50+ Top Romantic Puns For Loved Ones

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Puns are a fun way of making a loved one laugh.

There are countless ways to show someone that you adore them, be it showering them with gifts, cooking them their favorite meals, or just sitting together cracking punny jokes and laughing together. No matter how big or small a gesture may be, it is the thought that counts.

People who laugh together love together.

A joke, be it funny or punny, is better enjoyed when shared amongst others.

Joy creates a bond like no other, and it is imperative that to make a relationship last forever, you must have fun with each other. Sweet puns, no matter how cheesy, will most definitely bring a smile to your lover's face.

Your significant other will always love it when you show them simple acts of affection like leaving them a note with some romantic food puns along with some homemade dinner, making a DIY romantic card with cute puns for him or cute puns for her on the front, or just playing a punny game of who can crack the most cheesy Valentine's day pun or lovey-dovey relationship puns on the day of lovers itself.

You can never go wrong with romantic humor because they make life rosy after all.

Listening to love songs on a loop from the same playlist made by her, sharing a bowl of popcorn while watching a rom-com with him, or even the simplest acts of doing the chores together are lovable moments that can be enlivened all the more just by the crack of a silly joke or a love pun.

Having a puntastic time with your loved one is the recipe for laughter, which strengthens the core of your being.

Hence, when you love, you should laugh as well, because it is a hugely contagious thing that keeps your heart healthy.

While romance can make your heart skip, romance puns will make it do backflips because you will be head over heels in laughter with these puns! It is impossible not to laugh or at least smile when such romantic and cheesy puns are cracked.

If you are looking for some cute, cuddly and funny romantic puns, here is a list of the best love puns, couple puns and puns about love in general.

It includes romantic fruit puns, puns for Valentine's day, I love you puns, and date puns that you will find a-muse-ing. Share these punny jokes with your lover and watch them light up your world with their laughter.

If you like these and are looking for even more puns, you can look into our other articles, such as these balloon puns and these cute puns, perfect to share with a loved one!

Romantic Cheese Puns That Will Pull Your Heartstrings

Unable to ignore love's pull? These cheesy romantic love puns will have you feeling full of love! Why not share a cheesy puns or two with someone you love today?

1. Will you marry me and please brie mine?

2. I love you because you are brie-lliant.

3. I really brie-lieve that there is something brie-tween us.

4. A cheese lover's favorite Lionel Riche song lyrics are "Hello, is it brie you're looking for?"

5. I might come off as cheesy, but I think you're the grate-st person I ever met.

6. You bring out the gouda in me.

7. If you ever feel bleu, I will do my best to make everything gouda for you.

8. I am a Munster, hungry for your love.

9. Ricotta let you know that you are cheddar than every other lover out there.

10. I am asking for your parmesan to be with you forever.

11. I cannot help being fondue of you.

12. I just swiss to be your lover.

13. When the grilled cheese made his sandwich lover, he told her, "You make me melt."

14. When cheese lovers want affection, they just curdle together.

15. I'll just cut to the cheese to say that you should brie-long to me.

Food Puns For A Foodie In Your Life

Are you in love with someone who falls in love with all things food? You will loaf this list of puns. See if you can make them laugh with your favorite food pun on this list!

16. I have to tell you that I love you berry much.

17. I think you're made of candy because life with you is so sweet.

18. I carrot live without you because you make my heart beet.

19. Even if I fried I can never go bacon your heart.

20. Lettuce be chill today, if you're up for it.

21. I donut ever think life would be hole without you in it.

22. I decaffiene-itely need to let you know that I love you a latte.

23. When you're away from your wife, send her some love, hugs, and Hershey kisses.

24. You make my heart melt. I am never letting you slip away from my Butter fingers.

25. You have stolen a pizza my heart!

26. Muffin can come close to the warm love I have for you.

27. Like, pho real, you make miso joyful.

28. Lime only yours! Orange you gonna be mine?

29. I soy love it when you take me out.

30. I simply adore you from my head tomatoes.

31. I am the biggest flan you will ever have.

32. You are brighter than all the Milky Ways combined.

33. There is so mushroom in my heart waiting for you to fill.

34. You will always have a peas of my heart with you forever.

35. You always will and always have mint everything to me.

Romantic Puns For Animal Lovers

Young couple dressed as Romeo and Juliet.

Are you and your other half animal lovers? Here's a list of the beast animal love puns you will love furry much. Pick your favorite from this list!

36. I'd be lion if I'd say that I wasn't attracted to you when I first met you.

37. I want to ask you to be my otter half?

38. I love that you are hare with me because no bunny would ever come close to loving you as much as me.

39.  "And I will owl-ways love you" is an owl's favorite song to sing to her lover.

40. I was not squidding when I had told you that you octopi all my thoughts.

41. There are chameleon reasons I have for loving you.

42. You're my only sole-mate even if there are plenty of fishes in the sea.

43. You're my porpoise. I dolphinately love you infinitely.

44. "You look un-bee-lievably amazing tonight!" said the bee to his wife on a date.

45. I love you so much, tweetheart.

46. I can say that I am o-fish-ally in love.

47. I cannot bear to spend my life without you because I love you beary much.

48. We vibe like lovers. We should spend some koala-ity time, you and me.

49. I will bear my heart to tell you that I love you.

50. Otter lovers never leave each-otter's side ever.

51. "I love mew, mewtiful." said the cat to his wife.

52. I am deerly fawn-ed of you.

53. When we monkey around together, my heart goes baboon with joy.

54. A whale's favorite song to dedicate to their lovers is, "And I whale always love you."

55. You are turtle-ly the best person I have ever met.

56. I otter say that I love you furry furry much.

57. I love you, pig time!

58. I will be otterly confused in life if you leave me.

59. I hippopotamiss you very much.

60. I can squirrel on top of my lungs that I am nut-thing without you.

61. On Valentine's day, bird lovers gift each other a toucan of love.

62. I can bearly breathe whenever you're around.

63. I bonobo about you, but I think we look great together.

64. You are my biggest crush-tacean because you're one in a krillion.

65. "Koala me, loves Ko-all-a you..." sang the Koa-lover to his loving wife.

66. When a chipmunk chooses its mate, they say, "I chews you."

67. And when I saw your face, I was a belie-beaver!

68. All rhino is that you make me.

69. I gotta say that I whaley whaley like you."

70. You are so adorable that I want to give you a hedgehug every time we meet.

71. To show affection and attention, fish lovers say, "Let's cuttle."

72. Tiger lovers propose by saying, "You are pawfect. Purry me."

73. Honey, you are the bee's knees.

74. We'd be purrfect if we got into a relationship.

75. Skunk lovers show affection by saying, "I stinking love you so so much. You make my heart smell."

76. When scorpions propose, they say, "You are so stinging pretty."

77. Pigs complement their lovers by saying, "You make me want to squeal."

78. "Do you know how much I love you? A sloth!"

79. When penguins fall in love, they say, "We make a great catch."

80. Whale you please be my one true love?

81. I dino you were my soulmate.

82. I shrimply love you the best.

83. I ruff you, and I woof you too!

84. Life's irrelephant if you are not in it.

85. I am going to send some slugs and kisses your way.

86. When Jerry mouse takes pictures of his wife, he tells her, "You look very mice!" Say, "Cheese!"

87. I love you furry much because you are pawsome.

Nerdy Love Puns That Count

Is your lover a nerd? Here's a list of puns that will make you two feel like a math made in heaven. Which one will make you laugh the most?

88. You are such a cutie pi.

89. I acute-ly hate being stuck in a love triangle.

90. I think you are made of Copper and Terillium. Because you are CuTe.

91. You are my one and only math because you solve all my problems.

92. I think you are a magnet because I am attracted to you.

93. We have great chemistry because you charge me up.

94. I constantly keep thinking about U periodically.

95. You are like seismology because your love moves me.

96. I think you are an alien because you have abducted my heart.

97. All I am Sagan is that you are out of this world!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for romantic puns, then why not take a look at these cake puns, or for something different, take a look at these car puns.

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