65+ Nose Puns That Are Sinus-ly Hilarious

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You don't have to be nosey to laugh along our nose puns.

Nose is one of the most important parts of the human body and can sometimes be funniest too. Who nose why?

Nose has the olfactory nerve in it which carries our sense of smell to the brain and helps us reek-ognize smelly from the nice scents. Don't worry, the puns make scents too. So, get ready to snort with laughter along with our punny and funny nose jokes and puns.

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Best Nose Puns

The funny nose jokes usually make you pick your nose and scratch your head. Be prepared for the very best puns about noses which nobody knows can be hilariously punny.

1. I was wondering about the name of the person who doesn't have a body or a nose. I guess nobody nose his name.

2. My friend asked if I ever thought about how a nose tastes. I told him that it doesn't.

3. A few friends went out and one of them had a runny nose. Well, it might sound very funny. But it's snot.

4. There was a gang who only took on people who had running noses. They were called the Aller G's.

5. Pinocchio's nose grew every time he slept. It's probably because he was lying all that time.

6. People say God nose everything, but he seems to have forgotten Voldemort.

7. The eyes were having a conversation. One eye said to another, "Something smells, between me and you".

8. I went to travel to the meadow where I always used to play when I was a child. There were familiar scents all over. It was very nose-talgic.

9. I bought a gold-scented candle and burned it. It had a very rich aroma.

10. The religious nose always knew that an angel was watching over her. The angel was heaven-scent.

11. At work, our boss introduced a new fragrance policy. I'm making sure that I follow it properly because I don't want to be scent home.

12. There's a name for a person who has no nose and also doesn't know much. He's called nose-less.

13. A man went to the doctor and said, "I think I am upside down". When the doctor asked why he felt like that, the man said, "Because my feet smell and my nose runs".

14. I don't like people who do not cover their mouths and noses when they sneeze. These people make me sick.

Funny Nose Puns

A sweet happy golden retriever with a big nose

Nobody nose why these nose jokes are so funny, but I'm sure the man with no body and no nose who no man nose about can tell you.

15. People always pick their noses, but I never did. I have always liked the one nose that I was born with.

16. My friend was ill and had a runny nose she couldn't fix. I suggested, "Break its legs".

17. A chef pig was picking its nose. There were hamboogers everywhere.

18. One day when the teacher asked in class, what is the nose filled with, Rob answered, "boogers". The teacher was not amused and said, "That's snot the answer that I was looking for."

19. Yesterday I complimented my dad that he smells good. He just replied, "That's because I use both my nostrils".

20. I accidentally sprayed some deodorant in my mouth today. Now whenever I'm talking, this weird axe-scent is coming out.

21. This Halloween, Gucci sold out all of their $500 scented candles. Some people seem to have so many dollars but not enough scents.

22. I decided to make a witty perfume. My colleague said the most important component should be the scents of humor.

23. I saw a suspicious person with a peg nose on the street today. I called him suspeg.

24. My mom got the flu. She said that it was like her nose went on strike. I suggested, "You should picket".

25. When I went to the nasal academy, I came across different scents of humor.

26. One day at football practice, the nose was sad. It was probably because he didn't get picked.

27. A serial killer with no nose was caught yesterday. He committed scentless acts of violence.

28. Whenever people walk by snobby vegetables in the market, they always 'turnip' their noses.

29. I saw a stranger on the bus today and told him that his nose was runny, but he told me it's snot.

30. I was playing 'got your nose' with a clown, but then I got caught red-handed by the police.

31. The nose was very tired because it kept running.

32. There was a pig on the farm that just couldn't mind its own business. People called it the nosey porker.

33. The sneeze is getting closer and closer. It was actually coming right achoo.

34. I was sick and told my mom I had a runny nose. She told me, "You should tell it to walk instead".

Smart Nose Puns

If you can understand the subtle difference of 'nobody knows' and 'nose nobody' then this might be the perfect category for you. These puns and jokes are funny, I swear by my nose!

35. Your nose can not be 12 inches. Because then it would be a foot.

36. My niece had a doll whose nose got broken. She was looking for new noses to put on it. I told her that noses are made at the ol-factory.

37. Eye jokes are very cornea but nose jokes sure do stink.

38. I know he had a runny nose for three days but he still did not blow his interview.

39. One day a T-Rex slipped and It broke its nose. The doctor said it'd need a dinoplasty.

40. The punctuation that smells the best is semi-cologne.

41. There's a way of making a Wookiee smell good. One just needs to give him a De-yoda-rant.

42. I told my brother if he ate in the car and I smelled something rotten later, he'll have to give me $30 of his $150 monthly allowance. I got my 20 per-scent.

43. There was a cold war agent who got caught because of deodorants. It was the scent of the old spies that gave him away.

44. One day, a nose went to visit his hometown after a long time. He was overcome with nostril-gia.

45. The thing people overlook most of the time, is their noses.

46. I got a new nose for my sister's doll which got broken. Seeing it, my mom said, "Well, that's sniffty".

47. I once saw a hippo that had a sinus infection. I named it 'The heaposnotamus'.

48. I saw this new horror film that had a man who possesses people by sneezing. It's said to be based on achoo story.

49. There's a pink bird that always has mucus in its throat. It's the Phlegmingos.

Scent And Smell Puns


Jokes about noses and smells can be smart. Don't believe me, put your nose in the middle, lock up your eyes on the screen and enjoy these funny puns and take a laugh while reading the joke!

50. There's a reason our nose is in the middle of our face. It's because that's the scenter.

51. If a room smells bad, people should light nice smelling candles. That just make scents.

52. Last week I noticed a terrible smell somewhere in my home which smelled somewhat familiar. Then I reekognized it.

53. My friend has the ability to smell whenever any trouble is brewing. I call her scenter of a tension.

54. There was a bad smell coming from a dumpster. So, my mother made my sister burn some spices to cover it. She used pap-reek-her.

55. Once I got addicted to buying cheap body sprays of other countries for their smell. It's probably because I like foreign axe scents.

56. There was a company that sent people to everyone's homes and claimed that they could track you from your smell. But they couldn't do that without your con-scent.

57. I heard about a perfume which smells of nothing and I think that's total non-scents.

58. The scent of the most technologically advanced deodorant is Elon musk.

59. My daughter always gets this magazine each month that smells like maple syrup, and I always wondered where they scent it from.

60. My mom's sister is good at cleaning stuff, especially any stinky laundry. We call her a deodor-aunt.

61. The insects that smell the best are deodor-ants.

62. There was a man who went to trial for stealing a perfume bottle. He was found in-a-scent.

63. Light can be measured, and so can sound. Smell can also be measured, by scentimeters.

64. My mom was seasoning the food. When I asked what spice she was using, she told me it was sage. I said "Smells wise".

65. Two snowmen were talking, when one said to another, "I just keep smelling carrot? Can you smell them?".

66. A gentleman who reeks of a stinky smell is called pungent.

67. My 2 years old sister's stinky feet were smelling like cheese. My dad was wondering what happened, so I told him that she had chee-toes.

68. My brother wanted a dinosaur as a gift for his birthday. Then I told him, "They're all extinct". Hearing that, he said, "No, I don't want a stinky dinosaur".

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