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Puns on country names have been around for ages!

These puns are a fun way of reliving all the best vacations that you took before this year - all the new places, those fantastic items of food that you are still in love with. If you want, perhaps you can fall in love again with these nations and laugh along with these puns.

World puns and funny Geography puns are one of the favorite topics on the internet. We love to share new jokes and puns with our friends just like we love to visit new countries. So, pack whatever you might need and get ready for this punny adventure that can take you anywhere, any time!

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Funny Country Puns

North America on the world map.

Europe puns make up a huge category of wordplay for professional comics everywhere. But, in addition to that, we have thrown in many more puns on Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the other continents! We are sure you are going to like them all!

1. Once during my trip to Europe, I was feeling so Hungary that I had to Russia to get some food.

2. I have decided that for my summer holidays I am Ghana go for a vacation to the continent of Africa.

3. Being an American living in the Middle East, I wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving. So, Iran to get me some Turkey.

4. My parents were on a boat cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. When I arrived there unannounced, I Cyprus-ed them.

5. There was this small country that I visited last year. Upon arriving at the airport, I only saw women everywhere. So I asked at the help desk, "Armenia?"

6. I had a friend named Tina who was always in a state of hurry. Guess, this is why she is from Argentina.

7. My friend lived in a place that had six months of sunlight and six months of complete darkness. Man, there is Norway I can live there.

8. Last year, I had to catch a flight to visit my friend on another continent and Oman, I missed the flight because of the traffic.

9. I learned that in Eastern Europe they eat chicken in Greece!

10. During my vacation in Western Africa, I had an insatiable urge one morning Togo buy a meatball sandwich.

11. Whenever I visit Paris, I can feel myself fading away from reality. Guess, I always fall into a France.

12. My friend had gone to an African fair and was thinking of buying a rare mask, but it was way too expensive. So I asked him later, "Djibouti the mask?"

13. I met this person on the internet. When I asked him where he was from, he said from Latin America. I replied, "I won't Bolivia until you show some proof!"

14. A few years back, when I had lost my job and my house, my father advised me to start life afresh, with a new bit of energy and enthusiasm. So, I moved to New Zealand.

15. When I visited my friend, he gave me a Canada best maple syrup I have ever tasted.

16. While experimenting with Asian and Latin American food, Iran out of Chile.

17. Due to a problem, I had to cancel my trip to Africa. I am Chad about it.

18. Many people say that there is no way one can go to Tibet, but I'm China not think about it.

19. Because I couldn't find myself a burger in Baghdad, I had to get Iraq of beef ribs instead.

20. After facing a problem in geography, Iraq-ed my brain for a solution but India end I couldn't find one.

21. James had gone on a trip to the Masai Mara forests. There, during the safari, he asked his guide, "Kenya pass me the binoculars?"

22. The island that I was visiting had a guide who was a polyglot. I was surprised and asked him, "Were you Borneo?"

23. When my father told me that he was going to miss our trip to South-East Asia, I told him that this was going to be his Laos.

24. As my business trip to an island in Asia got canceled, I wasn't feeling sad. It was gonna happen this Timor some other time.

25. I don't want to go to Central America as I absolutely Haiti the place.

26. I wanted to drink a cup of tea in Havanna, but I couldn't because they didn't have a Cuba sugar.

27. After having a fight with the mad hatter, Alice left Wonderland and took a plane to Ireland.

28. As I was cruising around in the Caribbean, I asked my chef, "Did Jamaica me my special lunch?"

29. There was an Indie rock band that would only play in venues in the West Indies.

30. I booked a ticket to Cairo for my fiancee. I wanted Egypt like this to give on her birthday.

31. As I was stuck in a dust storm in Tel Aviv, I realized Israel problem for the visibility.

32. During the last summer, I visited a desert in the Middle East. It was a Bahrain place.

33. There is a nation in Asia where you can get customizable puns just for you. You get them in Japan.

34. The Pope was fired from his job because he asked for a promotion. You can say that he got Vatican-ed.

35. Mona decided to open a company. She registered it under Monaco.

36. I was a scientist who decided to visit the place where one of the units of measurement was discovered - the nation of Micronesia.

37. Someone told me there was a nation where people don't have first names and are exclusively called by their last names. I was told it was the state of Suriname.

38. Last time I visited Southern European countries, I had a misunderstanding with a local gentleman and he ended up yelling at me, "I'm gonna Estonia!"

Awesome Country & Geography Jokes

Looking for the best country name puns and jokes that everybody will love and want to hear more of? Look no further with these amazing jokes on names of countries that you can use as good Instagram caption terms when you post your travel pictures later!

39. What happens when you have dinner at a fancy restaurant in the European city of Prague? You get the Czech.

40. What did the Arabic musician say when one of his friends told him it was not believable that he played a stringed instrument? The Arabic musician said, "You better believe the fact that I can play Qatar."

41. What is the name of the country where everyone counts things on their own? It is the country of Italy.

42. What is the name of a bird's favorite country? It's Turkey.

43. Which is that country where if you don't follow the rules and customs, you are banned from entering it again? It is the country of Albania.

44. Which country has the chequered flag from the races as its official flag? We are talking about the Finnish flag!

45. What should be the ideal name of the USA's neighbor, Mexico? It should have been called the USB.

46. What is that country called that is hot and cool at the same? It is called Chile.

47. Which is the country where all the fishes in the world stay? The nation of Finland.

48. When you have been arrested in a Central American country, what do you say? "Belize, let me go!"

49. Which is that state where so many germs are present? It is the state of Germany!

50. Who is the most famous person in history who has many countries named after him? The person's name is Stan!

51. In which place do people designate all the dens with a special sign? They do that In Denmark!

52. What is the place where many pole vaulters come from? All the pole vaulters come from Poland.

53. Which is the island state that has no good singers? There are no good singers in Singapore.

54. What is the name of the nation where people go to learn a computer program? They go to the nation of Java.

55. Where is the nation where people gamble with tea? This happens in Tibet.

56. What is the name of the nation where you find people with brown eyes? You find them in Brunei.

57. Which is the nation where they always use sweeteners in every food item? They do it in Sweden.

58. What is the name of the place where people sew things back together? This happens in Switzerland.

59. What is the name of the nation where crows from Asia go to hibernate? They go to Croatia.

60. Where is the nation where people ring the bell and rush into the house? This occurs in Belarus.

61. What is the name of the nation which invented lollipops? It was the nation of Lichtenstein.

62. Which European nation produces many leaders every year? It is the nation of Bosnia.

63. What is the African state where the shops always give a discount and people have to keep on grabbing things during shopping? This happens in Gabon.

64. Which is the nation that does not accept cash or card for payment? These things are not accepted in Czech Republic.

65. Which is the nation where you get to see cranes all the time? You get to see it in Ukraine.

66. Which African state did the robot Wall-E visit? He visited Mali.

67. What is the nation where everyone lies in a bar? This occurs in the nation of Liberia.

68. What name can be given to a nation where everyone congratulates each other and dances? We shall name it Congo.

69. What is the name of the state where retired army chiefs from all over the world live in? They live together in the Marshall Islands.

70. What do you call a Spanish matador who visits the continent of Latin America? Ecuador!

71. Which is the nation where you get a lot of sunlight with a great view? You get it in Bhutan!

72. What is that nation where people love staying in a lower yoga position? The Netherlands!

73. In which state do the people always want to serve and protect you? This happens in the nation of Serbia!

74. What is the name of that nation where you get fancy water? It's Fiji.

75. What literally looks like half of North Korea? South Korea!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Country Puns then why not take a look at these Geology Puns, or for something different take a look at these Robot Puns.

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