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80+ Best Police Puns That Are Really Arresting

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The police force is entrusted with the duties of maintaining public order and peace, law enforcement, and crime prevention.

Policemen are bound by a moral calling to serve and protect others. But trying to cop-tivate them with trickery can get you arrested!

Being a police officer is a serious profession. But who said there can't be cop jokes and puns? If you're someone who easily cracks up at dad jokes, funny police puns are also something you'll love! The mention of a police station, police officer, or police car usually conjures up a grim and unfriendly image. But hey, we can turn them into fun puns and jokes for kids, funny police one-liners, or fun police jokes. So, here's a list of puns where you'll find some of the best and most hilarious wordplays from the cop world.

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Funny Wordplays From The Police World

Here are some amusing wordplays and one liners inspired by the police:

1. The cop thought he has to screw in the lightbulb himself. But the bulb turned itself in.

2. When the police officers go for aerial surveillance, they look like a bunch of heli-coppers.

3. Honorable police officers are hard to find. Hope they don't go extinct like the Tricera-cops!

4. "I've always wanted to be Magic-cop!" said the police officer who loved watching Pokemon.

5. When a giant fly attacked the city, the police called the swat team.

6. The cops have seized a truck carrying a big shipment of wigs. They will now comb the area for evidence.

7. The musician had a long police record. It included some of their greatest hits!

8. The toilets at the police station were blown up by a rowdy mob. The cops have nothing to go on now.

9. The police can never catch the wool because it's mostly on the lam-b.

10. Last night, a robbery took place in the insect colony. But the serge-ant only came in this morning.

11. The police refused to file a report on my missing root garden. I don't think the cops carrot all!

12. News is that the local cops have captured 100 bees. I think it was a sting operation.

13. I came home to find a cop in my bed. He was undercover.

14. The police officer was very exhausted from the long day. He said, "I need arrest."

15. The policeman had gone crazy. He kept saying, "You are under a vest," to his belly button.

16. I wonder why the cops are arresting dogs. Do you think they have overdue barking tickets?

17. "I got my i-on you," said the police officer to the suspect chemistry scholar.

18. When the criminal activity in Yorkshire soared high, the police started searching for Leeds.

19. The cops have found the dead cartoonist in his apartment. But the details are still sketchy.

20. The police officer did not like night-time duty. It's because he was a day-puty.

21. When asked, the policeman said that his favorite novel was David Cop-perfield.

22. I wonder why the police officers are chilling at the bakery. Maybe they donut want to patrol.

23. The police van stopped in the middle of nowhere. It was out of patrol.

24. The police investigated the murder of the crows and came up with the most probable caws.

25. Once the police find finger-prince at the crime scene, they can easily solve the royal murder.

26. The female police officer used to be a bartender. She was famous for serving just-ice.

27. When the babysitter cancelled, the military police officer took his newborn to the infant-ry.

28. The police located a herd of cows roaming on the highway and asked the owner to moo-ve them.

Criminal And Crime Puns

Did you know that even a grave crime could be made to sound funny? Here's an interesting take on common crimes:

29. The jar of coffee beans was lying empty. The cops think he was mugged.

30. There'd be no turkey for Thanksgiving this year. The cops are going about making arrests for fowl play.

31. Rumors are that the sheriff locked up her boyfriend because he stole her heart.

32. A cop came rushing to the baseball game when he heard someone stole a base.

33. I know of a man who steals wheels off of cars. The police are looking for him tirelessly.

34. The hydrogen atom ran to the police station. He was positive that his electron was stolen.

35. The peanuts complained to the cops that they were a-salted.

36. My wife's brother is a fugitive from jail. That makes him an out-law.

37. The tongue-twister champion was arrested for a felony. I bet he'll be given a tough sentence.

38. I found a smashed chickpea on my kitchen counter. The cops think it's humm-icide.

39. I heard that the police have taken the dessert shop thief into custard-y.

40. I wonder if the arsonist thinks that turning himself in is his claim to flame.

41. We were shocked to our core when the cops told us that ar-son had set fire to the building.

42. I heard that the police are looking for the thief stealing coins out of people's pockets. But there has been no change so far.

43. When the police found a blood-stained block of cement at the murder scene, they thought they had found concrete evidence.

44. The alpaca was found dead in his apartment. The cops ruled it out as llama-cide.

45. The cops arrested a dwarf croupier last night. They suspect he is a dealer in small arms.

46. A man stole my combine harvester. But the police say he will be bale-d.

47. When number one was murdered, the police thought number two to be the prime suspect.

48. I dressed up as a battery for Halloween. But I don't know why the cops charged me.

49. A group of thieves broke into the grocery store and stole cartons full of soap bars. The police say that the criminals made a clean getaway.

50. The cops have arrested two men dressed in brown paper suits; they were found rustling.

51. When the blade swallower was found dead, the cops suspected it to be an inside job.

52. I know of a fake dentist who got arrested from the neighborhood clinic. The cops are performing cavity search for clues.

53. There have been many cases of baby goats getting lost. The police suspect they are being kid-napped.

Puns On Weird Police Department Names

If you think that all police departments have sensible names, you'll be in for a surprise if you can figure out the following puns:

54. I wonder what the Massachusetts police love to have for breakfast. Some say they like Sandwich.

55. The Arkansas police department cracked down on 100 motor vehicle thieves in a day. Don't you think it's Flippin' crazy?

56. When one of Georgia's piggery owner's pigs got stolen, he went to the Bacon County police.

57. The Michigan police are super annoyed today because the police station toilets are not Flushing.

58. A policeman from Pennsylvania was brought to the hospital after he was bitten by a Beaver.

59. If you don't think being a cop can have any occupational Hazard, look at Kentucky!

60. I don't know why but there's something weird about the Missouri police. They seem like a bunch of Peculiar guys.

61. Just when the crime rate was at its Climax, the Georgia police took stern action.

62. Never get in an argument with a policeman from Missouri, their comebacks are Savage.

63. When the Arizona policemen caught the robber red-handed, they shouted, "Surprise! The cops are here!"

Police Dog Puns For A Good Laugh

Here's a list of some puns on the cop's furry and crime-fighting canine friends:

64. The local police station's ca-nine unit was successful in sniffing out the evidence.

65. It is amazing how police dogs can work relentlessly without any paws in between!

66. They say life as a police dog can be pretty ruff!

67. When the police dog raided the treehouse, the squirrel said, "You are barking up the wrong tree!"

68. The police force is fur-tunate enough to have a well-trained batch of K-9s.

69. The policeman takes the dog out for a paw-trol every night.

70. The skunk said to his police dog best friend, "We are law and odor buddies!"

Puns Related To Police Ranks

You cab convert a police pun into funny police jokes too. Check out the following list of puns on popular police hierarchies:

71. The policeman was the only left-tenant when the rest of the flat was empty.

72. I wondered if the police department's favorite text font is sans sheriff.

73. The chief police detective has a bad posture. Is it because he has hunch-back?

74. The police detective walked into a restaurant because he wanted to have a steak-out.

75. The detective cop kept a pet duck. He said it helped him quack cases faster.

76. Police detectives are mostly fascinated by female trees. Is it because they are mys-trees?

77. He was very happy with the kitchen job at the police station. After all, he was the chef of police.

78. The detective was put under a two-week quarantine. He had coroner-virus.

79. The police detective took a keen interest in studying crocodiles. So we called him investi-gator.

80. The cop had ten favorite hats. Because he was a cap-ten.

81. The police officer worked hard to control the surge-eant in criminal activities in the area.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for police puns then why not take a look at accounting puns, or for something different take a look at wedding puns.

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