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65+ Valentine's Day Jokes That Are Perfect For Captions And Cards

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Valentine's Day is an adorable day to celebrate love.

Cute Valentine's jokes are the perfect way to make your spouse, or significant other feel loved and wanted on this special day. Here are some funny valentine jokes for kids.

This article has a collection of the best jokes about Valentine's day. If you are in search of some kids' Valentine's jokes or some corny Valentine's jokes, you are in the right place. Funny Valentine's Day jokes for kids can be hard to find but can work wonders as kids need to understand the meaning of love through smiles, giggles, and laughs. It is a great way to impress your loved one too. Anyone with a great sense of humor will enjoy these jokes and Valentine's Day one-liners. Valentine's Day is celebrated almost world-wide on February 14th to honor love and show how love can conquer everything else in the world. It might be celebrated on different days in different countries with different traditions. However, the core purpose of the day remains the same - love above all.

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Cheesy Valentine Jokes

A girl's hand making a popular Kpop heart gesture.

Are you looking for some funny jokes for Valentine's Day? Here are some great jokes to impress your spouse.

1. What would you call two birds in love deeply? Tweethearts.

2. How can you tell when a squirrel is mad in love? It really goes nuts.

3. What did the calculator say when it wanted to be romantic? You can count on me.

4. What do you call a small valentine? Valen-tiny.

5. What did blueberry say to strawberry on Valentine's day? I love you berry much.

6. What did the romantic cat say to his valentine? You are purr-fect for me.

7. What did the bartender say to his girlfriend? I love you beer-y much.

8. How do you wish your spouse if he is a vegetable lover? A Pea Valentine's Day.

Funny Valentine Jokes

Are you looking for unique ways to confess and celebrate your love? Here are some amazing jokes that will keep you and your loved ones laughing for hours.

9. What did the refrigerator say to the magnet? I find you very attractive.

10. How did Saturn propose to another planet? By giving it a ring.

11. What did the tube light say to the light bulb? You light up my world.

12. How did muskmelon propose to watermelon? He said, "You are one in a melon".

13. What did the bee say to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day? I love bee-ing with you.

14. What did the elephant tell his girlfriend on a romantic Valentine's Day? I love you a ton.

15. How did one boat propose to the other? By being row-mantic.

16. Which flowers can you never gift to your girlfriend on Valentine's Day? Cauliflowers.

17. How do volcanoes express their love for each other? By saying "I lava you".

18. How did the sheep propose to his girlfriend? He said, "I love ewe!".

Cute Valentine's Day Jokes

Do you believe in making Valentine's Day special for your loved ones? Read on for some of the best jokes that will add a touch of fun to your Valentine's Day.

19. What does the stamp say to the envelope every Valentine's Day? I am stuck on you.

20. How do Italians express their love to loved ones? You have a pizza my heart.

21. How do painters profess their love to loved ones? By saying "I love you with all my art".

22. How can you tell your animal lover spouse that you love them? By saying "I ain't lion when I say I love you a lot!".

23. What did the sock say to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day? We make a great pair.

24. What did the smoothie lover say to her boyfriend? So here's my number, kale me maybe.

25. What did the baker say to his spouse on Valentine's Day? I love you a waffle lot.

26. How do rabbits express their love to each other? By saying "I carrot about you a lot".

27. What do you call two birds in love who are always together? Velcrows.

Best Valentine's Day Jokes

Are you on the search for some funny jokes and one-liners for your loved ones? These jokes will help you add some mushiness to your proposals.

28. What did the Earth say to the moon on Valentine's Day? You are my rock.

29. What did the cat say to his lover? I am feline a connection between us.

30. What did the photographer say to his valentine? I can picture us perfectly together.

31. How do coffee lovers express their love to each other? I love you a latte.

32. What do Star Wars fans say to each other on Valentine's Day? Yoda one for me.

Awesome Valentine's Day Jokes

Do you want to speak your heart out with some funny jokes? Here are some amazing jokes for your valentine.

33. When do vampires fall in love? It is always love at first bite.

34. Why is Valentine's Day the best day to celebrate? Because you can party hearty.

35. Why are skunks most happy on Valentine's Day? Because they are extremely scent-imental creatures.

36. Why are criminals the best valentines? Because they always end up stealing hearts.

37. What do you get when your valentine is a great chef? You get buttered up.

38. What do ghosts call their valentines? Ghoul-friends.

39. Why should you have a lot of lettuce on Valentine's Day? Because it is all heart.

Mushy Valentine's Day Jokes

Are you looking for some cute ways to make your loved ones smile? Here are some great valentine jokes for preschoolers.

40. Why do flames make for the best Valentine's Day dates? Because they are great matches.

41. What did the bee say to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day? Will you bee mine?

42. Why is a calendar the most popular on Valentine's Day? Because it has a lot of dates.

43. What does a baker say to his sweetheart on Valentine's Day? I donut want to ever leave you!

44. What did the cheese lover say to his girl? I love brie-ing with you.

45. What does a ketchup bottle usually say to his girlfriend while expressing love? I love you from my head tomatoes.

46. How does a nerd compliment his loved one? You are a cutie pi.

47. What did the dog say to his girl when he fell in love? I love you furry much.

48. What did the penguin say when he fell in love? We make a great catch.

Amazing Valentine's Day Jokes

You can use these jokes and one-liners to profess your love to your partner. These include some awesome Valentine's Day math jokes and Valentine's Day chemistry jokes too.

49. How did the shoe propose to his significant other? By saying "Please be my sole mate?".

50. How does a gym freak tell his girlfriend to patch up? By saying "Let us make this work out please!".

51. Why do gym freaks make for the best lovers? Because they love whey too much.

52. How do you propose to a scuba diver on Valentine's Day? By telling him you will dolphinately love him.

53. What would you call your valentine if they were a fruit? A fine-apple.

54. What would a math lover say to his girlfriend? You are a-cute angle.

55. What did the scientist say to his girlfriend? We definitely have some chemistry between us.

56. What did the rabbit say to his loved one? Somebunny loves you.

57. What did one pickle say to the other on Valentine's Day? You mean a great dill to me.

58. How did the pig know he was in love? Because his girlfriend was bacon him crazy.

59. What was the hamburger's gift to his sweetheart? An onion ring.

60. What do most farmers gift their wives during Valentine's? A lot of hogs and kisses.

61. What is that special flower that gives many kisses during Valentine? Tulips.

Knock Knock Jokes

Here are some awesome Valentine's Day knock knock jokes for your tweethearts or for people who love celebrating a surprise small valentine before Valentine's Day.

62. Knock knock.

Who's there?


Olive who?

Olive you.

63. Knock knock.

Who's there?


Bee who?

Bee my valentine.

64. Knock knock.

Who's that?


Al who?

Al happily be your valentine this year.

65. Knock knock.

Who's there?


Honeydew who?

Honeydew know I love you a lot.

66. Knock knock.

Who's there?


Pauline who?

I'm sure I am Pauline completely in love with you.

67. Knock knock.

Who's knocking?


Juno who?

Juno I really really love you a lot!

68. Knock knock.

Who's there?


Peas who?

Peas be my Valentine.

69. Knock knock.

Who's there?


Eyesore who?

Eyesore love you a lot.

70. Knock knock.

Who's there?


Frank who?

Frank you for loving me.

71. Knock knock.

Who's there?


Luke who?

Luke at my Valentine today.

72. Knock knock.

Who's there?


Owl who?

Owl always love you a lot.

73. Knock knock.

Who's there?


Will who?

Will you be my Valentine?

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Valentine's day jokes then why not take a look at romantic puns, or I love you puns.

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