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Husky Lab mix facts can be really interesting for a dog owner.

The husky lab mix is a breed of dog that has been around us for around two decades and it was bred by someone combining two of our favorite dogs, a Siberian husky and a Labrador retriever. The husky lab looks just as cute as its parents.

It's just as athletic, active, and full of energy as its parents.

It weighs about the same as a medium-to-large-sized dog and stands about 20-28 in (50.8-71.1 cm) tall when they're fully grown. They reach maturity at about two years and at about seven they enter into the second part of their lives.

This breed is full of surprises when it comes to its character. You won't know what the puppy will be like. It might be more like its Labrador parent or its husky parent.

Whichever side they take, they will surely lighten up your home, that much we can promise. So, if you're looking for a pup or dog that will keep your little ones busy too, then this super playful dog is definitely for you. Read on to know more information about this adorable breed.

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Husky Lab Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Husky Lab Mix?

The husky lab mix is a domesticated dog. It is a first-generation mixed breed of the Siberian husky and Labrador retriever.

What class of animal does a Husky Lab Mix belong to?

The husky lab mix belongs to the Mammalia class of animals.

How many Husky Lab Mixes are there in the world?

This dog breed is a domesticated dog. Hence, they are largely bred in households and by breeders. They are also the first generation of husky lab mix. They are still very unknown to a large number of people. So, the exact number of husky lab mixes in the world currently is unknown.

Where does a Husky Lab Mix live?

The husky lab mix breed has been around for about the last two decades. No one really knows why or who first decided to breed this beautiful breed. Not that we are complaining at all. They were bred to keep them as pets or as active companions, so they mainly live in households everywhere.

What is a Husky Lab Mix's habitat?

The Siberian huskies were first bred in Siberia by the people of the Chukchi tribe. Later on, they were brought to Alaska. They were bred for the working people as they are pretty active but calm dogs and they have lived in cold climates helping the people pull sleds.

On the other hand, the Labrador retrievers were bred in Newfoundland by the fishermen. They were also working dogs who helped the fisherman bring the fish from cold water.

No wonder they still love the water. They were later brought to England. So due to the habits of the parent breeds, the husky lab mix is more accustomed to cold weather than regular climates.

Who do Husky Lab Mixes live with?

The parent breeds, the Siberian husky and Labrador retriever both were bred as working dogs, and from the very beginning, they have lived alongside humans. Hence, the husky lab mix lives with humans.

How long does a Husky Lab Mix live?

The parent breeds both suffer quite a few health issues in their lifetimes that can affect their quality and length of life. Also, it's only the first generation of this dog breed.

Even the breeders don't know much about how and what they ought to do to improve the length and quality of life removing the health problems for the husky lab mix dogs.

Currently, the lifespan of Labrador retrievers is 10-12 years and of Siberian huskies is 12-15 years. So, the life expectancy of the husky lab mix breed has been estimated at somewhere around 11-13 years.

How do they reproduce?

Everything about this dog breed depends on the parents, the Siberian husky and Labrador retriever. For both the Siberian husky and the retriever, the females should be at least two years of age before they are taken for breeding.

For the Siberian husky females, they usually get seven years and the males usually get somewhat 13 years of time between when they can reproduce.

For the Labrador retriever, both the male and females can reproduce till they are of old age. Knowing this, we can reckon the traits of the husky lab mix for reproduction would be comprised of the above-mentioned traits.

What is their conservation status?

The parent breeds, both the Siberian husky and Labrador retriever are favorites of many people and even though this breed is still unknown to a lot of people, its popularity is still increasing. Hence, the breeding is increasing but still, the first generation of husky lab mix puppies are being born. So, their conservation status is still not listed.

Husky Lab Mix Fun facts

What do Husky Lab Mixes look like?

* Please note that this is an image of a Siberian husky, one of the parent breeds of the husky lab mix. If you have an image of a Husky Lab Mix please let us know at

How the husky lab mix puppy will look depends upon the parents of the particular puppy. Its appearance can be either more towards the Labrador retriever or the Siberian husky.

So, each puppy of this dog breed can just about have different appearances.

It can have triangular perky ears like its Husky parent or it can have droopy ears like its Labrador parent. But for the most part, some traits of their appearances that stay the same are their size and their thick double coat of medium-length fur that helps them keep warm.

Their color can be any from white, black, or gray to yellow, copper, or brown, or it could be a mixture of colors like that of a husky. One distinct feature this dog breed has is that it can either have two brown eyes or two blue eyes but some of the time they can have heterochromia.

Heterochromia is a condition that causes one to have two different colored eyes.

So, your Husky Labrador Mix can just have one blue and one brown eye each. Now, however, the looks of the puppies may turn out to be, they sure will be handsome and look like a designer dog.

How cute are they?

Both the parents of the dog breed are two of the most popular dog breeds among all out there in the world. So, it's pretty obvious that their offspring are surely cute. With their multi-colored, soft, double-coated fur and dual-colored eyes, they sure do seem gorgeous.

Their behavior only adds to their cuteness. Both parents have high energy and are loyal.

So this breed also has the same traits. They have also obtained the trait of friendliness from the Labrador and the trait of calmness from the husky. All these traits certainly make them cute.

How do they communicate?

Every dog has many body language attributes that mean something special and they are the same for every breed. Such as when they are wagging their tails, it means that they are happy.

When they are standing straight and looking at something with their ears up as if they are trying to hear something, usually when they are alert or maybe when they seem to be smiling, then they are friendly towards the person in front of them.

These attributes which are a part of their communication are the same for every breed.

In terms of barking, Labrador retrievers are rather calm and only bark when they are alert or when needed.

On the other hand, huskies are a breed that is pretty vocal. So, your husky lab mix can be either one and their communication will depend on that.

How big is a Husky Lab Mix?

Just like everything else, the size of the breed also depends upon its parents. As both the parents are medium-sized to large-sized dogs, the husky lab mixes are also rather medium-sized to large-sized dogs.

The average height of the dogs is usually 20-28 in (50.8-71.1 cm) tall when they are standing. The average measurements of the length of their body are not known but they are a medium-to-large breed of dog.

How fast can a Husky Lab Mix run?

Siberian huskies and Labrador retrievers are two of the fastest dogs of all.

Both are already known for their high energy and pace. While the running speed of the husky is somewhere around 25-30 mph (40.2- 48.3 kph), the running speed of the Labrador is somewhere around 20-30 mph (32.2-48.3 kph).

The husky can reach a top speed of around 30 mph (48.3 kph), and the Labrador can reach around 35 mph (56.3 kph).

While the exact speed of a husky lab mix is still a matter of figuring out and calculating the right data, it's pretty clear though that they will be able to run just as fast as their parents.

The husky can also run up to 150 mi (241.4 km) per day and depending on health, the Labrador can also run quite a distance.

So, your husky lab mix can also be one that has the trait of running far along with being able to run fast.

How much does a Husky Lab Mix weigh?

The average weight of a husky lab mix is 40-60 lb (18.1-27.2 kg). The average weight of a medium-sized dog is somewhere around 20-60 lb (9.1-27.2 kg) and for a large-sized dog, the weight is usually more than that.

So, knowing that the weight of your husky lab is pretty perfect for a medium to large-sized dog if it's somewhere around 40-60 lb (18.1-27.2 kg). If it gets a bit overweight, maybe you should start making your pet run a bit more.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The males of the husky lab mix are called dogs and the females are called bitch.

What would you call a baby Husky Lab Mix?

The husky lab mix is a breed of dog. So, their baby would be called a pup or puppy. To be more accurate, they would be called husky lab mix puppies.

What do they eat?

What to feed dogs depends upon a lot of variables.

Their size, how active they are, their health problems, and more. The husky labs are medium to large-sized dogs, who are very active and like to play all day.

So, the amount they eat should be moderated according to that.

They need high calories, so dry food, mainly consisting of a high amount of protein, at least 25% and 10% of good fat, and a little carbohydrate as all dogs are naturally carnivorous, their stomach will not be able to process too many carbohydrates and the rest should contain a good amount of fiber to help with their digestive system.

All dogs need transitioning for the amount of food they should be given and how many times a day it should be given.

The breeders and the vets always know the amount but the general rule for dogs is, that they need about 25-30 calories per pound of weight every day. The pups need to be fed about three or four times a day, then moving on, as they grow bigger, twice a day is enough.

As this dog breed is still brand new in the world, the breeders always tell the dietary needs of the dogs to the people adopting and if they don't, you can always ask the vet.

Are they slobbery?

It is still unknown if husky labs drool a lot or not, but both their parent breeds don't have the habit of drooling a lot. Drooling potential for both dogs is low to moderate.

So, we can assume that your husky labs will not be making your place too slobbery. If you do see them drooling quite a bit, do see the vet as soon as you can.

Would they make a good pet?

They make excellent pets and especially for families. In fact, Siberian retrievers are a great family dog and they should definitely be adopted by families with small kids.

These dogs have very high energy which means it will even require you to be very active with them. You will need to give them a certain dedicated amount of time to play around with them or exercise with them.

If you have kids at home, the situation becomes easier. If they are regularly trained and there's constant socialization with other people and other animals from a young age, they absolutely will not be any source of tension if they are around your children.

Both parents of this breed are loyal to their core. So, that is a bonus addition.

They need just about twice a week of grooming and are pretty clean dogs. So, if you are looking for an active dog to keep you super busy all day, then they will be the perfect choice for you.

Did you know...

Husky lab mixes have many other names, such as labsky, huskador, or Siberian retriever.

They are confused with the breed Labrador husky mix a lot. The Labrador husky is a breed that was first bred in Canada. It is a completely different breed of dog.

Siberian retrievers shed their fur quite a lot, more than retrievers shed but less than huskies shed. So, better to keep the vacuum cleaner around.

Characteristics And Health Issues

As it seems that the Siberian retriever has gotten the best characteristics from both its parent breeds, we have listed their similarities here.

Coat Color: As it's a lab and husky mix, it can get any color of coat from its parents. The black lab husky mix or the yellow lab husky mix can become a favorite for anyone.

Eye Color: They can get either color of their parent's eyes but in some cases, they get heterochromia which means they can have one brown and one blue eye color each.

Loyalty: Loyalty is a trait that both parents possess. So does our lovable breed of husky lab mix.

Easy To Train: This breed gets its trait of being easy to train from the side of its Labrador parent.

Eager To Please: Labradors have the trait that they are eager to please their owners. Our Siberian retrievers get this trait from them.

Calm: Some can be calm and reserved in nature, getting the characteristic from their husky parents.

Being Active: They have a pretty high energy level. So, these are highly playful and active in nature and they love to stay near humans.

Both the parent breeds are prone to many health issues in their lives and our Siberian retriever inherits them too. Mix breeds are usually healthy and so is the Siberian retrievers but still, here are a few diseases you should look out for.

Obesity: The dog breed is a playful and active one but they might also have a desire for too much food which can lead to obesity if they don't get the required exercise.

Food Allergies And Digestive Issues: Look out for symptoms of digestive issues and allergies as they have a pretty sensitive stomach.

Eye Conditions: Regular eye check-ups are a must if you have them as a pet.

Hip Dysplasia: In this condition, the hip joint doesn't develop in a normal way, which can cause pain and other health concerns.

Heart Conditions: Exercises and high-energy level activities are a must for this dog. If not, they develop heart issues too.

Getting Your Own Husky Lab Mix

Even though the popularity of these dogs is increasing every day, still a number of them end up in shelters.

So, we advise and request that you try to adopt them first and if you do decide to go to a breeder to get your husky lab mix, then we recommend that you see and know the parents well first.

As these are the first generation of the breed, a lot of factors are unknown, and more than their fair share depends upon their parents.

So, know the parents, their health problems, and history. Then go ahead with choosing and getting your own puppy.

Know that they are a great family dog.

If you want to buy a puppy, what you will need to know is that it costs somewhere around $400-800, they require quite a lot of activities and training from a young age and grooming twice a week. But they sure are worth it all.

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* Please note that the main image is of a Labrador, one of the parent breeds of the husky lab mix.

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