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80+ Best School Puns That Ring A Bell

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A school is a knowledge hub and to have pun it is essential to have a good grasp of knowledge.

While most schools don't have puns in their curriculum, puns are still great tools for learning. Puns make teaching and learning a tad bit easier and a lot more interesting for teachers and students.

As daily lifestyles are changing and venturing into modern patterns, learning and teaching procedures also evolve and develop. Many children might find puns engaging and a great way to absorb information. This can be encouraged at home by exposure to puns. Imagine talking in puns - how impressive would that be?! Thinking of and understanding puns can help build not only IQ but also retention power and let's face it, it is a cool thing to have; the art of being able to talk in funny puns! Countless notable writers have encouraged the use of puns in their writings, including someone like Shakespeare himself. No school curriculum in the world is complete without Shakespeare, and he loved puns and thought it was a great method to make meaningful and witty repartee. A class clown like all of Shakespeare's clowns is a widely loved character. Be it in fiction or the real life, a modern class clown needs some modern tricks up their sleeve to be the center of everyone's attention and what's better than knowing a few of the best puns and punny jokes?

High School might sound like a dream for many and a nightmare for some as well. High School is a hub of memories and the start of something new for a ton of students. It is the first stepping stone into one's career and one should try to squeeze most of the fun out of it. Why not make puns about a place like high school itself, something which is part of everyone's lives at one stage?

Here's a comprehensive list of some of the most brilliant and bright academic puns including funny teaching puns, high school puns, law school puns, yearbook puns, revision puns, and studying puns that are smart and always classy.

For more punny humor, take a look at these Teacher puns and Physics puns.

Funny Teacher Puns

School child student learning in class, study biology at school.

Here are a few funny puns about teachers to make studying a bit easier.

1. The new teacher was super-intending to have a wonderful school year.

2.  A good principle always has his or her faculties intact.

3. The teacher wears shades to school every day because she has very bright students.

4. The poor teacher who got hit by a car was actually grading on a curve.

5. I am not too fond of the lie-brarian. She is very dishonest.

6. The teacher was angry about the kid-napping in school, but it is fine now. He woke up.

7. You should listen to whatever the English teacher says to you because they are always write.

8. The chemistry teacher made horrible puns periodically.

9. When the students did not pay attention, the science teacher said, "You need to understand the gravity of this science lesson!"

10. A science teacher's favorite type of tree is chemis-tree.

11. When my math teacher called me average, he was being mean.

12. I love math teachers because they solve problems.

13. The teacher was absent-minded and hence, she forgot to take the class attendance.

14. Our computer teacher quit teaching school students because he lost his drive.

15. To a teacher of social sciences, the globe means the world.

16. English teachers are the best because they never write their students off.

17. The origami teacher wanted to quit his job. He was frustrated because of all the paperwork.

18. When the Chemistry teacher broke his leg, it turned out to be a compound fracture.

19. I am never going to a Halloween party with my Geometry teacher. His costume was too squarey.

20. I was surprised when my teacher asked me to study things with a higher pH than 7 because she usually always gives me basic things.

21. A substitute teacher's favorite place to eat is Subway.

22. When the Chemistry teacher joined the FBI after leaving his teaching job in school, he became a re-agent.

23. When our physics teacher was complaining about how certain bombs fail to work, he blew the lesson way out of proportion.

24. You should never gift anything to your history teacher. He won't like the present.

Funny Back To School Puns

Hate going back to high school? Here are a few classy and funny puns about school to help you get some attention and raise your spirits.

25. Punning in the hallway will get you detention.

26. I was angling for straight As in my geometry exams.

27. She was great at art class. Her talent with the brush made her painting a real class act.

28. Geography is without a doubt my favorite subject. It is world class.

29. At first, I was so nervous about English, but now I am past tense.

30. When I was a student I had so much school spirit that it was spooky.

31. In my school, the debate club used to be de-great club.

32. My exams were so bad, I will get D-graded scores.

33. She was so smart, she never let a pop quiz burst her bubble.

34. We get so much homework, it lessons our excitement for the weekends.

35. I get along with a great group of friends who clique with me.

36. When school starts this autumn, I hope I don't fall behind.

37. The school dance was such a joke. It had a big punch line.

38. The optometry student decided to go to the school with the most number of pupils.

39. The final baking assignment in Home Economics was a piece of cake.

40. The day the students read letters from their pen pals is a read letter day.

41. My friend fainted in school. He went down in history.

42. I avoided putting all my eggs in one basket by participating in a lot of eggs-tracurriculars.

43. I hate that I have to go to sum-more school during the vacations. Holidays are supposed to be pun.

44. Bees usually go to school on a buzz.

45. I was in med school when I hit my head on a lamp and felt light-headed.

46. When I almost failed in Cosmetology, I was forced to take makeup classes.

47. The Chemistry nerd was totally in his element when he got a Chemistry set for his birthday.

48. The tree dropped out of school because he failed twigonometry.

49. The name of the school that Harry Styles attended is 'Watermelon Sugar High.'

50. When the buffalo dropped his kid off at school, he waved and said, "Bison."

51. When the school bully drew a zero on the nerdy student's face, he really did a number on him.

52. I was forced to drop out of med school because it took guts to learn about human anatomy.

53. I was gifted with a golden spoon as a stirring attribute after I graduated from a culinary school.

54. In school, I was very bad at math. I didn't count how many times I failed.

55. If you only remember even numbers for your math test, you will fail because the odds are against you.

56. A witch's favorite subject in school is spelling.

57. The strawberry was very late for school because she was stuck in a jam.

58. In most schools nowadays, brass instruments are usually band.

59. I fell in love when I first saw her in Chemistry class and now we are married. This is My Chemical Romance.

60. My daughter is playing a muffin cake in the school play. It is such a sweet role.

61. Wizards and witches go to Hogwarts to learn how to spell.

62. Even though my school shut down during the lockdown it was still virtually the best.

63. The fish was sad he failed his classes. He was below C level.

64. Nobody heard of the guy who would get into trouble for making puns in school after he was pun-ished.

65. It was wrong to kick me out of school after I got married. I only wanted my Bachelor's degree.

66. My music school accused me of plagiarising. I was only taking notes.

67. It is pointless to be using a broken pencil. It is not write.

68. When a chicken crosses a road, it becomes poultry in motion.

69. The days in the school calendar are numbered.

70. I thought my friend had a photographic memory, but it never developed.

71. You should read while sunbathing. You will become well-red.

The Funniest Education Puns

Here's a comprehensive list of the best puns about subjects to make nerds and learners happy.

72. One time I told a chemistry joke but there was no reaction.

73. An example of an odd thing is a number not divisible by 2.

74. Nobody listens to an obtuse triangle because it is never right.

75. Whenever I have graph paper, people think I am plotting something.

76. Not all math puns are odd. Only sum are.

77. Too much pi will end up giving you a large circumference.

78. You cannot be odd unless you are number 1.

79. King Arthur's Round table was built by Sir Cumference.

80. I General Lee do not find civil war jokes funny.

81. Santa's minions are subordinate clauses.

82. Life is pointless without geometry.

83. The recipe for writing a great essay needs a lot of shortening.

84. Leaving an alphabet soup on a burning stove would spell disaster.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for School Puns then why not take a look at Biology Puns, or Electricity Puns.

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