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Xuwulong facts can be quite interesting.

The Xuwulong belong to the Hadrosaurs family, known as the duck-billed dinosaurs, because of their flat duckbill appearances of the bones in their snouts. Xuwulong lived in the mid-Cretaceous between the Aptian and Albian periods about more than 120 million years ago in the Jiuquan area of Gansu province in northwestern China.

As per holotype GSGM F00001, it's a flexible joint specimen that includes a complete skull axial skeleton along the left pelvic girdle from the Xinminpu Group.

The Xuwulong lived during the Early Cretaceous, which is the most extended period of the Phanerozoic Eon, the third and final period of the Mesozoic Era.

Xuwulong Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Xuwulong'?

The word Xuwulong is pronounced as 'Xoo-woo-long'. It refers to Professor Wan Yue-Lun, whose courtesy name was 'Xu-Wu'.

What type of dinosaur was a Xuwulong?

The Xuwulong dinosaur was herbivorous and belonged to a genus of Hadrosauridae or duck-billed dinosaur from the family of Hadrosaurs.

In which geological period did the Xuwulong roam the Earth?

The Xuwulong dinosaur species existed in the early Cretaceous period about 113 million years ago and roamed in the then Jiuquan area, Northwestern China, in the Gansu Province.

Three new basal hadrosauriform dinosaurs belonging to the Jintasaurus genus, including Xuwulong, were discovered in the early Cretaceous Xinminpu Group in the Mazongshan area. This area became a prominent place to study duck-billed dinosaurs' origin and early evolution. 

When did the Xuwulong become extinct?

Also called the Xuwu dragon, it is not known when these dinosaurs went extinct.

Where did Xuwulong live?

The Xuwulong lived in the Gansu Province of Northwestern China in Asia.

What was the Xuwulong's habitat?

The Xuwulong is a typical terrestrial dinosaur class that exclusively lived only on land.

Who did the Xuwulong live with?

The Xuwulong were found in the Gansu Province of North-Western China and lived with many other dinosaurs, including Sinornithosaurus.

How long did a Xuwulong live?

We do not know for how long the Xuwulong dragon lived.

How did they reproduce?

They reproduced by laying eggs.

Xuwulong Fun Facts

What did the Xuwulong look like?

Their unique and complex jaws have a V-shape rostral end of the dentary in lateral view. The early Cretaceous fossil records have allowed scientists to learn more about these groups than any other.

Palaeontologists have found only one specimen of Xuwulong belonging to the early Cretaceous period.

*We've been unable to source an image of Xuwulong and have used an image of Nipponosaurus instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of Xuwulong, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at

How many bones did a Xuwulong have?

There is no information about how many bones Xuwulong species had due to the small number of bone fragments found; however, they must have had at least 200 bones.

How did they communicate?

They communicated through vocalization sounds and noises.

How big was the Xuwulong?

The size of this dinosaur belonging to the family of Hadrosauriform could not be estimated.

How fast could a Xuwulong move?

We do not really know how fast these dinosaurs would run.

How much did a Xuwulong weigh?

Again, due to a lack of data available, we cannot measure the weight of the Xuwu dragon.

What were the male and female names of the species?

With existing dinosaurs fossils found worldwide, it is not possible to identify male or female dinosaurs and may require more research.

What would you call a baby Xuwulong?

You could call a baby Xuwulong a hatchling, nestling, or juvenile.

Interestingly, in 2021, researchers discovered a 145 to 66 million-year-old embryo inside a fossilized dinosaur egg from the rocks of Ganzhou in Southern China. The embryo was named 'Baby Yingliang', which belonged to a toothless theropod dinosaur group called oviraptorosaur, found in North America and Asia.

How aggressive were they?

Dinosaurs are speculated to be aggressively defensive, but actually, they are not aggressive and are much like the modern animals of today, especially the large birds.

Did You Know...

These dinosaurs belonging to the Hadrosauriform dinosaur had a highly dynamic network of teeth. Their mouth contained several parallel stacks of six or more teeth apiece, which were never replaced with new ones like other reptiles.

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