91 Zootopia Facts That Will Make You Want To Watch The Movie

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Zootopia is a must watch animated adventure film for both kids and adults.

Disney films never fail to amaze us, and 'Zootopia' is no exception!

'Zootopia' is the 55th animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. The movie was also named 'Zootropolis' in some regions.

The 2016 movie brings out the tale of Judy Hopps, a bunny cop of the 'Zootopia' Police Department, and the red fox Nick Wilde, a con artist in 'Zootopia' city, who pair up to solve a conspiracy. In spite of their differences, Judy and Nick partner to crack the sinister plan.

In the process, Judy helps Nick realize his true potential and also proves her abilities to Bogo, her chief.

The movie was a massive success at the box office, making over $1 billion, receiving positive reviews, and earning several awards and accolades.

There are high possibilities that you might have watched the movie more than once, however, this collection of facts on 'Zootopia' is sure to be fascinating to you. Read on to get engrossed!

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Unknown Facts About Zootopia

The story of the fantasy film is set in the city of 'Zootopia', where animals, from the smallest shrew to the biggest elephant, live in harmony. The heartwarming, energetic, and funny animated adventure is aimed at kids, however, you can be sure that adults enjoy it as much as kids, if not more.

The movie is admired and celebrated across the world, and we are here to take you by surprise with some unknown facts about the Walt Disney film.

A lot of research was carried out for Disney filmmakers to decide which animal species they would feature in 'Zootopia'. After a trip to Africa to study the animals, finally, they chose 64 different species of animals to inhabit the city of 'Zootopia' in the film.

The animals featured in 'Zootopia' include antelopes, goats, bears, camels, cats, cheetahs, elephants, pigs, and rhinos, among several others.

If you look closely during the film, you will be able to see that the fur of the animals is replicated, making it realistic and believable. Though most characters are furry, a giraffe catches the viewer's attention with about nine million hairs on its body, thanks to CGI (computer-generated imagery). 

The characters are animated with keen attention to detail. For instance, the clear hair of polar bears and the way the hair moves with the wind show the ample research the animators have done.

Technology supported the filmmakers to snip the extra length of the fur that covered the garments of animals. In their previous movies, the extra hairs had to be plucked one after another.

You cannot fail to notice the striking similarity of the film's deuteragonist, Nick Wilde, to Robin Hood.

'Zootopia' plays for an incredible 108 minutes, making it the second-longest of all Disney animated movies ever made. 'Fantasia' stands first of the studio's 56 animated features, with a running time of 124 minutes.

It is a sweet surprise to find 'Zootopia' being referned in Disney's 2014 movie 'Big Hero 6'. 'Big Hero 6' had a 'Zootopia' Easter egg, which no one knew to look for then. Look closely at Honey Lemon's cell phone case to find Nick Wilde!

Facts About Zootopia's Characters

Disney's 'Zootopia' features a diverse range of characters. These characters were brought to life by several voice artists. Let us take a quick look at the main characters of the film.

The protagonist of the film is Judy Hopps, the first bunny cop of the 'Zootopia' Police Department(ZPD). When Judy Hopps reaches the big city, she understands that being the first rabbit in the police force for the big, tough animals will be challenging. She is keen on breaking the pre-conceived notions about various species.

The story is spun around how she does that. Ginnifer Goodwin made the character lively with her amazing voice-over. Goodwin's voice magically transforms Judy's personality into an optimistic character.

The next important character in the Walt Disney film is the red fox Nick Wilde, a con artist. Nick supports Judy Hopps in her investigation.

Subsequently, how he realizes his true worth makes the rest of the story. Interestingly, his last name, 'Wilde', is given in a nod to the word 'wild' as foxes are wild beings. Jason Bateman did the voice-over for the character.

The major character, Chief Bogo, is the cape buffalo chief of the ZPD. The stern and serious Bogo fiercely opposes Judy's inclusion as an officer, for he believes that smaller animals are not fit for the job. Idris Elba lent his voice to this character.

Popstar Gazelle is a popular mammal rights activist with a huge fan following. The character in the story speaks up for equality for all. Shakira provided her voice to this character.

The main antagonist of the story is Assistant Mayor Bellwether. The scorned sheep Bellwether pines for Mayor Lionheart's position, and her main objective is to bring in a system where the animals of prey are superior to their predators. Jenny Slate is Bellwether's voice artist.

The florist, Frantic Pig, owns the Flora & Fauna shop. Josh Dallas voiced this character in the movie.

Mayor Lionheart, the charismatic lion, plays the mayor of 'Zootopia'. J.K. Simmons lent his voice to Mayor Lionheart.

Apart from these, other characters in the Walt Disney film are Mrs. Otterton, Officer Clawhauser, Yax, Bonnie, Stu Hopps, Duke Weaselton, Finnick, Flash, and many others.

Interesting Facts About Zootopia

'Zootopia' is a computer-animated buddy cop film. A buddy cop film involves two people of a conflicting nature who are compelled to work with each other to crack a criminal case. In the process, they also learn from each other.

The movie is known for its excellent screenplay, subject matter, incredible voice acting, and impressive music score by Michael Giacchino.

The film grossed over $1 billion at the box office worldwide, breaking several records.

Being among the American Film Institute's top ten best films of 2016, the film also bagged the Golden Globe, Academy Award, Annie Award, and Critic's Choice Movie Award.

There is only one occasion in the film where Nick calls Judy by her name. Instead, he calls her 'Carrots' or 'Rabbit' more often.

Peter Mansbridge, who provided the voice-over for the character Peter Moosebridge is a real newscaster and an anchor of CBC.

Jenny Slate, who voiced Assistant Mayor Bellwether, the film's main antagonist, also featured in the animated movie 'The Secret Life of Pets' (2016).

In the film's Chinese cut, the character Peter Moosebridge does not appear as a Canadian moose but as a panda.

Zootopia is the 55th Disney film.

Facts About Making of Zootopia

'Zootopia' is a 2016 American comedy-drama adventure film. The 55th animated feature film of Disney, it was released on 4 March 2016 in different formats, including IMAX 3D, Disney Digital 3D, and RealD 3D.

It took the efforts of 550 people in the making of 'Zootopia', and this included a team of 70 animators.

Initially, the film revolved around the character Nick Wilde, however, the story was changed after test audiences reported that they could connect with Judy Hopps better than Nick Wilde.

To manage this sudden change of the main character, the production team at Walt Disney Animation Studios hired Rich Moore to direct the film alongside Bryon Howard, while Jared Bush co-directed.

The animators of the film researched in Kenya and at Disney's Animal Kingdom (Walt Disney World) to study and understand the animals' walk cycles, their fur color, and length.

'Zootopia' city is not factual but a display of creativity and a mashup of a safari park and a zoo, where the animals are not caged and roam freely. 'Zootopia' is believed to be inspired by various cities including New York, Shanghai, London, Barcelona, and Brasilia because it carries a striking resemblance with many structures of these cities.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 91 Zootopia facts that will make you want to watch the movie, then why not take a look at Disney facts or cute Disney characters?

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