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50+ Orange Puns That Are Super Sweet

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Are you a fan of oranges?

Whether you can't start your day without a glass of it, or you are more about wearing this brightly coloured hue- there are sure to be some puns on this list that you will find a-peel-ing! Maybe your kids need a little extra persuasion when it comes to eating their fruit and veg, adding some humour in the form of these puns may well be the answer.

You might be interested to know that the orange-in of oranges dates all the way back to 2500 BC, and they are believed to have first been cultivated in China, then India and southeast Asia. Even though oranges are a super common fruit all over the world these days, they are still a juicy treat which can make you feel like you are on holiday, not to mention they are jam packed with vitamin C and anti-oxidants too. From the Navel to the Seville there are over 400 different types of oranges out there.

Check out these silly and witty puns, and impress the family with your orange-believably clever wordplay.

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Fruity Orange Puns

Of all the citrus puns, we think oranges have the most a-peel. These funny orange puns are sure to make you laugh.

1. Orange you going to say anything?

2. Bitter late than never.

3. Don't sweet the small stuff.

4. I'll be there in half a sour.

5. Could you help me orange the fruit bowl?

6. Pip, pip, hooray!

7. A pip off the old block.

8. Better late than Navel.

9. You've got a bit of a pip on your shoulder.

10. I would like more than one orange please, in fact give me Seville.

11. All you seed is love.

12. I'll stay as long as you seed me to.

13. A hop, pip and a jump.

14. My favorite color is tangerine- isn't that orange-inal?

15. I'm scared I'm turning orange, hopefully it's just a pigment of my imagination.

Oranges were first cultivated in China, then India and southeast Asia.

Orange Juice Puns

Orange you glad you decided to check out this list of delicious juice puns about one of your favorite fruits?

16. Get juiced to it.

17. Mind your own squeezewax!

18. Life's a squeeze.

19. I'm juiced around the corner.

20. Squeezed as punch.

21. I'm at a bit of a juice end.

22. I would love to focus on peeling this orange, but I'm finding it hard to concentrate!

23. I had a dream about swimming in orange juice, perhaps it was just a fanta-sea.

24. Squeeze don't go!

25. I'm juiced so pleased with the fruits of my labour.

26. Squeeze the day!

Orange Zest Puns

There is an orange pun for every occasion, here are some of the zest.

27. All the zest.

28. You're my zest friend.

29. Time to put these oranges to the zest.

30. You look like you're zest for success.

31. I would go to the party, but I'm just not feeling my zest.

32. All zest up, with no place to grow!

33. Laughter is the zest medicine.

34. I zest my case.

35. And the zest was history.

36. I love your orange party zest!

37. I was stunned by their beauty, it was very a-zest-ing.

Orange Peel Puns

Who knew you could squeeze so many puns out of one piece of fruit?

38. I'm not sure if you know this but, I'm kind of a big peel.

39. That's a bit of a peel breaker for me.

40. Just another way to sweeten the peel.

41. Peel the burn.

42. I would love an orange slice, they are just such an a-peel-ing fruit.

43. It's all about the peel good factor.

44. I give this orange the peel of approval.

45. I'm head over peels in love with orange squash.

46. I'm going out of my rind!

47. I don't really like orange juice, it just doesn't a-peel to me.

48. Ok rind it up guys.

49. Do you rind?

50. Did you hear the news? Absolutely a-peel-ing!

51. Don't call us...peel call you.

52. We are going rind in circles.

53. You are driving me rind the bend!

54. Keep your eyes peeled.

55. Rinders keepers!

56. Random acts of rindness.

57. Back to the daily rind.

58. I couldn't believe it either- it's un-peel-ievable!

Written By
Amy Lines

Freelance writer Amy lives in Hampshire with her 3 year old daughter, who is a super energetic, chatty child, leading to Amy’s interest in all matters to do with infant and child sleeping patterns and mindfulness for adults and children. Amy’s degree was in fashion design and she loves filling their beautiful home full of interesting textiles, tiles, art, ceramics, and houseplants or, alternatively, pining over them on Instagram. When they aren’t out exploring in the fresh air they can be found cosying up at home, painting, knitting, and dancing!

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