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Tom Thumb Day is dedicated to the popular performer Charles Stratton.

Where is Tom Thumb Day celebrated?

Tom Thumb Day is celebrated in America in honor of General Tom Thumb, also known as Charles Stratton.

Who is Tom Thumb Day celebrated by?

Tom Thumb Day is celebrated by Americans and all of the fans of the great actor and performer.

When did Tom Thumb Day start?

The origin of Tom Thumb Day is currently unknown.

Who started Tom Thumb Day?

The person who started Tom Thumb Day is not known, but it was probably done by some fans of Charles Sherwood.

Tom Thumb Day is dedicated to the popular performer from England.

History And Timeline

Charles Sherwood was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and was the son of a carpenter. His parents were Sherwood Edward Stratton and Amy Sharpe.

When he was born, he was a large baby, but his height and weight stopped growing after six months due to a deficiency of the growth hormone. He married Lavinia Warren, who was also of short stature. Charles died at 45 from a heart stroke.

Charles Sherwood

Charles Sherwood Stratton, aka General Tom Thumb, was born on January 4, 1838.


Charles Sherwood in America

Charles Sherwood made his first tour all around America at the age of five by singing, dancing, and mimicking characters like Napoleon Bonaparte and Cupid. Barnum gave Charles the stage name General Tom Thumb for marketing purposes and the tour was phenomenal, reaching great heights of success.


A Tour of Europe

P.T. Barnum next took young Charles on a tour of Europe, which established him as an international celebrity. He made his way to Buckingham Palace and at the age of six, appeared before Queen Victoria twice, he also got to meet King Edward VII.


Hop O' My Thumb

Since the age of 7, Charles, under the guidance of P.T. Barnum, started performing in full-length melodramas.


A Love Marriage

Charles Married Livinia Warren.


Traditions And Customs

Tom Thumb Day is celebrated on the birthday of Charles Sherwood Stratton. Charles ruled the entertainment industry for almost four decades in which he was also invited by President Lincoln to the White House.

Ways To Celebrate Tom Thumb Day

Though affected by dwarfism, Charles never allowed his body to limit his dreams, which ought to inspire you to do the things that seem impossible. With the help of his mentor, Barnum, he achieved great heights. If there's one lesson to take away, it's that everyone could benefit from good mentoring.

Charles broke the taboo of discrimination against short people. This serves as a reminder to not discriminate against others. Celebrate this day on a happy note!

Facts And Stats

Tom Thumb Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Charles Sherwood Stratton.

This day is acknowledged in memory of the hard work and uniqueness of Tom Thumb that made him an excellent performer who influenced the lives of many.

Tom Thumb Day is celebrated on January 4 every year across the USA.

What does Tom Thumb stand for?

Tom Thumb was a legendary English dwarf.

What is the story behind Tom Thumb?

Charles Sherwood Stratton, although of short stature, tasted success as a stage performer, singer, dancer, and actor from the very early age of five. He was given the stage name 'General Tom Thumb', which proved to be greatly influencing and successful.

What are some events related to Tom Thumb Day?

Tom Thumb Day is celebrated in schools with reenactments and plays of the dramas he was in, and events involving the storytelling of his life and legacy are hosted. Some families celebrate Tom Thumb Day by watching his documentaries.

What are some advantages of celebrating Tom Thumb Day?

Tom Thumb Day signifies love and connection beyond discrimination and differences, and his relationship with his mentor is an example of the ideal student-teacher relationship. So, Tom Thumb Day teaches others the basics of a happy life.

What does the government say about Tom Thumb Day?

Tom Thumb was an iconic personality with so many talents in such a little body. He is recognized on this day both by his fans and the government.

When Is This Day Celebrated

  • Sunday, January 03, 2021
  • Monday, January 03, 2022
  • Tuesday, January 03, 2023
  • Wednesday, January 03, 2024

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