85+ Poop Jokes For Kids That Will Blow Them Away

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Everyone poops, and while it's a natural body process, it can also be the source of some knee-slapping humor. There's no need to tiptoe around the topic; sometimes the most mundane, everyday occurrences provide the best chuckles. For kids and adults alike, poop jokes can be a surefire way to get a laugh. They remind us of shared human experiences and can help break the ice in awkward situations.

Bathroom jokes, with their playful jabs and twists, never fail to bring a smile. This list is packed with poop jokes to keep the giggles rolling. So, if you've ever chuckled at a toilet joke or found humor in the mundane, you're in for a treat. Humor can be found in the most unexpected places, even if they're a bit smelly.

Funny Poop Jokes For Kids

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Looking for a way to make the kids laugh? It's time to embrace some good old-fashioned bathroom humor! Poop is something everyone has in common, and it's a subject that can be surprisingly funny, especially to the younger crowd. These jokes are sure to tickle the funny bones of kids of all ages.

1. Why do people hate poop jokes? Because they kinda stink.

2. Why do toilet papers roll down hills? They need to go to the bottom.

3. What do sad toilet papers say to their friend? "I feel so wiped."

4. Do you know about the little boy who had diarrhea and was late for school? He was running behind a little.

5. Why was the comedian with diarrhea rushing to say his jokes? He couldn't hold it in.

6. Why did Tigger put his head inside the toilet bowl? He was looking for Pooh!

7. What did one toilet bowl say to the other toilet bowl? "You are looking flushed."

8. Why did the woman bring a toilet paper roll to the birthday party? She was a party pooper.

9. Why do swans have so many feathers? They cover up their butt quacks.

10. What did the conditioner bottle do to the toilet seat? He shampooed it.

11. What is something you never appreciate until it is gone? Toilet paper.

12. Why did the toilet seat cry? Because she got dumped.

13. Why does Piglet stink? Because he always plays with Pooh.

14. Why did the prankster put poo in the elevator? Because he wanted to take his pranks to the next level.

15. What is the favorite dance move of a poop? Poopin' and locking.

16. What is an example of a surprise? A fart with a lump.

17. Which time is the most appropriate to poop? Poo-thirty.

18. What are surfers greatly afraid of? Sharts.

19. What is a superhero in a restroom called? Flush Gordon.

20. Why did the toilet paper fail to cross the road? Because it was stuck in a crack.

21. Where do cavemen poop? In a Neander-stall.

22. What did the employee at the fast-food joint say to the toilet? "Your order is number two."

23. What is a vegetarian suffering from diarrhea called? A salad shooter.

24. How can you unlock a toilet when you are in a hurry? With a doo-key.

25. Which poop movie in a trilogy is the worst of all? The turd one.

26. Why did they fire the constipated composer? He was facing problems with his last movement.

27. What type of poop jokes should you never crack? The corny ones.

28. Why are poop jokes second best? Because they are a solid number two.

29. What is a magical poop called? Poodini.

30. What is a bathroom fairy called? Stinkerbell.

31. What does a clown's fart smell like? They smell funny.

32. What is an example of a toilet palindrome? Poop.

33. What type of diarrhea is hereditary? The one that runs in your jeans.

34. Why do cops sit in toilets? To do their duty.

35. Why is there a toilet near the garbage heap? Everybody needs to take a dump.

36. What did the patient say when he got admitted to the hospital for pooping too much? "I don't want to die-rrhoea."

37. How can you make a dung house smell fresh? You make a Poopourri!

38. What do VFX experts call bowel movements? 3D Farts.

39. What do dung beetles love eating while watching a stinky movie? Poopcorn.

40. How would you define a fart? It is a lone cry from a turd that is abandoned.

Unbelievable Potty Humor For Kids

Potty humor might be met with groans from some adults, but for kids, it's a goldmine of giggles. It can help children feel more comfortable with their bodies and the natural processes that might otherwise seem mysterious or even a little scary. Explore this collection of jokes and enjoy some good, clean fun with the kids!

41. What did Spock come across in the toilet of the Enterprise? The Log of the Captain.

42. Why do people take naps in the toilet? It is the restroom.

43. If pooping is the call of nature, what is farting? A missed call.

44. Why was the diarrhea hotline operator fired? He asked the caller to hold.

45. What are King's farts called? A noble gas.

46. What sounds like a bell and is brown in color? Dung.

47. What is big and brown and falls from a wall? Humpty’s Dump.

48. Why was the movie 'Diarrhea' released early? It leaked.

49. What did the poop lovingly say to the fart? "You blow me away."

50. What do flies politely say to the other? "Is this stool taken?"

51. When you poop in your overalls, what do you get? Dung-arees.

52. What is better than love? Being able to find a toilet when you are having diarrhea.

53. What is the name of an adorable and smelly Disney character? Winnie the Poo.

54. When does Denzel Washington usually need to hang out with the Rugrats? On potty training day.

55. What happened to the guy that ate four cans of alphabet soup? He had the biggest vowel movement ever.

56. What do athletes say when someone cracks funny poop jokes? "You are making me puma pants."

57. What happens when bears poop in the woods? It smells unbearable.

58. Why has the new movie 'Constipated' not been released? Because it has not come out yet.

59. What's something great about poop jokes? It will make your cheeks hurt.

60. Did you hear about the constipated accountant? He could not budget.

61. What kind of jokes do poops enjoy? Potty humor.

62. What is an example of true bravery? Risking a fart while suffering from diarrhea.

63. Why did the baker's hands stink? He kneaded a poo.

64. What did the toilet say when it got a gift? "This is so pot-ful!"

65. Toilet paper is useless, but what’s even more useless? A F-art degree.

Toilet Humor That Will Have You Laughing Your Insides Out

Toilet humor has long been a source of laughter for children and adults alike. It's simple, relatable, and downright funny. Bathroom matters are a part of everyday life for everyone, making them a universal subject for humor. These jokes are not just funny but also engaging, with a dose of charm that's perfect for sharing with the whole family.

66. What do you get when you cross a toilet with a rhino? I don't know but, I’m not using that restroom.

67. When a janitor is fired for refusing to unclog the toilets, what is it called? Dereliction of doodie.

68. Why did the soldier refuse to flush the toilet? It wasn’t his doodie.

69. Why are there no toilets in some banks? Because not all banks accept deposits.

70. How can you differentiate between bad and good toilet paper? One is terrible while one is tearable.

71. What is the favorite breakfast of a poop? Poo-ridge.

72. How did one roll of toilet paper walk out from a restaurant? It rolled out.

73. When do you need to buy a new toilet bowl? When the one you have is full.

74. What are the two reasons why you love toilets? Number 1 and number 2.

75. Why do people prefer toilet paper while pooping? They cannot use the toilet brush.

76. Why is a toilet always angry? Because everyone's pooping in its mouth.

77. What’s a toilet paper's favorite kid's show? 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turdles'.

78. What's the similarity between poop and talent? Both will come out when it's time for them to come out.

79. What is a smelly dog breed? A poo-dle.

80. What is the difference between a mayor and a person suffering from diarrhea? One runs a city, and one sits a runny.

81. Why are fart jokes so great? They can leave you gagging for air.

82. What is the name of a planet that is smelly? Uranus.

83. What is poop called by cows? Moo-nure.

84. How do toilet papers cheer each other up? By saying "You’re on a roll!"

85. What is Clark Kent with diarrhea called? Poop-erman.

86. What is the similarity between politicians and diapers? They need to be changed often.

87. What name did Clark Kent give to his bathroom? The Super Bowl.

88.  Why did the fly fly into the soup? To poop.

There you have it, a treasure trove of jokes that are sure to bring a smile to the faces of children. Poop jokes might not be for everyone, but they can be a hilarious way to connect with kids and lighten the mood. They can even be a fun way to introduce discussions about health or body awareness. Laughter is a valuable tool in parenting, teaching, or simply relating to children. It fosters a shared sense of humor and can sprinkle some joy into everyday moments. Use these jokes as tools to lighten moods, spark conversations, and turn a boring day into a lively one.

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