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35 Best Mustache Jokes That Are Hairy Good

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Who's up for a rib-tickling ride into a world of mustache humor? Fuzzy, fun, and a little bit French, these stylish symbols of adulthood can make quite a statement. They come in different shapes and sizes, from pencil-thin to handlebar mustache styles, and everything in between. Mustaches aren't just a coming-of-age badge for many young men, they're also a sign of a modern, cultured gentleman. Whether it's a tiny tickler or a full-on face-warmer, the mustache has strutted its stuff across cultures and generations.

But hold onto your hats, because mustaches aren't all serious business! They also provide some of the best material for rib-tickling jokes that'll have everyone in stitches. So, get ready to twirl your virtual 'stache with a hearty helping of the most hilariously clever mustache jokes. They're so funny, they might just curl your mustache!

Hilarious Question And Answer Mustache Jokes

Whether you're a teenager sporting a brand new 'stache, a father with a fully grown one, or a kid who finds grandpa's mustache utterly hilarious, you're in for a treat! Mustache-themed jests are always funny jokes, perfect for a family chuckle fest. So tickle your funny bone with these zany mustache zingers that will get everyone laughing out loud.

1. What kind of mustache style does a bicycle grow? A handlebar mustache.

2. Why did the mustache go to the bank? To open a shavings account.

3. Which snack has a great mustache? A pi-stach-io.

4. What did the mustache say after it almost got cut with a sharp razor? "Whew! That was a close shave!"

5. Why did the worker in the fake mustache factory stop being friends with his colleague? She took his promotion right from under his nose.

6. Why did the rapper shave off his fancy mustache? It couldn’t handle the bars.

7. What happens when you don't like the idea of having a mustache? It starts growing on you after a while.

8. Why did the performer shave his mustache before a stunt? He thought, "Better shave than sorry."

9. What did the customer say to the barber? “I mustache you a question, but I think I’ll just shave it for later!”

10. How come people with mustaches lose them so often? They hide right under their noses.

Corny Mustache Jokes That Are So Bad They Are Funny

Cheerful man with mustache showing heart sign

Let's face it, the world of humor wouldn't be the same without the occasional groan-inducing, corny joke! In the spirit of this timeless tradition, here's a batch of irresistibly cheesy mustache jokes that are so 'bad', that they might actually be brilliant. So, prepare to chuckle, cringe, and even facepalm as you discover the unexpected charm of these endearingly 'awful' mustache jests. You won't be able to resist the laughter!

11. Why is a mustache well-ventilated at all times? Because it's very h-airy.

12. What do you call a cow's mustache? A moo stache.

13. What did the teenager say while eagerly waiting for the growth of his mustache and beard? "I wish you were hair."

14. What did the mustache father ask his son when he got back from school? I hope you are be-shaving yourself.

15. What did one mustache say to the other? "I can see you staring, what's growing on?"

16. Why are the careers of celebrity mustaches so short-lived? They are hair today but gone tomorrow.

17. What part of a man's face has to make him feel pain all the time? A must-ache.

Mustache One Liners And Funny Mustache Puns

There's something truly hilarious about a well-crafted one-liner or pun, especially when it's about mustaches. Fasten your laughter belts and hold onto your 'staches, because this collection of rib-tickling mustache one-liners and puns are a cut above the rest. They're short, snappy, and guaranteed to give you a good giggle!

18. I wanna tell you a great mustache joke but I worry I might stubble over my words.

19. I spent years searching for the perfect mustache. The idea was right under my nose the whole time.

20. This fake mustache was passed down to me from my father, it's a family hairloom.

21. It sucks when you offer someone a sincere compliment on their mustache. And suddenly she’s not your friend anymore.

22. Mustaches are taking over. And it's happening right under our noses.

23. Someone glued a mustache to my face. Unfortunately, it's a look I can't pull off.

24. I grew a mustache for years without anyone knowing. It’s my secret ‘stache.

25. My wife says, “There’s a man at the door with a mustache”. I reply, “Tell him I’ve already got one!”

26. The Pope likes to don a fake mustache and walk around the Vatican, praying for the poor. It’s a blessing in disguise.

27. There's a great mustache pun I heard, but I've forgotten it. Guess I'll just shave it for later.

Funny Jokes About Facial Hair

Here's a fun fact - humor and facial hair go together like peanut butter and jelly! Whether it's a full-blown beard, a stylish 'stache, or a trendy goatee, the comedy potential is endless. Buckle up for a hilarious ride as you explore the funnier side of facial fuzz. These brilliantly funny jokes about facial hair are sure to put a smile on your face and a tickle in your funny bone.

28. What would you call a mustache growing on someone's cheek? A miss-tache!

29. How does a sad man measure how much time has passed? With his beards.

30. What do you call a man who can't grow a beard? A jealous man.

31. What comes after Movember? Decembeard.

Mustache-Themed Knock Knock Jokes

Who doesn't love a good knock-knock joke? They're like the popcorn of humor - you just can't stop once you start! And when you combine them with mustaches and beards? Well, that's just unbeatable! So, ready your funny bones as we dive into this stash of whisker-tickling knock-knock jokes all about mustaches and beards.

32. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Wendy who?

Wendy boring mustache jokes stop, I'll come back inside the house.

33. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Voodoo who?

Voodoo you think you are, asking me to shave my mustache?

34. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Hugh who?

Hugh look so funny with that ridiculous mustache.

35. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Sirius who?

Siriusly, enough of the lame mustache jokes.

So, there you have it - a treasury of hilarious mustache jokes, each one a gem designed to bring a hearty laugh and lighten up your day. They're more than just wordplay; they're fun, inclusive, and a great way to break the ice or lighten the mood. Remember, humor is a fantastic way to connect with others and these jokes about mustaches - whether corny, punny, or simply knock-knock funny - are your handy toolkit. So why not share a few with your friends, family, or that guy in the mirror with the new mustache? Remember, laughter is the best icebreaker, and a shared joke is the best way to spread smiles around.

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