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100 Best Hair Jokes That Are A Cut Above The Rest

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Cracking a hair joke can be both lame and funny at the same time!

Often, we will find funny hair quotes, beard jokes, and funny mustache jokes on the internet. Yet, a proper hair joke can be difficult to find!

But, that shouldn't be a concern, because we have got you a plethora of hair jokes. These hair jokes include funny jokes about haircuts, bad haircut jokes, hairdressing jokes, bad hairstyle jokes, hair growth jokes, and many more. So, without much ado, start reading these hair jokes that really are a cut above the rest!

If you are interested in more such jokes and puns, take a look at Hair Puns and Mustache Jokes.

Funny Jokes About Human Hair

Barbers have the ability to make our day with a good haircut.

Take a look at these very funny hair jokes. You can even make funny quotes out of these:

1. What was the reason behind Pavlov having such soft hair? He had soft hair because he knew how to condition it well.

2. How can the moon cut its own hair? It can cut its own hair because eclipse it!

3. What happened when the famous wig robber was seen in the area? The police started combing the area!

4. How did the one hair propose to the other? It proposed by saying, "I love you unconditionally!"

5. What is the kind of hair that loves going on vacation on different beaches of the country? The wavy hair!

6. Why did the barber come first in the race to finish cutting hair the fastest? This was because he had taken a short cut!

7. Why do all types of bees in the world have hair that is sticky? This is because they always honeycomb their hair!

8. What is the name of the thing through which all the hair on your head makes music? They make music by using headbands!

9. Why do most people prefer to watch sports matches while visiting the barber at the barbershop? This is because, although the coverage is the same, the highlights at the barbershop are way better!

10. What should one use when either a long hair or short hair on our head is injured? In such situations, we should use a hairspray!

11. Why did the guy lose all his hair during the war? This was because he got stuck in the middle of an enemy hair raid!

12. What did a bald historian say when he found an antique comb in the ruins? He said that he was never going to part with it!

13. Why couldn't anyone in town see the bald man walking in the street on a sunny day? This was because the shine from his head was blinding everyone!

14. Why did the King ban all the men and women in the kingdom from having a haircut? Because it was considered an act of hair-esy!

15. What did the old man with a dozen short hairs on his head tell the barber? He asked the barber to highlight them!

16. What did the barber say when he shaved someone's thick hair? He said, "Hair comes trouble!"

17. What happened when the barber cleaned his shop? The barber felt a breath of fresh hair!

18. What did the barber use when his shop got flooded during the monsoon? He used the hairdryer!

19. What did the father hair need after a long day of work? The father hair needed some long hair conditioning!

20. What did the barber need to survive in a desert? He needed some scissors and some hairspray because they are the hair necessities in his life!

21. In the Star Wars franchise, who was the one who tied Princess Leia's hair? It was none other than Darth Braider!

22. What was the favorite rom-com movie of all the hair families, be it short hair, thick hair, or curly hair? It was the movie 'When Hairy Met Sally!'

23. Why was the barbershop located on the hill slope so trendy among people? This was because it was a cut above the rest!

24. Why did the barber start getting emotional when he saw his old barbershop? This was because that shop had been his home and, of course, home is hair the heart is!

25. How did the town guide introduce the tourists to the world's longest strand of human hair? He said, "Welcome to the main hair-itage attraction of our town!"

Hairstyle & Hairstylist Jokes

A bad haircut joke can be very funny if told within the right context. Short haircut jokes, bowl cut jokes make up the quintessential hair jokes. Furthermore, you can also use them as funny quotes on haircuts and hair. Also, given are some short jokes on hairstylists. Try making funny quotes on hair from these hair-friendly jokes:

26. Why did my young daughter put a bun on her hair? Because her mother had told her to tie a bun!

27. What did the woman in Kansas who had a wavy hair bun sing? She sang, "Carry on My Wayward Bun!"

28. What should we name a bee who is having terrible hair problems? I guess we could call it a frizz-bee!

29. What is the one hairstyle that will last forever? The perm-anent hairstyle!

30. Why did so many men buy the $1o wig from the barbershop? They bought it because it really was a small sum toupee!

31. Why was the hair always angry with the woman? Because the woman kept on teasing the hair!

32. What is the name of the natural hairstyle that most birds prefer to have? They prefer to have the mo-hawk!

33. What did the little boy say when the barber asked him whether he wanted a hair cut? "No", he replied, "I want a shave!"

34. What did one thick hair say to the other thick hair when they had a fight? "Guess, we don't gel well with each other!

35. Why was the hair salon so famous in the locality? Because it had a sign outside the shop saying, "We will either color your hair perfectly or we will dye tying!"

36. What do you say about someone who has got a new and glamorous hair cut? That person is tressed to kill.

37. What is the name of the haircut that most fungi want to get from a barber? They love the mushroom cut!

38. Why did Bruce Willis tell his hairstylist that he wants to radically change his hair color? This was because it was a 'Good Day to Dye Hard'!

39. What is the name of the place where horses get their hair styled and cut? It is the state of Maine!

40. Why did the fortune teller choose Wednesday to get a new hairstyle? Because he had checked his hairoscope!

41. What is the haircut that leaves everyone very excited? We are talking about the buzz cut!

42. What do you call the haircut that everyone in the team got, but not their boss? We call it the crew cut!

43. What is the primary reason that hairstylists go to the gym? They go there to do curls!

44. What is the name of the haircut that will make society push you to one side and isolate you? It is the fringe cut!

45. What was the reason that a banana visited a hairstylist? This was because it had split ends!

46. Why did the man walk out of the hair salon without getting a haircut? This is because he forgot toupee!

47. What was the reason that my mother got hurt when she touched my hair? It hurt her because I had spiky hair!

48. What was the name of the haircut, which if you got, would make your hair smell? It definitely must have been the pomp-odour!

49. Why was the young boy not happy with the barber? Because his hair had been undercut!

50. Why was everyone keeping their food on my brother's head? My brother had got a bowl cut!

Funny Hair Jokes

Here you will find mixed hair jokes dealing with hair growth, short hair, curly hair, natural hair, and many more. Again many of these jokes are inspired by funny quotes and should also inspire you to make some funny quotes on hair.

51. Why do I like my mustache and beard now but I hated them at first? Because they started to grow on me!

52. What did my brother say when I asked him whether he had a haircut or not? He replied, "No, I got all my hair cut!"

53. Why do students who are part of detention classes in school miraculously have better hair? It is because straightening programs are good for the hair!

54. What did the witch use to make her hair look so scary all the time? She had revealed that she was a user of scare spray.

55. What do you call a poodle dog who has no hair on its body? We can easily call it a noodle!

56. When the Hair Kingdom was attacked who did Emperor Hair call for protection? They called the Royal Hair Force to protect themselves!

57. On the internet, where are hairstyle websites located? These websites are located in the mane frame of the internet!

58. On what charges was the man arrested for stepping on the long hairs of Rapunzel? The man was arrested and charged by the police for tress-passing!

59. What is the type of metal that hairs absolutely love to use? Hairs love to use the metal kera-tin!

60. Why was the quality of hair deteriorating all around the world? This was because of the increase in hair pollution!

61. How did the barbershop advertise to hire new barbers? They wrote, "Hairdressers wanted for a job with wonderful growth potential!"

62. What do you say when two barbers battle for supremacy and one of them wins dominantly? You say that the barber won hair and square!

63. What is the name of the animals that hairs love to grow on? Hair loves to grow on the animal known as the hare.

64. What is the name of the TV show that the hair family loves to watch every day? It is called 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Hair'!

65. Why did the trees line up outside the barbershop? This was because they needed to get their roots done!

66. Why was the hair misbehaving and being so rude to everyone yesterday? Because it was having a bad hair day!

67. What did the lion tell the barber when it went to cut its hair? The lion declared, "This is your mane chance to impress me!"

68. What is the name of the monument in Australia built as a tribute to all the hairdressers in the world?  It is the Sydney Barber Bridge!

69. What did one curly hair tell the other curly hair while asking for a dance? It smartly said, "It takes two to tangle!"

70. What did the hairdresser say when the electricity went off in the middle of the hair cut? He exclaimed, "I am done with these power cuts!"

71. What should we call the facial hair that grows on a cow? We should call it a moooo-stache!

72. What was the barber's reaction when he saw that his haircut was adjudged the worst in the competition? He apologized by saying, "I have let the hair down!"

73. What did my father say when I asked why he was wearing a deer shaped band on his hair? He said that he had run out of hair gel, so had got mousse instead!

74. What is the name of the barbershop where most scientists and physicists go to visit? They visit the salon known as the "Hair-odynamics!"

75. What do you tell a hairdresser who looks very sure of his own abilities? We say that he is trimming with confidence!

More Cringey & Bad Hair Jokes

A hairstyle should reflect a person's personality.

Take a look at this list of cringe-worthy hair jokes. You just might like some of them!

76. Why was my friend who had a PhD cutting hair at a barbershop? This was because he was a professional hair-dresser.

77. What did the hair doctor give me when I asked him if there was anything I could do to keep my hair in? He said, "Here, keep it in this paper bag!"

78. What is the name of the shop where a black sheep goes to have a haircut? He goes to a baaa-baaa shop!

79. What did the doctor tell me when I asked how to stop my head from going bald? He said that I need to tell my hair knot to fall!

80. What does the queen bee use to make sure that her hair is alright? She uses the honeycomb to get her hair done!

81. What is the kind of hair that most of the oceans have? All of them only have wavy hair!

82. What is the name of the place where researchers and scientists in Antarctica cut their hair? They cut it in the brrrr-brrrr shop!

83. Which movie franchise is the favorite for most barbers? The movie franchise that barbers love to see is "Hairy Potter"!

84. What did the barber switch on when there was a lot of pollution and dirt in the barbershop? He switched on the hair purifier!

85. What would happen if Satan lost all his hair due to a curse? Then we should be prepared because there will be hell toupee!

86. What is the kind of computer that hairs used in the 1960s? During that time, they used maneframe computers.

87. Why did the saint put water in his hair every morning? So that the hair would grow faster!

88. What do you say when a magician makes a bunch of hair disappear? You say, it vanished into thin hair!

89. What is the name of the laptops that are predominantly seen in almost all barbershops around the world? The barbershops use MacBook Hair!

90. Why can vampires not do their hair themselves? This is because they cannot see their own reflection!

91. What is the name of the hair that loves to go to sporting arenas all over the world? The name of the hair is Mexican Wave-y Hair!

92. What did the bald man use on his head to draw some hair? The bald man used a highlighter!

93. What kind of cheese do hairs like to eat? The kind of cheese that hair likes to have is an Italian one called a perm-esan cheese!

94. What is the name of the shoes that all the barbers around the world love to wear? They love to wear Hair Jordans!

95. What is the name of the book that hairdressers and barbers love to read in their free time? The name of the novel is 'And Then Hair Was None!"

96. What mode of transport do barbers prefer to use when they are traveling from one place to the other? They prefer using hot hair balloons!

97. Why is Nicholas Cage the favorite actor of most hairdressers? This is because he acted in the cult movie, 'Con Hair'!

98. What are you credited with if you visit the same barbershop over and over again? You are credited with hair miles!

99. Why do bald people love to keep a frog as a pet? Because their hair is as fine as a frog's hair!

100. What did the old barber say to his son who was inheriting his shop? He said, "You are the perfect hair for this job!"

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Hair Jokes then why not take a look at Mustache Puns, or Nose Puns.

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