50 Best Moon Jokes That Aren't Cheesy

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The moon, with its whispered stories and ancient legends, has become a cherished subject of humor. It unites cultures across the world through shared laughter with jokes and puns everyone can relate to. Though these jokes may initially invoke a cringe, they ultimately leave an appreciation for the clever wit behind them. A mention of cheese is hard to resist, particularly when referencing this natural satellite.

On a more serious note, the moon is a vital celestial body that maintains Earth's stability, governs the tides, and has impacted the course of human evolution. The moon is more than a beautiful fixture in the night sky, offering symbols of hope and gentleness while nurturing life after long, hard days in the sun. Its very existence fueled the beginning of space exploration and has led to extraordinary discoveries in our solar system and galaxy.

This curated list of jokes about the lunar surface, moon landings, eclipses, and more, will ensure an entertaining session for everyone. Prepare to have your appreciation for the moon made even funnier!

Astronomically Hilarious Moon Landing And Science Jokes

Half Moon in night sky

Prepare to embark on a journey that's out of this world with this collection of moon landing jokes and rib-tickling scientific jests. These jokes offer a light-hearted look at lunar exploits and pay homage to the inspiring world of science. Pump up your laughter rockets, as these jokes are astronomically hilarious and guaranteed to have you and your little earthlings giggling Mission Control style.

1. What do astronauts do when they accidentally bump into each other? They Apollo-gise.

2. What does Buzz Aldrin say when he meets people? "I am the second person to land on the moon. Neil before me."

3. What is a lunar body of water called? Luna-sea.

4. What does Dwayne Johnson become when he lands on the moon? A moon rock.

5. Why was the moon landing fake? Because the moon is still up there. It did not land anywhere.

6. What would cashews grown on the moon's soil be called? Astro-nuts.

7. How was the moon landing staged? The rocket had multiple stages.

8. Where did Neil Armstrong go for coffee when he went to the moon? Star-bucks.

9. What social media platform do astronauts use? MySpace.

10. Why is the man on the moon bald? Because he does not have 'air.

11. What is the first day of the week in outer space called? Moonday.

12. What was Russia awarded by the US for landing on the moon after them? A constellation prize!

13. What did Neil Armstrong say when people refused to laugh at his lunar jokes? "I am guessing that you had to be there."

14. What would you call a crazy man on the moon? A lunar-tick.

15. If a farmer had been the first one to walk on the moon, what would we call him? Neil Farmstrong.

16. NASA was so tired watching the moon orbit that it called it a day after 24 hours.

17. How does the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it.

18. What was the first animal that went into space to see the Milky Way? The cow.

Lunar Jokes And Solar Jokes That Are Outworldy

Get ready to blast off with this collection of lunar and solar jokes! These out-of-this-world puns and quips are all about the Sun, moon, and everything in between. Perfect for little astronomers or any child with their head in the stars, these celestial jokes are sure to brighten the day. So let's journey to the stars and beyond with these hilarious lunar and solar jokes.

19. How did the space-loving kid feel when he was gifted with a large rocket for his birthday? He went over the moon.

20. What is a lunar insect called? A lunar-tick.

21. Why do people hate going to the restaurant on the moon? There is no atmosphere. 

22. Where do astronauts park their spaceships on the moon? Beside a parking meteor

23. Which way did the cow take to go over the moon? The Milky Way.

24. How is Michael Jackson different from Neil Armstrong? Armstrong walked on the moon, and Jackson moonwalked on Earth.

25. Why can't the moon walk? Because it doesn't have legs.

26. Why did the cow want to become an astronaut? To go to the moo-n.

27. What did the cheese say to the moon? Nothing. Cheese doesn't speak.

28. How is the moon held up in space? With the help of moonbeams.

29. How did Luke Skywalker travel in the forest moon of Endor? E-woked.

30. What did the Sun say when he met the moon? "Finally, it is my night off."

31. Why has nobody ever been sentenced for all the crimes committed on the moon? Because it is a gray area.

32. How does the Sun greet the moon? Heatwaves.

33. How much are the living costs on the moon? Probably out of this world.

34. What kind of tropical fruit do astronauts love to eat when they are on the moon? A coco-naut.

35. Why does a moon-rock taste better than an Earth-rock? Because it's a little meteor.

Jokes About Moon Phases

Enjoy some laughter while learning about the night sky with these jokes about moon phases. These humorous quips are perfect for budding astronomers and anyone with an interest in the cosmic world above. Giving lighting a whole new meaning, these jokes are sure to brighten up any day, proving that laughter truly is the best medicine, even when it revolves around the moon's changing phases. So sit back and get ready to giggle at these out-of-this-world puns and jokes.

36. What are the series of online videos about the moon and the Sun called? E-clips. 

37. Why do the Sun and the moon not cross paths often? They move in different circles.

38. During which time does the weight of the moon get the heaviest? When it is full.

39. When does the moon usually not want to go outside? Whenever it is waning.

40. What is Dracula's favorite type of moon phase? A blood moon.

41. When does the moon burp? When it is full.

42. How much would the moon cost if it were to be sold in the market? Only a dollar, because it has four quarters.

43. When does the moon feel broke and out of money? Whenever it comes down to the last quarter.

44. What does Moon's mother say when she sees it waning? "He is just going through a phase."

45. My son identifies as a crescent moon. I’m worried, but my wife says it’s just a phase.

Werewolf Puns That Will Make You Howl With Laughter

Prepare to embrace the lighter side of these mythical creatures! These werewolf puns are cleverly crafted to tickle your funny bone. Sure to generate laughter, they might even make you howl with amusement! Perfect for sharing during a full moon or any time you need a giggle! Here's a pick of the best.

46. Why did the werewolf go to the dressing room? It was a full moon so he needed to change.

47. What do you call a person who turns into a house on a full moon night? A Werehouse.

48. What do you need to do to make a werewolf stew? Leave it waiting till the full moon. 

49. Why do werewolves howl at the moon? Because no one else will do it for them!

50. How should you eat your food on a full moon? You wolf it down.

Whether you're looking for a quick giggle or a guaranteed way to bring some astronomical fun to your day, these moon jokes surely deliver. They might even have been the perfect addition to a space-themed party or the best way to inspire an interest in astronomy among the little ones. Filled with humor and wit, these jokes surely remind us why the moon is not just an astronomical body orbiting Earth, but also a wellspring of delightful humor.

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