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85+ Best Tree Jokes That Are Tree- Mendously Funny

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Trees cover approximately 30% of the earth's land surface, which is still less than optimal.

Trees are the reason why all human beings can stay alive in the first place. Trees soak up carbon dioxide from the air and emit oxygen, which we breathe to stay alive.

There are approximately 60,000 different species of trees globally, alongside at least five biggest rainforests. These rainforests are full of other trees and animals, many of which have not even been discovered yet. One of the most critical issues in the world is global warming, which will cause numerous catastrophes in the future. Some disasters have already started because too many trees have been cut down. So, one can easily understand the importance of nature.

Some specific trees are used during the holidays, like fir trees for Christmas. People go to forests and cut them down with their own hands to bring them back home for decoration. We should learn to appreciate the trees if we want to safeguard the environment. So, we've curated a list of funny tree jokes that also includes some great nature jokes and forest jokes that'll help you up your tree humor game instead of stumping you.

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Tree Jokes

Here we have some tree jokes, wood jokes, and an apple tree joke that will help you turn your mood right around.

1. What would you call the sleepiest tree in the world? Mesnoozelah.

2. Why don't trees like any riddles? Probably because they can quickly get very stumped.

3. Why did the big tree get stumped the other day? Because it was having a hard time getting to the root of its problems.

4. What did the tree decide to do when his bank closed? It started its own branch.

5. Why can't Christmas trees sew properly? Because they can't help but drop their needles again and again.

6. How do trees act on Valentine's Day? Well, they get sappy.

7. Which Canadian city do trees love the most? Montreeal.

8. What happened to the car that had wooden wheels and a wooden engine? The car just wooden go.

9. Did you hear about the almond tree diet? Yes, but I didn't like it. It just sounded nuts to me.

10. How do trees access the internet? Well, they log on.

11. What's every tree's favorite subject in school? It's Geometree.

12. Why are trees great at networking? Because they are constantly branching out.

13. What did the small palm tree say when it's big brother was teasing it? It said, "leaf me alone."

14. What kind of trees like giving everyone high fives? Palm trees.

15. What do the trees enjoy having as dinner together with their family? They eat lots of root vegetables and drink root beer.

16. How do you identify Dogwood trees? You can identify them by their bark.

17. What's the trees' favorite radio station? It's the one that plays poplar songs.

18. What do trees wear to all pool parties? They wear swimming trunks.

19. What does a beaver say to the trees? It says, "It has been nice gnawing you."

20. Why did the leaf decide to go to its doctor? Because it was feeling green.

21. Why are trees the worst frenemies? They are pretty good at throwing shade.

22. Why was the pine tree always falling in trouble? It's because it was knotty.

Jokes About Trees

Riverside trees with cloudy sky.

This is a list of tree jokes, jokes about wood, and jokes about leaves that will keep you laughing and pining for more.

23. What dog do palm trees love? A Palmeranian.

24. What type of tree has the ability to fit into your hand? A palm tree.

25. What dating app is a favorite among trees? It's Timber.

26. Why do trees need to take naps at the end of the day? For rest.

27. Why was the Weeping Willow crying so much? Because the tree watched a sappy movie.

28. Why should you never invite any tree to your parties? They don't ever leaf, even if it's time to go.

29. Do you know the brief explanation of an acorn? In a nutshell, it's just an oak tree.

30. What would you find upon crossing a lemon tree with a tabby cat? A sour puss.

31. What's a tree's favorite thing in Star Trek? It's the Captain's log.

32. What do you call an artificial Christmas tree? The Faux Fir.

33. What would you call a military tree that didn't return on time? Absent without leaf.

34. What would happen if a tree fell into the mud? It would leaf an impression.

35. What is a tree 's least favorite month? Septimber.

36. What is a tree's favorite dinosaur? It's the Tree-rex.

37. Why did the evil king order his subjects to cut down every tree in the kingdom? He got jealous of the fact that all of them had bigger crowns than him.

38. Did you hear that the lumberjack cut down a Christmas tree just by looking at it? He just saw it with his own eyes.

39. Have you heard the joke about the Oaktree? It was a corn-y one.

40. Where do saplings go when they're ready to go to school? Elementree school.

41. Why do all trees make great thieves? Because of sticky fingers.

42. Why couldn't the lonely evergreen ever stop thinking about high school? She was still pining to become one of the poplar kids.

43. How do trees make themselves heard? They use amp-leaf-ication.

44. Which flowering plant is the champion equestrian in the kingdom of plants? The horse chestnut.

45. Which motorcycle brand do the London plane trees ride when they're roaming through the forest? The Treeumph.

Funny Tree Jokes

Here you'll find some log jokes, funny nature jokes, pine tree jokes, and palm tree jokes that will leaf you in splits and make you roll on the floor like a log.

46. Do you know an elephant accidentally ended up stuck on a tree last month? It had to sit on the branch and wait until fall to get down.

47. What kind of sea creature falls from trees? Jel-leaf-ishes.

48. How do bees travel from one tree to another? They take the buzz.

49. How do coniferous trees get ready when they're going out with their friends? They spruce up.

50. What do houseplants needs when they are going on a vacation? They just need their trunks.

51. What does a tree do when it doesn't have an answer to someone's question? It just shrubs.

52. What is the saddest ever tree out there? It's the weeping willow.

53. What would you get if you cross an artificial waterway with a tree? A root canal.

54. What did the tree feel when the gardener gave him some water instead of cutting him down? Releafed.

55. Which kind of tree produces a type of fruit that tastes like chicken? A Poultree.

56. Why are leaves always ready to do any risky business? Probably because they constantly go out on a limb.

57. What did the squirrel say when he met the pretty fir tree for the first time? "Nice gnawing you. I would like to get to gnaw you more."

58. Why do Platanus occidentalis need to see doctors more than all the other trees? It's because they are sycamore.

59. Have you heard about a big corporation that has been making syrup from contaminated trees? Well, they maple their brand off shelf.

60. How would you get down from any tree? You can't. Because down comes from ducks.

61. Where do Adansonia trees go to get a quick trim? They go to the baobarber.

62. Why did everyone sit under one particular aspen tree? Because it was poplar.

63. Why do the two rival forests now get along? They signed a peace tree-ty.

64. What did the palm tree teacher have to do before it went overseas? Well, it had to take a leaf of absence.

65. How old was the small tree when it started going to school? Near-leaf five.

66. What would you give to a tree that says it's thirsty? Lemon-aid.

67. Why didn't the pine tree ever go hunting? Because that was against his beleafs.

Tree Jokes For Kids To Root For

In this list, you'll find all kinds of tree jokes, woods jokes, and other jokes for kids and parents to enjoy together. Check out these tree-mendously funny jokes!

68. How did the tree know that the pine tree was a true friend? Because it did him a favor, no twigs attached.

69. What is every tree's preferred singer? Spruce Springsteen.

70. What did the Dogwood tree say to the Pine tree after he made the offer? He said, "Take it or leaf it."

71. What does everyone think of tree-free papers? They're tearable.

72. Why don't trees like taking tests? The questions leave them stumped.

73. What would you call the nice kind of tree that doesn't have any teeth? The sweetgums.

74. Why couldn't the Christmas tree get in shape even after trying for a while? Because it couldn't stick to the root-ine.

75. How can you make all kinds of tree laugh really hard? Tell them acorn-y joke.

76. How did the little Pine tree get lost? He took the wrong root.

77. What do the trees do when they want to get rid of wrinkles? They get a faceleaft.

78. What did the Dogwood tree do to get arrested for the other day? It was shopleafting.

79. Why was the evergreen unable to find any good friends? Because it was always busy pining after all the unavailable trees.

80. Where do all the trees keep their valuables? They keep them in a riverbank.

81. Why wasn't the squirrel collecting acorns off the Oak tree? Because she called in to say that she was going to the beech.

82. How did the Oak tree get the job? Well, it had the required qua-leaf-ications.

83. What did the Jedi say to a sacred tree he saw? May the forest be with you.

84. Why did the Christmas tree love to play chess? Probably because he was a chess-nut.

85. Why was the pet Dogwood tree better than the pet dog? Because its bark was quieter.

86. What crime is considered the worst in the kingdom of trees? Treeson.

87. What would you say if a tree had spine problems? That it has Scoli-oak-sis.

88. Why don't people cut any trees in China? Because they just chopsticks.

89. What does the Palm tree say to everyone he meets? He says, "Let's be fronds."

90. What did the Oak tree say to the beavers when they were overstaying their duration at the party? It said, "Why don't you just make like a tree and leave".

91. What do you do to get a Christmas tree cut? You go Christmas chopping!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly [Jokes/Puns/Riddles] for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 85+ Best Tree Jokes then why not take a look at 147 Wood Puns That Are Solidly Funny, or Axe puns.

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