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Tweety bird's owner is Granny.

Tweety is the bright yellow bird that first appeared on our screens on 22 November 1941.

Although most people may not know this, Tweety is a male bird. Most people think of the charming bird as female because of the high-pitch voice and long eyelashes.

Tweety is a yellow Canary bird that is featured in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of different animated cartoons. Tweety is also known as Tweety pie or Tweety bird.

Tweety bird age is 79 years old, counting from when the cartoon started showing. There's speculation that Tweety's girlfriend is Aoogah but there's no way to confirm. The cartoon character Tweety bird is perhaps the most common bird in any cartoon and the original Tweety bird pictures are still in use today.

Tweety quotes are funny and would make you remember most of your childhood days. Tweety the bird is always being chased by Sylvester the cat.

They are fondly called Tweety and Sylvester or Sylvester and Tweety bird. Tweety the Looney Tunes bird is friends with a Tweety bird girl.

Even though Tweety and Sylvester don't get along well, the cartoon Tweety bird, also known as the bird from Looney Tunes, still looks out for Sylvester the cat in some episodes of Tweety Bird Looney Tunes.

Sylvester James Pussycat, Sr. is a character always chasing Tweety. Sylvester the cat is always saying "Sufferin' succotash!" which is believed to mean suffering savior. The phrase had become a trademark of the villain cat.

Tweety bird quotes will have your mind running down memory lane. We have some other exciting quotes from cartoons that made your childhood days fun and memorable. You can read our Bugs Bunny quotes and Yosemite Sam quotes.

Funny Tweety Bird Quotes

Tweety bird in the Tweety cartoon sings some funny songs about the cat and how he doesn't know Tweety bird's birthday. Tweety bird sayings are funny just like the Tweety bird character itself. We have some really funny Tweety bird sayings and quotes that you'll love.

1. "Say, Tomcats can't be mothers. Cats don't lay eggs. There's something screwy here."

- Sylvester the cat.

2. "Oh, hewwo, Puddy Tat. What you doin' up / down there?"

- Tweety.

3. "You did! You did! You taw a puddy tat, a moo moo cow, a big gorilla, a giddy-up horsey, and a wittle monkey."

- Tweety.

4. "Uh oh! Da puddy tat got anudda pwaymate. It’s gonna be awfwy wonesome fwom here to Pasadina."

- Tweety.

5. "OOOOOOOOH but tometing tells me dat puddy is tomewhere awound here cwose to me. With his wong teeth and his sharp cwaws. OOOH, I SCARED!!"

- Tweety

6. "My doodness, tha dam musta bwoke! Da stweets are full of water!"  

- Tweety, Seeing Venice for the first time.

7. "I do not understand what this pussy cat is doing over there."

- Tweety.

8. "Does this pussy cat not get tired of frightening this sweet yellow bird in this lovely cage?"

- Tweety.

9. "I wonder what could be the next plan the pussy cat is making against me."

- Tweety.

10. "I wove wittle puddy his coat is so warm. And if I don’t hurt him he’ll do me no harm."

- Tweety from Looney Tunes quotes.

11. "It was a terrible storm, the boat wocked and worked up one wave and down the other. Wocking. Wocking."

- Tweety bird cartoon quotes.

12. "Now who do you suppose would want to disturb those doggies so earwy in da morning?!"

- Tweety.

13. "You crazy stupid bird; save it for that mouse! Any more shenanigans from you and you'll end up a chicken pie."

- Sylvester the cat in Tweety cartoons.

14. "Now you listen while I pound something into your head. When I say let go you let go! [Sylvester hits his bird] There, I hope I pounded that into your head."

- Sylvester the cat.

15. "Sufferin' succotash. What a perfect time for me to go on a diet."

- Sylvester the cat.

16. 'Tweety: What happened to the Puddy Tat?

Sylvester [swinging on wooden swing, flattened by rock-crusher again]: Does thith anthwer your question?'

-Tweety and Sylvester.

17. 'Tweety: I wonder where that puddy tat went to?

Sylvester [swinging on wooden swing, flattened by rock-crusher]: Does thith anthwer your question?"

-Tweety and Sylvester.

18. "You see, I was just like you once: small-minded, selfish and seriously greedy. And if you don't change your ways, you'll end up just like yours truly."

- Sylvester the cat.

19. "Granny: Oh, the tugboat whistle goes toot, toot, toot! It toots high, and it toots low.

Tweety Bird: But the toot, toot, toot doesn't mean a hoot: It's the chugga-chugga-chug that makes it go."

- Granny and Tweety Bird.

20. "Well, birdth are off my litht; that one sort of upset my stomach."

- Sylvester the cat.

21. "Gee he's awfully big for a little bitty squirt. But no mouse is no match for no cat, SO!"

- Sylvester the cat.

Cute Quotes

Tweety gender has raised some arguments but the bird is still a cute Tweety bird irrespective of gender. Tweety is not only cute in pictures but also in character, even though the cat calls the bird a mad Tweety bird!

We have some cute Tweety quotes that you'll like, including Tweety bird valentine quotes, singing Tweety bird quotes, Tweety bird get well quotes, and Tweety bird good morning quotes.

22. "Now, how do you suppose I dot my wittle self in such a pwedicament?"

- Tweety.

23. "I'm a tweet wittle birdie in a guilded cage/ Tweety's my name, but I don't know my age/ I don't have to worry and that is that/ I'm safe in there from that ole puddy tat."

- Tweety.

24. "You know dat putty donna hurt himself, if he’s not more careful."

- Tweety.

25. "Once a bad ol' puffy tat, always a bad ol' puddy tat."

- Tweety.

26. "That ol' puddy tat never donna find me in here."

- Tweety.

27. "He may be the fastest mouse in all Mexico, but he never counted on meeting the brainiest feline in all Mexico."

- Sylvester the cat.

Catchphrases In Tweety

Some of Tweety bird catchphrases are not new to our ears. Even if you didn't watch the cartoon, you might have heard one or more of the phrases below that are peculiar to Tweety, the amazing yellow bird.

28. "Awwww, da poor puddy tat! He cwushed his widdle head!"

- Tweety bird catchphrase.

29. "Don’t hit him, Granny. Don’t hit him Granny! You’ll be sowwy!"

- Tweety.

30. "I just saw an unidentified object fwying awound my widdle head!"

- Tweety.

31. "Yeah how many times have we told you not to put things in your mouth! Especially me!"

- Tweety.

32. "I tawt I taw a putty tat!"

- Tweety.

33. "Aww poor putty tat. Him faw down, go…BOOOOOOM!"

- Tweety.

34. "I did, I did taw a putty tat!"

- Tweety.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quotes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Tweety Bird quotes then why not take a look at Daffy Duck quotes, or [funny cartoon quotes].

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