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Read these Stabyhoun facts to learn more about this dog breed

The Stabyhoun is a medium-sized Dutch dog breed. It is one of the most precious known dogs to be found in the Netherlands.

Stabyhoun is a dog breed that is independent in nature and a breed of dog that is bred for the specific purpose of the farmers wanting a dog that could help hunting animals like moles and rabbits. There are many more names by which you might know these dogs. Some of them are Stabij, Dutch Stabyhoun, and Frisian Pointer.

The Stabyhoun is inquisitive which also makes the owner to pay a lot of attention to their Frisian pointer. The historical details of the Stabyhoun are more fascinating to know as the breed has been mentioned in Dutch literature in times as early as the 1800s.

However, not until the 2000s did the range of the Stabyhoun dogs officially extend beyond the Netherlands through to today.

These brown and white or black and white dogs were known for hunting, working, and guarding during the 1800s and were exclusively owned by framers.

However, around 1942, there was an official crossbreed of the Stabyhoun by the order of the Dutch Association for Stabyhouns between the Stabyhouns and Wetterhouns to make any efforts to save the extinction of the breed. The looks of Stabyhouns as a dog is quite attractive with its soft and silky coat.

Mostly, they have a black and white-colored coat, although there are brown and white Stabys too which are a bit rarer to find. There is one more color which is seen among them, but it is the rarest of rare and is orange and white.

So, let's continue reading some more facts about the Stabyhoun to know their uniqueness in all ways.

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Stabyhoun Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Stabyhoun?

The Stabyhoun is a type of a dg which is commonly found in the parts of Netherlands. It comes times long back to the Dutch dynasty of Friesland and in particular from, a region in the Frisian forest area.

What class of animal does a Stabyhoun belong to?

Like every other dog found in the world, the Stabyhoun too comes under the classification Mammalia meaning that they directly give birth to Stabyhoun puppies.

How many Stabyhouns are there in the world?

No present or exact status on how many Stabyhouns are in the world now is available. However, there is thought to be a much lower number of these gentle dogs left now. There was an estimation of around 3,500 of these dogs in existence in 2013.

Where does a Stabyhoun live?

The Stabyhoun breeds are nearly exclusively found in the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands, it's very rare to find these dogs. Some breeder or pet shop may offer them in the UK, but special permission from the Dutch Association for Stabyhouns must be acquired. Other than that, Stabyhoun like to live with humans because of their over-friendly nature as pets.

What is a Stabyhoun's habitat?

The habitat of a Stabyhoun can be perfectly defined by what we humans like because of them being family dogs. They are intelligent like us and this dog is very fond of the habitat of being someone's pet.

Who do Stabyhouns live with?

The Stabyhoun is fond of and known for living with humans. It is a very lively dog who loves to be with family or with people who adore it in every possible way.

You can find these dogs living with anyone, but they can act very alarmed towards a stranger. This is something that is important to note and acclimatize them to during training. Lastly, the Stabyhouns are very familiar with children and they can make a good friend of your children.

How long does a Stabyhoun live?

The average life expectancy of a Stabyhoun dog is between 13-15 years. The Stabyhoun's health can affect this too.

How do they reproduce?

The reproductory or mating process doesn't consist of anything special in the Stabyhoun dog as it can mate naturally like other dogs.

The only which needs to be taken care of is careful breeding is essential. The dog has to be in a good health which can be ensured with the perfect amount of training and exercise and diet.

There is are associations that look after the process of breeding which is known as The Dutch Association for Stabyhouns and Wetterhouns, the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association, and the UK Stabyhoun Association.

Since it is considered very precious and is viewed as part of the Dutch national heritage, there are certain breeders who are allowed to breed the dogs. The average litter size of the Stabyhoun female is five to six Stabyhoun puppies.

The average age when the female reached sexual maturity is near 18 months and she cannot mate once at the age of nine years.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the Stabyhoun dog is not clearly defined though it is considered as one of the rare breeds found in the Netherlands. There are a very stable number of dogs present in current times that can help us to conclude that the Stabyhoun is a highly conserved breed.

Given that there are associations specifically authorized for the breeding of the Frisian Stabyhoun, we can assume this breed is not threatened.

Stabyhoun Fun Facts

What do Stabyhouns look like?

The look of the Stabyhoun makes them a more unique breed in every sense and a lot more attractive with its soft and silky coat. Mostly they have a black and white colored coat, although there are brown and white Stabys too which are a bit rarer to find.

The rarest color which is seen among them is orange and white. The Stabyhoun's height is 19-21 in.

They look so beautiful and regal. The owner has to take care of the dog's weight so that it doesn't get overweight in any situation. The hair of the Stabyhoun is so lustrous, shiny, and soft.

Also, you should look after their hair so that it doesn't get entangled making it a bigger problem for the owner. Regular brushing and grooming is advised for this dog's sleek coat.

These are one of the exotic breeds of dogs to be found in the world.

How cute are they?

The Stabyhouns are quite a cute dog breed with all their furry and charming looks. These dogs can definitely make anyone can fall for them in no time.

How do they communicate?

Just like any normal dog, the Frisian pointer will try to have communication with anyone whether it is a dog or a human being, through barking, growling, whining, and wagging its tail when happy. How they communicate also depends on how you give them training. These dogs are quite intelligent in terms of communications and gentle too.

How big is a Stabyhoun?

The Stabyhoun body is an average dog body. The male can range up to 20-22 in tall and female can range up to 18-20 in tall. The males are bigger than females.  

How fast can a Stabyhoun run?

As these dogs are known for luring and hunting different kinds of farm animals and were used as guard dogs in older times, it can be said that they can run at a good speed, maybe a little faster than other breeds.

How much does a Stabyhoun weigh?

The weight of a Stabyhoun is a key aspect of the dog that should be particularly looked after, as being overweight may lead to disease. The average weight of the male and female differs, in males the weight ranges from 51-55 lb, and in females, form 44-48 lb.

What are their male and female names of the species?

No names are given for the male and female of the Stabyhoun dogs.  

What would you call a baby Stabyhoun?

Though the breed Stabyhoun has many different name such as Stabij, Dutch Stabyhoun, and Frisian Pointer, for babies it has no specified name, so we can call them the puppies of any of the above mentioned or simply a Stabyhoun puppy. The Stabyhoun puppy is extremely cute.

What do they eat?

To maintain the health of this breed, they have to be provided with the perfect amount of food for their energy level and the right amount of training. With the high sporting spirit of these dogs, just give them healthy dog food recommended by the vet or you can have your choice from your nearest pet store.

Do they howl?

Just like a normal dog, a Stabyhoun may howl on certain occasions like while playing any kind of sporting activity or else when they are feeling any kind of threat.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, they would surely make a good pet. In fact, these dogs are known for being a good, loyal, affectionate, playful pet dog. Most importantly they are very children friendly which means you won't have the slightest worry of them being around your children. They are very intelligent and gentle.

Their grooming needs are moderate and can respond well to training. You will be delighted with these breeds as pets. It is important to remember, though, that this breed doesn't like to be left alone for too long.

Did you know...

The name of the Staby is believed to be derived or taken from the Dutch words for 'stand by me dog.'

The Stabyhoun or Stabij is one of the top five rarest dog breeds to be found across the world.

Although a very healthy breed in general, the Staby is prone to some health problems. Some of the diseases that can impact the health of your Staby are Patent ductus arteriosus, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, and neurological disorder.

While these breeds are mostly healthy, it can never be guaranteed that your Staby pets won't suffer from any health problems in their lifetime.

As the Stabij breed is a rare, historical dog, you will find them available to buy for an average of $1500-$2300 USD.

Where were Stabyhouns originally bred?

Stabyhoun dogs were bred in the Dutch province of Friesland and more particularly from the Frisian forest area, which is situated southeast and east of Friesland. They were bred to help farmers hunt rabbits and moles independently.

Which dogs are they similar to?

The Stabyhoun breed is similar to the dog with which they have been bred by the Dutch Association known as Wetterhouns.

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