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110+ Best Candy Puns That Are Super Sweet

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There are many flavors and varieties of candy available right from nuts and chocolates to fruits.

Candy is like your best friend - it's always there when you need it, and it's super sweet to you! Candies have the power to instantly light up everyone's mood.

And just like various types of candy, there are so many diverse candy puns! A super sweet candy pun is just like the cherry on top! And well if it's hilarious, then the fun almost doubles up! So gear up for some amazing and tasty candy puns that are coming your way to lighten up your mood and make you crackle with laughter. Here, we present to you a list of some of the best candy puns that are super sweet and funny.

There are many kinds of puns listed here like sugar puns, candy cane puns, sweets puns, KitKat puns, Twix puns, cute candy puns, Reese's puns, candy bar puns, cotton candy puns, and caramel puns, that are bound to make you burst into laughter! If you're looking for a great caption for a big bash, we recommend using a starburst pun or a candy pun! This list will surely please everyone's sweet tooth and cover their sour patch.

If you had a great time laughing at these candy puns, then check out donut puns and corn porns for more such cool puns.

Sweet Candy Puns

If you have a food blog page and looking for some sweet Instagram captions for your new cute candy picture, then this is the right place for you! Here, we present to you a list of some cute and sweet puns of candy that are too good.

1. A diet-conscious person couldn't Reese-ist the candy which she had seen in the candy shop.

2. When a candy boy professed his love to his girl he said: "Oh dear, you make my heart starburst".

3. A cat went to the shop and bought his favorite candy, a KitKat.

4. The teacher complimented the student for his commit-mint to submitting the homework on time.

5. A candy stargazer saw the brightest star in the Milky Way that night.

6. The principal praised the candy teachers for bean there for students during difficulties.

7. The birds dug into the ground to have candy worms for dessert.

8. Resse-ently there has been a lot going on in the candy country, with the rise of sweet-teeth.

9. The two candy love birds promised to each other that nothing could come be-Twix-t them.

10. The candy landowners sold their land for 100 Grand.

11. The papa candy pointed out a speck of dirt on his son's new Sweeter.

12. I couldn't help but notice how jelly-ous she was after I won the cute candy competition.

13. The candy burst-ed with excitement by looking at all star-studded guests present in the candy bar.

14. The boy saw the breathtaking view of the Milky Way from the surface of Mars.

15. The baby cat, got his favorite chocolate, it was cat-bury.

16. The cute candy got all decked up and went Extra with all the make-up. She wanted to win the best candy face competition.

17. The employ-mint minister announces new candy schemes every month.

18. Candies don't play Twix.  They directly say I love you.

19. There are so many Reese-ons as to why a candy bar is one of the best bars.

20. The angry candy officer's mood was in Hot Tamale.

21. When the two candies came with a hurting jaw, the dentist found out that they were two jawbreakers and need to be operated.

22.  The little candy was very sad that at the law Bar examination, he got a Zero Bar score.

23. Two of the candies did not do their homework, but acted as a couple of Smarties towards the teacher.

24. The kid went to the candy store while buying some choco bars. It slipped from his hand because he has Butterfingers.

25. All the candy employees were eagerly waiting for their PayDay.

26. Reese-ently my sweet tooth was removed, as it caused a lot of pain.

27. The gummy bear was trying on some mint-flavored chewing gums, "Wow so gummy!" he exclaimed.

28. All the candies have come from the same Galaxy.

Funny Puns About Candy

Colorful cotton candy in the hand

Candy puns are hilarious and can make you giggle for hours. Here, we present to you funny candy puns that will make you burst with joy.

29. While eating his favorite candy, the kid thought to himself "I won't let you slip through my Butter Fingers."

30. A cute kid's heart did a flipz when he saw a candy bar at the shop.

31. The candy girl had a Jolly good time at her sweet family get-together.

32. The baby candy bought a pair of Snickers for his friend.

33. He felt an uncandy sensation when he realized he was being watched by a candy cane.

34. The candy had no eyes but she managed to catch sight of uncandy behavior.

35. The naughty candies were always Skittling away from their teacher.

36. The backbenchers in the candy school were always imagining stuff without paying attention. They were a couple of Airheads.

37. In the candy school, the boy was expelled for his s-candy-lious behaviour.

38. The boy couldn't turn the Tw-ix on with his remote as the main sweet-ch was off.

39. The candy bar evening was filled with some hooky music and cookie concerts!

40. The loss of one individual is the cane of another individual. That was the moral of Grandfather Candy Cane's story.

41. The patient admitted at the candy hospital needed immediate medical treat-mint.

42. The famous candy slogans "Donut Give up! You Can-dy-it!" were used in candy revolution.

43. A mint guy collected candy canes as they were all in mint condition.

44. The favorite candy of Sith Lord was dark side chocolate.

45. It's unusual that in candy school, if a candy loves comics, they are called Nerds candies.

46. The fraud candy jeweler tried to separate the Gems Bond to get the Gems out.

47. He was indeed a true candy magician as he always had new Twix up his sleeve.

48. The candy couple had a ranch and kept their horses really happy. They were Jolly Ranchers.

49. While looking through the telescope, the candy astronaut saw a starburst right before him.

50. The kid has his own kind of Riesen when he stole the candy from the jar.

51. When the baby candy choked on her sweet, a couple of Lifesavers were around to him her.

52. The most famous music genre in the candy world is Pop Rock.

53. Candy kid had made a whopper of a mistake so he apologized to everyone.

54. The two candy aristocrats had a sour relationship with one another, and were accumulating candy warheads against each other.

55. When the candy found out that he had hurt his friend he confessed that he did not mint to hurt anyone with his sweetness.

56. One candy wished another candy, "Merry Christmas, I hope you have Mounds of fun!"

57. The candy couple revealed a secret that they were school sweetart-s at their anniversary party.

58. A candy man Skor-ed the highest number of goals in the football match.

Funny Chocolate Puns

Chocolates are the best, don't you agree? They come as a savior to brighten and relax everyone's mood, just like these amazing and hilarious chocolate puns! Here, we present to you a list of funny chocolate puns:

59. The granny candy could not sew a proper cloth for her grandson as she lacked Lindt.

60. Those who invest in chocolate put their money behind bars.

61. The most common chocolate in the airport is plane chocolate.

62. A sheep covered in chocolate was called as candy baa by the candy kids.

63. After a long day, papa candy took his baby to a kid-friendly bar. It was a chocolate bar.

64. The monkey bought his favorite cookie, a chocolate chimp.

65. The chocolate car owner named his car 'Ferrari Rocher'.

66. Oreo made an appointment with his doctor because he lost his filling.

67. All the girls' favorite chocolate was found to be Her-shes.

68. All the candies went on an adventure and shared their experiences with their friends. They called them the "The dairy-ng adventures."

69. The little candy birds were happy that they could Nestle near the licorice tree.

70. The teacher asked the candy students "Can-dies desks be shifted over there?"

71. The sweetest chocolate city is called Sweetzerland.

72. The boys had a double truffle at their school picnic.

73. The teacher praised her favorite student saying "I'm very fondue you."

74. A candy lover wrote her dissertation on candy pun and candy sayings.

75.  She didn't mint what she said at the chocolate party about chocolates not being her favorite.

76. The mama candy told her child, "I really love you a Lotte."

77. Jails specially designed for candies are known as candy bars.

78. The candy kid played his favorite game of cat and mousse.            

79. The two candy friends were caught having their sweet kit kat at the back of the class.

80. The chocolate dancers had the best moves, which was evident in their various dance Rolos.

81. In the chocolate land, one chocolate always turns out to be Extra special.

82. Even though the kid was going through a sour patch, his mother had the belief that he will make it through.

83. In the chocolate drama, the tootsie roll was well appreciated among the audiences.

84. The boy was not able to control his excitement and was starbusting to tell everyone how amazing the chocolate movie was.

85. When the Big Hunk started tearing after eating the hot pickle, he needed a Bit-O-Honey to cool it down.

86. And the chocolate couple agreed on now and later and happily ever after.

87. "It's indeed a Joy working with you", said every candy worker to the sweet employer.

88. All the chocolates went on a holiday and enjoyed every mo-mint of it!

89. The chocolate day was just getting butter as each mo-mint passed by.

90. The kit kat went on a break as it was his crunch time.

91. The chocolate boy was compli-mint-ed for his marvelous and magnificent looks.

92.  The teacher was relieved that there were no duds in the chocolate class this time.

Funny Candy Names

There are many candy sayings and also quotes about candy but what catches the eye are some hilarious candy names! For a candy lover, candy names are just like nicknames given to them by their dear ones. Here, we are presenting you with one of the best and humorous candy names that will make you laugh out hard and lighten your mood.

93. Air Heads

94. Almond Joy

95. Bananarama

96. Buncha Crunch

97. Charleston Chew

98. Fun Dip

99. Goobers

100. Jawbreakers

101. Jujubes

102. Junior Mints

103. Milk Duds

104. Mr. Goodbar

105. Nerds

106. Oh Henry

107. Pop Rocks

108. Razzles

109. Skittles

110. Smarties

111. Take 5

112. Tootsie

113. Whatchamacallit

114. Whoopers

115. Zagnut

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for candy puns then why not take a look at chocolate puns, or for something different take a look at cake puns.

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