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35 Best Flying Puns That Are Sky-High

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It's plane to see you can't get enough of puns, so here are some more flying over from the departure gate to entertain you and your family.

A pun can appear in a fully-fledged joke, be a short sentence you can slip into a conversation or a tale that twists and turns through wordplay fun, and flight puns can deliver them all. Every pun on this list is designed to make you and your family laugh out loud!

When the first flight pun appeared is a mystery, but a lot has happened to inspire plane-related humor since the very first successful aircraft took to the skies in 1903. The legendary Wright Brothers invented a craft with a three-axis control, so the pilot could successfully control it in the air. Technology and air travel is an ever-changing match made in heaven, and as planes improve so does plane, flying, and airport-related humour (or not as the case may be)!

Whether you are a pun fan or a newbie, fasten your seatbelts, grab a friend, and get laughing along with us. We have pilot puns, air puns, and even a few baggage-themed funnies. Who would have thought when the Wright Brothers took their first flight, that so many years later we would have a global network of airports and access to fly to all kinds of destinations, and the jokes and one-liners that come with them!

Scroll down to read all these pilot and plane-themed puns for you to use. For more travel laughs, take a look at these airplane jokes and these travel puns that we think you will like.

Pilot Puns

These skilled and experienced crew members are responsible for getting passengers all over the world safely to their destinations every single day of the year. They work hard, while we take flight with the best pilot puns they have inspired.

1. Pilots would be very hard to beat in a competition, they are always ready for a-rrival.

2. Airline pilots have never been very adventurous crisp eaters, they choose plane every time.

3. My dad used to be an airline pilot, but he decided to retire because it got too Boe-ing.

4. Many passengers are not keen to fly with a Dutch pilot in charge, they worry that he would nether-land.

5. That was the shortest journey of my life, the time simply flew by!

6. If there's one thing that pilots are vulnerable to catching when they fly, it's the flew!

7. I can imagine a cartoon where food could fly, there would be many animated pie-lots.

Funny Airplane Puns

The only living things that are able to perform 'powered flight' are birds, bats, and insects. Just as well humans invented the plane then, here are some plane puns that are hard to beat.

8. What do you think about the new plane I bought yesterday? It's a shame I couldn't keep the hangar.

9. In the US the presidential jet has just had a comical makeover, with features and a wig painted on. It will now be known as Hair Force One.

10. Here's an epic flying pun, did you hear about the snake crossed with a plane? It was a Boeing Constrictor.

11. When a large group of adult male ducks are flying in the cargo hold, it's like Drakes On A Plane.

12. There's a great author of airplane and flying books, you may have heard of him, his name is Landon Safely.

13. Sometimes planes go in for maintenance when they have cracks in their bodywork, we call them air-line fractures.

14. The Swiss President has his own private jet, it's nicknamed Tobler One.

Laugh along by reading funny flying puns about airplanes and pilots.

Short And Snappy Puns About Flying

We think you may take flight with these quick flying one liners. See how many you can use when having fun with your friends.

15. Don't overthink it, just keep it plane and simple.

16. You always think clearer in the cold flight of day.

17. It's a flight as a feather.

18. Mum and Dad said it was 'love at first flight' when they met.

19. It's a move in the flight direction.

20. I've been flying to say this to you.

21. Oh, for flying out loud.

The Best Flight Attendant, Baggage And Airplane Puns

A real mixture of wordplay here, and no flying squirrel puns in sight. Take a trip to the airport and beyond and have a giggle with a friend or two!

22. Brad Pitt got fed up with the underground boxing scene while filming, so he changed the concept, went up in the air, and the movie got renamed 'Flight Club'.

23. Did you hear about the vultures who went to check-in for their flight at the airport? When the check-in agent asked them if they had any luggage to check, they replied, no we just have carri-on.

24. I went shopping on my last trip and bought some luggage in Peru, now I'm ready to alpaca suitcase for my next flight.

25. Look at the new cabin crew uniforms, they are always the flight of fashion.

26. Flight attendants fly with a very meaningful motto: always look on the flight side of life.

27. There were some very talented artists at school, they made a model of the queen of the skies from rubber. They named it the Boing 747.

28. What do they call undercover cops working at the airport? Plane clothes officers.

29. Did you hear about the airline that's supposed to have haunted aircraft? Apparently, it's Scare Lingus.

30. A mum and dad decided to take their children on a surprise trip, but on the way to the airport all they could hear from the back was 'wh-air are we going?'.

31. Shrek and Donkey decided to take a flight to Far Far Away instead of a carriage. Donkey still made annoying clicking noises and kept asking 'are we th-air yet?'.

32. There was a tense atmosph-air at the airport as all the passengers waited for news of flight delays.

33. We were not very organized when we went on holiday, arriving at the airport with only minutes to sp-air.

34. It's a complete plane in the neck when travelers recline their seats all the way during a flight.

35. What happened when a man practiced archery near some stationary planes? They ended up very arrow-dynamic.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for flying puns then why not take a look at cell-arious biology puns for future biologists, or for something different take a look at these doctor puns that are medically hilarious.

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Born and raised in Essex (though proudly half Welsh) Lauren is a passionate crafter and nature lover, who enjoys making up new games and outdoor activities with her high energy, football-mad nephew.

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