100 Best Shoe Quotes And Sayings That Are Full Of Sole

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A shoe is a type of footwear typically having a thick sole for the protection and comfort of the foot.

There are shoes made of many different materials and designs for men and women around the world. The design of shoes has varied through different cultures.

Traditionally, shoes are made up of leather or canvas, but with new technology and information, they are being made from rubber, plastics, and other petrochemical-derived material. Shoes are mostly designed specifically for different uses.

Boots are typically for work or heavy outdoor. In addition, there is a large variety of shoes traditionally available for women such as high-heeled shoes, ballet flats, Stiletto heels and so on.

Athletic shoes are made for sports such as running, walking, or others. Some athletic shoes are designed with specific features for specific activities, for example, roller skates, ice skates, and climbing shoes all provide additional elements designed for their respective sport.

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Powerful Shoe Quotes

Some of the best powerful and thought-provoking shoe quotes.

1.  “People who have been in your shoes empathize with you, while people who haven't been in your shoes sympathize with you.”

— Jayden Hayes.

2. “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”

— Christian Louboutin.

3. “Never underestimate the power of a shoe.”

— Giuseppe Zanotti.

4. “It's easier to put on a pair of shoes than to wrap the earth in leather.”

— Chogyam Trungpa.

5. “Your shoes are only as good as the laces they're attached to.”

— Greg Sampson.

6. “One thing I've learned is be comfortable in your skin, and more importantly, be comfortable in your shoes.”

— Octavia Spencer.

7. “I was confident and never doubted my ability to deliver gold medals to match my shimmering footwear.”

— Michael Johnson.

8. “Craziness in a shoe is great – you can have much more freedom, you can exaggerate and it doesn’t feel stupid. But to have too much craziness near your face, that just feels weird.”

— Miuccia Prada.

9. “Age shouldn't affect you. It's just like the size of your shoes - they don't determine how you live your life! You're either marvellous or you're boring, regardless of your age.”

— Morrissey.

10. “Above all, believe in true love and know that men are like shoes. A couple is like a left and a right foot, and out there is your perfect fit.”

— Camilla Morton.

11. “Sometimes I hear people saying, ‘Nothing has changed’. Come and walk in my shoes.”

— John Lewis.

12. “I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.”

— Bette Midler.

13. “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

— Mark Twain.

14. “You've always had the power right there in your shoes, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

— William Blake.

15. “When your feet start to hurt, place yourself in someone else's shoes.”

— Demi Lovato.

Inspirational Shoe Quotes

Best shoe quotes that are inspirational and educational.

16. “You just need to put yourself in someone else's shoes and then see how they feel.”

— Navid Negahban.

17. “To the barefoot man, happiness is a pair of shoes. To the man with old shoes, it's a pair of new shoes.”

— Michael Josephson.

18. “Old friends, like old shoes, are comfortable. But old shoes, unlike old friends, tend not to be supportive: it is easier to stumble and sprain an ankle while wearing a pair of old shoes than it is in new shoes.”

— Alexander McCall Smith.

19. “Life is short, your heels shouldn’t be.”

— Brian Atwood.

20. “It's not about the shoes, it's what you do in them.”

— Michael Jordan.

21.​ “To go where you're wishing you could go, first you must tie your shoes and step off the porch.”

— John Avery.

22. “When a shoe is freakin’ fabulous, it may be worth a subsequent day of misery. Soak in Epsom salts and take comfort in the fact that you’re better than everyone else.”

— Clinton Kelly.

23. “My shoes are special shoes for discerning feet.”

— Manolo Blahnik.

24. “Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations.”

— Ryunosuke Satoro.

25. “One shoe can change your life.”

— Cinderella.

26. “Even if everything else is downplayed, I'll wear good shoes.”

— Tori Amos.

27. “I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.”

— Oprah Winfrey.

28. “Earth's crammed with heaven...

But only he who sees, takes off his shoes.”

— Elizabeth Barrett Browning, ‘Aurora Leigh’.

Life Quotes

Pairs of shoes lined up in a row

Some of the best ‘walk in my shoes’ quotes along with some ‘if the shoe fits’ quotes.

29. “I've always loved people that's been around for a long time, like old shoes.”

— Raphael Saadiq.

30.  “It's easy to be a movie star. The shoes are already there. They just put you in the shoes.”

— Jason Patric.

31. “Shoes are strange things. If you take your shoes off in a situation in which you're vulnerable, you'll be 10 times more vulnerable.”

— Daniel Day-Lewis.

32. “It’s strange how a nice pair of shoes can make our head feel much better, even if we are wearing them at the opposite extremity of our body.”

— Levende Waters.

33. “You cannot put the same shoe on every foot.”

— Publilius Syrus.

34. “I don't want to feel a shoe; I want the shoe to become part of me.”

— Leslie Browne.

35. “Fun footwear is a great way to jazz it up and make your ensemble more interesting.”

— Christian Siriano.

36. “As a child I trained myself to dance in very high heels. At 13, in Destiny’s Child, we were told to wear heels, but at first we couldn’t walk in them. We couldn’t keep our knees straight, but we learned.”


37. “To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes.”

— Sophia Bush.

38. “A work-room should be like an old shoe; no matter how shabby, it's better than a new one.”

— Willa Cather.

39. “It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.”

— Robert W. Service.

40. “I don't know why my shoes are so popular - I am always surprised and mystified by it.”

— Manolo Blahnik.

41. “Be well dressed, behave like a gentleman, and keep your shoes shined.”

— Joseph Abboud.

42. “I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.”

— Denis Waitley.

Motivational Shoe Quotes

Find the best motivational shoe quotes to change your life and hit the ground running!

43. “Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out.”

— Iris Murdoch.

44. “How can you live the high life if you do not wear the high heels?”

— Sonia Rykiel.

45. “I would say that a good shoe is exactly like a good wine. These shoes are going to stay and last for a long time.”

— Christian Louboutin.

46. “The right shoe can make everything different.”

— Jimmy Choo.

47. “You put high heels on and you change.”

— Manolo Blahnik.

48. “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.”

— Christian Dior.

49. “You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.”

— Frank McCourt, ‘Angela’s Ashes’.

50. “The higher the better. It's more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.”

— Christian Louboutin.

51. “Keep your head, heels and standards high.”

— Lola Stark.

52. “To wear dreams on one’s feet is to begin to give a reality to one’s dreams.”

— Roger Vivier.

Shoe Quotes For Women


Best empowering shoe quotes for the elegant woman in you to find some inspiration from!

53. “I’ve always looked at shoes as being immensely beautiful things.”

— Graham Coxon.

54. “However, when I dress up I love stepping out in the tallest heels possible. My style is very eclectic and heavily based on my mood that day.”

— Zendaya.

55. “If your hair is done properly and you're wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.”

— Iris Apfel.

56. “The fact is, sometimes it’s hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then – to make the walk a little more fun.”

— Sarah Jessica Parker.

57. “For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.”

— Seo Min Hyun.

58. “Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphosis.”

— Manolo Blahnik.

59. “Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put women’s beauty on a pedestal.”

Vivienne Westwood.

60. “You can wear anything as long as you put a nice pair of shoes with it.”

— Taylor Momsen.

61. “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes.”

— Christian Dior.

62. “It's better to buy one good pair of shoes than four cheap ones.”

— Cary Grant.

63. “High heels can always put you in a good mood. The more depressed you are, the higher the heels you should wear.”

— Anna Dello Russo.

64. “A shoe is not only a design, but it's a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you're going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.”

— Christian Louboutin.

65. “No one can love shoes as a woman does. First of all, each inch of your heels makes you thinner.”

— Daniela Fedi.

66. “Shoes are like the foundations. If the foundations aren’t right, the building won’t stand upright, and if a woman’s balance isn’t right, nothing else is.”

— Jimmy Choo.

67. “I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.”

— Imelda Marcos.

68. “I’m not afraid of heights, have you seen my shoes?”

— Sarah Jessica Parker.

69. “When a woman puts on a heel, she has a different posture, a different attitude.”

— Christian Louboutin.

70. “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”

— Coco Chanel.

71. “A woman can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the woman.”

— Christian Louboutin.

72. “I actually have more shoes than anyone will ever know.”

— Tamara Mellon.

73. “A great pair of shoes can make your old outfit look great, too.”

— John Varvatos.

74. “Comfortable shoes and the freedom to leave are the two most important things in life.”

— Shel Silverstein.

Funny Shoe Quotes

Hilarious shoe quotes that are the best to get a laugh out of!

75. “With no man in sight, I decided to rescue my ankles from a life of boredom. By purchasing too many pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes.”

— Sarah Jessica Parker.

76. “Always wear expensive shoes. People notice.”

— Brian Koslow.

77. “I always wear heels, even around the house. I’m such a short little thing, I can’t reach my kitchen cabinets.”

— Dolly Parton.

78. “I see a pair of shoes I adore, and it doesn’t matter if they have them in my size. I buy them anyway.”

— Keira Knightley.

79. “I spend most of my time wearing uncomfortable things, so for me, it’s all about trainers.”

—Cara Delevingne.

80. “I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.”

—Marilyn Monroe.

81. “Maybe the reason Cinderella was so happy wasn’t because of the Prince…. but because of the shoes.”

— Sarah Jessica Parker.

82. “Men in high heels? That’s a prosthesis. But I sympathize. Women have these giant heels. They get taller and taller. The men need help.”

— Christian Louboutin.

83. “Unshined shoes are the end of civilization.”

— Diana Vreeland.

84. “The average woman falls in love seven times a year. Only six are with shoes.”

— Kenneth Cole.

85. “I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!”

— Sarah Jessica Parker.

86. “I can throw on a silver five-inch heel pump and all of a sudden, I feel a little prettier.”

— Jenna Lyons.

87. “Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?”

— George Gobel.

88. “Shoes are the first adult machines we are given to master.”

— Nicholson Baker.

89. “I’d say I have more shoes than anything else; they’re a good way to update a look. Bags and shoes — it’s like decorating a cake.”

— Alexa Chung.

90. “I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, “Oh my God! They look so comfortable!”

— Christian Louboutin.

91. “I am indeed, sir, a surgeon to old shoes; when they are in great danger I recover them.”

— William Shakespeare, ‘Julius Caesar’.

92. “So many shoes, and only two feet!”

— Sarah Jessica Parker.

93. “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares?… He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes!”

— Billy Connelly.

94. “I used to keep my Air Jordans icy white. I had one toothbrush for my teeth - and a couple of toothbrushes for my shoes.”

— Justin Timberlake.

95. “Rather than books, you have shoes library.”

—Anna Dello Russo.

96. “Art is like baby shoes. When you coat them with gold, they can no longer be worn.”

— John Updike.

97. “I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic. I appreciate a good, hard-working gal. And she likes shoes. The fairy tale is all about the shoe at the end, and I'm a big shoe girl.”

— Amy Adams.

98. “There is nothing charming about a woman who cannot walk in her shoes.”

— Manolo Blahnik.

99. “I'm tired of this back-slapping ‘isn't humanity neat’ nonsense. We're a virus with shoes.”

Bill Hicks.

100. “I have this little substance abuse problem... expensive footwear.”

— Sarah Jessica Parker.

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