Ralph Lauren Facts: Details On The American Fashion Designer Revealed

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Let us learn more about Ralph Lauren by reading these fun Ralph Lauren facts here at Kidadl.

Ralph Lauren is the first American fashion designer to be honored as an Honorary Knight Commander by the Queen.

He is the only designer to receive all the highest honors presented by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, including the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award and CFDA designer of the year menswear and designer of the year womenswear awards.

This ace American designer has developed a much-coveted fashion brand around the image of an elite American lifestyle, and today that brand has grown to be the world's most successful fashion empire with his designed clothes worn by the top A-list celebrities.

However, in addition to his fashion business, he is also committed to philanthropy. A great entrepreneur, he owns The Polo Bar in New York. You can also sip on a cup of Ralph's Coffee that was launched in 2017.

Although the man stepped down as CEO of the corporation in 2015, he is still the executive chairman and chief creative officer. In 2014, Ralph Lauren received the James Smithson Bicentennial Medal, which recognized his contributions to business and creativity. It also acknowledged his role in the Save America's Treasures initiative that was started by Hillary Clinton.

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Ralph Lauren Family Life

Lauren was born on October 12, 1939, in Bronx, New York, but his birth name was not what the world knows him by now. His birth name was Ralph Rueben Lifshitz, but at the age of 16, Ralph's brother Jerry changed their last name to Lauren because of constant teasing.

Ralph Rueben Lifshitz is the youngest child of Frieda Cutler and Frank Lifshitz, Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants.

Ralph Lifshitz studied business at Baruch College, at the City University of New York. However, he dropped out after two years. This famous American designer did not attend fashion school, and he does not sketch when ideating his designs.

He married Ricky Anne Low-Beer in 1964. He has three children, and Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan, is a businesswoman and the owner of Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City, which is said to be the biggest candy store in the world.

Ralph Lauren Corporation's executive chairman and chief creative officer is Ralph Lauren himself. He is also a board member of Club Monaco, a Canadian high-end casual clothing retailer owned by this fashion mogul.

The Lauren home is on a 16,000 ac (6475 ha) ranch located beneath the San Juan Mountains known as the RL Ranch. He is the 102nd richest person in the United States, with an estimated wealth of $6.3 billion.

Ralph Lauren is Known For

This ace designer is the owner of a popular designer label that goes by the name Polo Ralph Lauren.

Also known as philanthropist Ralph Lauren, the designer set up the American Heroes fund through the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation after the September 11 attacks. Customers and employees could contribute to the relief work through this fund.

The Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research was co-founded by this menswear designer in 1989 at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C.

He is also known for his collection of automobiles. These are very rare models and have been displayed as museum exhibits.

Ralph Lauren's Contribution to the Fashion Industry and Society

Let’s take a look at his elaborate career and contribution to global fashion.

The designer began this journey with fashion as a sales assistant at Brooks Brothers and moved on to become a salesman for a tie company, Rivetz. When he was working in tie manufacturing, he convinced the president of the company to allow him to start his own line of handmade ties.

When the Ralph Lauren Corporation began in 1967, it offered only men’s ties. The first full line of menswear was launched in 1968. It was called Polo Ralph Lauren due to his interest in sports. In 1969, Bloomingdale’s was the only Manhattan department store to sell Lauren’s menswear line.

He ventured as a womenswear designer in 1971 with the launch of tailored shirts for women through the Corporation. It was also the first time the emblem of the polo player was used. It was on the cuff of the shirts. In the same year, the corporation opened the first designer store in Beverly Hills, California.

In 1972, the first full collection for women was launched. Featuring the polo player emblem on the chest, this shirt came to symbolize style. The shirt was available in a range of colors. Lauren’s clothes were also worn by Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in the Oscar-winning movie Annie Hall.

In addition to clothing, Lauren also launched fragrances produced by Warner-Lauren Ltd. in March 1978. In 1995, the Ralph Lauren Purple Label was introduced.

In 2016, Lauren opened its first flagship store on Madison Avenue. Ralph Lauren has won the Coty Hall of Fame awards for both menswear and womenswear. He was also awarded the lifetime achievement award by the council.

Did you know that Lauren designed the American athletes' uniforms for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games?

The American Flag Sweater from the Polo Ralph Lauren collection emphasizes this designer's love for all things American. This iconic sweater is made in the US and has 13 stars and stripes, similar to the early American flag.

Ralph Lauren's Invention In The Fashion Industry

Did you know this world-famous designer served in the Manhattan Military Service and his experiences in the military heavily influenced his collections? He is also the first designer to launch tailored shirts for women and a complete line of womenswear. He was the first to launch separate fragrances for men and women.

Another bold move by Lauren's brand was the launch of the Polo Ralph Lauren Children's clothing line in 1978.

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