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Husky pug mix facts are great to know about new dog breeds.
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Have you recently taken the decision to become a dog parent? If yes, then rather than opting for a common dog breed like a labrador retriever, you can search for a designer breed such as a husky pug mix.

This dog has been bred from Siberian huskies and pugs, two of the most beloved dog breeds.

Even though not a lot is known about the origin of this breed, it's assumed that it emerged in the pet world about twenty years ago.

These mix-breed dogs are quite adorable, and most of the puppies look like a mashup between the Siberian husky and the pug. So, you can find puppies that have a short muzzle along with a long thick coat on its body.

Lovingly, the mix between the Siberian husky and a pug is called a hug dog, and embracing a puppy truly feels like a warm hug. Like most other husky mixes, this breed is also a cuddle buddy and loves to be around children.

You will never feel alone with this dog being around the house. And, this breed is especially recommended for those who already have other dogs at their home. So, keep reading to know more about this fascinating dog breed.

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Husky Pug Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a husky pug mix?

The husky pug is a designer dog breed that has been created by breeding the Siberian husky with a pug.

What class of animal does a husky pug mix belong to?

Just like other dogs, the husky pug belongs to the class Mammalia as well as to the family Canidae like labrador retrievers.

How many husky pugs are there in the world?

Well, as a rare dog, no data has been accumulated about the exact number of husky and pug mixes present worldwide.

Where does a husky pug mix live?

No one knows the exact place where these cuties first came into being, but it was produced by breeding a female Siberian husky with a male pug. However, when we have a look at the parents, both dogs interestingly hail from Asia.

The Siberian huskies were first bred to be loyal friends of humans in northeastern Asia, especially by the Chukchi people. As you may know, huskies have always been working dogs that have pulled sleighs in sub-zero degrees environments, and they have quite a strong body.

But now, the husky does enjoy the life of a family dog, and people love its thick long fur coat.

Compared to huskies, the other parent breed, the pug has always enjoyed a lazy life as a lapdog. It's especially popular because of its wrinkly and flat face. Pugs have been present in the royal family of Ancient China, and even Queen Victoria was fascinated with pugs.

What is a husky pug's habitat?

Like any other domesticated dog, the husky and pug mix will need a loving and comfortable home. As the dog is bred from huskies and pugs, it might not be the best pet for an area that gets too cold.

Other than that, like most other designer dog breeds, this one also needs a lot of attention.

Hence, it isn't really a great pet for someone who is getting a pet for the first time. Also, you shouldn't leave a husky pug mix dog alone for long periods as it may develop separation anxiety fairly quickly.

Who do husky pugs live with?

Husky pugs are known for being great for small living spaces, and the breed fairs very well with children.

It is an eager to please dog breed that will always be by your side. Even though this dog does mix well with other pets, you will still need some time to train it, and like pugs, it can be on the stubborn side when it comes to training.

The pug husky mix is a demanding dog breed, so make sure to give it enough attention and a lot of positive reinforcement.

How long does a husky pug mix live?

The husky pug mix dog has a lifespan of around 12-15 years which is quite good. Having said that, as the dog gets older, it can have a lot of health issues, so you need to be prepared to deal with this.

How do they reproduce?

It isn't really a great idea to breed your pet dogs as it can lead to adverse health issues. As this breed has a pug parent, it is more prone to develop pregnancy-related issues.

Having said that, most husky pug mix that you see from breeders are actually a result of breeding a Siberian husky female with a male pug. In most cases, the Siberian husky is artificially inseminated to proceed with the breeding.

You should also note that there is no set outcome to this process, so the puppies can be quite different from all other litters that were previously seen. So, it can have predominant genes from either of the parent breeds, which will also dictate the physical appearance and the color of its coat.

One of the things to remember about designer dogs is that these breeds tend to have more health problems compared to pure breed dogs, especially when it's a first-generation cross-bred dog.

Just like other dogs, the parents of the husky pug mix will go through a gestation period of 58-68 days. And, in many cases, a cesarean section is needed to deliver the babies safely, especially when a pug parent is pregnant.

If you happen to have a pair of husky pug mix dogs of the opposite sex, don't think about breeding them because it can give rise to health complications.

What is their conservation status?

The husky pug mix is yet to be included in any conservation lists.

Husky Pug Mix Fun facts

What do husky pug mixes look like?

Loyal friends of humans from northeastern asia facts

We've been unable to source an image of a husky pug mix and have used an image of a pug instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of a husky pug mix, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at

The look of a husky pug mix dog is mostly a surprise as it will depend on the genes that it inherits.

Some dogs have a flat face with a shorter muzzle like the usual pug parent, and it also indicates that the dog's personality will be similar to the parent breed. On the other hand, some husky pug mix dogs look like a smaller version of a Siberian husky and are covered in a long thin coat of fur.

So, the hug dog looks quite cute, and you will always receive queries from people who want to know about your furry friend.

Now, when it comes to the coat, most pug husky mix dogs will have a short yet fluffy coat. And, the color will depend on the parents of that dog.

The usual color variants are similar to the husky parent and are available in options like black, gray, silver, red, and white. The pug and husky mix mostly have droopy ears. And, at times, the pug husky mix can even inherit the heterochromia (bi-colored eyes), which is commonly seen in Siberian huskies.

How cute are they?

Just like the Boston terrier pug mix, this husky pug mix is also quite cute, especially when it inherits the coat of a Siberian husky and the face of a pug.

Anyone who sees your dog for the first time will want to cuddle it because of its cuteness. As a designer breed, more and more people have been trying to get their hands on the husky and pug mix.

And, it's still quite unusual to get a mixed-breed dog from two breeds that are extremely different from each other.

How do they communicate?

When it comes to communication, these dogs usually have a quiet temperament because neither of the parents is loud. However, there can be times when the hug puppy will try to communicate to you via barking, but that won't be regular.

And, with proper training, the husky pug mix may turn to be one of the most well-behaved dogs that you can have.

Moreover, for dogs, barking is not the only form of communication that the species follow. As a pet parent, you will need to be quite intrusive in the life of your hug dog and find out what they are telling you.

But, these dogs may not be the friendliest of breeds when it comes to meeting with strangers. With a little more training, you can also make your pug husky mix puppy a number of tricks and human cues that would help in better communication.

How big is a husky pug mix?

The size of the husky pug mix will depend a lot on the genes that it inherits from the parents. But, an adult pug husky mix dog has an average height of around 16-22 in (40-55 cm), making them a small to medium-sized dog.

In comparison, another similar dog, the German shepherd husky mix, attains an average height of around 20-25 in (51-63 cm), making it a tad bigger.

How fast can a husky pug mix run?

We don't really know the exact speed of this designer dog species, but if a pug husky puppy inherits most of its gene from the husky parent, then it may have a running speed of up to 30 mph (48 kph).

On the other hand, the puppy that has inherited most of its genes from the pug parent will be least interested in going on a run.

How much does a husky pug mix weigh?

The average weight of the pug husky mix dog is around 14-36 lb (6.3-16.3 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Just like any other dog species, the male is referred to as a dog, while the female is referred to as a bitch.

What would you call a baby husky pug mix?

The baby of this dog breed is known as a husky pug mix puppy or simply as a hug puppy.

What do they eat?

One of the most complex things about owning a pet is to give them the right nutrition.

And, to make sure that your pet is getting a balanced diet, it's best to take help from a vet. There are different factors that weigh in when it comes to the diet of a dog which includes age, size, and breed.

As you might know, pugs are prone to obesity, and those pug husky mix dogs that have inherited most of their genes from the pug parent will also be prone to obesity, so the pet parent should strictly keep an eye on the diet.

Now, coming to the usual food, these dogs should have a balanced diet that's rich in proteins and good fat.

The adult dogs will usually need two and a half cups of dry food daily, but do remember that every puppy has a unique appetite. Even though giving the dogs treats for positive reinforcement is fine, but try not to do it every day.

If you are still in doubt about what would be the best food for your pug husky mix dog, then do visit a vet who can guide you on the subject.

As these dogs have the gene of a pug, they may have a sensitive stomach. So, you should always steer clear of raw protein diets. And, don't utilize the free feeding method for this dog as they are prone to overeating.

Are they slobbery?

Not really! These aren't slobbery dogs. However, if your husky pug mix leans more towards its pug parents, then it may have a tendency to drool owing to its loose lips.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, the husky pug mix has turned out to be a great concoction to make the perfect dog for those who want a cuddle buddy. Like most other designer breeds, this dog can also be a little high maintenance, but it's worth it.

Along with being great with children, this breed can also easily mix with other pets that you might have around the house.

Moreover, taking care of it is quite easy, as these dogs don't have huge energy levels. So, taking them on walks twice a day would be more than enough.

But, you can try unleashing the dog for a while to let it get as much exercise as possible. Each dog will have its own need for exercise, so if your dog demands more outside time, do cater to its wishes.

The shedding rate of this dog will depend on the type of coat that it has inherited. If your dog has a long thick coat, then you will need to brush it at least twice a week to get rid of dead hair and dead skin cells.

The dogs may shed a bit more during the usual shedding season, so think about getting a pet hair robot vacuum to keep your house clean.

Remember that it's always important to connect with your pet. So, spend as much time as possible bonding with your dog on the initial days.

For most puppies, sensory stimulation is quite crucial, so you should get them a lot of toys, including chew toys. If your dog has more genes from a husky, then it may also be willing to go on long walks, especially on the nature trail.

Hence, try to understand the personality of your dog to connect on a deeper level.

Did you know...

Brindle pugs are thought to be the rarest color variant for a pug. But, the pink and the white pugs are also quite rare.

In the USA, the trend of getting Siberian huskies became popular during the Gold Rush as the dogs could be trained well to drive sleds into the forest. And, this allowed people to make a journey into the forest and come back home with the coveted gold.

Getting your own husky pug mix

By now, you must have decided if the husky pug mix is the right dog for you.

To get a puppy, you must seek out a certified ethical breeder who takes good care of their dogs. Moreover, make sure to collect the genealogical reports of both the parents of your puppy to have a way to know about the diseases that may affect the dog.

Usually, a hug dog puppy is priced at around $1230-$2000, but it might be more if you are searching for a specific color or a dog with a long coat.

Health and characteristics

One of the things to be wary of while getting a husky pug mix is that the dog can inherit the health issues seen in the pug parent.

Pugs often suffer from an ailment called brachycephalic airway obstruction, which is caused due to the shortened muzzle. This can lead to the dog being easily tired during exercises, and it may also have trouble breathing.

Due to the pug gene, the husky pug mix puppy can also suffer from dermatitis, which is often seen in the folds of a dog's skin.

Owing to the husky parent, the dog can have eye-related health issues, which may include cataracts as well as progressive retinal atrophy, especially seen during old age. Hence, do keep an eye on the eyes of your dog to make sure that it has a complete vision.

Another health problem that's seen in both dogs is hip dysplasia. As it's a chronic disease, there's no cure for hip dysplasia, but if diagnosed early, your dog will still have a chance at living a healthy life.

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We've been unable to source an image of a husky pug mix and have used an image of a Siberian husky instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of a husky pug mix, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at

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