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100 Best Color Puns To Brighten Your Day

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The world we see through our eyes is so full of color.

Puns about color will certainly brighten up your day. One may dislike drawings and paintings, but a colorful mind is very essential in everyone's well being.

Each persons taste differs in jokes. So it's lucky that we have funny color puns from all over the spectrum, we've got rainbow puns, we've got color puns, we've got yellow and blue puns. Many beautiful things are usually bright and colorful. So color your life with laughter along with every one of these color puns that we are sure all friends and family members will like.

If you are interested in more puns and jokes about color then why not take a look at these articles about green puns and 'roses are red' jokes, right here on Kidadl.

Best Color Puns

Searching for the best new color pun? Stop your search here as this list includes a pallet of blue puns, yellow puns, purple puns, and puns of all other colors.

1. My friend is a good artist, and I saw him draw colored noodles. He drew itsy, bitsy, yellow, polka dot linguini.

2. While the blues musician performed his most famous song, balloons of every color were released in the arena. Guess we may get to call it the 'House of Hues'.

3. Jack is a lovable man with a colorful personality. He is a great hue-man.

4. The artist successfully climbed the highest peak in the country. He attributed his success to the song, 'Paint No Mountain Higher!'

5. Though my brother won the art competition, he went up to his rival and gave him the credit where it was hue!

6. If a purple-colored fruit gets stuck in your drain, then you should call a plum-ber to fix it.

7. The next-door neighbor's avid gardening weakened the soil around the house and ultimately brought the house brown.

8. If you live in a purple-colored house and suddenly all the power goes off, then you should probably check the fuchsia box.

9. The color turquoise was judged as the best new color because it was cyantifically proven to be.

10. The fact that we were asked to leave our beautiful purple color house by the owner is still purplexing for me.

11. I was wondering about the color of the wind when it suddenly occurred to me that it blue.

12. After completing the deadline just in the nick of time, the artist breathed a cyan of relief.  

13. Military submarines are a deep navy blue in color.

14. The man who was in charge of putting colors in the clothes at the factory quit. Now the owner is in dyer need.

15. The favorite color of a cat is supposed to be purrrple.

16. My sister was diagnosed as color blind. The revelation really came out of the blue.

17. Ships carrying red and green paints collided near an island in the ocean. Crews of both ships are believed to be marooned on that island.

18. As the incessant rain washed away the blue paint of the house, the owner sighed and said, "Cyanara!"

19. The graphic designer's present company gave her a substantial raise while a rival company also gave a similar offer. I am now caught in hue minds!

20. In the quiz competition about colors, I wanted to help my partner by giving a tint, but he couldn't catch it!

21. I had a dream that I had invented a new shade of color unknown to man. Pretty sure it was a pigment of my imagination.

22. I was really surprised when I learned that singer Pink's favorite color was actually green. No one could have i-magenta-it.

23. I had gradient expectations on him of being a good artist, but it was all in vain!

24. I was astonished when my shirt's color changed from red to pink after a wash. Guess it showed me its true colors.

25. The color of the sky can help in predicting the weather. It gives a fair report of the hue-midity.

Smart Color Puns

Bright colours in coconut shells

It would look a bit off-color if there weren't color puns that will blow your mind in this list. Check out and see this list of puns on colors that we know everyone will like to hear.

26. The favorite colors of fishes are deep blue and aquamarine blue.

27. The ghost scared all the boys who ventured into the haunted house and then varnished into the almirah!

28. After checking my poor results, the art teacher shouted, "Never in a vermilion years have I seen such poor grades"!

29. I recently ran a charity marathon to promote greener earth, but the run left me a little jaded.

30. I went to a new kind of show yesterday, which was hosted by a color-changing lizard. He was a good stand-up chameleon.

31. The purple family was asked to vacate their premises, and then they were arrested. They were violet with one another and fuchsiatives of law.

32. My goth friend told me she'd stop wearing black when they made a darker color.

33. When Papa red wanted to have some toppings on his bread, he told Son red, "Pass me the crimson!"

34. The sun's favorite color is ultraviolet. Apparently, it glows with everything.

35. I was sick, and my whole body turned colorful. The doctor took a look and said that I had a color infection, which is caused by the Crayola virus.

36. Blue and green stopped fighting because they had agreed on peace teal.

37. In the paintball game, I shot a guy thrice. He dyed on impact.

38. After a tiring day at work, my wife drew me a relaxing bath. It wasn't very smart of me to ask if it was going to be in color or a sketch.

39. If a painter ever feels stressed or troubled, they take a vacation to the hills. It will easel their mind!

40. Once, by mistake, I ate a lot of food coloring. The doctor assured me that I was fine, but deep inside, I knew I was dyeing.

41. My Asian neighbor owns a T-shirt company where he colors white shirts. I think it's a Thai Dye T-shirt company.

42. Colors laugh by saying, "Hue Hue Hue."

Red Color Puns

This category specifically deals with puns about the color red. Red Color jokes, pink puns, red puns, and other puns on color would surely light up your mind.

43. The green light at the road signal looked at the red light and said, "Don't look while I am changing".  

44. Rioja lovers always support Liverpool. They absolutely love the Reds!

45. Red wasn't feeling very well for the past few weeks. He has been diagnosed with scarlet fever.

46. The nurse always carried a red pen in her pocket in case she needed to draw blood.

47. When I broke my brother's favorite toy, he turned absolutely red in anger.

48. TV news anchors love the shades of red. They get serious whenever there is Burgundy.

49. Librarians don't like drinking white wine. They prefer the well red ones!

50. When the well-read bird decided to open a restaurant, he named it Red Robin.

Blue Color Puns

Like the sky, a blue pun will not only get you out of a fit of the blues but will surely make you put on your little dancing shoes and dance to a little bluey-jazzy music. Enjoy the list below!

51. It's tough to tell if the sky is ever happy or not. It always looks so blue!

52. While building a house, the architect took his fingers and dipped them in a jar of blue ink. He wanted to get the blueprints!

53. The saddest bird is a kingfisher as it is blue.

54.When the time came, he betrayed our team and showed his blue colors.

55. Java programming was sad and melancholy. Whenever you have to use it, you have to open it via BlueJay.

56. The computer had to visit the dentist at the very earliest opportunity as it had a BlueTooth!

57. The favorite fruit of all ghost's are Bloooooo-berries!

58. My colleague kept on missing deadlines, so I advised him not to bite off more than he can blue!

59. The patient was shocked when the doctor informed him that he had been diagnosed with depression. It came out of the blue!

60. A bear's least favorite pastry at any party is the blue bear-y pie.

61. The most notorious one of all pirates was very sad. It may have been because he was Bluebeard!

62. One should never mix oranges in apple juice. Well, perhaps you may do it once in a blue moon.

63. Blue and orange are always polite and amicable with each other because they are complementary colors.

64. The burger which I was eating seemed very sad. It had blue cheese in it!

65. Blue jeans are immortal. They never die, they just fade away!

66. I was watching a movie when the screen started to emit blue light. Guess this is one of the cons of watching movies on Blue Ray.

67. The meanest way to insult a sad American cheese is to call it a blue cheese!

68. The only color that is suitable to be a watercolor is ultramarine blue.

69. If you cross a smurf and a cow, you might end up getting blue cheese!

70. I was under the blues, so I had to blue my nose occasionally.

71. My favorite denim blue jeans just turned brown. I think I will have to call it Dung-arees!

72. Cows get sad whenever they hear the songs of the pop band 'The Mooooo-dy Blues!'

73. The woman decided to sleep with her cell phone under her bed. The next day she woke up to a $10 bill. I think the Bluetooth fairy visited her.

74. Wind turbine mechanics and engineers are very fond of the blew color!

75. I was surprised that although I was supposed to be feeling blue, my heart was not that heavy. Perhaps, I am feeling light blue.

Black & White Puns

You might see the world through different shades of colors, but these puns are for those fond of the iconic black and white. Check out these monochromatic puns, they will make you laugh just as hard as colorful puns!

76. After bidding farewell to my neurosurgeon friend, we promised that we would grey in touch!

77. The coffee shop owner was afraid. He wanted to know if the shop had ground to operate in the black.  

78. When the genius physicist put coffee in a black hole, he invented hyper-dark space!  

79. After discovering the black hole, the scientists confirmed that you could never come back once you go black!

80. The pigs always decided to wear black clothes when he heard that Batman had sworn to protect Goth-ham!

81. Aliens hate playing golf in space as there are too many black holes!

82. Blackboards love drinking beverages, especially hot white chalk-olate!

83. The only thing that is black and white and has to be red all over is a newspaper.

84. Dark-colored huskies found in Colorado can also be termed as dusky huskies!

85. In a game of chess, Batman always plays with the black pieces. He can never play with the white pieces as he is "The Dark Knight'!

86. If green peas got into a fight, they would be known as the 'Black-eyed Peas'.

87. The painter did not want to sit idle because he knew that time white for no one.

88. I had never seen a horse that white. Perhaps, that is why it is called a mayo-neighs.

89. There was a boxing competition among the flowers in the garden. Black-eyed Susan got knocked out in the very first round.

90. I once saw a bear in Antarctica that was angry and calm at the same time. It may have been a bi-polar bear.

91. Pirates go straight to the best sails on Black Friday.

92. When facing trouble in the workspace, all the colorists rallied together by saying, "Come what grey, we will overcome all obstacles!"

93. My friend was going to a painting competition, so I wished him, "Grey the force be with you".

94. Batman prefers his coffee to be dark and as black as the Knight!

95. Darth Vader loves eating a blackberry pie while watching the film 'Noir.' Because it's sweetly on the dark side.

96. The garden where only white cars are driven can be called a garden of white carnation.

97. A mixture of black, white, and red usually refers to a panda who has experienced severe sunburn!

98. Elephant boxing matches are very difficult to watch. It becomes tough to identify as both have grey trunks!

99. Zebra is the oldest animal on earth. It is still black and white.

100. The snow leopard appeared just at the time our guide predicted it. It appeared white on time!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Color Puns then why not take a look at Orange Puns, or for something different take a look at Llama Puns.

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