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85 Best Firefighter Jokes And Puns That Are Lit

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Firefighting is a noble and respected profession.

Many firefighters spend their entire adult lives serving the community and saving people. So, it is only fitting that we can bring a smile to their faces with these funny fireman jokes.

Firefighter humor takes inspiration from jokes about fire humor mostly. There are also many instances of fire truck jokes, firehouse jokes, fire station jokes, hose jokes, and fire department jokes. Fire extinguisher puns along with hose puns are also widely used. So, without much delay, let us look at these lists of fire fighting jokes and puns. They might just cause a hole in the roof!

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Funny Firefighter Jokes

Jokes about firefighting are hilarious.

Here are some awesome jokes related to funny firefighters. These jokes are so good that even the fire alarm went off reading them! You might want to try to get a fire joke here and there.

1. How can one tell that there is a firefighter at a party? He will himself tell you about it.

2. What is the one thing that firefighters save during a fire? They always save the foundation!

3. What were the two sons of the Spanish firemen named? They were named José and HoseB!

4. Why doesn't the deputy firefighter look out of the window in the early morning? Because he needs to have something to do in the afternoon!

5. What did the iceberg say to the incoming fireman? "If you dare to come close, I'll knock you out!"

6. How are firemen and cops similar to each other? Both the groups aspire to be firefighters!

7. How many firemen does it take to change a light bulb? You will actually need 5 to change a light bulb. One to change it while the others will cut a hole in the roof and hold the ladder!

8. What kind of web browser do firefighters use? They use Mozilla FireFox!

9. Why were the Three Wise Men actually firemen? Because they had come from afire!

10. What should you call firefighters who start to grow flowers in their garden one day? You should just call them by their name!

11. What would happen if the fire chief and newbie jumped out of the house on fire one day? The chief would land first because the newbie would stop and ask others for directions.

12. Why was the man who worked in a hydrant plant always late at his work? Because one cannot park near the place!

13. What did the man say when the fireman asked him how to reach his house on fire?  He asked them to come to him via the red fire truck!

14. What is the type of award that one should give a firefighter? He should be given an extinguished one!

15. Why do firefighters in Greece make every fire worse? Because they are not supposed to be using water on Greece fires!

16. What did the father reply when the son asked him what the least favorite letter of a firefighter is? He said, "R, son!"

17. Why was the man arrested for pulling out five men from the burning building? This was because he had pulled out all the firefighters!

18. Why do firefighters like the summer? Because they are used to the heat!

19. Why does a firefighter love eating Tamale? This is because they are hot!

20. What happened to the firefighter who wasn't doing well in his job? He got fired!

21. Why did the moth become a firefighter? Because it liked things that were alight!

22. Why do volunteer firefighters understand the importance of milliseconds? Because that is the amount of time it takes before they tell someone that they are a volunteer firefighter!

23. Why was the pandemic bad for the firefighters? Because they had to work in their homes!

24. What was the name of the firefighter who was also a famous soccer coach? His name was Hose Mourinho!

25. What did the restaurant owner say when a firefighter, a rabbi, and a policeman walked into his restaurant? He sighed and realized that his life was a joke!

26. When there is a trailer fire, what is the first thing to get off from the fire truck? It is a lawn chair!

27. If there is H2O on the inside of a fire hydrant in a fire truck, then what is on the outside? It is K9P!

28. Why did the fireman send ten puns to his friends? Because he wanted to make them laugh, but sadly no pun in ten did!

29. How can someone get firefighters to laugh on a Monday morning? You simply have to tell them a joke on Friday evening!

30. Everyone wants to know how many firemen jokes and firefighters' jokes are there? There are zero jokes about firefighters because they are all facts!

Awesome Puns Related To Firefighters

Scroll down through these brilliants puns, which can also be used as firefighter captions and firefighter one-liners!

31. The firefighter was shocked when he got to know that one of his two sons had set fire to the building. He declared, "This boy is not arson anymore!"

32. The firefighter took part in the game show and reached the final. He was comfortable in playing the game because he was in the hot seat!

33. If you ask any firefighter what kind of cracker he preferred to eat, he would always reply that it is a firecracker!

34. Firefighters celebrate all holidays throughout the year except one. It is the occasion of May Day!

35. My father always advised me to fight fire with fire. Well, that is why I guess he lost his job as a firefighter!

36. There was a fireman who got hurt trying to save the disabled man from the burning building. Everyone said that he went out on a limb!

37. When the renowned shoe factory burned down, the firemen could only save the one shoe sole. Guess you could say, that it was the sole survivor!

38. I have always wondered about when a firefighter loses his job, is he fired, or does he get the ax!

39. Well, if a plumber's career also has the possibility of going down the drain, then can a firefighter's career go up in smoke?

40. All the firefighters demanded better pay and working conditions. To quantify their demands, a pole was taken, and all of them fell down from the hole in the floor!

41. Firefighters are known for their positivity. This is because they always look at the brighter side of things!

42. The fireman invested a lot of money in the new piece of land downtown. It was supposed to be an industrial hotbed!

43. The man with a flame tattoo on his arms got rejected from the fire station. This was because no one was allowed to get any firearms in the fire station!

44. Army soldiers are perfectly equipped to be a firefighter. This is because they are used to taking fire!

45. The fire department and the firemen tried to save the bakery, but by the time they got there, things were already toast!

46. The fireman wanted to tell a few firemen jokes, but all his excitement was extinguished when they were not well received by the fire department!

47. When I tell people that I work in the fire department, they say it is cool. I correct them by saying it is actually warm!

48. There was this firefighter that I had met for a few dates. You could get to say that she is my new flame!

49. My friend wants to be a fireman one day because he has a lot of burning passion for the job!

50. Whenever I ask my firefighter sister how her job is going, she always replies that her job is lit!

51. My brother had been trying to climb the ladder at work for years now, and he was still miserable at it. He really isn't cut out to be a fireman!

52. The firefighter was in the house when the alarm went for an explosion. As he was trying to get out, he took the calendar along with him because he wanted to save the day!

53. The only way to inform the fire department about a fire is to call them on the hotline!

54. The fireman would always get into a bit of trouble because he was a hothead!

55. The only food that firemen like to get on a busy day is a hot dog!

Hilarious Firefighting Jokes

There are many humorous firefighters all around.

Go through these trail-blazing jokes on firefighting.

56. What did the fireman say to the chairman of the small-town football club, who had asked him to save the cups, when the fire started in the stadium? The firefighter informed him that the fire hadn't spread to the kitchen yet!

57. What did Pikachu say when he met the fire chief? He just said, "Pikachu!"

58. What was the thing that firefighters happen to say when the church caught on fire in the small town? They all said, "Holy Smoke!"

59. Why would firefighters be great action movie stars? Because they have a lot of expertise in doing their own stunts!

60. Why was the fire chief calling for more water during the fire? Because the fire had taken place at a sponge factory!

61. What should one do when a firefighter offers a person two ways to leave a house? The person should always go for the ladder!

62. What should you say when a firefighter is smoking a cigarette? "Hey man, put it out!"

63. Which 'Game Of Thrones' character can be an excellent choice for a firefighter? It can be the Night King!

64. What is the name of the music group that all firefighters love hearing? They love listening to Arcade Fire!

65. What happens when a firefighter visits a new place or meets new people? They are always greeted with a lot of warmth!

66. What is the main difference between a firefighter and a worker? Only one out of them is scared of a firing!

67. Why do many fire departments keep dalmatians? Because they assist them in looking for hydrants!

68. What happened when the fire chief googled 'Ways to start a wildfire'? He got around 100,000 matches!

69. Why are elephants excellent choices to be a firefighter or a fire chief? As they can easily stomp out forest fires!

70. Why did the fireman say that humans are like fire? Because if you don't give them oxygen, they die!

71. Why was the firefighter wearing blue suspenders? Because the red ones were still in the wash!

72. In the world of magic, what could you also call a water bender? You could call him or her a firefighter!

73. How did the firefighter propose to his female colleague from the fire department? He said, "You set my heart on fire!"

74. When can one say that a firefighter is down? You can say this when the remote controller slips from his hand!

75. What would happen if Franciscan priests became firefighters? Then, they would be fighting fires with the help of friars!

76. What do firefighters wear when they go in into burning buildings? They wear blazers!

77. What is the name of the machine that firemen used to detect any fire? They use the fire distinguisher!

78. Why was the fireman depressed and sad one day? This was because he had met his old flame that day!

79. What should you call a fireman who is very motivated and pumped up? You should call him a fired up man!

80. For firefighters, what does the word chaos mean? It means that the chief has arrived on the scene!

81. If a fireman has two eyes, then how many eyes will a policeman have? He, too, will have just two eyes!

82. What gift did the fireman's son get as his Christmas gift? He got a ladder from his father!

83. As firefighters are supposed to be very quick, how do they sleep? They are always fast asleep!

84. What kind of ears will a fire pumper truck have? They will have safety engin-ears!

85. Why was the fireman late for work during the power failure emergency? He arrived late because he was stuck in the elevator!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Firefighter Jokes and Puns then why not take a look at Police Puns, or Military Jokes.

Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer's Zone. Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for 'The Telegraph', and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. She is fond of classic British literature.

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