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50+ Best Bald Jokes To Comb Through

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Baldness is a common symptom where people experience hair loss.

Hair loss usually occurs at the head and in some parts of the body. Baldness is very common amongst males and is relatively less in females.

Scientifically baldness is referred to as alopecia. The majority of hair loss is hereditary. The genes which define hair loss are usually well expressed in their offsprings, and the process continues on and on. Other causes of hair fall are due to drugs, infections, stress, trauma, and others. However, don't you worry about hair fall, stay safe, eat healthy diets, and enjoy these wonderful jokes!

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The Coolest Bald Jokes For all Hairless Persons

Enlisted below, you will find some food bald humor, haircut jokes, haircut puns, shaving jokes, bald head jokes, and a wonderful hair joke. Here you will also find what to say to a bald guy. Jokingly we often call a bald person 'Bald Bill'.  These jokes are the ones that look like they will get some genuine laughter!

1. What did the man say when his brother was losing his hair? He said, "Well, I'm not saying my brother is losing his hair, but the lice are really starting to picket about deforestation".

2. What is one of the major advantages of being a bald person? No matter what happens they can never be to blame for hair on the food!

3. What did my bald brother say when I gave him a comb as a gift? He said, "Thanks. I will never ever part with this comb".

4. What did one man say to his friend who had a receding hairline? He said, "Hey, friend, I can see that your head definitely has a brighter future than mine".

5. Why was the bald guy upset when I asked him an innocent question? He said, "Asking a bald guy how far they go up while washing their faces is not polite".

6. What do you call a group of rabbits hopping backwards? A receding hairline is what you call it!

7. Why were all the lice sad on the head of a bald man? They look like they are all homeless!

8. What is the funniest thing you can say to a bald man? You are so bald that I can simply rub your head and start predicting futures!

9. Why did the bald man leave the wig shop without wearing a wig? Because he had a toupee on his head!

10. Why are bald people very easily manipulated by a shower? Because when they take a bath, they get brainwashed!

11. Why do women trust bald men more than normal men? Because bald men have nothing to hide!

12. What does the kind man who shaved off his hair as support for cancer patients say? He says he had a chemoflage.  

13. What did I say to my bald brother, which made him very angry? I said, "Bro you are so bald, that I need to wear sunglasses else, I can go blind".

14. What is the worst advice one can give to his bald friend? "No need for a transplant. Draw rabbits on your hair, they will look like hares from a distance".

15.  Why was my friend angry when he started getting bald? Because his hair didn't fall out, it simply fell down!

16. What did Bill say when his wife left him as he started losing his hair? He said, "I don't care, it's hair loss, not mine".

17. What did the barber say to the bald person when he entered the salon? He said, "Hey, what are you doing hair?"

Hilariously Funny Bald Jokes

Be bold when you go bald.

Here are some of the best jokes about hair, balding Jokes, bald head jokes, bald puns, losing hair jokes, hair loss jokes, jokes on going bald, jokes on receding hairline and bald head.

18. Why do bald men abstain from using any keys? Because they don't have any locks!

19. What is the mantra that bald people live by? They strictly adhere to the motto of 'Getting bald has nothing to do with losing hair, but it has a lot about gaining more head'.

20. What is the difference between a prince, a bald guy, and an ape? A prince is an heir apparent, an ape has hairy parents while a bald guy apparently has no hair!

21. Why is it so easy to guess what a bald guy is going to say? Because you can literally see what's on their mind!

22. Why was the bald person happy even when he lost all his hair? Because after being bald for a long time the idea of hair started to grow on him!

23. Why does a bald man always wake up happy from bed? Because a man who has an extended forehead looks good!

24. What did the old bald man say to his grandchildren? He said, "Combing is the experience which life usually gives when you start turning bald!

25. When did I realize that I was turning bald? It was when my barber said, "Which of the three hairs do you want me to trim?"

26. How do you realize that you are slowly turning bald? It is usual when you realize that you start using less shampoo and more toothpaste!

27. What did the intelligent man say when he saw that he was turning bald in patches? He said that as he was a brainiac, his brain needed more space to expand!

28. What did my sister tell me when I became bald? She said, "Jack you are so bald that even Bob, the builder can't fix it for you".

29. What did my friend say when I became completely bald? He said, "You have so much space in your head that even the Air Force can land on your head".

30. What did my bald friend say when I advised him to have a transplant? He said that he would look silly with a kidney on his head!

31. What is the fastest way to realize that you are going bald? It is when you start taking more and more time washing your face!

32. Why did Harry Potter become bald? Because he lost his Hedwig!

33. Which thing is a bald pirate captain most afraid of? He is most afraid of cap sizes!

The Best Roasts For A Bald Guy

Here are some of the most savage roasts that you can say to someone who is going bald or is losing his hair. These jokes on a bald head include bald one-liners, bald head jokes, and jokes on bald men with receding hairline will make you laugh. However, a bald person can be very attractive, and a bald person can look smart by simply using his wit and intellect.

34. What special day do bald people celebrate? They like to celebrate No-Hair Day!

35. How do you compare a bald man's head to one of the greatest tourist places on earth? You say, "Your hair has so many valleys and creeks that it looks like the Grand Canyon".

36. Why was the bald guy very happy? As he was so completely bald, he was elected as the president of 'The Hair Club for Men'!

37. What did I say to my friend who was going bald, which made him mad with anger? I said, "You will find Waldo faster than you can find your hairline".

38. What did the doctor do when the bald patient wanted something to keep his hair in? The doctor simply asked the nurse to get his patient a small paper bag!

39. What did the girl say to Bald Bill when they were engaged? She said, "God was generous to you. He gave you a lovely face and room for one more".

40. What did I say when Bald Bill boasted that true beauty is only skin deep? I said, "I guess that is why we all like to get hair".

41. What do you say to an annoying bald person? You simply say, "Do you know that hair is dead, so that means your head is basically a corpse".

42. How did the bald man joke about his own baldness? He laughed and said, "My hairline is so far back that not even one archeologist can find it".

43. What is the best way to irritate a guy with a receding hairline who also has a thick beard? Simply ask him, "Why is your hair cut upside down?"

44. What do you say to an almost bald person who constantly disturbs you by asking for advice to avoid hair fall? You say, "Just get out of the way, and you can avoid it like that".

45. What did my wife say when I was going bald? She said, "Your head is so shiny that I can use it as a mirror".

46. How do you define the biggest irony of the world? When a bald couple names their son Harry!

47. What do you get to call a barber who works on the hair of bald people? You call him an air stylist!

48.  What is the coolest way to roast a guy who is going bald? Simply say, "Hey, if you wear a turtleneck shirt you will most definitely look like a roll on deodorant".

49. What do you say to a bald guy if he is always annoying you? You say, "I am going to need binoculars to look at your hair".

50. Why was the guy who was going bald angry? Because like his head, he had poor luck. He won a comb in his lottery!

Knock Knock Bald Jokes

We have the best of all the bald jokes.

Here are the best knock-knock bald head jokes!  These jokes look like they can get you quite a few laughs!

51. Knock knock.

Who is it out there?


Champ who?

I don't need it. I have no hair!

52. Knock Knock

Who is it over there?


Adair who?

Adair once, but now I am completely bald!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Bald Jokes then why not take a look at Mustache Jokes, or Beard Puns.

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