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The American television series, 'Grey's Anatomy', garnered millions of fans and viewers worldwide becoming one of the most popular medical drama series. Although fiction, this show about the professional and personal lives of medical professionals keeps us hooked. Here's a super exciting trivia challenge for you that's all about 'Grey's Anatomy'.

If you're a genuine fan, this quiz is your ultimate challenge. You will find a bunch of quizzes filled with mind-boggling questions to put your memory of the show to the test.

From McDreamy's dreamy lines to those heart-wrenching episodes, it's got it all covered. Settle in, as we dive into the drama, romance, and epic stories of 'Grey's Anatomy'! Complete with other fans of the show among your friends and family members, and let's see who can prove themselves to be the true trivia master.

Grey's Anatomy Trivia Throughout The Seasons

Let's take you on a journey through the highs and lows of Grey's Anatomy, from the early seasons to the latest jaw-dropping plot twists. Put your knowledge to the test with this fun-filled trivia quiz.

Get ready to show off your surgical genius and prove that you're a true 'Grey's Anatomy' savant. Can you get the right answers to these questions?

1. Question: What was the hospital's name in the beginning?

Answer: Seattle Grace Hospital.

2. Question: George O'Malley gets which disease from nurse Olivia?

Answer: Syphilis.

3. Question: Cristina Yang had what kind of pregnancy?

Answer: Ectopic.

4. Question: What did Matthew prepare to propose to April?

Answer: A flash mob.

5. Question: What illness did Meredith Grey's mother suffer from?

Answer: Alzheimer's.

6. Question: In the first season, Derek tells Meredith about his favorite color. What is it?

Answer: Blue.

7. Question: In which year did the show 'Grey's Anatomy' start airing?

Answer: 2005.

8. Question: "If you aren't willing to keep looking for light in the darkest places without stopping, even when it seems impossible, you will never succeed." Who said this on the show?

Answer: Amelia.

9. Question: In Season 5, who owns the diary that Derek finds in Meredith's house?

Answer: Ellis Grey.

10. Question: In which season did an incident involving a ferry boat occur?

Answer: Three.

11. Question: How many episodes does the first season have?

Answer: Nine.

12. Question: Which type of cancer was Izzie diagnosed with?

Answer: Metastatic melanoma.

13. Question: What do you call a male patient whose name is not known?

Answer: John Doe.

14. Question: The first daughter of Mark Sloan had what name?

Answer: Sloan Riley.

15. Question: Who was a consultant at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and wasn't liked much?

Answer: Eliza Minnick.

16. Question: Who did Bailey hide with during the shooting at Seattle Grace?

Answer: Charles Percy.

17. Question: Who believed she was a superhero because she never felt pain?

Answer: Megan Clover.

18. Question: How did a patient on 'Grey's Anatomy' end up with a bazooka shell in his chest?

Answer: Accidentally shot himself with a World War II bazooka.

19. Question: Where did Cristina move to?

Answer: Zurich, Switzerland.

20. Question: The show's name is an allusion to the name of an anatomy book? True or false?

Answer: True.

21. Question: Who adopted a baby named Zola?

Answer: Meredith Grey.

22. Question: Why is Lexie called Lexipedia?

Answer: Her photographic memory.

23. Question: What address does Meredith have in the series?

Answer: 613 Harper Lane.

24. Question: Which college did the show's main character attend?

Answer: Dartmouth College.

25. Question: What is Joe's Bar's official name?

Answer: Emerald City Bar.

26. Question: What caused George O'Malley's death?

Answer: A car accident.

27. Question: Which cast member won a Tony award for her Broadway performance in 'Spamalot' (2005)?

Answer: Sara Ramirez.

28. Question: When do Derek and Meredith have their wedding ceremony?

Answer: Season 7, Episode 20.

29. Question: Andrew Deluca was diagnosed with which disorder?

Answer: Bipolar disorder.

30. Question: After the success of the Shepherd Method, what gift did McDreamy give Meredith?

Answer: A glow-in-the-dark kidney.

31. Question: Who is the OB who performs a C-section on Meredith?

Answer: Connie Ryan.

32. Question: In which city does the spin-off series 'Private Practice' take place?

Answer: Los Angeles.

33. Question: In which season does Addison Montgomery first appear?

Answer: First.

34. Question: What specialty does Izzie Stevens choose to pursue as a doctor?

Answer: Surgical oncology.

35. Question: During a surgical procedure, Cristina accidentally stabs someone with a medical instrument. Who was the person she accidentally stabbed?

Answer: Dr. Preston Burke.

Greys Anatomy Characters Quiz

In this exciting quiz, we're testing your knowledge of the show's beloved characters. Can you recall the names of all those familiar faces we just can't get enough of?

Every question in this quiz is about the invaluable cast members who bring the characters to life. Get ready to jog your memory as we delve into the vibrant world of medical drama series.

36. Question: What is Lexi's full name?

Answer: Alexandra Caroline Grey.

37. Question: Who is Doctor Model?

Answer: Izzie Stevens.

38. Question: Who does George O'Malley marry in Vegas?

Answer: Callie Torres.

39. Question: What is Derek Shepherd's nickname?

Answer: McDreamy.

40. Question: Who gave Derek the nickname 'McDreamy'?

Answer: Cristina.

41. Question: What was the name of the nurse Derek Shepherd dated?

Answer: Rose.

42. Question: Who was nominated for a Harper Avery?

Answer: Cristina Yang.

43. Question: Who shot Patrick Dempsey in the show?

Answer: Gary Clark.

44. Question: Who did Jackson kick out of his OR when he couldn't concentrate?

Answer: Miranda Bailey.

45. Question: Who is Meredith's dad?

Answer: Thatcher Grey.

46. Question: Who won the sparkle pager?

Answer: Meredith.

47. Question: Who had to retake their medical boards after failing the first time?

Answer: April Kepner.

48. Question: Who is the first Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital in the series?

Answer: Richard Webber.

49. Question: What is the name of Meredith's mother?

Answer: Ellis Grey.

50. Question: Who is known as 'McSteamy' on the TV show?

Answer: Dr. Mark.

51. Question: What are the names of Alex's siblings?

Answer: Amber and Aaron Karev.

Ultimate Grey's Anatomy Fan Quiz

Calling all devoted Grey's Anatomy fans! Prepare yourself for the final challenge: our fan quiz to test your knowledge of the show and your emotional strength as we revisit heart-wrenching character departures. It's time to prove your status as the ultimate fan by facing some tough questions. It's your last chance to prove your 'Grey's Anatomy' expertise.

52. Question: What was the show originally going to be named?

Answer: Surgeons.

53. Question: How many sisters does Derek Shepherd have?

Answer: Four.

54. Question: At what age did Maggie graduate from medical school?

Answer: 19.

55. Question: What kind of doctor is Owen Hunt?

Answer: Trauma surgeon.

56. Question: After the plane crash, the name of the hospital is changed to what?

Answer: Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

57. Question: How does Derek Shepherd pass away?

Answer: In a car crash.

58. Question: How many times was April Kepner fired from work?

Answer: Twice.

59. Question: What nickname did Meredith Grey earn from her interns?

Answer: Medusa.

60. Question: Which patient and doctor got married for insurance reasons?

Answer: Henry and Teddy.

61. Question: How many half-sisters does Meredith have?

Answer: Three.

62. Question: Who is the creator of 'Grey's Anatomy'?

Answer: Shonda Rhimes.

63. Question: Who plays the theme song of the show?

Answer: The Psapp.

64. Question: What was the name of the first episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'?

Answer: 'Hard Day's Night'.

65. Question: What was the name of the doll with plastic organs?

Answer: Anatomy Jane.

66. Question: How many nieces and nephews does Derek have?

Answer: Five nephews and nine nieces.

67. Question: What party did Owen Hunt go through to raise money for the hospital?

Answer: Fundraising Gala.

68. Question: Which character had a touching storyline involving their mother's ashes?

Answer: Meredith Grey.

We have reached the end of this 'Grey's Anatomy' trivia quiz! You've put your knowledge to the test and embraced the emotional rollercoaster that this beloved show offers.

Whether you are a dedicated fan or just started watching the show, we hope you enjoyed revisiting some moments and learning new facts about 'Grey's Anatomy'.

Take a moment to appreciate the unforgettable moments, the characters who touched your heart, and the lessons you've learned along the way. We have more of these fun trivia quizzes on different topics for you right here at Kidadl!

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