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50 Best Giraffe Puns

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While on a trip to the zoo, giraffe puns can be a great addition to your regular jokes.

In elementary school, cracking animal puns makes you really popular. And what is better than choosing an animal like a giraffe for some funny jokes and puns?

We have all seen videos of funny giraffes and silly giraffe activities on the internet. So while sharing those videos, you can use some giraffe humor for the captions. And when you post pictures with your giraffe friend at the zoo, make sure that you put funny giraffe captions for Instagram. Giraffe-based captions can be funny neck puns, clever zoo puns, and giraffe one-liners. As we talk about giraffes, we cannot forget the tall puns and funny giraffe puns regarding the tall order.

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Giraffe Instagram Captions

Giraffe jokes and giraffe puns can be hilarious and edgy. As you include these puns about giraffes in your social media, it can engage a good amount of followers and also get you new followers too. You never know how many will find them amazing and get impressed with your witty love for animals. Here are some choices of puns about giraffes that can go well with your Instagram posts, which many will find hilarious. If you were one searching for giraffe jokes, then your search will be answered with this list.

1. When two giraffes run into each other, it is called a giraffic jam.

2. The giraffe, on its first date, said to his girlfriend that he wants to gnaw her more.

3. The giraffes were having breakfast with the pigs, and they had bacon and legs.

4. The zoo with only giraffes are called Giraffic Park.

5. The giraffes do not like fast food because they cannot catch it.

6. Others did not laugh at the giraffe's jokes as they went over their heads.

7. The giraffes often get promoted at work because others look up to them.

8. It is said most giraffes grow up to 18 feet, yet only 4 can be visible.

9. The giraffe could not be a good boss and had to leave the job as he could not see eye-to-eye with his employees.

10. The boat made for giraffes to travel around the forest was called the giraft.

11. The giraffe went to the Himalayas in search of a monk as he finally felt the higher calling.

12. On a bad day, the giraffes go and rest in the giraffe-sick park to take rest.

Hilarious Giraffe Puns

If you are planning to get some giggles at a children's party, you'll have to get some animal jokes and puns which are always a favorite. Giraffe puns are hilarious, and kids will have a great time. They also get them easily since giraffes are so adorable. Here's a list of such amazing giraffe puns. Select any one funny giraffe pun that you may like and make your name as the punniest one in the family. You can also formulate amazing giraffe jokes out of these puns and jokes, if you get them.

13. After graduation, the young giraffes get their heads in the cloud and do not work hard enough to build a career.

14. The giraffes who drew murals of other giraffes on the walls were praised for their giraffiti.

15. The giraffe in the race with horses in the forest was called a long shot.

16. The giraffes have to wait for the rains to get a long bath as they don't fit under the showers.

17. The parents were very proud of the young giraffe for beginning his new venture as a giraffic designer.

18. The tagline for a snack for giraffes says, "A little goes a long way."

19. The giraffes hesitate to play hide and seek as they always get spotted.

20. When Henry, the giraffe, was about to be caught for theft, he high-tailed to the West.

21. Whenever it's storytelling time, giraffes are known to make up tall tales.

22. The giraffe said he was ready to perform for the concert and practiced playing the g-riff.

23. The mythical winged creature in the world of giraffes is a giraffing.

24. In math class, the giraffe was great at drawing the gi-raphs.

25. On the trip to the mountains, the giraffes had planned for an adventurous activity and chose to go gi-rafting.

Tall Neck Puns

Giraffe in the forest near pond

Whenever we visualize a giraffe or a kid is asked to describe a giraffe, the first answer that comes to mind is its huge neck. There have been a lot of theories regarding the tall neck of a giraffe, but we still do not know what really made the neck so long. But we can definitely take the chance on this cute and hilarious long-neck animal and compose funny puns to entertain ourselves; here's a list of such funny, tall neck puns that you may like. You can also convert them into funny giraffe jokes and ensure that the giraffe jokes do not go above the head (or neck) of those who want to hear some funny jokes and also like them!

26. The favorite fruit of giraffes is called necktarines.

27. The giraffes were not hired as staff in the hotel as they are high maintenance.

28. The giraffe could not complete the joke about his neck because it was too long.

29. The crucial moment of the race between giraffes is called neck to neck.

30. Dora, the giraffe, was crying as she lost the competition only by a neck.

31. Fred the giraffe graduated early as he was head and shoulders ahead of his class.

32. The father giraffe took time to apologize for his mistake as he took time to swallow his pride.

33. The old giraffe had a lot of burdens to deal with. He was always caught up to his neck in work.

34. Most of the restaurants do not serve giraffes because it's a tall order.

35. When the baby giraffe swallowed a mini toy jet, it was called a plane in the neck.

36. The queen giraffe was called "your highness" by her subjects in court.

37. There was a giraffe wizard in the forest, and everyone called him neck-romancer.

38. The giraffes do not get involved in violence as they look down on such activities.

39. The favorite make of beer that giraffes have is called high-necking.

40. The lawyer giraffe was popular because he was the long arm of the law.

41. The presentation shown by a giraffe to his clients was so good they called it necks level.

42. The giraffe journalist was the pride of his community as she dares to stick her head out and show the truth to the rest of the world.

43. The giraffe joined the office as an extra staff but rose in the necking order and is now the CEO.

44. The girlfriend left the giraffe because he was becoming intallerable.

45. The amateur cook giraffe was asked to make the meal for the king, and he said it was a tall order, and he would try his best.

Giraffe Birthday Puns

We can only assume how difficult it would be for giraffes to find the perfect gift for birthday for their giraffe friends in a market where other animals rarely reach the height of their stomachs. We can also think of the hilarious birthday wishes that they can say about themselves. Here's a list of such birthday puns that giraffes might make, and you can use them for your friend's birthdays too.

46. Baby giraffe was crying as he was not invited to the birthday party for being a pain in the neck.

47. When the baby giraffe was acting boastful during his birthday, his mother told him to get off the high horse.

48. When the birthday came nearer, the birthday giraffe and his friends were all in high spirits.

49. The uncle giraffe wrote, "Congratulations for reaching new heights," as the baby giraffe grew a year older and a little bit taller.

50. It takes a long time for a giraffe to blow the candles at the birthday party because reaching the cake is a long way to go.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for giraffe puns, then why not take a look at Animal puns or Zoo puns.

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