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List of 'Slugterra' Slugs names will feature names from a popular Slugterra game, Slugterra Minecraft.

If you are a lover of animated television series, then you must have heard about the Canadian animated television series named 'Slugterra'.

If so, do you want to know the details of the 'Slugterra' slugs’ names and their meanings?  Then, you have come to the right place.

'Slugterra' is a Canadian television series with animated characters created by Asaph Fipke. Nerd Corps Entertainment produced this series, and there are four seasons with 63 episodes that had been aired from 2012- 2016.

'Slugterra' mainly focuses on the magical creatures named slugs. Upon hitting the speed limit of 100 mph (160 kph), these magical creatures get transformed into more powerful versions. Here you will get more details regarding the slugs and ghouls’ names, their meanings, and more details regarding the 'Slug Terra' television series.

Some of the popular 'Slugterra' slugs are Fandango, Tazerling, Vinedrill, Enigmo, Bajoterra, Neotox, Flaringo, Sand Angler, Hop Rock, and Hoverbug.

Read on to know more about the popular 'Slugteera' slugs names.

The story of season one 'Slugterra' starts with the exploration of the caverns by Eli and his crew. Eli and his crew start challenging their rivals for a friendly duel. They start to upgrade their cool gear and are ready for a blast in the underground world. They were not aware of the threat that was going to happen.

Dr. Blakk, who has enough knowledge to create ghoul slugs, wishes to ghoul the slugs. By doing so, the slugs can get transformed into powerful and mindless weapons.

Eli and his crew couldn’t be able to stand up against Dr. Blakk’s powerful army and the slugs. Some of the most important names in the series are Fandango, Tazerling, Vinedrill, Enigmo, and Bajoterra.

Five elemental slugs are termed the strongest and largest slugs ever.

Slugterra Names

Aquabeek belongs to the element water and can spray a massive amount of water or ink or things on the opponents.

Arachnet is a slug that helps to capture the target element and can shoot webs. It is a spider slug and belongs to the earth element.

Armashelt has a very hard outer shell that can easily roll up things.

Blastipede releases bombs when it gets transformed.

Boon Doc is a green slug that has one eye.

Bubbaleone has the ability to transform itself like a balloon and can be able to carry humans inside its body.

Crystalyd is one of the rarest slugsthat comes to the surface every 100 years once. It belongs to the earth element.

Diggrix is one among the earth elements that have the ability to dig and throw dirt at the opponents.

Dirt Urchin uses needles to attack their enemies. Dirt urchin belongs to the earth element.

Fandango is an energy slug that can boost up the energy of the nearby slug.

Fingerlings are called baby slugs.

Gazzer by releasing a gas can make the nearby slugs laugh uncontrollably.

Geoshard belongs to the earth element that has a shield in a crystallized form surrounding it.

Glowbyss can flash glowing light, and it comes from the energy variety species.

Hexlet, this slug, when it attacks an opponent, gives them bad luck.

Infurnus is one of the fiery slugs that will be kept by the Shane family.

Lariat, this slug spits out some gooey string, and it belongs to the earth element.

Lavalynx is a variety that splashes molten lava. It belongs to the fire element.

MakoBreaker has the ability to transform like a shark and attack the opponents, and it belongs to the water element.

Pieper is one variety of hypnotic slugs.

Ping has some special healing power to heal ghouls and belongs to the energyelement.

Polero acts like a trip-wire that helps in attacking the enemies.

Xmitter, this variety of slugs has the ability to generate an electromagnetic pulse that helps in disabling the electronic devices that are surrounded by them. It belongs to the metal element.

Funny Slugterra Slugs and Ghouls Names

There are 48 different breeds and types of slugs in the Slugterra series. Each of them falls under twelve different elements. Each slug breed has some unique powers in them.

The first strongest mega morph slug is Burpi, which has the ability to change its appearance and is more powerful. What is a mega morph?

It makes the slugs stronger and faster. When a slug hits 200 mph (321.869 kph), it is said to be mega morphing. Some of the funniest names for slugs are Neotox, Flaringo, Sand Angler, Hop Rock, and Hoverbug.

Dr. Blakk transforms the good energy of the slugs into ghouls by infusing the slugs in a small amount of dark water that is found in the deep caverns. Some of the ghouls’ names are listed below.

Amperling belongs to the lightning element and releases dark lightning.

Aquafreak helps to spray water that stops the slug attack. It belongs to the water element.

Attacknet has the ability to spray a web and belongs to the earth element.

Barreto is a trip-wire slug that makes the enemies fall down and belongs to the earth element.

Briardrill creates vines and tries to swallow the opponents, and it belongs to the leaf/shadow element.

Bubbalash gets inflated itself like a balloon and stops the opponents. It belongs to the water element.

Cryper belongs to the shadow element and tries to hypnotize the opponents.

Crystaboor builds a tunnel to trap the opponents. It belongs to the earth element.

Darkshard belongs to the earth element and helps in crystallizing the enemies.

Denigmo belongs to the shadow element and gives you double sight than normally what you have.

DieRen helps to make you sleep by singing an operatic song. It belongs to the shadow element.

Freakerlynx helps to fire lava (molten) and belongs to the fire element.

Gariat is a member of the earth element that helps in creating a lasso.

Goon Doc belongs to the energy element, and instead of healing a slug, it has the power to make humans bend to their desires.

Greneater has the ability to explode with the dark earth and belongs to the earth element.

Harmashelt gets transformed into a ball and can smash the enemies. It belongs to the earth element.

Hop Jack belongs to the earth element, and anything it hits can get exploded.

MegaBreaker is similar to a shark that can eat the fired slugs and belongs to the water element.

Photomo has the capability to create a dark light. This dark light scares the Shadow Clans, and it belongs to the fire element.

Enigmo, Hexlet, and Neotox are some of the well-known characters from the series.

Imaginary Slugterra Slugs Names and Ideas

'Slugterra' is a popular tv series. It has a total of six seasons, and if you are an adventure lover, don’t forget to watch this hit series. Here are some of the name ideas for 'Slugterra' blasters and slugs and 'Slugteera' Minecraft.

Buzzsaw, this slug is received from ‘The world Beneath Out feet” part two episode.

Dazer, this slugis an adapted one, and it belongs to the Hypnogrif variety.

Digger, this slugvariety is received in the slugrun.

Noodle, this flopper slug variety is received from Kord.

Pyringoslug is a basic slug and is so weaker than other ghouls. It belongs to the fire element.

Smugglet has the ability to create illusions that helps attack the opponents.

Vansilver, the tail of this slug acts like a magnet that helps to attack the enemies. It belongs to the metal element.

Vexlet, this slug is said to be a sign of bad luck and belongs to the psychic variety.

Xbitter helps to frazzle the enemies by generating electromagnetic waves, and it belongs to the metal element.

Slugterra Eli Shane’s slugs’ Sames and Meanings

Guardian slugs are the most powerful slugs that act as barriers for the Darkbrone to enter into SlugTerra. These slugs are trained by the Shadow Clan and are one among the ancient slugs. Eli Shane is the main hero of the Slugterra series and he is the protector of the underground world from enemies.

He values friendships and slugs but not money. The name of Eli Shane’s slug group is 'The Shane gang'. Some of Eli Shane’s slugs are listed from the father of Eli Shane.elow.

Bolo is one of the Polero slug varieties.

Burpy is from the Infurnus variety which is inherited f

Chiller is a frostcrawler slug that is befriended in the Slugout.

Doc is an adopted slug and belongs to the energy element.

Dozer is obtained from Snowdance cavern.

Goober is adopted before the slug out, and it comes from the Jellyish variety.

Joules belong to the Tazerling slug variety that is received from Shock Wire.

Mo the enigma slug that is befriended in Endangered Species.

Rocky this slug is received before the 'The World Beneath our Feet'.

Spinner is a spider-like slug of Arachnet variety, received in Mecha mutiny.

Spooker this Frightgeist variety gets befriended in the Deadweed.

Stunts this slug belongs to the speedstinger variety and is received from kord.

Suds belongs to the Bubbaleone variety.

Torch belongs to the Forgesmelter slug variety that is rescued in the Inheritance.

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