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Mendozasaurus facts are all about the herbivore dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous period.

Mendozasaurus was a herbivore dinosaur of the Upper Cretaceous period. Not much information is available on this species as only a single fossil specimen was retrieved from the Mendoza Province of Argentina. This included only partial postcranial remains that were studied and described by paleontologist González Riga.

These dinosaur species were grouped under the Sauropoda clade. They had huge bodies with long necks and were herbivores in nature.

Mendozasaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Mendozasaurus'?

Mendozasaurus is pronounced as 'Men-doe-zah-sore-us'.

What type of dinosaur was a Mendozasaurus?

Mendozasaurus was a sauropod that was also grouped under the titanosaur clade. It was described by paleontologist González Riga.

In which geological period did the Mendozasaurus roam the Earth?

These South American titanosaurs roamed the Earth during the Upper Cretaceous period from the Coniacian Age to Santonian Age.

When did the Mendozasaurus become Extinct?

It is not known when exactly they became Extinct, however, it was mostly due to natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and meteor impacts.

Where did Mendozasaurus live?

The fossils of this dinosaur were excavated from the Sierra Barrosa Formation of the south of Mendoza province in Argentina, South America. It is not known if they were territorial animals.

What was the Mendozasaurus' habitat?

As they were herbivores in nature, we may assume that they roamed in grasslands, plains, tundra, dense vegetation areas where they foraged on various plants and plant parts.

Who did the Mendozasaurus live with?

The adult Mendozasaurus dinosaurs lived alone, and the juveniles foraged in small groups while keeping an eye on each other's back.

How long did a Mendozasaurus live?

While no record on the exact life span of Mendozasaurus is available, we can assume that these new titanosaur species had similar lifespan as most other Cretaceous dinosaurs.

How did they reproduce?

These new titanosaur species of Argentina reproduced by laying eggs. They underwent sexual reproduction and squatted in small dugouts in their terrestrial habitat wherein they laid the rounded eggs which were amniotic in nature.

Mendozasaurus Fun Facts

What did the Mendozasaurus look like?

These dinosaurs of the southern landmasses of the Mendoza Province, that lived in the Upper Cretaceous period, were extremely bulky with huge bodies. The Mendozasaurus dinosaur had a long neck and its entire body was balanced by its four pillar-like thick legs. It is not known how colorful they were.

Mendozasaurus of Argentina were quadrupeds with a long neck.

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How many bones did a Mendozasaurus have?

Due to a lack of specimen evidence, we are unable to provide information on the exact number of bones these massive sauropods had. The fossils excavated from the Mendoza province in Argentina included partial postcranial parts, which were studied and described by Argentine paleontologist, González Riga in the year 2003.

How did they communicate?

Just like other dinosaurs of the Upper Cretaceous period, this new titanosaur of South America communicated both visually and vocally.

How big was the Mendozasaurus?

The length of the Mendozasaurus is about 66 ft (20 m), which was way bigger than Magyarosaurus.

How fast could a Mendozasaurus move?

Although we don't have sufficient information on the speed of these dinosaurs as only one specimen was retrieved, we may assume that their huge bulky bodies didn't allow them to move at great speeds.

How much did a Mendozasaurus weigh?

The weight of these South American titanosaurs is estimated to be about 35273 lb (16000 kg) by studies of the paleontologist González Riga.

What were the male and female names of the species?

Male and female dinosaurs are not given any specific names.

What would you call a baby Mendozasaurus?

A baby Mendozasaurus may be called a hatchling or a nestling due to the fact that dinosaurs laid eggs.

How aggressive were they?

These dinosaurs of Argentina from the Upper Cretaceous period followed a herbivore diet and were not predatory at all. Therefore, it is safe to assume that they were not aggressive in nature. However, their huge bulky body with scales surely intimidated other creatures that lived in the Mendoza Province.

Did You Know…

The Mendozasaurus of Argentina was grouped into the Lognkosauria clade which was a transitional titanosaur group.

Just like other sauropods, these dinosaurs had a rapid rate of tooth replacement, and each tooth was replaced every 14 days. This replacement of teeth was mainly because they had a large appetite. The strength of their teeth is not known.

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