69 Magical Disney Princess Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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Disney Princess facts include facts about the princesses of Walt Disney studios.
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Before planning your trip to Disneyland, would you like to know your princesses better?

While growing up, we all loved fairy tales. The stories of Princess Aurora from the fable 'Sleeping Beauty' or Belle from 'Beauty And The Beast' had us hooked!

Who doesn't love Disney? From its fantastic collection of movies to our favorite Disney princesses, Disney gave us so many memorable characters. We loved the happy endings of these movies, but what did you love even more? Was it the princesses?

Did you ever dream of visiting Disneyland and meeting some of the princesses? This article is an ode to the Disney princesses and will take you on a nostalgic memory ride to your childhood. Read on to know your princesses better!

If you love a fairy tale, then why not also read about Disney Princess quotes and fun Disney facts?

The Names Of All Disney Princesses

Currently, Walt Disney has sanctioned 12 princesses into the official 'princess' status. There are more unofficial princesses as well. There are many stories and movies where Disney princesses are present.

These include movies like 'Aladdin', 'Pocahontas', 'Mulan', or others like 'Cinderella', 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Frozen', and so on. Currently, 12 princesses are considered to be official Disney princesses. The official Disney princess line-up includes the following ladies:

  • Cinderella: Cinderella is the teenage princess who lives with her step-sisters Drizella and Anastasia and her step-mother. She has mice friends named Jac and Gus, and this princess is blessed by her fairy godmother. Her character is derived from a European fairytale of a similar name. But did you know that her actual name was never Cinderella? It was only a nickname, which came to be her actual name in the movies! She became the first princess ever to get married to royalty!
  • Snow White: Snow White is a young Disney princess, a character who is inspired by a fairy tale from Germany. The original fairy tale was named 'Schneewittchen.' The story of Snow White has her seven dwarf friends, her mother who is known as the Evil Queen, a magic mirror which declares Snow White to be the prettiest of all, and a poisoned apple, which puts the princess into a deep sleep, only to be awakened later by a prince.
  • Aurora: Princess Aurora makes her debut in the fairytale 'Sleeping Beauty', which is a classic fairy tale. The story of 'Sleeping Beauty' has all our favorite magical elements, including three fairies (Flora, Merryweather, and Fauna), a curse by a wicked witch named Maleficent, and a prince who wakes the princess later. Do you know the name of this prince? It's Prince Phillip.
  • Belle: Belle from 'Beauty And The Beast' is a girl who gets imprisoned by a beast. The beast is actually a prince, who has been cursed by an enchantress, and this curse can be broken only by finding true love! Beauty and the beast are nothing alike, yet they can bring out the best in the other. Belle is a young girl who is a bibliophile and loves to read. She finds solace in the deserted castle of the beast in books before finally connecting with him. Just like Cinderella, she is not a princess by birth but becomes one when she marries the beast.
  • Tiana: This beautiful princess makes her debut in the movie 'The Princess And The Frog', and much like Belle and Cinderella, she too is a commoner. With her marriage to the heir of Maldonia, Prince Naveen, Princess Tiana gets her princess status. Princess Tiana dreams of being a restaurant owner!
  • Ariel: Ariel from the movies 'The Little Mermaid' and 'The Little Mermaid II' is a princess by birth. She is the daughter of a king of the under-sea world, King Triton. Ariel is exceedingly intrigued by life on the surface, and she often visits the human world to learn more. This mermaid has a family of six sisters, and she is genuinely a little mermaid because she is the youngest in her family. The prince in her life is Prince Eric.
  • Pocahontas: She is a princess of the Disney franchise who is based loosely on an actual person (named Amonute)! The story of Pocahontas is an adventurous tale, which has a handsome captain, hidden treasure, impending war, and so much more. Do you know who her best friend is? It is a raccoon! The cute raccoon is named Meeko, while her hummingbird friend is named Flit.
  • Jasmine: Princess Jasmine from the story 'Aladdin' is a rebel who sneaks out from her mundane palace life to explore the beautiful city. On one such adventure of hers, she stumbles upon Aladdin, who is a street kid, and then begins their adventure. In this story of princess Jasmine and Aladdin, you will find ample doses of magic, including a genie, a magic lamp, a flying carpet, a murderous villain, and a pet tiger!
  • Mulan: Princess Mulan appears in two movies named after her, and she is based on Hua Mulan from the ancient Chinese legend. Mulan is a warrior princess who joins the army in a time of need by disguising herself as a boy. Her dragon friend is Mushu, which is sent to her to be of help by her ancestors.
  • Rapunzel: You might know Rapunzel from the fantastic movie 'Tangled'. She is a born princess. However, she is kept imprisoned under false pretenses by a woman who pretends to be her mother. She has long magical hair that glows! However, she sacrifices her hair to save Flynn Ryder. Do you know what she uses as her weapon? A frying pan!
  • Moana: Moana is an optimistic princess who makes her debut in a movie named after her. Water constantly draws Moana in, and she can hardly resist it, which eventually we get to know why. She was actually chosen by the ocean itself to be the savior of her island by restoring the heart of Te Fiti.
  • Merida: Merida is a red-haired beauty who is the protagonist of the 'Brave' movie. She is one of the only Disney princesses who doesn't get married to a prince. Her outgoing nature and forceful personality make her one of the most headstrong princesses, while we can also glimpse her softer side. Archery is her talent, and she is the first princess of Disney who has brothers.


Are you disheartened not to find your favorites Elsa or Princess Anna or maybe Megara in this list? Well, they are not official princesses of Disney, but somewhat unofficial ones.

There are princesses like Nala or Janice who are not included in the list, maybe because they do not resemble humans. Anna and her elder sister Elsa are not incorporated in the official list, maybe because of the booming success of the 'Frozen' movie franchise. Even the same can be for Tinkerbell.

So, among these Disney Princesses, who is your favorite princess? Is it an official Disney princess or an unofficial one?

Who is the prettiest Disney princess?

Many princesses can claim the title for being the prettiest, and among them, the popular ones are Belle, Aurora, Ariel, Anna, Cinderella, and so many more!

Prettiness or beauty is subjective, and who knows what the yardsticks of beauty are? Let's take a look at this Disney princess list:

  • While many consider the little mermaid Ariel to be the prettiest, others believe it's the red-haired beauty Merida.
  • Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is considered to be one of the prettiest princesses created by Disney. With her long flowing blonde hair and sweet face, we can clearly see the reason! Adding to her prettiness is her optimism, along with humbleness.
  • Cinderella's resilience adds so much to her persona that she can also claim the title for being the prettiest. The hardships of her life are enormous, but she overcomes them with so much ease. Isn't that beautiful too?
  • Similarly, Mulan is another beautiful Disney princess who is the personification of heroism. Incredible weaponry skills back her fearless nature, and that is another version of beauty.
  • Although Elsa and Anna from 'Frozen', don't make their way to the list of official princesses, that doesn't snatch their princess stature! Elsa's bright blue eyes are a remarkable sight, and her fashion sense is an inspiration for some!


Who is the oldest Disney princess?

The oldest official princesses are Tiana and Cinderella, but if all princesses are considered, it's Elsa.

  • According to age, if the official Disney Princesses are considered, it makes Tiana and Cinderella the eldest.
  • Both of these princesses are 19 years of age. Similarly, the youngest Disney Princess is Snow White, who is merely 14 years old!
  • But there are other princesses too, apart from the official ones. So if they are considered, then it is Elsa from 'Frozen' who is the oldest of all the Disney princesses. She is 21 years old, and unlike the others, she is not a teenager.
  • If considered from the first time the Disney Princesses made an appearance, however, it will be Snow White who is the oldest. She made her debut in 1937, much before the others.
read the names of all disney princesses

Which Disney princess has the shortest hair?

Initially, it was Snow White, but later the tag was claimed by Rapunzel.

  • We all remember the adorable princess Snow White right? Initially, it was her who had the shortest hair, which was black, and she tied a red ribbon around it.
  • But later, this tag shifted to Rapunzel, whose hair became the shortest of all Disney Princesses after she chopped it off at the story's climax.


The Most Forgotten Disney Princess

Many princesses have not made their way to the official Disney princesses list, and they remain forgotten. This includes Princess Megara, Princess Eilonwy, Princess Melody, and so many more!

  • When we think of Disney Princesses, we tend to think about Cinderella, or Aurora, and other beauties with those graceful dresses and wide eyes. But do you know how many forgotten Disney Princesses are there who have made their mark in the Disney franchise?
  • Princess Megara or Meg is one such princess. She was a commoner, but she ascended the throne with her marriage to Hercules. This intelligent princess is perhaps one of the most memorable ones, yet remains forgotten.
  • Similarly, there is Princess Melody from 'The Little Mermaid', who is actually our beloved Ariel's daughter! This mischievous princess is a human but desires to be a mermaid. Although we love Ariel, most of us aren't aware of her princess daughter!
  • Princess Eilonwy of the movie 'Black Cauldron' is another forgotten princess who is merely 12 years of age! She might not be all dreamy like the other princesses, yet her helpful and headstrong nature makes her no less than a princess.
  • Who remembers the bubbly Vanellope from 'Wreck-It Ralph'? She is another forgotten princess we may not remember because she is younger than the other teenage Disney princesses.


Other Interesting Disney Princess Facts

Now that you know about most princesses, would you like to know some fun facts about them? Here are a few more to keep you entertained!

  • Do you remember the fairytale of 'Snow Queen'? Princess Anna from the movie 'Frozen' is loosely based on a character from 'Snow Queen', Gerda. The similarity between the two also lies because Anna's love is the savior of the day, like in the fable! If you have seen the film, then you know who Prince Hans really is? The villain!
  • Do you know how many times Cinderella loses her shoes? She loses it not once or twice but thrice! The first is while she is going for breakfast tray delivery, the second is when she lost her glass slipper at the ball, and the third time is on her wedding day. She also never actually called her Prince 'Prince Charming.'
  • On the Disney princess list, there is Merida, who is probably one of the only Disney princesses who never marries a prince like the others! She's also the only Disney princess with no love interest. She is also unique because she is the only Disney princess who doesn't sing in her Disney movie!
  • Do you know that the actress who voiced Tiana in the Disney movie 'The Princess and the Frog' asked the character to be left-handed?
  • Princess Anastasia is the wealthiest Disney princess.
  • Many dislike Princess Aurora because she has limited screen time and is sleeping most of the time.
  • Are you a bibliophile? Then you should try out the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. Why? Because the books in this series have female leads, which are a re-imagination of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Snow White!

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