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100+ Best Water Jokes That Will Make A Splash

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Water is essential not only for our survival but even for our laughter!

Approximately 70% of our body is filled with water. Since it is so important, why not make a few jokes about it and make it an educative experience?

Breaking it down to the basics, water is a liquid that is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Two parts hydrogen, and one part oxygen, to be precise. Water does not have any taste or odor. It can exist in the gaseous, liquid, or solid state. The gaseous and solid forms of water are water vapor and ice respectively.

Water is not just crucial to human beings. It is a source of life for all other living animals, that is, all plants, animals, and organisms. In fact, some creatures can only survive in water. Hence, water is not just drunk but also used as a living habitat by many.

Besides Earth, water can be traced on other planets and their moons too. Such heavenly bodies exist within and even outside our solar system. Sometimes traces of water can mean a possible sign of life on the particular planet. The most recent example of this is the planet Mars. However, it is not guaranteed evidence of life on other planets.

So, if you are a fan of water these funny water jokes for kids and adults alike will make you burst into laughter. Go on, knock yourself out with these water park jokes, water cycle jokes, waterfall jokes, lake joke, salt jokes, bottled water jokes, and other wet jokes about water. These water jokes can really make your inner humor starting glowing with immense fluidity. If these jokes about water amuse you, you can check out our articles on Water Puns and River Puns.

Water Jokes

Without further ado, let us sprinkle around some water humor. What better way to get going with a wet joke than a funny water joke? Read on, to relish the following smart water jokes.

1.  Why did the advertised water jump back into the water bottle every time someone drank some water from it? It contained spring water.

2. What did the passenger reply when the flight attendant asked him if he wanted his water still? Yes, I still cannot live without it.

3. Which rock does not like to swim underwater? Hardrock.

4. What did everyone say when the boiling water died? He would be mist.

5. Which doctor should you go to if you live underwater? A sturgeon.

6. What does a table become when you accidentally pour water on it? A pool table.

7. How does the faucet work with all its intricate mechanisms? The mechanism works in sink.

8. What are the two reasons you should refrain from drinking toilet water? Number one, and number two.

9. How does a dock stay afloat? Pier pressure.

10. How did the boiled water pay for her new house? With hydrogen bonds.

11. What did the newly married couple say when they found the bed they liked? "Water bed!"

12. Why was there boiling water at work? There was not. It was just the regular water being angry over the water bill.

13. How do you determine the gender of an ant? If it floats on the water, it is a buoyant.

14. How do you get one holy bottle of water? By boiling the hell out of it.

15. How did one swimming pool compliment the other? You have got a real drip going on, they say.

16. What is a water marathon called? A livestream.

17. Why did the jockey fail at water polo? He could not get his horse to swim.

18. What did the freshwater fish do to get a natural scrub? He went to swim in salt water.

19. What kind of a bed do mermaids use to sleep on? A water bed.

20. What is the chemical formula of ice? H2O cubed.

21. How can mineral water make someone happy? By Scwheppe-ing them off their feet.

22. Why should you not drink water during your exam preparation? Because it can dilute your concentration.

23. Why did the sink say praises for the water faucet? Because it was a real drip.

24. What could possibly be the opposite of a waterfall? A firefly.

25. What did the sink say to the glass of water? You are sinking.

Rain Jokes

Do the monsoons get you gloomy? Or the spring showers? Well, not anymore. Get raining laughs with this list of rain-related water jokes. Read on, "water" you waiting for?

26. What did one raindrop tell the other while making plans? "Water" you doing tonight?

27. What do you call it when it rains coins? A change in the weather.

28. Why should one be careful when it is raining cats and dogs? Because they might step on a poodle.

29. Why do owls turn nonchalant during monsoons? Because they are too wet to woo.

30. What did the two raindrops say to the third one? Two is company, but three is a cloud.

31. Why can male dogs swim in rain-clogged streets? Because they are good buoys.

32.  Where can raindrops settle an argument? The Supreme Quart.

33. What helps to build an ark when it rains? To Noah guy.

34. What did the raindrop say when it was evaporating? Help me, I'm going into pieces.

35. What is a heavy precipitation called? A rain of terror.

36. What did the young cloud aspire to be? Data storage.

37. Why is it always so noisy when there is an opera in the clouds? Because there are too many thunderclaps.

38. What is raining poultry called? Fowl weather.

39. Why was the sky sad when it rained? It used to get the blues.

40. What kind of precipitation does a king like? Hail.

41. How is a horse different from the cloud? The former can get reined up while the latter rains down.

42. How do you wrap a gift for a cloud? Using a rain-bow.

43. How did the raindrop feel while receiving a gift? It was on Cloud Nine.

44. What kind of precipitation does the queen like? Reign.

45. How does a cloud invest? Through liquid assets.

46. What kind of exchange medium do raindrops use? Rain check.

47. What is a wet bear called? A drizzly bear.

48. What precedes raining candies? Sprinkles.

49. Why were the two snowflakes best friends? Because they stuck together.

50. What does a snowflake eat? Icebergers.

Ocean And Sea Jokes

Underwater view of ocean.

You are sure to be drowning in laughter with these oceans of hilarious jokes.

51. What did the ocean do to communicate? Nothing, it just waved.

52. Why did the ocean dislike her classmate? Because he was too shallow.

53. What would you find at the bottom of the ocean which often twitches? A nervous wreck.

54. Why are oceans mostly salty? Because while they wave, the land never waves back.

55. What hairstyle does the ocean flaunt? Wavy hair.

56. Who keeps the ocean clean? Mer-maids.

57. Why did the teacher grade her students underwater? Because their marks were below sea level.

58. What will happen if you drop your white hat into the Black Sea? Nothing other than it getting wet.

59. Why are oceans too careful? They are Pacific.

60. How do oceans like their news? Current.

61. Why do dolphins only swim in salt-water oceans? They like salt-water because pepper always makes them sneeze.

62.  What kind of an educational institution can be found in the ocean? A school.

63. What was the gender of the ocean's baby? A buoy.

64. How should a fish travel through an ocean? By roe-ing your boat.

65. Which fishes lay at the bottom of the ocean? The ones which dropped out of their school.

66. Why did the ocean leave the party early? Because it was getting really tide.

67.  What did the ocean tell his friend? He asked them to show him their mussels.

68. Why did the ocean restaurant still keep going even after suffering losses? Because it was serving the "porpoise".

69. How are criminals in the ocean held accountable? They are charged "gill"-ty.

70. What did the shark say when his friend was being shy? Do not be "koi" with me.

71. What is the favorite subject of oceanic creatures? Algae-bra.

72. If you dropped orange soda in the ocean and noticed it all go orange, what would you call it? A Fanta Sea.

73. What keeps the ocean intact and does not let the water leak out? The seals.

74. What did one concerned ocean say to the other? "Why are you so blue?"

75. Which section of the newspaper did the seaweed search for jobs? Kelp wanted.

76. Why did one fish disagree with the other? They did not sea the matter the same way.

River Jokes

Rivers are freshwater in motion, referred to as flowing. They generally start from glaciers and meet the sea or the ocean. Follow the course of these river jokes to get a good laugh.

77. Why do unique people not swim in the river? Because it is too mainstream.

78. What is the process of throwing money in the river called? Cash flow.

78.  Where do fish go to wash their hands? To a river basin.

79. What would you call the citizens of Paris going for a bath in the river? In-Seine.

80. Why did the tourist decline the assertions of him being in Egypt? Because he was in de-Nile.

81. In which state does the River Nile flow? In the liquid state.

82. Where do aquatic animals store their money? In river banks.

83. What are tiny river tributaries in Cairo named? Juve-Niles.

84. Why did the tourist like the landscape surrounding the river? It was gorges.

85. In which state can you find the Mississippi river? In the liquid state.

86. Why did the teacher scold the river? Because the river had a very dirty mouth.

87. Have you heard that river joke? It is a dam good one.

88. Why can the river not have a good memory anymore? Because it has turned se-Nile.

89. What did the woman say when she fell into the river? Dam it.

90. Why are rivers great friends to have? Because they like to go with the flow.

91. How do you make a water bed bouncier? By using spring water.

92. What is the best waterfall joke? The one which does not have any downfalls.

93. What did I tell my friend who wanted to swim in a river in Ukraine? It's Dnieper than you think.

94. What did the guide say to the tourists when she spotted a shoe in the river? Beware of the crocs.

95. What makes dry river beds so dramatic? Being ex-stream.

Well Jokes

"Well", a few well-formed jokes can really dig a deep pit of humor in your mind.

96. Why kind of comedy does the well not like? Dry humor.

97. What happened when the well learned about his father drying up? He welled up.

98. What do you say if you find three holes in the ground? "Well, well, well".

99. What do you call it when a prince falls into a well? A roil mess.

100. What do you call a well with abundant water? A well that is well off.

101. What do you call a famous well? Well-known.

102. What card did the man get when he saw his huge water bill? A 'Get well soon' card.

103. What do you call a water body that is polite? Well-behaved.

104. What kind of water is good for your health? Well water.

105. Why did the girl put the fish in her backyard well? Because she cared about the fish's well-being.

Lake Jokes

Unlike rivers, lakes are stagnant water bodies. Lakes often make for great tourist attractions, since they can be quite picturesque. Keep reading to enjoy good humor on this beautiful form of water.

106. Why did one lake not like the other? Because it's personality was too bubbly.

107. What did the poor man do with his marvelous painting of a lake? He pond it.

108. Why did the lake lovers want to break their relationship? Because their relationship was starting to stagnate.

109. Why did the woman not spend much time at the lake full of ducks? Because she was not liking the bills.

110. Which is the spookiest lake? Lake Eerie.

111. Why are jokes on frozen lakes dangerous? Because they might crack you up.

112. Why can elephants never drown in a lake? Because they have trunks to stay afloat on.

113. What did the swan say before leaving the lake? Aboat time.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Water Jokes then why not take a look at Pool Puns And Captions, or Swimming Puns.

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