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80+ Best Easter Jokes That Will Crack You Up

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Easter, also called Resurrection Sunday, is a day meant to commemorate Jesus's resurrection.

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrated in many countries throughout the world, most prominently in Europe and North America. It typically occurs sometime between 22 March and 25 April.

Every bunny needs someone to hang out with and celebrate Easter. So, we've compiled a list of great Easter jokes for you to share with your friends and family and have an eggcellent time. This list has a variety of kids' Easter jokes and funny Easter jokes that are perfect for parents or young children hunting for clean jokes about Easter. A great idea for Easter is to fashion cute Easter cards for all of your family members and surprise them with a funny Easter joke. That will, for sure, make them feel very hoppy and egg-stremely adored! Clean Easter jokes can also be egg-citing to read when you're hanging out with your family members after the final supper on Easter day. Cracking some corny Easter jokes is one of the best ways to wish someone Happy Easter! Here's a fun list of the best Easter jokes, just for you!

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This clean list of funny Easter jokes will surely make any child feel egg-static. An Easter bunny joke a day will keep the evil bunnies away. The list below also includes Easter jokes for adults, Easter dad jokes, Happy Easter jokes, and a chocolate bunny joke. Hope you have an egg-citing time reading this fun list of jokes!

The little chicken is a practical yolker.

1. Why was the Easter egg hiding from everyone? He was inherently a little chicken.

2. Why was a small girl so upset after her family egg hunt? She was sad because an egg beater.

3. Why did the unemployed egg want to go to the hair salon so badly? She was in dire need of a dye-job.

4. Why did the townspeople have to call an ambulance after someone told an egg a joke? After listening to the joke, he cracked up.

5. What would you call a mischievous egg that gets in lots of trouble? A practical yolker.

6. Why was the Easter egg so concerned about the upcoming weekend? He hated Fry-days.

7. Why couldn't the Easter egg mow the lawn after Easter brunch? He felt eggs-auhsted.

8. Why shouldn't you ever eat an Easter egg who's a shoddy comedian? All of their yolks are bad.

9. Why couldn't the egg find his pencil case before school? He was scrambling around.

10. What do rabbits do after Easter lunch? They play basket-ball.

11. What dance move did the Easter bunny dad do with his daughter on Easter morning? They did the bunny hop.

12. Why couldn't the Easter egg go back to school? He was egg-spelled.

13. Why couldn't the bunny at your friend's house hop? He was only a chocolate bunny.

14. What did everyone call the Easter bunny who couldn't remember anything? They called him a hare-brain.

15. What did the fit Easter bunny teach in his online class? He taught everyone hare-obics.

16. Where do all the Easter bunnies go for Sunday brunch? They all head over to IHOP.

17. What did the Easter bunny buy from the hair store? He bought a hare spray to make his fur stand out.

18. What music do Easter bunnies listen to on their morning run? They jam out to hip hop.

19. What did the Easter bunny say to the carrot on their third friendaversary? I'm glad I gnaw you.

20. Why was the Easter bunny's fiance so happy with her ring? It was worth a lot of carrots.

21. What do Easter bunnies who are obsessed with romance read in their free time? Stories where the couple ends up living hoppily ever after.

22. What do Easter eggs drink in the morning? Egg-spressos.

23. How is one supposed to make Easter easier? Replace the 't' with an 'i'.

24. Why are Easter eggs so fascinated with outer space? They want to meet egg-straterrestrials.

25. What would you call a rabbit that is constantly surrounded by fleas? It would be called bugs bunny.

26. What do you call a queue of Easter rabbits that are moving backward? You call it a receding hare-line.

27. What does the Easter bunny utilize to make its hair look slick for Easter Sunday? It uses a hare-brush.

28. What movie did the Easter bunny watch with its family that talked about a woman who's entire home was filled with Easter eggs? It involved an eggs-terminator.

29. Why did the Easter egg want to cross the road so badly? He wanted to meet his mother, the chicken, and his sibling, the egg, who had already crossed the road.

30. What did everyone call the extremely smart Easter egg in school? They called him an egg-head.

31. How does the Easter bunny stay in shape after Holy week? It makes sure to get some egg-ercise while listening to hip hop.

32. How do you send a notice to an Easter bunny? You send them a parcel via hare-mail.

33. What do Easter bunnies dream of? Cotton tales.

34. What did the Easter bunny say when his relatives came over for Easter? Hoppy Easter.

35. Why did the Easter bunny cross the road? He was acting as a substitute for the chicken.

36. What do you call the place from where all the Easter bunnies get their new tails? The re-tail store.

37. What happens when you combine a person with a lot of stress and an Easter bunny? You end up with an Easter basket case.

38. Does the Easter bunny enjoy playing basketball? For sure. He calls himself a rabbit fan.

39. What did the primary school teacher say when all of her Easter eggs vanish from the classroom? Someone needs to give me an egg-splanation.

40. What sport did the Easter egg enjoy in high school? Running.

Easter Bunny Jokes

Easter bunnies groove to hip hop.

The best music to play on Easter, if you want to honor the Easter bunny, is hands down, hip hop! If you're looking for the best Easter joke for your Easter card, then you'll find it in this list because this list has the best Easter bunny jokes for kids. Who doesn't love the Easter bunny?! We hope you enjoy these jokes and they make you very hoppy. Hare it is!

41. What is the main distinction between an Easter bunny and a monster that is silly? While one of them is an air-head, the other one's a hare-head.

42. Where did the smart Easter bunny do his undergraduate degree in medicine? He studied at John Hop-kins.

43. What do Easter bunnies eat on Chinese New Year? They like to munch on some Hop Suey.

44. What do you call a rabbit who can afford to throw a lavish lunch to celebrate Easter? A millionhare.

45. How did the Easter bunny's family travel to meet him on Easter day? They traveled via hare-plane.

46. How do you make a bunny stew? You keep him waiting for three hours.

47. Why should you go to an Easter bunny whenever you run into a problem? They're all ears.

48. What happens when someone crosses a rabbit? She gets hopping mad.

49. What did the Easter bunny's mother say when she realized he was late for school? You need to hop to it.

50. Where do all the Easter bunnies learn skiing? They all go to the top of the bunny hill.

51. What do you call the product that Easter bunnies use to make their hair smell nice? Hare conditioner.

52. What game did all the Easter bunnies play as a kid? They used to play hop-scotch.

53. How did the existentialist Easter bun's day end every day? With a Y.

54. Why did the Easter bunny have to talk to Dracula before Sunday mass? He wanted to hide some candy inside of his Easter casket.

55. What would you call an Easter bunny who's smiling all the time? Hoppy.

56. What did the Easter army bunnies call the bunny general? Napoleon Bunnyparte.

57. Why did the Easter bunny not attend his family dinner? He didn't want to go because he was having a bad hare day.

58. What do you call the only thing that can fix a bad hare day for an Easter bunny? A hare spa.

59. What step does the professional dancer insist every Easter bunny get right? The bunny hop.

60. What does the Easter bunny get the day after Easter is over? Tired.

61. Where does the Easter bunny stay when it visits its family? In a hop-stel.

Easter Egg Jokes

Here we have a list of some great Easter Egg jokes to scramble your brain!

62. Why couldn't the Easter egg family enjoy watching a show on TV? All of their cable wires were scrambled.

63. Why was the Easter egg so scared of his father? His father was hard-boiled.

64. Why was the Easter egg feeling so good after putting on a new dress on Easter? The dress made her feel egg-stra special.

65. What was the Easter egg's reaction when he realized he had won the egg hunt? He felt egg-static.

66. Why can vegans eat cakes made by Easter eggs? Because they are eggless.

67. Why do none of the Easter eggs invite dinosaurs to their annual egg hunt? They can't because they're egg-stinct.

68. What did the Easter egg say to the carrot when he said something mean to him? Egg-scuse me? I think you're making an egreggious mistake.

69. How did the Easter egg describe his trip to Disneyland with the little chicken? He said it was eggcellent.

70. How do you speed up your Easter preparations? Make sure to use the eggs-press lane when you're driving.

71. Why did the Easter egg get a standing ovation after his speech at the Easter lunch? His speech was eggsceptional.

72. Why was everyone annoyed with the diva at the Easter lunch? She was acting so egg-stra.

73. What did the nice Easter egg always say before asking someone to move? Egg-scuse me.

74. What activity do a lot of Easter eggs enjoy with their families? They love singing kara-yolk-e.

75. Why don't you ever notice Easter eggs out at night? They are afraid of getting beaten up.

76. Who do Easter eggs hate being ghosted? They don't like someone egg-noring them.

77. What do eggs have to do to qualify as Easter eggs? They have to give an eggs-am.

78. Why does nobody like the egg hunt winner? He was a tad egg-o-centric.

79. How did the Easter egg run away from all the rabbits in the egg hunt? He took the back eggs-it.

80. What did the Easter egg feel on the morning of Easter? He felt egg-cited.

81. Who is bugs bunny the most scared of? The eggs-terminator.

82. Why did the Easter egg cross the road? He wanted to meet the chicken so she could give him her eggs and help him win the egg hunt!

Easter Egg Knock Knock Jokes

If you can make knock-knock Easter jokes on the go, then you must be a practical yolker! Enjoy this list of knock knock Easter jokes including some Easter bunny jokes.

83. Knock knock!

Who's there?


Egg who?

Egg-cited to see me?

84. Knock knock!

Who is it?


Heidi who?

Quick! Heidi eggs around the house!

85. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Candy who?

Candy Easter bunny carry all the Easter eggs in one basket?

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 80+ Best Easter Jokes then why not take a look at 58 Best Bunny Jokes That Will Get You Hopping With Laughter or Chocolate Puns.

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