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Shiloh shepherd facts about this good family dog.

The Shiloh shepherd is a rare dog breed. It was developed by a dog breeder named Tina Barber in the '70s in New York, USA.

It was recognized as a breed in the '90s.

The Shiloh shepherd breeders that recognize this dog breed are the International Shiloh shepherd Alliance, International Shiloh shepherd Dog Club, and Shiloh shepherd Dog Club of America. A Shiloh shepherd registry can be found in the National Shiloh Breeder's Registry, the Shiloh Shepherd Registry, International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, National Kennel Club, and the Worldwide Shiloh Shepherd Breed Association.

The main difference between a Shiloh shepherd dog breed and a German Shepherd lies in its size. The Shiloh's fur type is a plush coat, whereas the German Shepherd has long fur that is not as silky as the Shiloh's. The Shiloh shepherds' behavioral personality is much softer than that of the German Shepherd too.

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Shiloh Shepherd Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Shiloh shepherd?

The Shiloh shepherd is a mixed breed of Alaskan malamute, Canadian white shepherd, Old German shepherd, and Czechoslovakian wolfdog. It was first bred from a German shepherd and an Alaskan Malamute by a German breeder, Tina Barber in 1974 in New York, USA.

It was officially recognized as a breed in 1991. Tina Barber wanted to develop a breed that looked like the German shepherd but was bigger, calmer, gentler and also a good working dog.

What class of animal does a Shiloh shepherd belong to?

Shiloh shepherd dogs belong to the class Mammals and family Canidae. Its scientific name is Canus lupus arcticus.

How many Shiloh shepherds are there in the world?

The exact number of Shiloh shepherds worldwide is unknown as it is a rare dog breed, and many dog breeders haven't been certified to breed the Shiloh shepherds. Therefore, it is difficult to know the current estimated number. However, if you know the exact number of Shiloh shepherds worldwide, please let us know at

Where does a Shiloh shepherd live?

Shiloh shepherds spend time both indoors and outdoors in their owner's house. They enjoy living in the company of their owners and family members. Since they are large dogs, they prefer to live in a spacious house with a lawn or yard to play in.

What is a Shiloh shepherd's habitat?

Shiloh shepherds are predominantly found in the USA. They are large-sized domesticated animals, so you have to provide them enough room to stretch their legs and offer activities like playing and running around the house for mental stimulation.

A large house with a big lawn will be the best option for them, but due to their calm and gentle nature, they can quickly adapt to any household.

It adapts well to apartment living too, provided it gets the required amount of exercise. Also, it can tolerate both hot and cold weather.

The Shiloh shepherd is a rare breed. Other than our homes, you can find them in dog breed centers, Shiloh shepherd registry centers, shelters, and some rescue centers too. With its beautiful wolf-like appearance, the Shiloh shepherd loves to play outdoors and is adaptable to any outdoor environment. Why not take him with you for a run?

Who do Shiloh shepherds live with?

The Shiloh shepherd is the ideal family pet. They enjoy spending time in the company of their owners and family members and are always ready to interact and play. They are affectionate with family, kids, strangers, and other domestic pets.

However, if living with children, owners should be careful to avoid any accidents, mainly because of its large size. This dog breed loves being involved in the daily activities of its owners. It is an utterly affectionate dog and gets on well with most people and other domestic pets.

How long does a Shiloh shepherd live?

The lifespan of a Shiloh shepherd is between nine and 14 years. But with good healthcare, Shilohs can live for another four years. The selection of healthy parent dog breeds has made this longevity possible for the Shiloh shepherd.

How do they reproduce?

The process of sexual reproduction reproduces the Shiloh shepherd dog breed. Shiloh shepherds are reproduced by dog breeders taking every precautionary measure to develop healthy Shiloh shepherd puppies. The reproduction cycle takes between 60 to 64 days.

The first stage lasts for nine days, this is known as the proestrus and is when the female starts attracting the male dogs. The second stage lasts for between three and 11 days and is known as the estrus.

The third stage lasts for 14 days and is known as the diestrus. The fourth stage lasts for six months and is known as the anestrus. This period is also known as the heat period.

What is their conservation status?

The Shiloh shepherd dogs' conservation status is Not Evaluated. According to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), they are a species that is not Threatened, Near Threatened, or Conservation Dependent. This is definitely good news for all shiloh shepherd lovers!

Shiloh shepherd Fun Facts

What do Shiloh shepherds look like?

Discover some shiloh Shiloh shepherd fun facts to learn more about this breed.

Shiloh shepherds look a little like wolves but don't worry, they are domesticated dogs. Since gray wolves are the German Shepherds' descendants, and the German Shepherd is one of the breeds in the Shiloh shepherd's development, these magnificent dogs do look somewhat similar to both German shepherds and wolves themselves.

In fact, Shiloh shepherd puppies look really similar to the German shepherds puppies until the age of three months old.

They are mixed-breed dogs of the Canadian White Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, and the Altdeutscher Schaeferhund. They are known for their bigger size and their smooth and plush coat. Their whole body is covered with medium-length fur hanging downwards.

Due to their dense fur, they shed a lot. The head and the back are broad, and the snout is elongated. The eyes are light or dark brown.

How cute are they?

This domestic medium-length fur coat, wolf-life appearance Shiloh shepherd is quite attractive and cute. Since they are a combination of the best healthy breeds, they have a broad straight back with striking light or dark brown eyes with friendly behavior. Super cute, right?

How do they communicate?

Shiloh shepherds communicate well with their masters and family members. They have strong and loud barking. Like all dogs, Shiloh shepherds communicate vocally through barks, growls, howls, screams, pants, and sighs. They also howl to seek attention.

Due to its overall calm personality, it fits easily into any household. When tired, you will often find your Shiloh lazying around the house or in the yard.

They have high energy levels and need a minimum of one hour of exercise, but once these needs have been met they do know how to relax. Thanks to their gentle, easy-going, loving, and outgoing nature, they are a great companion and trainable guard dogs.

They like keeping active and busy and will happily participate in any activity with their masters.

How big is a Shiloh shepherd?

The Shiloh shepherd is about 20% bigger than German shepherds. It is almost twice the size of a king shepherd, their parent breed.

Male Shiloh shepherds are 28-30 in (71-76 cm) tall at the shoulder, whereas females are between 26-28 in (66-71 cm) tall. Since they are huge, it might be challenging to handle them sometimes, so they need proper training with a minimum of one hour of exercise daily.

Shiloh shepherds are not aggressive dogs, but they are very active and love running around and playing. They can run as fast as a German shepherd, at 48 km per hour (30 miles per hour).

How much does a Shiloh shepherd weigh?

A male Shiloh shepherd weighs between 120-158 lb (54- 72 kg), and a female Shiloh shepherd weighs between 79-120 lb (36- 54 kg). Females are a little lighter than males generally.

As they grow, it often becomes difficult to handle these heavy dogs because of their vast size. A spacious yard is what they require most when they grow up.

What are their male and female names of the species?

As a Shiloh shepherd is a dog breed, the species is called Canis lupus familiaris. A male Shiloh shepherd is called a dog whereas a female Shiloh shepherd is called a bitch.

What would you call a baby Shiloh shepherd?

A baby Shiloh shepherd is known as a Shiloh shepherd puppy.

What do they eat?

Shilohs love to eat meat, dog food, and dog bones. They enjoy eating a range of meat like cooked beef, turkey, and chicken.

Are they slobbery?

They are averagely slobbery dogs. It is pretty standard for dogs to drool, but if saliva flow is excessive, it may be due to some health concerns. You can take them to a vet care center to check this out and hopefully prevent any further health concerns in the future.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, Shiloh shepherds are good family dogs. They make a good pet with a good temperament, and there is a low chance of them biting anybody. Overall, it is a lot calmer than a German shepherd and therefore is an excellent family-friendly dog. Although they are active and playful, they don't bite people.

They are highly obedient and intelligent, however, you do need to teach them to be tolerant when they are puppies. Don't worry, they are pretty easy to be trained!

Shiloh shepherds are energetic but not aggressive. Even so, it's always better to train them. They need proper exercise and mental stimulation and if these needs are met they will have a moderate temperament and be super friendly with people.

A Shiloh is protective of its owner and family members and its vigilant nature makes it the best watchdog. Although they are also friendly with kids, it is crucial to train your dogs to know how to interact with children to avoid unwanted accidents.

Did you know...

A Shiloh shepherd has smooth and rhythmic movements, it almost looks like they are flying when they are running. Watching a Shiloh shepherd run and looking for this ability is one way to see if it is a pure breed or not.

They are known for the roles as therapy dogs and police dogs for rescue operations. They can also be skilled at guarding livestock and much more.

The Shiloh shepherd is still considered an underdeveloped dog breed.

Although it was primarily bred from herding dog breeds, the main aim and priority of Shiloh shepherd breeding was companionship.

Characteristics and health issues

One of the main reasons for developing the Shiloh shepherd breed was to eliminate some of the health issues faced by the German shepherd. However, like all dogs, the Shiloh shepherds are still prone to some ailments like hip dysplasia, panosteitis, perianal fistula, megaesophagus, and bloat.

Are shiloh shepherds hypoallergenic? They are, to some extent, hypoallergenic. People with allergies can cross-check if they hope to bring a Shiloh shepherd puppy home since all dogs shed to some extent because of new hair growth.

Getting your own Shiloh shepherd

The Shiloh shepherd is usually found in the USA. If you want one, you can talk to Shiloh certified dog breeders or pet shops, shelters, or animal rescue centers.

A Shiloh shepherd puppy can cost from $800-1000 if you buy it from a renowned breeder. Although the price is high, you don't want to compromise on the quality, and more importantly, the health of your pup.

Shilohs are perfect family dogs, known for their obedient, gentle, and tolerant nature. With proper training, they are sure to become your best companion. They are quick learners and highly intelligent, very protective and affectionate towards their masters. The best watchdog you can get!

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