17 Best Houston Nicknames

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These Houston nicknames are used in reference to the city in popular culture and media.
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Houston is the fourth biggest city in terms of population in the United States.

The name Houston is of Scottish origin. In Old English, the name Houston referred to the 'settlement that belonged to Hugh'.

Houston is a name from Scotland and is popular as a surname. The ancestors of the Hudson family were born in the mountains along the west coast of Scotland and the islands of the Hebrides.

It is classified as a Scottish patronymic surname and is also believed to have come from Houston, a place in the central lowlands of Scotland. Many creative names are being used that embody the true essence of the city. The names are so popular that they are often used worldwide.

Nicknames are often given to describe the geographical position, multicultural environment, and economic importance of a place. Below are some of the best nicknames for Houston, which will help you envision the city's beauty.

Popular Nicknames For Houston

The origin of the name Houston can be traced back to present-day Scotland. The following nicknames for Houston will grab your attention.

1. Bayou City - Houston has whopping ten bayous winding throughout the city.

2. H Town - H stands for Houston, and the nickname refers to the H town Music Festival organized annually in this city.

3. Magnolia City - a nickname in honor of Magnolia Park, situated in east Houston. It once housed the biggest Magnolia forest.

4. Space City - Houston is home to NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

Unique Nicknames For Houston

(Houston nicknames give people an idea of the Houston skyline and other gorgeous city views.)

While the names mentioned above are popularly used to refer to the city, the media has its own set of unique names. The list of given nicknames is never-ending, so here are some unique nicknames for Space City.

5. Boomtown - as the oil and gas industry skyrocketed in value, people moved to Houston to cash in from across the country.

6. Clutch City - the Houston Chronicle featured this name when Houston Astros seized their victory in the NBA playoffs by winning games three and four after they lost the first two games.

7. Golden Buckle On The Sunbelt - when the economy in Houston boomed, many people moved into Houston during the '70s. This nickname is mentioned in the Texas Almanac.

8. HOU - this is an acronym for Houston Hobby Airport.

9. Hustle City - refers to the hustle and bustle in the city as it is the center of commerce, art, and trade.

10. Silicon Bayou - as it is the home of technology, the digital universe, and innovation.

11. The Energy Capital Of The World - as it has 500 gas and oil production and exploration firms.

Creative Nicknames For Houston

These creative nicknames put a unique spin on the things that Houston is famous for.

12. Choke City - in the 1994 NBA Playoffs, the Rockets lost the first two games. So, this name was given out of disappointment.

13. Oil Capital - Houston is the center of the gas and oil industry.

14. Screwston - from the city music style 'chopped and screwed', developed by DJ Screw.

15. The Big Heart - describes the kindness and generosity of its people toward those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Interesting Nicknames For Houston

Houston has some unpopular nicknames that will intrigue you.

16. Houston Heritage - a name in honor of the people born in Bayou.

17. Ozone City - refers to Houston's high Ozone count and pollution.

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