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You can always count on number puns to make you laugh.

If you think that reading puns make you numb, then you should try mathematical puns. It will make you number!

Did you hear about the mathematician who does not like math jokes? It is because there isn't one. Geometry puns, algebra puns, Japanese number puns are all funny because they are all math jokes. We are going to stop at nothing till we make all kinds of math puns. Kids can be afraid of negative numbers or complex numbers, but reading a number pun can ease their minds. We have a list of funny number puns that everyone can enjoy.

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Clever Number-Based Puns

Paper Sun with numbers from one to six

We don't get to hear any bad number puns because everything is funny when it comes to number humor. Puns with the number 3, four puns, puns with the number 2, puns with the number 5, six puns, nine puns, thirty- three puns, and every other number can give you a good laugh. We have such a list for you to enjoy.

1. There was a number competition going on to find out which is the most powerful number and everyone voted for 70. So, as a result, 71.

2. Stanley was doing his crossword puzzle, so Michael told him that 7 UP would be lemonade.

3. One of the ten cats of my neighbor killed her fish. After investigating, she figured which cat eight the fish.  

4. I asked my brother to bring me five cube watermelons from the market. He came back with 125 watermelons.

5. My question paper had 19 questions for me to answer. I kept telling my teacher that it was an odd number of questions, but she would not listen.

6. Seven stole from six, so six took away seven's s as a punishment. So now they were even.

7. A negative number became a positive number one day. I think it was his mod of behavior that brought in the absolute change.

8. For a long time I thought numbers can't be players but then I realized Ten-is.

9. We should protect the average numbers by any mean.

10. As we all know that 666 is an evil number but what we did not know is that 25.8069758011 is the root of evil.

11. The mathematicians were trying to find out the coolest even number through a bunch of experiments. Their research became a six-s.

12. The numbers won the fight against alphabets because the fours were with them.

13. The first number committed a crime and became a one-ted criminal.

14. Two and zero were hanging out, and suddenly two started to feel another presence between them. Two told zero, "I think there's some-one between us".

15. Twentyeight-year-olds were playing in the playground. When the game was overall 20 of them went back home.

16. The numbers always listen to what 90 has to say because 90 is always right.

17. The mathematician was determined to stop at nothing to avoid the negative numbers.

18. The numbers that are not divisible by two are really odd.

19. A negative number entered a square root by accident, and what happened after that was imaginary.

20. A four-y dog near my house can solve difficult math problems.

21. The numbers were supposed to go to the movies. Everyone arrived on time except someone, so they decided not to wait four him.

22. The first nine numbers of the number line were not getting along well because the next number had a ten-dency to always show everyone up.

23. 19 started dating 11 last week. I think they make a very odd couple.

24. The landlady did not let the nine ants inside the room because they were not ten-ants.

25. I did not invite more than nine players to the match because ten-is way too many.

26. Two was attacked by one, three, and five. He could not win because the odds were against him.

27. I always count from three two one before answering the phone.

28. My friend is very interested in finding the largest prime number and always keeps at it. I am very curious to see what he is up to now.

29. There was no end to root 3 and root 11's fight because both were being irrational.

30. Prime numbers are very odd except two.

31. Six was very intimidated by seven because he was at his prime.

32. Two was held captive for a long time and could not grow. After many days it was finally set three.

33. I gave my brother three new toys but he always asks four more.

34. My mother was worried about my brother and I failing our test but the math teacher told her, "This two shall pass".

35. I asked the root of 81 to a German kid, but he kept saying 'nein'.

36. People who think decimals and whole numbers are the same are missing the point.

37. Twelve's mother was mad at it because it dozen take anything seriously.

38. Doing something two times is twice and nine times is nice.

39. Everyone seconded five's decision because it was rational.

40. Eight fell from the bed and became infinity.

41. Nine is a part of the family three.

42. After losing the fight, the numbers became a zero.

43. The police were confused if two was a prime suspect or not.

44. 101 is an odd example of prime numbers.

45. My brother has three chocolates and I have only one. So I took one from him to make things even.

Pi Puns

We don't get to hear about the mathematician who doesn't like a Pi joke. Pi puns can be as funny as pies are tasty. Check out the list.

46. I saw a snake who was 3.14 meters long. I think it was a Pi-thon.

47. The pie shop in my neighborhood almost never closes. It is open 22/7.

48. I bought a cheap DVD from the local store, and it had 3.14 stars. I realized later that it was Pi-rated.

49. The round knight of Sir Arthur has to be Sir Cumference. He used to have a lot of pi.

50. Pi's mother was very mad at him because he was being very irrational.

51. 3.14 out of every 5 sailors become PIrates.

52. A mathematician and a baker were quarreling over a petty issue. One was saying pi r squared, and the other was confident that pie is round.

53. I don't like speaking to pi because he always goes on forever.

54. Every mathematician loves to have pi as their favorite dessert.

55. The baby octopus weighs 3.14 pounds. It is an octopi.

Roman Numeral-Based Puns

Everything is different when it comes to Roman numerals. You need to make new puns with the number 4, three, or whichever number you want to get Roman number-based puns. But to get Roman puns we need to know roman numerals. Check this list of not so difficult yet funny puns.

56. A few numbers used to move around from one place to another. They were Romain numbers.

57. The first few Roman numerals are difficult to learn. But once you reach 159, everything CLIX.

58. I can not believe I lost a lottery of 1, 1000, 51, 6, 500. I M LIVID.

59. We are not so fluent with roman numbers till 39. After that we XL.

60. I told my mother I scored C in my math test. She was so happy with my performance she gave me a day off from studies.

61. Everyone in the class was facing difficulty in calculating the value of X in my math class today. I don't know what is taking them so long. I wrote X equals 10 as soon as I saw the question.

62. The sailor came out and asked if someone knew what the Roman of the number two was. He was so confused and angry but everyone started to shout "Aye Aye, Captain!".

63. I learned the first ten Roman numbers by heart today. Now I am very XI-ted to find out what comes next.

64. A lot of people are talking about banning the Roman numerals. I won't let that happen on my watch.

65. I, for one, want to do all my calculations using Roman numerals.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for number puns then why not take a look at Bingo Jokes, or Math Puns.

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