement its handsome looks.

It has a brown nose with wide and open nostrils and an upper lip that doesn't cover its lower lip.

Its bite force is really strong, usually called a level or a scissor bite. This dog is gifted with mysterious-looking dark, amber, oval-shaped eyes that often make it look inquisitive.

Its beautiful ears that are in line with its eyes have long feathering on top of them. Having a tail that shouldn't be docked but be of full length instead, this pup has body-fitting skin with a dense and close-fitting coat around itself that's also water-resistant.

Its ears, undersides, hind legs, and tail are all covered by a layer of feathering.

This beautiful pup comes in four unique coat colors: brown, brown-white, spotted white, and roan. Coffee brown and cream are known to be French Spaniel colors.

This adorable breed of dog looks the best while playing. They are extremely friendly and hence love to spend time playing in the field.

How cute are they?

One of the cutest and most adorable breeds to exist, these gorgeous pups are sure to win your heart. They are just as loyal and fierce as they're cute. Their adorable ears make them even more attractive.

A perfect addition to your family, very protective, they would do anything to please you. Just give them few pets and belly rubs, and they're yours for life.

This gentle breed will win your heart from the very first encounter itself. Play with them, take them on walks, let them socialize, and they'll be the best breed you'll ever adopt. French Spaniel puppies are the best company!

How do they communicate?

Knowing how vocal this breed is, you can usually see them communicating through different types of barks and howls and whines. Though not as vocal as a husky, they sure do have a mouth on them.

Often you can have a full-on conversation with them! These gentle giants are very friendly and energetic pups and very responsive.

Spoil them with your love, and you'll be with the most loyal dog for life.

Usually, these pups don't whine a lot; deny them their favorite food or toys and see them turn into huge drama divas just as quickly. These breeds sometimes love pulling their owner's leg by whining and throwing a tantrum on purpose and just for the heck of it!

How big is a French Spaniel?

Even though they're classified as medium-height dogs, they do slightly lean over to the larger size and measure around 21-25 in (54-63 cm) in length. Often nicknamed gentle giants, they are usually pretty calm for their size.

You can go on hikes with them, take them to the beach, or go out for a run. This breed is game for it all. So calm that you can just relax with them wherever and whenever you want.

Their intelligence level makes them a perfect guard dog if you're living on a farm or have a huge house. Their booming barks and size can intimidate any threat if it ever were to cross you.

How fast can a French Spaniel run?

They are not very fast in speed considering their size and build, but they make up for it with their stealth and concentration because they are hunting dogs, after all.

This means that they're not only blessed with strong senses but are also capable of identifying the problems and threats long before they reach you. Their sharp brain, quick reflexes, and strong senses make them a perfect family dog to have.

They still have a pretty good running range, making them a very successful hunting dog, and their lack of speed is usually balanced out by their other traits.

How much does a French Spaniel weigh?

An average French Spaniel weighs around 45-60 lb (20-27 kg), which is not a lot considering their size. Due to their low weight, they are more of leaner and stealthier dogs.

This gives them an advantage when they are out hunting with their owners. Epagneul français, as they are often called, are also nicknamed bird dogs because of their sharp bird hunting skills. This breed is always eager to please and easy to train, just like any other breed standard.

If your Spaniel breeds dog is overweight, they can easily lose that with a proper, healthy diet and vigorous exercise. Training them is also very easy as they're always eager to please and learn any sports.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Generally, the male is called a dog, and the female is called a bitch. Other than this, both sexes are known by the same name: French Spaniels.

What would you call a baby French Spaniel?

A French Spaniel pup is called a puppy. French Spaniel puppies are super adorable!

What do they eat?

French Spaniel's diet consists of dry food and food that contains all the necessary nutrients needed for the dog's growth. A French Spaniel needs a good diet as they love running and their health gets affected by the quality of food they eat.

Are they hypoallergenic?

French Spaniel breed (blonde French Spaniel or any other color) is not good for people who suffer from allergies. The reason is that these dogs are not hypoallergic. It is not about the hair coat of these dogs because sometimes, people are no allergic because of the dog hair coat but the dander.

Would they make a good pet?

French Spaniels would make a very good pet for you. The breeds of this medium-sized dog are known to suffer from separation anxiety.

Due to this, they would want to be with you and play with you as much as they could. These dog breeds try their best to be with you and make you happy. As it is a mix, it is common for them to suffer from separation anxiety.

Being medium in size, friendly in nature, loyal, and trustworthy, these dogs are great. They need training like any other dog.

You don't have to be scared of them as they are good with children and adults. With time, you might realize that they are more comfortable with children rather than you. Training these dogs is better if you buy these breeds as young ones because then, training the puppy would be easier.

As dogs grow, training them gets a little tougher. Temperament (the French Spaniel) is good enough, and if you train your Spaniel (the French kind), you might get them to participate in dog sports.

Also, when you have this breed as a pet, you should know that they need physical activity or exercise. This helps them in having good health.

If they are not given proper exercise, they might go crazy and become destructive. So, for their health and your own, it is better to take them on walks, give them exercise, and let them run. Bathe and groom these adorable dogs regularly and brush their teeth at least once a week.

Did you know...

French Spaniels are one of the oldest pointing breeds. Of all the breeds of Spaniels, this breed is the tallest.

Differences between a French Spaniel and a French Brittany

Brittany Spaniel vs. French Spaniel: French Spaniels (setter) are genuinely loyal, soft and gentle, loving and affectionate dogs toward their handlers. Brittanys are also genuinely loyal, soft and gentle, loving and affectionate dogs toward their handlers.

French Spaniels need a lot of social interaction. Brittanys also need a lot of social interaction. The difference is that French Spaniel is stronger than French Brittany.

History of the French Spaniel breed

In the 1600s, the French Spaniel dog was a famous game bird hunter. It is a descendent of longhaired Chien d'Oysel.

Chien d'Oysel was a setter dog who has been famous for such bird games. French Spaniel, being a part of the sports of game bird, became popular, and its number started declining because of the English breeds.

In the 20th century, it was Father Fournier who helped in reviving French Spaniel. The first standard, which J. de Connick wrote in 1891, described that French Spaniel is stronger than the breed of French Brittany.

It is said that French Spaniel was derived from Portuguese and Spanish dogs that are known for hunting. In the 14th century, the French Spaniels were bred from these two hunting dogs in the Middle Ages.

After being loved by the royalty in the Middle Ages, this dog became extinct in the 20th century, and Father Fournier (a French Priest) helped revive them. James de Connick described wrote the first standard.

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