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85 Best Breakfast Puns That Are Sunny Side Up

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Breakfast in the morning is singlehandedly the most important meal of the day.

Kickstarting your morning with typical breakfast food, be it with cereal or bacon and eggs, etc., is a great way to begin your day. If you eat morning breakfast, your health gets butter, and if you cheat on it, you're toast.

A good breakfast is not only great for your health and heart but also is a form of art. While most people stuck in a fast-paced lifestyle prefer on-the-go breakfasts, others spend all of their time toiling over the perfect breakfast dish. And where is this art displayed? Well, there are thousands of foodstagrammers and food bloggers who make beautiful breakfast art. Many like to share food pictures, which is one of the top-searched hashtags on social media. However, the best food insta posts have the best Instagram captions that compliment them, and that is where funny puns about food come in. Puns, as a genre of humor, are also one of the most important in this regard. While most find them cheesy, it is a great sign of intelligence to make puns as easily as pie.

If you're a person who loves having breakfast punny side up, you're in for a treat. This is a delectable list of the choicest breakfast food puns that can definitely be a valuable addition to your list of Instagram captions or just a witty line to share a smile and have some fun at the breakfast table.

If you love puns and would like to know some more, take a look at these egg puns and cooking jokes!

Breakfast Puns For A Hearty Laugh

Healthy Oatmeal Porridge With Summer Berries in a bowl

Here's a list of some funny breakfast puns and cooking puns to fill your heart. You will probably love this lot.

1. The pancake was quiet because it did not like to waffle.

2. I hate it when I run out of bread for breakfast. I am lack-toast intolerant.

3. "I like you a waffle lot!", said the waffle to her new best friend.

4. "Thanks a brunch for the meal!",  said the punny man when he sat to eat.

5. "I'd like to make a toast!",  said the bread to the bride on her wedding day.

6. The pancake thought he was the best breakfast food because nobody stacked up to him.

7. The bread was constantly afraid he'd be toast.

8. Dogs love to eat woofles for breakfast.

9. A car's favorite meal of the day is the brake-fast.

10. He is a humble husband. Unlike others, he never blows his crumpet after making breakfast for his wife everyday.

11. I keep thinking I'll make breakfast pancakes, but I end up waffling.

12. Bananas, for breakfast, are such an a-peeling choice.

13. Don't drink too much coffee after breakfast. You might face a latte problems.

14. A thesaurus' favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a synonym roll.

15. Breakfasts with my family always feel like a party because always making toast.

16. A comedian's favorite meal for breakfast is pun-cakes.

17. Don't be too harsh on the bread. All it kneads is love.

18. A person who only loves himself and waffles in the entire world is an Eggomaniac.

19. When everyone agreed with Hulk at breakfast that they love waffles more, he said, "Not all heroes wear crepes."

20. The best beach for eating waffles is at Sandy-Eggo.

21. Chickpeas cooked in a waffle iron is called Fawaffle.

22. Spies usually eat their waffles syruptitiously.

23. When the bread started crying because it was toast, the loaf told him, "You deserve butter."

24. The most sophisticated class of bread is the upper crust.

25. The local baker keeps punching his doughy friend because he wants to get a rise out of him.

26. The bread actor was sad because he lost a juicy roll.

27. I made the bread for breakfast today. It was the yeast I could do.

28. When the bread buns play hide and seek, they say, "Bready or not, here I crumb."

29. The bread hates hot weather because it makes him feel toasty.

30. Bread does not look appealing in photographs. It looks too grainy.

31. The worst thing about a bread pun is that it tends to get stale sometimes.

Cereal Puns

Here's a list of the best cereal puns you could ever ask for. You will love this lot of breakfast puns if you get them.

32. When you accidentally step on a cheerio, you become a cereal killer.

33. The Yeti usually has ice Krispies for breakfast.

34. A cow usually prefers to eat moo-sli for breakfast.

35. A thief's preferred breakfast choice is steal-cut oats.

36. The coldest cereal on the market is Frosties.

37. I won the cereal competition because I had many Trix up my sleeve.

38. A poodle that only eats cereal is called a corn dog.

39. Chewbacca's loves to eat Wookie Crisp cereal for breakfast.

40. I'm not too fond of not finishing my entire bowl of cereal. I think I have irritable bowl syndrome.

41. Salvador Dali's favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a bowl of surreal.

Breakfast Beverage Puns

A good breakfast is usually made complete with a beverage. Feel complete with these beverage puns.

42. A cup of coffee is the ideal start to a brew-tiful morning!

43. An egg's favorite type of coffee is an eggs-presso.

44. Whenever I drink orange juice for breakfast, I stare at the juice box. It says, "concentrate."

45. When I said I didn't like drinking milk with a straw, my dad told me to suck it up.

46. I tried telling a joke while drinking my juice for breakfast, but nobody got my punch line.

47. I wonder if orange juices like being juice or if they are pressed into it.

48. Coffee and milk are made to bean together.

49. A sad cup of coffee is called a depresso.

50. Moses likes to drink his tea after He-brews it.

51. When you steal someone's cup of coffee, it is an act of mugging.

52. I asked the coffee beans to kettle down because they were brewing trouble at breakfast.

53. I drink so much coffee at breakfast that it has become my daily grind.

54. Italians love drinking coffee because they love to naturally espresso themselves.

55. Whenever I start a conversation about how I'm not too fond of coffee, it ends up in a heated argument.

Ham And Bacon Puns

Pig out on these breakfast puns on food staples like bacon and ham. Here's a list of some popular ham and bacon puns.

56. A thief who steals bacon is called ham-burglar.

57. When the pig's wife told her husband, "Don't go bacon my heart," he told her, "I couldn't even if I fried."

58. The pig went to the kitchen whenever he felt like bacon.

59. The pig ran away from the pig farmer to save his bacon.

60. A dinosaur wrapped in bacon is called a Jurassic Pork.

61. Pulled pork is what you get when you play tug of war with bacon.

62. A Scottish piece of bacon is called a Ham-ish.

63. Shakespeare's favorite breakfast meal is usually a Hamlet.

64. The butcher was arrested because he brought home the bacon.

65. Smoking is unhealthy, and so is bacon. But smoking bacon will cure it.

66. If you often forget where you put the bacon, you might have hamnesia.

67. When I dressed up as bacon for Halloween, everybody said I looked crisp.

68. I used to have an unhealthy bacon addiction. Thank goodness I'm cured now.

Egg Puns

Here's a list of some eggstraordinary breakfast puns to crack you up.

69. When the eggs feel sad, they should try looking at the sunny side up.

70. Don't crack breakfast puns at the table in front of people who cannot take a yolk.

71. Pooched eggs are a staple breakfast meal for dogs.

72. The best egg breakfast puns are cracked by comedy-hens.

73. Eskimos store their breakfast eggs in an egg-loo.

74. Eating an omelet is an eggcellent way to start one's day.

75. Boiled eggs are an unbeatable choice for a breakfast meal.

76. When the egg first saw the pan, it was terri-fried.

77. The farmer refused to let the possessed hen inside the barn. She laid deviled eggs.

78. I love eggs so much; whenever I eat them, my day becomes eggs-tra special.

79. When the egg first saw the frying pan, it scrambled.

80. The best time to eat an egg breakfast is at the crack of dawn.

81. The 5-star breakfast was eggs-eptional; we had to compliment the chef.

82. The eggs were running out before breakfast time because they were afraid of getting beaten.

83. The hunter always stole eggs for breakfast because he liked to poach eggs.

84. Breakfast for aliens is usually eggs-traterrestrial.

85. I get eggs-ited when I smell breakfast in the morning.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Breakfast Puns then why not take a look at Dairy Puns, or Vegan Puns.

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