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65+ Best Knight Puns And Jokes

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Knights have always been the stuff of legends in popular culture.

And like many things in popular culture, knights have also been the subject of humor. The knight in shining armor jokes and the King Arthur jokes are commonplace in today's time and is bound to make one laugh.

Knights first gained prominence in the middle ages, when they became an essential part of the royal life and culture. Usually, knights would be the king's subject, who would, on many occasions, act as his bodyguard. Knights were supposed to be skillful warriors who were proficient in horse riding as well. They would also fight each other in tournaments so that they could assert their dominance over others.

However, apart from the common knight joke, puns can also be hilarious. One can make up the best knight pun names or even make puns as a tribute to our beloved Dark Knight, Batman. Other ways of humor can also include puns on King Arthur's knights of the round table. So, let us go through these hilarious puns and jokes before the knight is over without any more waiting.

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Awesome Knight Puns

Close up of ancient metal helmet and arrows background

Knight puns can often be repetitive, but here is a list of the best innovative and hilarious puns on knights that will make you think twice before wishing someone a simple 'good night'!

1. When two knights decided to visit a hotel, they asked the receptionist whether a room was available for two knights.

2. In the medieval ages, many knights had to travel throughout day and night. In order to increase their visibility in darkness, they invented a device known as the knightvision goggles.

3. The one time of the day when knights are willing to work is during the knightshift.

4. When many knights were being killed by guns and bombs, the medieval scientist discovered a weapon that would destroy all their enemies. It was known as the knightrogen bomb!

5. When I asked my friend why the dark ages were known as such, he replied that it was because there were too many knights.

6. Knights have never really been close to the performing arts, but there have been cases of exception. Like for example, director M. Knight Shyamalan.

7. The only way an arrested Dark Knight can go free immediately if he is released on Bale.

8. Once, a wizard had cursed a knight and turned him into a bird. To express his sorrow, he sang throughout the entire day because he had become a knightingle.

9. I was playing a game of chess, and despite losing many of my pieces initially, I won the game due to an attack led by mainly my knight. Guess, after all, the dark knight rises.

10. These days, knights love to watch movies, and their favorite genre is the horror and the action genre. Also, I am pretty sure that their favorite movie is 'Knight Of The Living Dead.'

11. Once upon a time, a knight hosted a live improvisational comedy show for everyone in town. It was known as 'Saturday Knight Live'.

12. William Shakespeare loved knights and their bravery so much that he actually dedicated an entire book to knights. The playwright named this as 'Twelfth Knight'.

13. Although knights were considered protectors of the realm, they sometimes did get involved in the politics of their time. This was because the knights followed knight-wing politics.

14. My sister once took a knight as a dance partner to her high-school party because it was a prom knight.

15. The knight fell very sick over the weekend. He had a running temperature and was feeling very nauseous. The doctor called it the Saturday Knight Fever.

16. There is a movie about many great knights and warriors that is shown in almost all museums around the world. The title of the film is 'Knight at the Museum'.

17. When talk show host Jimmy Fallon invited a knight to be his guest, his talk show changed names to become 'The ToKnight Show'.

18. There was this particular knight in Scotland who had a very unique sword. It was made of cheddar cheese, and he carried it because of its sharpness.

19. Vincent Van Gogh met a knight during the latter part of his life, who inspired him to draw one of his most famous paintings - The Starry Knight.

20. My grandfather used to be a great knight who loved having beef. He was called Sir Loin.

21. The plumpest knight at the legendary round table of King Arthur was the knight Sir Cumference. He had gained so much weight because he always had too many plates of Pi.

22. Yesterday night, we found a car near our shop with a full metal armor sitting in the driver's seat of the vehicle. My father saw this, and he said that perhaps the armor had gone out for the knight.

23. If Guy Fawkes was successful in his plans, he surely would have been knighted. Perhaps then, we would be celebrating the 5th of November as Guy Fawkes Knight.

24. Most of the knights of the round table of King Arthur were in their middle ages.

25. When the opportunity arose for the knights to perform in a play, they concluded that they would be performing the 'A Midsummer's Knight Dream'.

26. There was this knight who would be always roasting whatever he would catch for food. Guess this is why he was known as the Bonfire Knight.

27. Once during Halloween, my nephew dressed up as a zombie Knight. When I asked him what his name was, he replied, "Fright Knight"!

28. As the knight departed the court for his private chambers, the King wished him well by saying, "Good Knight, I hope the bed bugs won't bite you!"

29. There were two knights who were fighting a long duel with each other. The fight ended when one of them chopped off the other's leg- guess the knight was defeeted.

30. Knights have always used one type of lamp since medieval times. These lamps are now called Knight Lamps.

31. In the dark ages, the knights had to attend a special type of school. It was the Knight School.

32. The castle and court of Camelot were famous for their knight-life.

33. Legend says that the game which King Arthur liked to play the most was Knights and Crosses.

34. The time of the day during which every knight has to be very cautious and on high alert is Knightfall.

35. During the long battle, King Arthur's men were tired and worn out. This was because they had spent a lot of sleepless knights!

36. The video game that most knights love to play while guarding the castle is called FortKnight.

37. Knights have found a secret way of communicating. They usually send each other messages through the chain mail.

Funny & Great Knight Jokes

Funny knight names can often be an excellent subject for a joke. Here are some of the best jokes related to funny knight names:

38. What do you call a brave and chivalrous owl who has defeated many evils numerous times? He is called a Knight Owl!

39. What do you name a knight who has been able to persevere through all the barriers in his way? A Sir Vivor!

40. What is a knight who has traveled all across the earth with a ship known as? He is known as Sir Cumnavigator.

41. What should be the name of the knight who made the round table of Sir Arthur perfect? He was a knight called Sir Cle.

42. Who was that knight who always made sure that there was extra food for himself and his squire for the journey? He was the knight Sir Plus.

43. What was that knight's name who would always go around and call other knights by their last names? Sir Name.

44. What do you call a knight who just wants to fight with an opponent on level grounds? He is called Sir Face!

45. What do you think the name is of the knight who has his head in the clouds all the time? We call him Sir Rus!

46. What should be the name of the knight who had to act like a clown on the orders of the King? Sir Cus!

47. What do you call a Knight who always finds a way to successfully overcome an obstacle? He is known as Sir Cumvent!

48. What is the name of that knight who is very fond of the sea and spends most of his time at sea beaches? We call him Sir Fer.

49. How do you address a knight who is known to be very cowardly and is always ready to give in his fight? Everyone calls him Sir Render.

50. After which knight is a town in England named? Sir Rey!

51. What is the name of the knight that spreads all the rumors and news of the court and the king amongst the people? Sir Culate.

52. What should be the name of the knight who the King has appointed to carry a census of the land? He goes by the name Sir Vey.

53. What do you call a knight who is scared and wary of taking risks during a fight? You call him Sir Cumspect!

54. What do you call a knight hiding in a new and well-polished cupboard? He is known as the Knight in Shining Armoire.

55. What do you call the knight who has the loudest voice all through the entire kingdom? Sir Roundsound.

56. What do you call a knight who is extremely confident in his abilities to fight and possesses a lot of self-belief? We call him the knight Sir Tain.

57. Have you heard of the knight whose enemies were always lurking near him and following him? That knight went by the name of Sir Rounded.

58. What do you call a group of squires who are attending singing school and learning how to sing? You call them a Schoir.

59. What do you call a Knight whose title has been personally bestowed by the King? He was knighted as Sir Tified!

60. How does the blacksmith let the knight know that his new metal armor is ready for use? He sends him a mail.

61. What do you call Sir Lancelot when he is dancing and singing to his heart's content at a party? We call him Sir Dancelot.

62. How do you address a knight who doesn't trust anybody and is always wary of his surroundings? You call him by the name Sir Spicious.

63. What do you think is the name of the knight who unexpectedly turned up at the battle? His name is Sir Prize.

64. What do you call a Korean knight who is looking for his lost belongings? He goes by the name Sir Ching!

Funny Knock Knock Jokes About Knights

Take a look at these 'knock knock' jokes on a knight!

65. Knock, Knock!

Who is there?

It is me!


The knight doctor!

Ah, the Doctor Knight Sir Gery is here!


66. Knock, Knock!

Who is there?

It is me!

Me who?

The Knight of China!

Oh, please come inside Sir-Ramic!


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