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50+ Best Anime Jokes And Puns You'll Love

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Anime is not a cartoon; it is a worldwide phenomenon.

Anime as an entire genre of entertainment has been revolutionary. Its art is rooted in Japan, but it has branched out worldwide.

Anime is not just entertainment but also an emotion for most people who have incorporated it into their lives. It is a famous art style originating from China that first evolved and got popular as Japanese comic books known as manga. They later developed into series, which were dubbed into multiple languages and were aired worldwide, thus gaining popularity. Many people even take it up as their own profession born out of a passion for their beloved anime characters working as cosplayers or people who make cosplay items for sale. Anime is loved by all and sundry interested in it and is a great form of artistic expression.

As an art form, it greatly relies on instilling emotions with the plots, over-dramatic expressions, and dubbing. Just like every other art form, they also have a plethora of genres, each of them pertaining to the respective emotions that they are meant to make people feel. Humor is popularly used in anime, be it for humorous anime series or just as comic relief in the ones with serious context. Hence anime jokes are pretty extensive and undeniably hilarious.

Here is a list of some of the best anime puns and funny anime jokes that anime lovers will love. If you are a fan of such funny content, you could also check out video game jokes and Pokémon jokes for funny lists.

Funny Jokes About Anime

Anime is not a joke but there can be many good and bad anime jokes that can be really fun.

Here is a list of funny jokes from both anime and anime manga that are simply the best.

1. How do you get reluctant Pokemon to get on a bus? You Poke-em-on.

2. What anime do you get when you mix a melon and a collie? 'The Melon-collie of Haruhi Suzumiya.'

3.  What character do you get when you cross a Sailor with a Cow? Sailor Moo.

4. What is common between Light from 'Death Note' and a lift? They are both L-evaders.  

5. Why did Saitama get fired from his job when working in the railways as a conductor? Because he had to punch a ticket.

6. How did Brock keep himself dry during the rain? He used his frying pans as drying pans.

7. What is Mami Tomoe's favorite beverage to drink? De-cappuccino.

8. How much does Automail prosthetic body parts cost in 'Full Metal Alchemist'? An arm and a leg.

9. What does MonkeyD. Luffy say when you want another piece of the pie? You can only have 'One Piece.'

10. What is a Whailord Pokemon's favorite TV show? 'Whale of Fortune.'

11. What is a ghoul's favorite drink from 'Tokyo Ghoul'? A Ghoul-Aid.

12. What is a Pokemon addict's favorite place to visit in France? Paras.

13. Why you would be in deep trouble if 'Tokyo Ghoul' would have been real? Because, in this world, you Ken-run, but you Ken-not hide.

14. Why does nobody joke about rock type or ground type Pokemon? Because their jokes have reached rock bottom.

15. Why does Miso not like the world anymore? Because there is no Light.

16. What is the favorite type of nose of Saitama? Genos.

17. What did Meowth say to Ash when he told him to pretend like a tree and leave? He asked if Professor Oak was the one who set him up for that.

18. Why does nobody hangout with Tentacruel anymore? Because he used to be cool. Now he's just cruel.

19. Where does Kagome Higurashi go to do her laundry? Inu-washa.

20. What language do weebs who haven't learned Japanese prefer to read in mangas? Manganese.

21. What is Wall-E's favorite anime series? It is Eva-ngelion.

22. What is a type of anime car a little sister in the anime world usually drives? A Nii-san.

23. What would you call a French Anime fan? A Ouib.

24. What is the first food item that 'Whole Foods' is basing on an anime to promote healthy eating habits amongst kids? My Hero Macadamia.

25. What would you call an anime with a really confusing storyline? A Nanimae.

Funny Jokes About 'Dragon Ball Z'

Dragon Ball Z is one of the OG of animes. It is rare to find a person upbeat with pop culture who has never heard of 'Dragon Ball Z.' Dragon Ball is so popular worldwide that it has been made into a media franchise as well. Here's a list of the best 'Dragon Ball Z jokes', along with a few Dragon Ball jokes. You can easily make an anime joke from these to stand out among Dragon Ball fans:

26. How many characters does it take to screw and fix a light bulb in 'Dragon Ball Z'? Only one. But it will take 6 episodes.

27. Do you know where Vegeta went after death? Into the Freiza.

28. What do Saiyans usually wear when they go visit the beach? They wear Trunks.

29. What is the favorite musical instrument of Gohan to play? The Piccolo.

30. When Beerus meets Goku, what does he say? You should tell your son to "Gohan" back home.

31. Why did Goku get into another fight with Vegeta? Because he was Saiyan bad jokes.

32. When Vegeta got his tuition bill, what did he say? "It is over 9000."

33. How to get in touch with an android? You have to use a CELL Phone.

34. Why was Frieza not popular in high school? Because his brother was literally Cooler.

35. How do Elite Saiyan warriors react when they need to fix a car? Nappa know-how.

36. What happens when you chop a monkey's tail off? He becomes just a vegeta-ble.

37. Why did Vegeta not visit the beach with everyone? Because there was a hole in his Trunks.

38. Why did the Dragon Ball Z fan fail to officially change his name to Goku? Because he could not get to the final form.

39. When Gohan is in trouble, how does he feel? He feels like he is in a Picollo.

40. What would happen if Vegeta stopped eating meat? He would turn into a Vegeta-rian.

41. On which planet does Piccolo visit to relax? He goes to Planet Hammock.

42. What did the God of Destruction say to the cashier? You can put it on my Bills.

43. Why does nobody like the food in the Dead Zone? Because there is too much Garlic.

44. Why did the Namekians fail to repair their planet? Because they had no nail.

Funny Jokes About 'Attack On Titan'

'Attack On Titan,' also popularly known as 'Shingeki No Kyojin', is one of the most badass anime series ever made. With its ever-growing popularity and the recent release of the new season, it has been a blast amongst anime fans and fans of the series. Here is a list of the jokes from 'Attack on Titan.'

45. What TV series would Marco, Erin, and Jean make? 'Two and a Half Men.'

46. What is the favorite thing of a Titan to eat? Rawmen.

47. What would you call a drowning Titan? A Titanic.

48. If Levi would have had a brother, what would he be named? Mr. Clean.

49. Why did Petra freeze when she saw the female Titan? Because she was petra-fied.

50. What is the favorite song of Eren family that they often groove to? 'Moves like Jaeger.'

51. Why did Erwin lose his limb in battle with Titans? Because he had gone out on a limb with his last attack plan.

52. Why was it sad that Petra died when she started barking up the wrong tree? Because Anniebody could have killed her.

53. What did Arlert say when he got his Jaeger uniform? "You must have got my size wrong. I cannot even put my Armin."

54. Why did Armin's 3DMG fall loose? Because he had forgotten to Titan it.

55. What did the Jaegers say when they adopted Mikasa and took her in? "Mikasa es su casa."

56. Why should you not be telling jokes about 'Shingeki no Kyojin' to a fan of the series? Because it would be a Colossal mistake.

57. Why are the soldiers' Titan killing blades in 'Attack on Titan' extremely strong? Because they are made of Titan-ium.

Funny Anime Naruto Jokes

Funny anime jokes can be really entertaining.

The anime world is incomplete without this beast of a series. 'Naruto' has stolen the hearts of many and is a series loved by anime fans worldwide. Here is a list of the best 'Naruto jokes that will bring the "Dattebayo" out of you.  

58. What is the name of Bruce Lee's vegetarian brother? Brock-o-Lee

59. What is the musical band that is Shino's favorite? The Beetles.

60. What did Madara say to Hashirama when he received no reply to his text? He said, "Did you see the text I had Senju?"

61. Why were the Uchihas always giving their Sharingans to others? Because it is called Sharing-an.

62. What was Kakashi's advice when people asked him about the quickest way to a girl's heart? A Chidori.

63. Why was it impossible for Sasuke to awaken the Byakugan? Because He-not-a Hyuga.

64. What is one easy way of defeating the Akatsuki? Pein killers.

65. Why is a group of Uchihas not called a Sharin-gang? Because they were all Sharin-gone.

66. Why did Naruto stop pursuing Sakura? Because it was Useless.

67. How does Rock Lee finish tightening his suit? He uses TieJutsu.

68. What did Naruto say to Hinata when he proposed to her? "I may not have a Byakugan, but I can see you look stunning."

69. When Sasuke met Sakura after returning home, how did he propose to her? "Are you an Uchiha because you're one of a kind."

70. What do you call a feline creature who is a ninja assassin? An A-cat-suki member.

71. What would you call an Uchiha who is not very fond of humor? An Uchi.

72. Why did Sasuke Uchiha cross the road? He had to get this brother's eyes.

73. Why are the Uchihas so hell-bent on taking revenge? Nobody Susanoos.

Here at Kidadl, we have collated together lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone! If you liked our suggestions for Anime jokes, then why not take a look at superhero jokes, or for something different, take a look at robot jokes.

Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer's Zone. Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for 'The Telegraph', and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. She is fond of classic British literature.

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