38 Best Trombone Jokes And Puns That Don't Blow

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The art of music can have overwhelming effects on every person who listens.

For musicians, the art form is their way of life. The development of different musical instruments created new musicians and music genres and led to the growth of a community.  

Although the exact number is unknown, the total number of musical instruments known from around the globe is in the thousands. This article provides a fun take on one such musical instrument known as the trombone.

The trombone was called a sackbut from its origin in the 15th century till the 17th century. Unlike most brass instruments, a trombone is designed with a telescoping slide for altering the pitch instead of valves. However, the valve trombone and the superbone are exceptions.

Here you will find a collection of funny trombone jokes and puns. Read through the jokes to discover a humorous point-of-view about the trombone and trombonists.

You can try these jokes out during jamming sessions and get-togethers. Jokes can be a great refreshment during practice.

It can also work as an ice-breaker while interacting with other musicians. Landing a perfect joke can be as difficult as landing the perfect note with your musical instrument.

So remember to practice your punchlines as you do for playing the trombone. The article might also generate interest among readers in learning more about the instrument. You can learn about trombone players, the parts of a trombone, and the music it creates.

Learning music for playing the trombone is tedious, and musicians have their struggles. But having a little sense of humor through jokes can make that journey quite sweet.

Funny Trombone Jokes

1. Why do trombonists avoid knocking on the door? Because they like to use their bell. 

2. Finally, I found a bone that my dog refuses to eat - a trombone. 

3. What would you call a documentary about a trombone player? A slide show. 

4. What did the trumpet call the trombone when they met? Big brother.

5. What did the trombone say to the trumpet? You are just a lot of hot air. 

6. How can you prevent jewelry theft? Keep the jewels in a trombone case.

Music Lesson Jokes About Trombones

7. Trombone Player: “Did you hear my last practice?”

His brother: “I sure hope so.”

8. I told my neighbor to lend me his trombone for practice. I never played the instrument before. But now my neighbor cannot either.

9. In which month do trombone players parade the most? March.

10. What do you call a cow that practices playing the trombone? A moo-sician.

11. Why was one trombone segregated from the rest? Because it was a valve trombone. 

12. The trombone player missed band practice again today. He is in big treble. 

13. Why did the trombone player join the gym? He needed to work on his tone biceps. 

14. Why did the trombonist bring a dog during practice? He wanted to learn paw positions.

Trombone Puns

15. What is common between a talented trombone player and a pirate? Both like to hit the high C’s.

16. He used to play the trombone a lot. Now he lets it slide. 

17. What is a trombone player's favorite musical? Grease. 

18. Why did the trombone player get a ticket? He was speeding in a brass zone.

19. Why did the trombone player give up on telling jokes? Because he was always missing the punch line.

20. What is common between a defender in soccer and a trombonist? They both can slide tackle. 

21. Why was the trombonist jealous of the baseball player? Because the baseball player’s pitch was better.

22. Why did the trombone player want to go to the beach? He wanted to enjoy the rays and make some slides.

23. What is the favorite ride for trombonists in a playground? The slide.

24. What do trombonists do on Friday nights? They slide into the weekend. 

25. What do you call a trombone player who does magic with the music? A slide-of-hand artist. 

26. Why cannot trombone players stand still? Because they are always sliding around. 

27. What is hard for trombone players to get lost? Because they can always slide back to the right key. 

28. Why is it easy for people to love the trombone? Because it is French. 

Trombone Player Jokes

29. How do you help trombone players who are drowning? Give them back their case.

30. What were the trombonist's three wishes from the genie in the bottle? A bigger spit valve, a new slide, and unlimited grease. 

31. What would happen if a trombonist could not play B-flat in the movie Whiplash? They would flatline instead.

32. What would you call a trombonist who plays slow songs? A sad trombonist. 

33. How do you tell that a trombonist is at your doorstep? The doorbell drags. 

34. A trombonist lost his slide before a concert? What else did he lose after? His career.

35. Why would a trombonist bring a ladder to the concert? Because he was afraid he would not reach the high notes. 

36. What do you call a trombone player with a beeper? An optimist.

37. What do other trombonists expect from a trombonist who lost someone? Expect them to be sad but still in tune.

38. What is the sad part about wanting to critique a bad trombonist? You have to spend a couple of years studying music first. 

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