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45+ Best Mustache Jokes That Are Hairy Good

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The term mustache is a French term, which was derived from the Italian term 'moustachio'.

A mustache is a symbol of power in some cultures. Whereas in others, a clean shaven look is correlated with power and professionalism.

A mustache illustrates a coming of age and the beginning of adulthood for many young men. Mustaches comes in all shapes and sizes. There are even championships, organized by the World Beard and Moustache Association, where men compete by showcasing their beards and mustaches. In such competitions, they exhibit lengthy, highly styled facial hair. According to the Guinness World Records, an Indian man named Ram Singh Chauhan holds the record for having the longest mustache.

Some of the most iconic mustache bearers include Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, 'Friends' famed actor Tom Selleck, Spanish artist Salvador Dali and many more. Popular songs like 'If You've Only Got A Mustache', 'Pencil Thin Mustache', and 'Mustache Man' have beautifully portrayed the popularity of mustaches among men, but it wasn't always like this. The facial hair trend keeps changing, just like any other trend. In earlier times, a large amount of facial hair was considered to be a sign of rebellion. The mustache generally became fashionable in England after the Elizabethan era.

Today the mustache has become a mark of a modern man. So much so that, in the year 2003, the idea of Movember originated and became popular globally. Movember (also known as No Shave November) is a trend that involves growing facial hair in November to raise money and awareness of male health issues, a fantastic initiative!

Here we have put together a list of new and funny mustache jokes for kids that will get the whole family laughing. For more exciting and funny puns and jokes, check out these hair puns and mustache puns.

Hilarious Mustache Jokes For Kids

Whether you are a teen growing a mustache for the first time or your kids love laughing with a family member about their mustache, mustache jokes can be really amusing. Check out these funny jokes about mustaches to get everybody laughing out loud!

1. Why did the mustache go to the bank? For a shavings account.

2. Why is the man with the mustache not friends with his colleagues anymore? They took his promotion right from under his nose.

3. What made me less skeptical about growing a mustache? Well, the idea started growing on me.

4. What did the man tell his teenage son when he was getting late for school? It looks like you should shave it for later.

5. Why did the man shave his mustache before participating in a dangerous stunt? He said better shave than sorry.

6. What did the man reply when he was asked, "I mustache you a question"? He said, "can you shave it for later if it's not hairy important?"

7. What did the man say to the tiny grey hair growing on his mustache? All this time, you were growing right under my nose.

Knock Knock Jokes Based On Types Of Moustaches

Jokes about mustaches can be hilarious.

Knock Knock jokes are one of our favorite types of joke. Endlessly funny, kids can't ever get enough of them! Check out these amazing handlebar mustache jokes and beard jokes inspired by our love for different types of mustaches.

8. Knock Knock!

Who is there?


Mustache who?

I mustache you a question. Should I let it grow?

9. Knock Knock!

Who is there?

May 'stache.

May 'stache who?

May 'stache keeps growing on you.

10. Knock Knock!

Who is there?


Mustache who?

I mustache you to step aside,

11. Knock Knock!

Who is there?


Mis-tache who?

I have made a grave mis-tache.

Mustache Jokes That Are So Bad They Are Funny

Now, we all love a clever joke but sometimes the classic, corny and cringy ones are actually the funniest ones. With this in mind, we think that these "bad" mustache jokes have a charm of their own. Here, check out some of the more cringe worthy mustache jokes that are filled with humor.

12. What did the man say to the barber who suggested he kept a horseshoe? Horses don't wear shoes.

13. What did the dissatisfied client say about Ash, the barber? Nobody should ever get a must-ash styled by him.

14. Why is a mustache well ventilated at all times? Because it's very h-airy.

15. What did the man with the beard reply when the barber asked about trimming his mustache? Let it grow, let it grow, won't hold it back anymore.

16. Why was the man with no facial hair in pain after shaving? His must-ached.

17. What did the bearded man say to his professor when he was running late? I mustache you a question but I'm running late.

18. What did the man with the beard and mustache say at the restaurant when things got a bit heated between two guys? Relax, I've got a handlebar on the situation.

19. What do you call a cow's mustache? A moostache.

20. What did the father advise his teenage son? You can't just shave your problems away; you must-ache them.

21. What did the teenage guy say when he was eagerly waiting for his mustache and beard to grow? I wish you were hair.

22. What did the mustache father ask his son? I hope you are be-shaving yourself.

23. What did the mustache ask his elder brother? I see you looking at me like that, what's growing on?

24. Why are the careers of celebrity mustaches so short lived? They are hair today, gone tomorrow.

Mo Jokes For Movember

Movember is all about mo-staches and mo-bros. The Movember Foundation aims to change the face of men's health and teens everywhere love having a go and getting involved. Check out some of these new, hilarious jokes on mustaches and beards to share with your mo-bros!

25. What's the best way of choosing which mustache style to grow? Eeny Meeny Miney Mo.

26. What would you call a mustache growing on someone's cheek? A miss-tache!

27. What comes after Movember? Decembeard.

28. Why did the husband cut most of the grass but only leave a strip at the top? Because his wife asked him to Mo-w the lawn.

29. Which snack has a great mustache? A pi-stach-io.

30. Where are all the old mustaches stored? Probably in one of the mo-seums.

31. What did the pirate with a beard ask one of the new cruise captains? Where did Mo-stash all the treasure?

32. The neighbor said to the bearded man, "I think I mustache you a question while eyebrows the wifi?". To this, the guy replied, "Yeah, sure, go ahead, mullet over."

Funny Mustache Captions For Movember

Funny mustache quotes can be great captions for photos showing off your Movember efforts.

Movember is a portmanteau term, a combination of 'mustache' and 'November'. Movember is all about growing new mustaches in November to raise awareness of men's health issues. Check out these mustache one-liners, which can be great captions for your teen's latest Instagram post, when they are proudly showing off their new mustache, shout it from the rooftops!

33. Movember's here. It's mustache season all over again.

34. Feeling fan-stach-tic.

35. A mustache to remember.

36. Grow it while you can mo it.

37. Happy mustache-ing this Movember.

38. Mo bros for life.

39. Mo 'staches for the Movember.

40. Moustache in progress.

41. Keep calm and let your mustache grow.

42. The three mustache-ers.

43. Don't bash the 'stache.

44. Mustache: A must have.

45. I mustache you a question, what looks better, a beard or a 'stache?

46. Kindly shave the date. It's Movember 1st.

47. Moustache mania, a great idea is growing right under your nose.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes, puns and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for the best mustache jokes and loved our Movember instagram caption ideas, then why not take a look at these hilarious nose puns, or for something different you might love these funny math puns that are bound to get the whole family laughing.

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