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40 Best Trombone Jokes And Puns That Don't Blow

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Make your trombone humor sessions even more punny and delightful as you read out our collection of the most loved music lesson jokes and jokes about trombones.

If you're a trombonist looking for the best trombone jokes that you can identify with, then we have exactly what you've been looking for! Laugh out loud at yourself and your funny trombones, for we have the funniest trombonist jokes and music jokes for you in store!

As you play the trombone and lose yourself in its music, let us do the job of bringing you back in good humor. A trombone joke at occasional intervals will not just raise your spirits but will make you want to play more and more. And if you're a young music enthusiast trying to explore nooks and crannies of music just like us, then this is the ideal place to do so, for here you can laugh as you explore.  Explore your way through every inch of a trombone and a trombonist's life as you laugh over them in good spirits.

So, welcome aboard readers on this on this rib ticking chucklesome trombone journey that takes you from a trombone's dynamic range and vibrato to a regular day in the life of a trombone player. Laugh it out as you live the struggle. Take out your bass trombones and play your heart out as we dedicate our favorite trombone jokes and puns for you.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. So, have a good and a happy read, people!

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Funny Trombone Jokes

You need to practice hard to sound like a trombone player par excellence.

These trombone jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone and make you laugh hysterically. So, pick up your bass trombone and play the trombone and laugh at our trombone jokes like there is no tomorrow! Get together with your music buddies and ask them these hilarious question/answer jokes and share a good peal of laughter together. Sometimes reading these jokes makes it easier to improvise! Let our witty humor find you in high spirits. So, laugh out loud, folks, as these jokes definitely know how to play into people's hearts!

1. How do you figure out if a trombone player is at your door? The doorbell drags.

2. What kind of dynamic range does a bass trombone have? On or off.

3. What is a gentleman? One who knows how to play a bass trombone but doesn't.

4. How many bass trombonists can screw in a light bulb? None, for they can't reach that high.

5. What's the difference between a bass trombone and a chain saw? The vibrato of a chain saw can be modified.

6. What can be worse than the sound of a trombone? They are the screams of the dead.

7. What is way worse than the screams of the dead? It is the sound of two trombones playing.

8. What's better between a bass trombone and a chain-saw? A chain-saw, for it's so much easier to improvise on a chainsaw.

9. What's the best kind of trombone? A broken one.

10. What's different between a trombone and a trampoline? One takes their shoes off before jumping onto the trampoline.

Hilarious Brass Jokes

Aloha, my fellow brass-ists! Call over your brass bands to a meet, make music, and share our hilarious jokes with your people. Let your brass buddies make some noise, and let your laughter amplify the noise even further! Once you read the following, your roar is sure to cross the trombone's dynamic range, for we have selected the best among the best jokes for you! So, have an uproarious read with these jokes that know how to play an audience and make it easier to improvise!

11. What's common between a baseball and a trombone? People cheer when they are hit with a bat.

12. While in a playground, how do you distinguish the child of a trombonist from the others? The child neither knows how to ride the slide, nor can he swing.

13. Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape the trombone performance.

14. What do the greatest trombonists have in common? They all are dead.

15. Who is the most successful trombonist? The one whose partner has 3 jobs.

16. How can you prevent a jewelry theft? Keep the jewels in a trombone case.

17. How can a trombonist make a million dollars? By starting with 2 million dollars at first.

18. What's the difference between an ant walking down the road and a trombonist walking down the road? The ant might be on its way to a gig.

19. What do you call a trombonist with a mortgage? An optimist!

20. What's common between a lawsuit and a trombone? In both cases, people are happy when the case is closed.

21. What do you call a trombone player who doesn't have a house? Homeless!

22. How can you make a French horn sound like a trombone? You take your hand, put it in the bell and miss a lot of the notes.

Trombone Puns

Humorous sayings about a trombone are quite famous.

If you're a professional trombone player looking for something to charm your audience a little more then we have the best solution for you. There's nothing better than a few puns to go along with your wonderful performance that will enhance your performance to another level! So keep on playing as you laugh along.

23. One trombone player said to the other trombone player while playing musical chair, "If you fall, you will B-flat."

24. The trombone instructor said to his student who had discovered a new type of trombone, "That's one small step for music, but one giant leap for the trombonekind."

25. The trombone mom on her way to the principal's office told her son, "If you get into any treble, you won't get any dinner tonight."

26. A group of skeletons threw a party on Halloween, and guess what they played, a trom-bone!

27. Finally found a bone that my dog refused to eat, a trombone, phew!

28. The foodie trombone started a restaurant, named it 'Trom-Bone Appetite!'.

29. The Trombone Brothers made a movie, they called it The Slideshow!

30. The baby trombone on being scolded by the Mama trombone got a little sad, he thought that he was bad to the bone.

31. A huge truck once ran over a trombone, and it got a little flat!

32. The doctor said to the trombone artist, "Have more calcium, it helps build trombones."

Trombone Player Jokes

Being a trombone player is challenging. But these challenges can be made easy if one laughs it out. Laughing at yourself always makes the atmosphere more breathable and enables one to carry on the most difficult of tasks lightheartedly, with ease. So my dear trombonists, play your favorite trombone tunes and laugh day in and out! Laughter costs nothing, after all!

33. What instrument sounds like Tom Jones and is made of brass? Trombones.

34. How do you recognize a trombonist at your doorstep? His cap reads pizza delivery.

35. What kind of calendar do trombonists use? Year at a glance.

36. Why can't a trombonist be trusted? Because it's difficult to trust a musician whose instrument changes shape as he plays it.

37. What can you call a trombonist who has a cellular telephone and a beeper? An optimist.

38. What do you call a trombone player playing on the street? A beggar.

39. When do people play the trombone? When they can't move their fingers and read at the same time.

40. What should you call ten trombones at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Trombone Jokes, then why not take a look at Music Jokes, or Guitar Jokes.

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